Tests Prove Li-Fi 100 Times Faster and More Secure than Wi-Fi*

Tests Prove Li-Fi 100 Times Faster and More Secure than Wi-Fi*

Let’s hope it is not as DNA destructive as Wi-Fi

The Velmenni bulb uses Li-Fi to transfer high speed data using light. (Photo by Velmenni website)

Tests have proven that a super-fast data transmitting technology called Li-Fi is 100 times faster than the existing Wi-Fi internet access points. 

Results of recent tests carried out by Velmenni, an Estonian start-up company in the city of Tallin, show that Li-Fi, which uses light to beam information through the air, was superbly fast in offices and industrial environments.

“We have designed a smart lighting solution for an industrial environment where the data communication is done through light,” said head of Velmenni Deepak Solanki.

“We are also doing a pilot project with a private client where we are setting up a Li-Fi network to access the internet in their office space,” he added.

First invented by Harald Haas, an Austrian professor of the Edinburgh University in Scotland, the Light Fidelity technology uses a technique called Visible Light Communication, which has already recorded a speed of 224 gigabytes per second under laboratory conditions. This could mean an unbelievable one-second downloading of 18 high-definition films.

There is a 2011 film showing Hass presenting his innovative technology, with reports saying it has attracted about 1.7 million views online.

Li-Fi inventor Professor Harald Haas

The technology can easily be integrated into the current lightning systems around the world as the data can piggyback on the light produced by the ordinary LED light bulbs if a small microchip is deployed on them.

The system is also more secure than the current Wi-Fi systems as the light cannot travel through the walls and the thus the data cannot be detected.

The out-of-lab tests in Estonia resulted in speeds of 1 gigabyte per second, 100 times more than the Wi-Fi which is only capable of carrying data in megabits and gigabits per second.

Airlines, oil facilities and intelligence agencies have expressed interest in using the technology due to its safe properties.


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