What You Should Know About Microwaves*

What You Should Know About Microwaves*

By Catherine J. Frompovich

World-renowned microwave expert Dr. Barrie Trower discusses microwaves in this 36 minute, 2012 YouTube interview.

Here are some approximate timelines to note while viewing this extraordinarily candid discussion about the technology (microwave electromagnetic frequencies) that everyone thinks is innocuous and technology companies, who provide it, keep telling us is safe. Think “Cigarettes really don’t cause or contribute to cancer or other disease.” Tobacco-science fooled us before, but should its tactics be used on us again?

Microwaves power or operate cell phones and towers, Wi-Fi, utility company Smart Meters for electricity, natural gas and water billing including surveillance, and most ‘smart’ devices!

Timeline / Brief Description


  • Microwave beams can be programmed and projected to make people hear voices. Question: Can that be a precipitating factor/cause for many ‘spontaneous-like’ acts of violence due to programmed mind control to effectuate certain societal issues and effects, e.g., “problem-reaction-solution” [4]?


  • Microwaves can change bacteria and viruses, which explains much of modern microbiology going on today, and probably is employed by vaccinology to monkey with DNA and viruses for vaccines. Furthermore, what Dr. Trower explains and talks about may indicate why microwave towers are going up everywhere? “Stealth weapons”?


  • Project TETRA [1] and Police use
  • This experiment is ongoing until 2018.


  • Stimulating violence frequencies


  • “Brain frying”
  • Cell phone use by a child


  • Mobile phone or ADHD?
  • Brain entrained permanently?
  • Cancers reaching epidemic proportions.
  • Parotid cancers [2] increasing due to cell phone use beside the head


  • Brain tumors


  • Corporate purveyors of microwave technology discuss only heat issues regarding microwaves and nothing else, e.g., Non-thermal health effects [3].


  • For 40 years, Dr. Trower says the UK/English government has been lying to the people of Great Britain about microwaves.


  • World Health Organization


  • Operation Paperclip after World War II and the U.S. government involvement in bringing Nazi scientists to USA to continue their work for the U.S.


  • Basis of mind control and drugs
  • Microwaves used on pregnant women inducing miscarriages


  • Nuremberg Treaty as a result of the Nuremberg trials after World War II atrocities committed against humans by the Nazi state in Germany
  • Bioethics
  • Informed consent and full knowledge a MUST for humans


  • TETRA Research Project is breaking the law and is illegal according to the Nuremberg Treaty, as per Dr. Barrie Trower.


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