Syrian Warplanes Bomb Daesh Strongholds*

Syrian Warplanes Bomb Daesh Strongholds*

The Syrian Air Force intensified its bombing campaign of Daesh positions across the provinces of Homs, Hama and Aleppo, Fars news agency reported on Sunday.

““The ISIL [Daesh] positions in Maheen and Quaryatayn in the Central Homs province came under several air attacks by Syrian bombers, inflicting heavy damage on the terrorists’ sites,” FARS news agency reported citing sources as saying.

Similarly, Khneifis and Hama province saw a heavy bombardment of the Daesh terrorists’ defence lines, resulting in the killing and wounding of many militants.

“The Syrian air fleet also carried out combat flights over the ISIL [Daesh] centres in Ein al-Jamajmeh and al-Nejarah in the Northern Province of Aleppo, in which dozens of militants were killed or wounded and their military grid was also destroyed,” the sources said.

At least 33 Daesh terrorists were killed in the Syrian air attack on the three provinces. Earlier reports said that the Syrian fighter jets conducted several combat sorties over Daesh centres in at least four key battlefronts in Homs province, and bombed them heavier than ever, FARS reported.

The air attacks have paved the way for the country’s ground forces to retake the towns and villages and move towards the ancient city of Palmyra.


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