Greek Bishop Refers to the Nature of international Jewry’s Subversive, anti-Christian, anti-White, pro-Gay Agenda*

Greek Bishop Refers to the Nature of international Jewry’s Subversive, anti-Christian, anti-White, pro-Gay Agenda*

A courageous Greek bishop has openly and unabashedly made some candid and honest remarks about the nature of international Jewry and their subversive, anti-Christian, anti-White agenda.

NWO FamilyThe Jewish Telegraph Agency reports:

“A leading Greek bishop has blamed the “Zionist monster” for new legislation that would give same-sex couples in Greece expanded civil rights.

Bishop Seraphim of Piraeus said the cohabitation bill is a result of the “constant war against the true faith” being waged “by the international Zionist monster,” which he said controls the Greek government.

In a statement on the website of the Metropolis of Piraeus, the bishop also threatened to sever relations with any Greek lawmaker who supports the bill when it comes to a vote on Tuesday, saying it subverts human sexuality and is destroying the traditional family unit. […]

Under the bill, Greek same-sex couples who sign a cohabitation agreement would receive the same favourable tax status as married heterosexual couples as well as increased inheritance rights.

While the bill is highly unpopular in Greece, the Parliament could face European Court of Justice sanctions for discrimination if it does not pass the measure to meet European Union standards. […]”

It’s good to see that, at least in Greece, some religious leaders are not intimidated or fearful of speaking the truth about international Jewry and the depraved, anti-Christian policies they promote wherever they reside.


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