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U.S. Helps ISIS Gain New Stronghold in Libya*

U.S. Helps ISIS Gain New Stronghold in Libya*

By Stephen Lendman

ISIS, Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups would be little more than annoyances without foreign backing.

America bears full responsibility for creating these groups, using them as proxy foot soldiers to advance its imperium.

It’s war on terrorism is a hoax. U.S. warplanes serve as ISIS’ air force, bombing government targets in Syria and Iraq, wanting another battlefield in Libya after helping ISIS establish a new stronghold.

Russia’s intervention in Syria foiled U.S. strategy – perhaps to be followed cross-border in Iraq if Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi OKs it as key government officials urge.

ISIS is being significantly weakened in Syria, its forces battered daily by Russian airstrikes and Syrian ground forces, now supplied with advanced T-90 tanks (able to reduce penetration by kinetic energy munitions) and other heavy weapons.

Reports indicate ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi moved from Turkey to Libya, establishing a headquarters in Sirte, former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s hometown.

Attempts by Syrian and Iraqi forces to eliminate him failed. Reports indicated he sustained serious injuries. Lebanese Al Manar television said CIA elements coordinated with their Turkish counterparts to transport him to Turkey for treatment.

A Libyan source noted:

“(w)hile everyone is looking for him in Iraq and Syria, no one expects him to be in Sirte. If he is to be exposed to danger, Sirte would be the last place on earth for his life to be endangered as it is the safest Takfiri stronghold in the world” – now ISIS’ new stronghold with designs on Libyan oil.

Reports estimate its forces number around 5,000, actively gaining new recruits, its successes heavily dependent on outside support – from Washington, key NATO allies and regional states.

It’s just a matter of time before their forces seize Libyan oil fields without steps taken to stop them – what perhaps only Russia may be willing to do if invited by Libyan officials, not simple to arrange without clear central authority and heavy pressure from Washington to prevent it.

Sirte is a gateway to several major oil fields and refineries further east. ISIS fighters targeted them before. They’re benefitting from internal turmoil. U.S.-led NATO bombing in 2011 turned Libya into a failed state, a cauldron of endless violence and chaos.

ISIS propaganda maintains “Sirte will be no less than Raqqa,” its shaky self-declared Syrian capital. It wants control of Libyan oil reserves to finance and expand its activities.

Reports indicate its fighters captured the ancient city of Sabratha, 50 miles from Tripoli, Libya’s capital. Its world heritage sites are at risk, including a third century amphitheatre.

On Monday, Sputnik News said national unity governance in Libya may be followed by requesting Russian help to combat ISIS.

“This decision can be made, only when the government of national unity is formed” said Tripoli based official Ali Abu Zaakouk.

“It should take such a decision,” he stressed.

“We are currently striving to create such a government.”

On December 17, rival Tobruk and Tripoli elements agreed to a UN-brokered accord to form unity governance, despite numerous tribal groups left out, an uncertain arrangement at best.

Libyan officials so far reject a U.S.-led bombing campaign and/or ground operation. A previous article discussed a possible imminent campaign involving US, UK and French warplanes – on standby awaiting orders to strike Libyan targets, not ISIS, with no Security Council or Libyan authorization.

Separately last Thursday, the pan-Arabic daily Asharq Al-Awsat reported former Gaddafi close aide Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam, saying ISIS seized “huge amounts” of deadly sarin in Libya – perhaps intending to use it in populated areas.

Its training pilots on high-tech commercial and combat simulators in Sirte. So far, no evidence indicates they have aircraft at their disposal.

Libya may become the next battleground, pitting US imperial aims against Russia’s war on ISIS and other terrorist groups, as well as foiling America’s dirty regional strategy.


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Greek Parliament Recognizes Palestinian State*

Greek Parliament Recognizes Palestinian State*

The Greek parliament on Tuesday adopted a resolution recognizing the State of Palestine, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported.

Greek Parliamentary Speaker Nikos Voutsis read the text of the resolution and asked those lawmakers who supported it to rise. Lawmakers voted in favour of recognizing Palestine’s statehood.

On Monday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas held meetings with Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, during which the Greek leaders emphasized the need to create a viable, independent Palestinian State.

The resolution recognizes the Palestinian State within the 1967 borders with its capital in East Jerusalem.

Palestinians want to create an independent state on the territories of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, partially occupied by Israel, and the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, and want Israel to withdraw from the Palestinian territories it took after the Six-Day War in 1967.

Israel has been building settlements on the occupied territories, despite objection from the United Nations.

The State of Palestine is currently recognized by 137 of the 193 United Nations member-states, including Russia. The United States does not recognize Palestine as a state.


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Obama Spent $700 Million Promoting Homosexuality Overseas*

Obama Spent $700 Million Promoting Homosexuality Overseas*

By Selwyn Duke

They used to call it “cultural imperialism.” Now they call it tolerance. The Barack Obama administration has spent $700 million since 2012 promoting the homosexuality agenda overseas — with more than half of that sum being spent in sub-Saharan Africa — and has nothing to show for it except more anti-homosexuality laws and ill will. Ah, tax money at work. Writes the New York Times:

“Suspicious neighbours and landlords pry into their private lives. Blackmailers hunt for victims on the social media sites they use to meet others of the same sex. Police officers routinely stop them to search for incriminating images and chats on their cell-phones.

Since an anti-gay law went into effect last year, many gay Nigerians say they have been subjected to new levels of harassment, even violence.

They blame the law, the authorities and broad social intolerance for their troubles. But they also blame an unwavering supporter whose commitment to their cause has been unquestioned and conspicuous across Africa: the United States government.

“The U.S. support is making matters worse,” said Mike, 24, a university student studying biology in Minna, a town in central Nigeria who asked that his full name not be used for his safety.

“There’s more resistance now. It’s triggered people’s defence mechanism.”

In Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, the final passage of the 2014 law against homosexuality — which makes same-sex relationships punishable by 14 years in prison and makes it a crime to organize or participate in any type of gay meeting — is widely regarded by both supporters and opponents of gay rights as a reaction to American pressure on Nigeria and other African nations to embrace gay rights.

One African activist describes this as “blowback.” And Obama’s effort has been very aggressive, with the administration making the homosexuality agenda “an integral part of American foreign policy,” as the Times puts it, and tying development aid to acceptance of it.

For example, after Uganda enacted its tough 2014 anti-homosexuality law, Obama punished the nation by cutting or redirecting certain development funds. Yet homosexual behaviour remains illegal in most African countries. Moreover, Russia also has also responded to Western efforts — by deciding in 2013 to ban pro-homosexuality propaganda.

French protest group “La Manif” hold anti-gay protest in London …It was held to coincide with the protest in Paris against same sex marriage. – 2013

The irony of this won’t be lost on students of history. In the days of the Soviet Union, the Marxists would seek to undermine target nations (e.g., the United States) via a process of “demoralization.” And part of this was, as Florida Democrat Representative A. S. Herlong, Jr. read into the congressional record in 1963, to “Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as ‘normal, natural, healthy’” (taken from ex-F.B.I. agent Cleon Skousen’s book The Naked Communist). Yet now the United States advances this goal while Russia resists it.

Anti gay marriage and gay adoption rights activists demonstrate in Paris, at the Champs Elysees, Sunday, March 24, 2013. (AP / Michel Spingler). They blocked the Champs Elysee

Of course, Obama’s homosexuality scheme isn’t without American critics. FrontPage Mag’s Daniel Greenfield wrote, wryly, that

“apparently sub-Saharan Africa is in desperate need of Gay Pride Day. And somehow, Obama managed to blow through $350 million on gay rights groups in sub-Saharan Africa in two years. I don’t even understand how he managed that.”

Yet it’s no mystery. It’s man’s nature to be even more willing to accept other people’s money than statists are to be generous with other people’s money. And much, if not most, of it likely disappeared into the pockets of corrupt African officials.

From wry to downright sarcastic brings us to American Thinker’s Ed Straker. He presented some discussion questions:

1) We have an enormous national debt of nearly 19 trillion dollars, such that it seems excessive to spend 700 million dollars on this subject. With such tremendous debt, do you think we can really justify spending more than 300 or 400 million dollars to promote gay sex in other countries?

2) Do you think this program was flawed to begin with, because there were no metrics taken — e.g., comparing the number of gay sex acts before and after the program began to measure its success?

3) Do you think there should be a greater focus on gay sex in Islamic countries?

Anti same-sex marriage protest, U.S., 2014

Speaking of which, Nigeria, the focus of the Times piece, is be-deviled by a jihadist group — Islamic State in West Africa (ISWA) — that seeks to make it a completely Islamic country. Previously (and still more commonly) known as Boko Haram and labeled the “world’s deadliest terror group” by The New American, the jihadists now have formal ties to Da’esh (ISIS) and commit unspeakable atrocities. Yet the Obama administration not only prioritizes fighting for homosexuality over fighting against ISWA, but is also accused of refusing to help defeat the group until Nigeria accepts the homosexuality agenda.

And the irony of this won’t be lost on students of current events. Hillary Clinton recently claimed that Donald Trump’s anti-jihadist rhetoric is being used by Da’esh in promotional videos. While her claim has been proven false, a different American political figure does make an appearance in the group’s propaganda. In the slickly made video found here, Da’esh encourages Western Muslims not to do the bidding of, among other sinners, “fornicators” — as it shows Bill Clinton’s picture.

This illustrates not just the Clintons’ hypocrisy and destructiveness to America’s image, but an even larger issue. Jihadists don’t hate our legitimate “liberty” but our licentiousness; they consider us ripe for the taking not because of a dearth of tolerance but our descent into turpitude. They’ve called us and would cast us as “the great Satan” — and our Great Sexual Heresy plays right into their hands.

As an example, consider author Justin Raimondo’s observation after the Supreme Court’s faux-marriage ruling in June: “The effect on our eternal ‘war on terrorism’ may be bigger than anyone now realizes. Obergefell v. Hodges hands ISIS a propaganda victory on a silver platter: they can now point to the ‘decadent’ West and raise the spectre of America’s gay hordes descending on the Middle East to sodomize the pious into submission.” Note that Da’esh marked the court’s marriage ruling by throwing four homosexual men off a high-rise building’s roof, an incident reported by a Syrian Twitter user on the pro-faux-marriage hashtag #LoveWins.

While jihadist groups may demonize any non-Muslim leader, Trumpian tough talk will never earn the disdain engendered by Clintonian corruption. Just consider, for instance, that the name Boko Haram translates into “Western education is a sin.” And what about modern Western education, do you suppose, most inspires pious Muslims to rally to the jihadist cause?


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Allah’s Medicine Chest: Aloe Vera

Allah’s Medicine Chest: Aloe Vera

By Hwaa Irfan

The name comes from the Greek alsos, Arabic alloeh meaning bitter. Brought to attention in the Western world through the cosmetics industry in modern times, the genus Aloe has a long history The genus Aloe originated in southern Africa ~16 million years ago. Today, we are familiar with its wider role in alternative medicine.

Also known as Bitter Aloe(Aloe Forex), Red Aloe (English); iNhlaba (Zulu, South Africa); iKhala (Xhosa, South Africa), saber (Arabic)

The earliest known record of Aloe Vera is on a Sumerian tablet dating from 2100 BC. In Mecca, Saudi Arabia aloes can be found at the extremity of every grave, on a spot facing the epitaph, Burckhardt found planted a low shrubby species of Aloe whose Arabic name, , signifies patience as indicated by its nature: evergreen and requiring very little water, and the waiting-time between the burial and the resurrection morning. The ancient Greeks Dioscorides, Celsus and Pliny as well as Arab physicians used it medicinally. In the 10th century it was imported to Greece by the East Indian Company.

There are around 400 species of Aloe Vera. Today Aloe Vera plantations in the southern U.S. and Mexico include species other than Aloe Vera, so in modern Western culture all aloe plants and products are called “Aloe vera”. Their natural habitat is fairly arid and warm, and grows in sandy, rocky, and bushy locales. It feeds 98% on air and does not flourish with the application of fertilisers. With adaptation it grows in a wide and varied conditions.

Its tubular flowers, yellow to red in colour, grow in arrow-shaped clusters on spikes that are up to 3 feet tall (Moore, 2001). Aloe flowers in springtime. Its fruits are small and not particularly significant. In addition to propagating via seeds, it can reproduce by offsets, which may take root up to 6 feet away from the plant and grow into new plants (Moore, 2001).

In young plants and in the suckers which arise from the plant base, the leaves become bright green in colour, with irregular whitish spots on both sides. The thick fleshy leaves have no stem and are greenish – red in colour, and contain a gel known as aloe gel. Water-logging of soil may cause the leaves to pale and sunlight again restores the colour. Depending on the specie, the young leaf will have pale-green spots that disappear as it matures. The leaves appear sword-like with harmless small teeth-like spine that runs the length of the leaf. The old leaves do not fall off. Near the epidermis or outer skin of the fleshy leaves is a row of fibrovascular bundles which are filled with a yellow juice which exudes when the leaf is cut; this Polysaccharide-rich inner leaf mesophyll provides a reservoir of water to sustain photosynthesis during droughts. When it is desired to collect the juice, the leaves are cut off so the juice is drained off into tubs. This juice thus collected is concentrated either by spontaneous evaporation, or more generally by boiling until it becomes of the consistency of thick honey. On cooling, it is then poured into gourds, boxes, or other convenient receptacles, and solidifies.

The flowers are carried in a large candelabra-like flower-head. There is no calyx, the corolla is tubular, divided into six narrow segments at the mouth and of a red, yellow or purplish colour. The capsules contain numerous angular seeds. There are usually between five and eight branches, each carrying a spike-like head of many flowers. Flower colour varies from yellowy-orange to bright red. The variety “A. candelabrum” has six to twelve branches and the flowers have their inner petals tipped with white.

Flowering occurs between May – August, but in colder parts of the country this may be delayed until September. The flowers produce copious amounts of nectar attract many bird species Insects also visit the flowers which attracts more birds. In natural areas, monkeys and baboons will raid the aloes for nectar.

The main commercial producers today are the Dutch Antilles, the coastal areas of Venezuela and the subtropical regions of the U.S. and Mexico. The main supplier of Aloe Vera gel is the U.S. Aloe Vera has a bitter taste in the raw state, but this can be made more palatable by adding fruit juice. Aloe Vera gel is the inner leaf the Juice is the “Aloe Latex” a bitter substance found just under the skin of the leaf.

In the Western cosmetic and toilet industry, it is used as a base material for skin moisturizers, soaps, shampoos, sun lotions, makeup creams, perfumes, shaving creams, bath aids, and many other products. For pharmaceutical use as a laxative, the juice is taken from the tubules just beneath the outer skin of the leaves. It’s a bitter yellow and dried to become aloe granules that are dark brown in colour. Carrington Laboratories, U.S. have separated the polysaccharide, acemannan from Aloe vera which is is sold as “Carrisyn” and is being used for treatment of AIDS and Feline leukemia. The food industry uses Aloe in the manufacture of functional foods, especially health drinks, and as a bitter agent.

A large variety of varieties and preparations are used medicinally.

Chemical Properties differ according to the plant component, and area grown. There are over 130 chemical constituents and they include:

fatty acid


Sesquiterpene lactones


Barbaloin (formerly called Socaloin and Zanaloin), (present in crystalline Aloes), (Cape Aloes contains 9%+ more)

Barbaloin (present in crystalline Aloes)

Aspartic acid

Aloetic acid

Formic acid

Palmitic acid

Estearic acid

Ascorbic acid (leaves)

Cineole oil

Pinene oil

Cariofilene oil

Aluminium (leaves)

Isobarbaloin (present in Aloes Forex), (present in crystalline Aloes)

Aloin amino acid

Aloesin amino acid

Arginine amino acid

Glycine amino acid

Glutamine amino acid

Histidine amino acid

Aloe Forex contains 20 more constituents

Medicinal Action:









immune modulator






Laxative and Purgative







Nutritional Content









Vitamin B1

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B12

Serine amino acid (not in the leaves)


Leucine amino acid

Lysine amino acid

Methionine amino acid

Phenylalanine amino acid

Threonine amino acid

Valine amino acid

Tryptophan amino acid

Bradykinase (enzyme)

Catalase (enzyme)

Cellulase (enzyme)

Lipase (enzyme)






Aloe Vera is generally non- toxic, but there always exceptions .

  • Aloe Vera supplements could result in intestinal spasms, dehydration or stomach cramps
  • Those on antiarrythimic medicine
  • Those on corticosteroids, licorice, or diuretics
  • People who suffer from Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis
  • People who have undergone surgeries like laparotomy
  • People taking drugs with cardiac glycosides
  • Ingestion in pregnant and breast-feeding women, children younger than 12 years
  • Those who have inflammatory bowel disease
  • Elderly patients with suspected intestinal obstruction.

When buying from a store


In the West, the first case report of the beneficial effects of Aloe vera in the treatment of skin and wound healing was published in 1935, with fresh whole-leaf extract reported to provide rapid relief from the itching and burning associated with severe roentgen (radiation) dermatitis and complete skin regeneration (Collins and Collins 1935).


One study  showed that aloe vera actually contains vitamin B12, which is required for the production of red blood cells.


Because Aloe Vera is natural, it works gently within the intestinal tract to help break down food residues that have become impacted and help clean out the bowel. When the bowel is cleaned out, it greatly reduces bloating, discomfort, and helps ease stress, which only leads to more attacks of irritable bowel syndrome.

Aside from being an excellent body cleanser, removing toxic matter from the stomach, kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver, and colon, aloe can also offer effective relief from more immediate ailments, such as indigestion, upset stomach, ulcers, and inflammation in the gut. It also strengthens the digestive tract and alleviates joint inflammation, making it a great option for arthritis sufferers.


It improves joint flexibility and helps in the regeneration of body cells. It strengthens joint muscles, which therefore reduces pain and inflammation in weakened or aged joints.

Immune system

Gertrude Baldwin refers to “one polysaccharide, acemannan, is known for its ability to restore and boost the immune system by stimulating the production of macrophages and improving the activity of T-Lymphocytes by up to 50 %. Acemannan produces immune agents such as interferon and interleukin which help to destroy viruses, bacteria, and tumour cells. It improves cellular metabolism by normalizing cellular function and regulating the flow of nutrients and wastes in and out of the cells.  It knows how to destroy parasites and fungus. In some AIDS patients, it even protected the immune system from the toxic side effects of AZT”.


For bacteria, inner-leaf gel from Aloe Vera was shown to inhibit growth of Streptococcus and Shigella species in vitro.

Metastatic Cancer

The concomitant oral administration of 1 mL twice a day of Aloe vera tincture (10% Aloe vera and 90% alcohol) and 20 mg/day of melatonin compared to melatonin alone was studied in 50 patients with locally advanced or metastatic solid tumours for whom no other effective standard therapy was available. In the group treated with Aloe vera and melatonin combined, 12 of 24 patients had their disease stabilized compared to only 7 of 26 patients in the melatonin-only group. In addition, the percentage of individuals surviving 1 year was significantly higher with Aloe vera plus melatonin compared with melatonin treatment alone (Lissoni et al. 1998).


Aloe Vera has been especially helpful of patients with severe and various skin diseases. It acts as a rejuvenating action. It acts as a moisturizer and hydrates the skin. After being absorbed into the skin, it stimulates the fibroblasts cells and causes them to regenerate themselves faster. It’s the cells that that produce the collagen and elastin so the skin will get smoother and look younger. Lignins a constituent of the cellulose penetrates the toughened areas of the skin being beneficial for skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis.

Aloe vera has been reported to accelerate postoperative wound healing in periodontal flap surgery (Payne 1970). n a double-blind, randomized, controlled trial of 28 healthy adults, aloin was reported to have a laxative effect compared to a placebo that was stronger than the stimulant laxative phenolphthalein (Chapman and Pittelli 1974). In subjects with chronic constipation, a novel preparation containing Aloe vera, celandine, and psyllium was found to improve a range of constipation indicators (bowel movement frequency, consistency of stools, and laxative dependence) in a 28-day double-blind trial; however, the effect of Aloe vera alone was not investigated in this study (Odes and Madar 1991).

A team of plastic surgeons compared Aloe vera gel to 1% silver sulphadiazine cream for the treatment of second degree burn wounds. The burn wounds among the patients treated with Aloe vera healed remarkably earlier compared to those treated with 1% silver sulfadiazine (SSD). – Journal of Pakistan Medical Association

When applied topically, the gel acts as best moisturizer, removes dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin.

Ulcerative Colitis A two year trial at the Neath, Morriston and Singleton hospitals in Swansea for use of Aloe Vera involved 44 patients suffering from Ulcerative Colitis has been completed at the Royal London Hospital and the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. The trial was completed in January 2004 and an improvement found in 38% of Patients given Aloe Vera gel as opposed to 8% given a placebo.

  • In Cape Town, South Africa Aloe Ferox is as a laxative, wound healing, and for arthritis.
  • In Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean it is used for hypertension.
  • Mexican-Americans used it for Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

One of the home remedies for asthma was to boil some Aloe Vera leaves in a pan of water and breathe in the vapour.

Drinking Aloe vera juice allows the body to cleanse the digestive system. It encourages the bowels to move and helps with elimination if a person is constipated. And if you have diarrhoea, it will help slow it down.


“Aloe Vera”.

Foster. M, Hunter. D, and Samman, Samir. “Evaluation of the Nutritional and Metabolic Effects of Aloe vera”


Allah’s Medicine Chest