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Why Some Syrian Refugees Decline Canada’s Resettlement Offer*

Why Some Syrian Refugees Decline Canada’s Resettlement Offer*

By Sara Elizabeth Williams

Omayma al-Kasem is bold, forthright and speaks clearly and with confidence. She has completed four years of law school and volunteers as a mental-health worker with a Jordanian charity, and as such, is exactly the kind of Syrian refugee Canada wants to welcome. The trouble is, Ms. al-Kasem isn’t interested in coming.

The 26-year-old from Daraa, Syria, is one of a sizable number of Syrians turning down the chance to become permanent residents of Canada. According to U.N. figures, just three out of every 10 households contacted about resettlement in Canada go on to relocate.

“Some families are still hoping to return home, others are concerned about their ability to integrate into another country – including learn the language,” said Aoife McDonnell, an external relations officer at the UNHCR refugee agency in Jordan.

When the U.N. called Ms. al-Kasem’s father, he put the decision to her, who, as the eldest of three sisters living at home, said she has to “think like a mom” after her own mother died. She knew instantly her answer was no.

“In Jordan we are already separated from my two sisters who are in Syria. If we went to Canada we would have to leave my brother, his wife and their baby. I don’t want to separate my family any further,” Ms. al-Kasem told The Globe and Mail.

Cultural reasons played another role. Although Ms. al-Kasem said she does not feel safe in Jordan and described refugee life as “the lowest level of hell,” she said she feared she wouldn’t be comfortable in Canada.

“Even in the move from Syria to Jordan, we lost some connection to our religion. If we go to Canada, how can I raise my little sisters in a language and culture I don’t understand?”

Ms. al-Kasem’s father was a government employee and the family was affluent in Syria. But in Jordan they have gone “back to zero,” struggling to put food on the table. However, she believes that by remaining in Jordan, she can be among the first to go home to Syria and rebuild her country if and when the civil war there ends.

While Ms. al-Kasem made an informed decision, she may be in the minority: Among poorer, less-educated refugees, the decision to decline a spot in Canada is often based on false assumptions and unqualified fears.

In Ajloun, a hilly town in northern Jordan, Emad al-Khlef, a father of four from Homs, turned down a spot in Canada. Barely literate, he feared he wouldn’t be able to learn enough English to support his family.

He believed his 20-year-old son, Mohammad, paralyzed from the waist down after being shot by security forces in 2011, had no future anywhere: No paralyzed young man could find work or marry, he said.

Mohammad, watching his father with bright, intelligent eyes, had already started learning English and researching life in Canada before his father made the decision. He believed that in Canada he stood a chance of achieving his dreams of a university degree, marriage, fatherhood and a career – all things that have thus far eluded him. But his father’s decision was final.

“We are afraid of the unknown,” said Mr. al-Khlef. If the family went to Canada, he reasoned, they’d lose their U.N. food aid and cash assistance worth about $290 each month. The poverty and isolation he knew was preferable to the unknown elsewhere.

Other families from comparable socio-economic backgrounds said they had similar reasons for saying no. Omar Shahadeh, an illiterate construction worker living in Jerash, said it was “better to be among Arabs like us” than to wade into a new and uncertain culture. He said his decision was reinforced by the opinions of friends who doubted Canada’s commitment to the resettled refugees.

“People said the government of Canada would only care for us for one month, and then they would leave us. Lots of people are refusing for this reason,” said Mr. Shahadeh.

Despite having four children who have scant chance of attending university and beginning careers in Jordan, Mr. Shahadeh, like Mr. al-Khlef, admitted he was afraid of change.

The fathers have become part of a broader trend, where more informed families are taking up offers to resettle in Canada, and those with less access to information are saying no.

For many who do go, the fear of the unknown is overridden by a desire to give their children the chance of a better life, said UNHCR’s Ms. McDonnell.

“Many of those who are accepting this chance at a new life tell our team they are doing it for their children, to ensure they have a promising future.”


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Fiji’s PM Tells Lesbians to Move to Iceland*

Fiji’s PM Tells Lesbians to Move to Iceland*

By Vala Hafstad

Prime Minister of Fiji Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama has simple advice to offer those in his country who fight for the legalization of same-sex marriage, according to For any woman who wants to marry another woman, he advises, “Go and have it done in Iceland and stay and live there.”

The comment was made on Tuesday in response to human rights activist Shamima Ali, who would like to see Fiji allow same-sex marriage. The prime minister said, “Tell Shamima Ali, there will be no same sex marriage in Fiji, a topic pushed by NGOs such as hers under the issue of human rights.”

Since 2010, sexual activity between people of the same sex has been legal in Fiji, but the country does not allow same-sex marriages or civil unions. A travel guide to Fiji states, “it is strongly recommended for gay and lesbian travelers to Fiji to not display their affection toward each other in public.”

Same-sex marriage has been legal in Iceland since 2010.


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Canada Kills Medical Freedom*

Canada Kills Medical Freedom*

By Jefferey Jaxon

Abraham Flexner circa 1895

The year was 1910 when Simon and Abraham Flexner, funded by the Carnegie-Rockefeller partnership, submitted their report titled ‘Medical Education in the United States and Canada,’ otherwise known as the Flexner report. The report recommended select medical schools and colleges begin “strengthening courses in pharmacology.” In addition, those same schools and colleges deemed qualified by the report were to establish drug research departments.

Another purpose of the Flexner report was to identify medical schools teaching pharmaceutical-intensive therapies and inject hundreds of millions of Carnegie-Rockefeller dollars into them. A condition of this monetary injection was that each school receiving funds establish drug research departments, retain a Carnegie-Rockefeller member on their board of directors, and increase drug-intensive course material.

Perhaps the overarching reason for the report was to identify respected medical schools teaching holistic, natural healing and eventually shut them down. Looking back, it can be said the Flexner Report solidified a pharmaceutical drug monopoly that has continued to this day.

The Final Pharmaceutical Solution

Fast forward to 2016 where the public is fed up with the limited, and many times harmful, options drug companies and prescription-happy health professionals are offering. Droves of people continue to seek out natural, holistic healing without the chemicals and disastrous side effects. Investigations are continually giving pharmaceutical companies much deserved public relations black eyes due to fraud, corruption, and widespread human injury. Heavy pharmaceutical influence and questionable political action is limiting the public’s health care choices throughout North America.

Canada is ramping up efforts to push mandatory medicine using the education system and an ever-expanding immunization schedule. Yet in Ontario, the citizens are awake and staring at their politicians and regulatory colleges who have essentially implemented a modern Flexner Report 2.0 drug company takeover. Unelected members of Canadian health regulatory colleges are now moving to ban natural and holistic therapies and racing to implement safe harbour legislation for drug companies.

Ontario’s 14th Controlled Act of Psychotherapy is about to deliver the death blow to the public’s medical freedom and medical choice. The amendment to Ontario’s laws has made treatments of human issues of thought, cognition, mood, emotional regulation, perception, and memory the newest ‘controlled act’ that only authorized individuals may engage in.

It is important to note that legally in Canada, ‘psychotherapy’ encompasses practically all approaches to the treatment of human issues. Those ‘authorized’ individuals only represent Ontario’s medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex and effectively eliminate many approaches that advocate natural treatments, positive lifestyles, and healthy foods and beverages.

A newly formed Council of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario has been tasked with the job of deciding which type of healthcare makes the cut. The council, unelected by the Canadian public, is made up of executives from 13 regulatory colleges and has been blessed with the authority to determine new rules and regulations for health professionals and clinics in Ontario.

It is important to note that a ‘clinic’ is defined as any location where a regulated health professional is responsible for the delivering of health care services. Of specific concern is that the newly formed council has a disciplinary committee that has the power to hold hearings and legally discipline care givers in violation.

Furthermore, written into the new legislation, is the ability for enforcement bodies to perform warrantless searches of ‘clinics’ throughout Ontario. History has shown that, regardless of any good intentions these acts may have spawned from, having such dangerous directives and unelected committees calling the shots is a recipe for corruption and pharmaceutical monopoly influence.

Much like the original Flexner Report, Ontario’s 14th Controlled Act is essentially another swing of the same stick wielded by pharmaceutical interests to beat back a rapidly educated public seeking better ways to treat themselves and their loved ones.

What does this new legislation mean for the public of Ontario? Quite simply, Ontario residents no longer have medical autonomy.

Taking regulation and public opinion out of Ontario’s healthcare violates the Ontario Regulated Health Professions Act of 1991. The freedom for Ontarian’s to choose their own form of treatment is facing elimination.

Hundreds of proven non-drug options including holistic education, all meditation, all counselling, coping skills, vitamin and mineral supplementation, art therapy, movement therapy, light therapy, exercise therapy, music therapy, and others will be invalid and subject to fines and imprisonment for practitioners. Along with a growing and dedicated pushback from the Canadian public, a petition created at has nearly reached its mark of 10,000 supporters.

What does this new legislation mean for health practitioners in Ontario? Unfortunately, due to  the already existing 13 controlled acts in healthcare, many practitioners in Ontario have seen the writing on the wall for some time and have decided to relocate to more friendly locations.

If the 14th controlled act is proclaimed (enacted) it will become enforceable and health professionals in Ontario will face fines up to $25,000 or imprisonment for up to one year or both, for a 1st offence, and $50,000 or imprisonment for up to one year or both, for a 2nd offense, simply for helping others.

The Canadian people also appear to be experiencing a violation of their freedom of cultural and religious expression. Controls and regulations spawned from this new legislation on essentially all forms of alternative healthcare including holistic, spiritual, and emotional care has the potential to intrude on guaranteed fundamental freedoms.

What can be done? For citizens of Ontario, bombarding your Member of Provincial Parliament with emails and letters is a good place to start. Educating, raising awareness, and activating your local community is perhaps the best option. At the time of this writing, only 1,766 more signatures are needed to reach the petition titled ‘Save Natural Treatments.’

For practitioners in Ontario, consider informing your patients/clients that their freedom of medical choice is about to be eliminated and encourage them to get involved.


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Planet Earth Blows its Trumpet*

Planet Earth Blows its Trumpet*

What could we say about the strange sounds? Unexplained sounds that were reported since 2011 and after four years these sounds are still there without an explanation.

Are angels blowing the trumpets of the apocalypse as a warning that something important is to come? Someone might be calling our attention?

Is the strange sound an alien language based on energy, frequency and form and if so, we are ready to begin the conversation? But how we will use it and with whom will be communicating?

The ancient Sumerians wrote: The language of frequency and form is given to us by ‘Skygod’ visitors, called Annunaki.

But what if the origin of the mysterious strange sounds are not coming from the sky but from the inner Earth.

Tibetan monks who mediating in a cave for a long time are saying that since 2011 they hear strange sounds coming from the inner earth which they explain as that spirits telepathically transmit these sounds to them that something major is going to happen soon.

But are spirits responsible for the sounds? Are they blowing the trumpets of the apocalypse?

At this point a lot of theories about these strange noises are being floated, even NASA, who explains that the strange sounds may be background noises from Earth as the planet emits ‘natural radio emissions’, cannot prove their theory.

So exactly what in the world is going on?

Linda Moulton Howe did an in-depth investigation on this phenomenon and discovered that the source of these sounds comes from the inner earth.

Indeed, something is going on in the inner core of the Earth and it has to do with the magnetic poles changing and involves minerals recycling in the mantle of the Earth.

The sounds are being generated in the mantle as large static discharges of energy, pushed up through the Earth’s crust, broadcasting as infrasound through the ionosphere and then bouncing back at a lower frequency that we can hear and feel as vibrations.

There has been a change in speed of mantle movement, which is affecting magnetic conductivity. This process could involve a weakening and strengthening of magnetic field anomalies similar to the last major pole shift.

Just look around you, in recent years, inclusive 2015, there have been strange and extreme weather and it is not yet over as scientists are predicting another year with more bizarre weather events.

Since the Earth is about a half million years overdue for a pole shift, all these strange sounds and extreme weather conditions could be a sign of an on-going process inside the earth which can lead to more instability in our ecosystems with disastrous consequences for humanity, maybe for thousands of years.


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Loneliness and “Sunni-Shia Hatred: Diseases We Must Fight”*

Loneliness and “Sunni-Shia Hatred: Diseases We Must Fight”*

By Imam Zaid Shakir

Loneliness and isolation, Imam Zaid Shakir argues, have no place in an ummah of compassion and mercy. He also addresses Sunni-Shia aggression and hatred, which he describes as a disease we must fight.


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African Women Organize to Reclaim Food Sovereignty*

African Women Organize to Reclaim Food Sovereignty*

From an interview with Mphatheleini Makaulele

By Simone Adler, Beverly Bell

Mphathe, kneeling bottom row on right, with women of Dzomo la Mupo. Photo courtesy of Mphathe Makaulele

Mphatheleini Makaulele is an award-winning indigenous leader, farmer, and activist, and Director of Dzomo la Mupo, a community organization in rural South Africa. She is also part of the African Biodiversity Network.

Everybody originated with indigenous ways of living and the way of Mother Earth.

The real role of women is in the seed. It is the women who harvest, select, store, and plant seeds. Our seeds come from our mothers and our grandmothers. To us, the seed is the symbol of the continuity of life. Seed is not just about the crops. Seed is about the soil, about the water, and about the forest.

When we plant our seeds, we don’t just plant them anytime or anywhere. We listen to our elders, who teach us about the ecological calendar. The seed follows this natural ecological flow. When it bears another seed, that one is planted and the cycle continues.

If you cut the cycle of the seed, you cut the cycle of life. We do not understand how something [like genetically modified and chemically treated seeds] can be called seeds if they cannot continue the cycle of life.

Reviving African Agricultural Values

In South Africa, we know there is a freedom of plants to germinate and grow.  People are now awakened to the word GMO, and many people are trying to bring forward the issue of food sovereignty.

Here in Limpopo Province, in the indigenous region of Vhavenda, we are organized as the Dzomo la Mupo, the Voice of the Earth. I founded it in 2008. The meaning of mupo is the natural creation of the universe, giving space to every being on the Earth.  We have led several campaigns to protect our environment, including campaigns against the Australian mining company Coal of Africa, court cases against development on sacred sites, and registering sacred forests as protected areas under the South African Heritage Resources Agency.

The African Biodiversity Network (ABN), [a regional network of individuals and organizations across twelve countries], is also looking at the issues facing Africa, women, and traditional agricultural practice. The ABN works toward deepening these values and is becoming a big voice in Africa and across the world. The ABN is a home for reviving African values of biodiversity, indigenous practices that bring us health, and traditional farming systems.

The Global Loss of Seed and Food Sovereignty

I live in an environment of mountains, dense forest, and fertile soil. Our mothers, they selected seed from the previous harvest, which they would plant. We had a way of growing seasonal food and of storing seed from season to season.

Mining is wrongly threatening our water, soil, mountains, and seed and food sovereignty. The government is allowing mining in our soil and the dense, thick mountains, including in tropical areas with good soil and pure water. We need to dialogue about the alternatives to save the forest, rivers, plants, everything in mupo, the Earth.

Commercial farming has dominated traditional farming and food sovereignty, too. It looks only at money as the end product. The seeds depend on chemicals and don’t grow following the ecological, natural flow. Chemical seeds and fertilizers make the soil dry like a crust, like plywood. Our soil is damaged and dry. Our natural seeds that germinated on their own no longer grow in that soil. And this problem is causing the loss of natural foods and traditional farming systems, making our food sovereignty vanish.

When the soil is damaged, when the forest no longer has trees to pick fruit from, it affects women first. In Africa, most women are not employed. Our income is the soil where I can grow food, the forest with trees where I can harvest wild, organic fruits, the stream and river where I can fetch clean, pure water. Globally, women who are not employed or educated are experiencing the problem of where to get food and eat the way we have been for generations.

Now, people are depending only on markets [for the food we eat] because their fields are no longer producing natural food, and they have to buy everything, including seeds, resulting in hunger and poverty. People no longer touch the soil for their food; they find the same frozen and packed food in the same shelf in every season.

Not only is this causing a loss of seed and food sovereignty globally, but we women of indigenous ways know that health is affected by the food we eat. We need variety in food. But going to the store year-round and not finding our natural [and seasonal] foods affects our family’s health.

When children and family members are sick, this impacts women first. Women can no longer find the herbs in the forest to cure their sickness because the trees are being cut down and the soil can no longer let the seeds and plants germinate for us to pick the wild greens.

Women Will Carry Forth the Alternatives

Still, traditional farming is practiced in rural areas, such as -Mahayani in Vhavenda, where there are elder women who have the ancestral knowledge of growing food.

The alternative is to bring back the role of the woman. Young women and girls have to reconnect to the soil and fields of our grandmothers, the forest near our homes, and the indigenous local seeds. Every woman needs to reconnect to the soil. Women also have to teach young girls and young women about seed and food sovereignty and the importance of soil because they’re the ones who will remain to pass that on.

Women are the alternative. We need to revive our technical methods [of farming] through permaculture or agroecology. Even though the soil has been damaged by chemical fertilizers and chemical seeds, there is opportunity to rebuild, harvest, compost, and work the soil to become alive again.

The women of Dzomo la Mupo are bringing food sovereignty to their families. In our home gardens, called muse, and our fields called tsimu, we teach children that food comes from soil, not the market shelves.

Women listen to the ecological calendar and know the seasons for planting, when to select [certain] seeds, and which will produce food. This is the knowledge of women all over the world. Children no longer know about the ecological calendar. What is the future for if we give that up? If we don’t talk about this as women, who will understand?

Women have to fight against the complete destruction of the nearby fields, mountains, and rivers so we can again eat the wild fruit and seasonal food. We are the ones who should defend the remaining indigenous forests from vanishing. Women need to fill the role of talking about [and acting on] the threats to a healthy future generation.


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