Fiji’s PM Tells Lesbians to Move to Iceland*

Fiji’s PM Tells Lesbians to Move to Iceland*

By Vala Hafstad

Prime Minister of Fiji Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama has simple advice to offer those in his country who fight for the legalization of same-sex marriage, according to For any woman who wants to marry another woman, he advises, “Go and have it done in Iceland and stay and live there.”

The comment was made on Tuesday in response to human rights activist Shamima Ali, who would like to see Fiji allow same-sex marriage. The prime minister said, “Tell Shamima Ali, there will be no same sex marriage in Fiji, a topic pushed by NGOs such as hers under the issue of human rights.”

Since 2010, sexual activity between people of the same sex has been legal in Fiji, but the country does not allow same-sex marriages or civil unions. A travel guide to Fiji states, “it is strongly recommended for gay and lesbian travelers to Fiji to not display their affection toward each other in public.”

Same-sex marriage has been legal in Iceland since 2010.


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