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A 55,000 year Old Artefact Found in Sierra Leone made Out of Oxygen?*

A 55,000 year Old Artefact Found in Sierra Leone made Out of Oxygen?*

Entire countries have lost their sovereignty for discoveries like this!

In 1990 an Italian “geologist” named Angelo Pitoni was visiting Sierra Leone, in the vicinity of the border with Guinea Conakry, to verify if a certain region of the country known as Kono was indeed, a rich deposit of diamonds that could be exploited by the company that had hired him and sought to obtain the concession of exploitation in exchange for building a number of houses for the government. While studying the region, Pitoni came across an incredible discovery that was for some reason left out in the cold. In an area between Sierra Leone, and Conakry, after removing a few inches of soil a Fullah Chief showed Pitoni one of the most mysterious stones Pitoni had come across in his career. A blue stone with mysterious white lines on its surface.

The tribal chief told Pitoni an ancient legend, which according to them, explains why the area was so rich in diamonds.

The chief Fulah-deeply embedded in the teachings of the Qur’an told Pitoni how in the mists of time, God found that among his angels a revolt was about to break. The Angels were expelled to Earth where they became statues, but these, did not arrive to Earth alone, according to legend, a great portion of the “sky” and “stars” fell with the angels on Earth. In the eyes of the natives, this explains why the region is rich in so many minerals and diamonds.

Pitoni examined the mysterious rock and thought it was some kind of very pure turquoise, but it is known that there are always some sort of impurities, while this blue, mysterious stone was pure.

After returning to Europe, Pitoni took the blue stone to the Institute of Natural Sciences of Geneva and the University La Sapienza in Rome for analysis. To his surprise, tests showed that the stone was not a turquoise, and it wasn’t even officially catalogued. The blue stone he had discovered not only does not correspond to any known mineral, but the “same” material was also recently located in Morocco ba British geologist named Anne Grayson.

The most intriguing thing is that the colour of the mineral is not justified by the composition of the stone; Researchers do not understand from what the stone obtains its tonality even though several universities and laboratories have analyzed the artefact; All of them have failed to answer where the colour comes from.

Mysteriously, at the University of Utrecht, the stone underwent several tests with acids but none of the acids managed to damage or modify the stone. It was heated to 3.000 degrees celsius and its composition wasn’t altered. The most interesting part is that when a small piece of the stone was pulverized, and viewed under the microscope, it had no colour. So far the only thing researchers know is that it has not been made by nature, and it has not originated on Earth.

Some researchers believe that this mysterious blue stone was actually manufactured by an advanced civilization that has been lost in history. We know that there are numerous findings across the planet that cannot be explained. This mysterious blue stone is surely one of them.

One of the analysis that deepened the mystery of the “Sky stone”, as it has been called, is when a fragment of the stone was subjected to rigorous examination to determine the composition of the stone and their respective proportions.

According to analysis, 77.17% of the stone was made of OXYGEN. The remaining percentage is divided between carbon (11.58 per 100), silicon (6.39 per 100), calcium (3.31 per 100) and other elements whose presence was almost anecdotal. But wait a minute, how can oxygen make up a stone?

Further tests were performed in Spain by several laboratories where the mysterious “Sky Stone” underwent five different kinds of test: X-Ray analysis, plasma spectrometry, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and finally infrared-spectrometry yielding more mysterious results that left researchers clueless.

In preliminary tests with X-rays it was determined that the blue stone was composed mainly of calcium hydroxide -Ca (OH) ²-, calcium carbonate and calcium silicate -CaCO³- -Ca²SiO4-, but mysteriously, none of these were able to explained how the stone obtained its incredible blue coloir. Scientists speculated that copper or another transition material could be responsible for the tone, but they were unable to detect any materials in sufficient quantities to confirm their theory. The plasma spectrometry analysis reduced the oxygen level to 50/100 or 55/100 at most, which apparently is normal in any rock. More mysteries popped up when the stone was submitted to gas chromatography which tried to locate an organic compound in the rock, looking for some sort of “ink” that gave the stone its blue colour.

Researchers decided to crush one piece of the rock and mixed it with acetone, hexane and methylene, and enhanced the extractions with ultrasound. Finally, researchers were able to detect an organic compound that was unknown to science. The Sky Stone does in fact have a non-mineral element in its composition but it does not reveal much since it is unknown.

The organic compound present in the sky rock is believed to be between 15.000 – 55.000 years old

According to Pitoni, mass spectrometry revealed the chemical composition of the material and its molecular formula which remains unknown to science. It was ruled out that the sky stone was a fraud, since the molecular formula of it cannot be traced back to anything we know on Earth.

So what is the mysterious blue stone? Is it in fact an “artefact” left behind by an advanced civilization? Or is it possible that somehow, this “extraordinary” stone is nothing more but an ordinary” stone which scientists did not get to study properly?

As far as I am concerned, I enjoyed reading about the stone and writing about its history and what it might be. Of course, I do not know its true origin, but it is something interesting well worth researching and reading about. Regrettably, i did not manage to find the locations where the stone was taken for research, nor do i know where the mystery stone is located today.


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Glyphosate in your Bread*

Glyphosate in your Bread*

By Jeffrey Phillips

Now that the World Health Organization has publicly condemned glyphosate herbicide as “probably carcinogenic to humans,” awareness of this insidious chemical’s contamination of the human food supply is suddenly exploding among health-conscious consumers.

Most people, however, have no awareness at all that commercial wheat products are saturated with glyphosate before harvest. They think glyphosate is only used on genetically modified crops like corn and soybeans. But it turns out that glyphosate is routinely used as a wheat crop drying chemical to speed up harvesting. (Monitor breaking news headlines on glyphosate in real time at, part of the new network.)

The very chemical that was designed to kill weeds, in other words, is so toxic to plant life that commercial farmers are using it to accelerate the death of wheat crops, thereby reducing the delay between cutting the crop and delivering it to market.

The upshot is that the commercial wheat products you’re buying in the store are saturated with deadly, cancer-causing glyphosate weed killer. This includes:

  • Commercial loaves of bread sold at the grocery store
  • Donuts, cakes and pastries
  • Pasta products (spaghetti, noodles, etc., that are made with wheat)
  • Hamburger and hotdog buns
  • Wheat-based breakfast cereals such as wheat flakes
  • Biscuits, scones and flat bread

Essentially, much of the entire non-organic wheat-based food supply is now heavily contaminated with glyphosate, a toxic chemical now widely recognized as being genotoxic (damaging to your DNA and potentially leading to cancer). To protect yourself from glyphosate, it is crucial that you only purchase and consume certified organic wheat products.

Wheat, by the way, contains gluten. It is my belief that many of the complaints people have been voicing against gluten are really symptoms of glyphosate toxicity and not directly caused by gluten itself. This issue needs serious further investigation, but a simple way to test this yourself is to switch to organic wheat products and see how those work for you.

See the full presentation on glyphosate and wheat products in this PDF presentation document from the Soil Association.

Glyphosate poisoning of wheat crops has increased 400% in the last two decades

“[N]ew figures analysed by the Soil Association were released at a scientific briefing in London showing Glyphosate use in U.K. farming has increased by 400% in the last 20 years and it’s one of the three pesticides regularly found in routine testing of British bread – appearing in up to 30% of samples tested by the Defra committee on Pesticide Residues in Food (PRiF),” reports the Soil Association.

Because of how widely glyphosate now contaminates wheat products, the Soil Association is calling for a ban on its use as a pre-harvest weed killer.

“The Soil Association is now calling for a U.K. ban on the use of Glyphosate sprayed on U.K. wheat as a pre-harvest weedkiller and its use to kill the crop to ripen it faster,” says the association.

Many wheat crops are sprayed multiple times with toxic glyphosate right before harvest

Wheat crops are sprayed with glyphosate not just once, but often three times before harvest. This douses the wheat with a known cancer-causing chemical, saturating the crop and causing the glyphosate to be present in the finished food products made from the wheat.

Peter Melchett, Soil Association policy director, explained:

“If Glyphosate ends up in bread it’s impossible for people to avoid it, unless they are eating organic… This is why the Soil Association is calling for the immediate ending of the use of Glyphosate sprays on wheat destined for use in bread.”

The glyphosate sprayed on wheat crops ends up in your food. When you eat glyphosate-sprayed wheat, you inevitably absorb this cancer-causing chemical into your own body.

“[T]his chemical doesn’t break down immediately, and can follow the grain into food manufacturing processes,” explains the Soil Association.

“Tests by the Defra committee on Pesticide Residues in Food (PRiF) have found that as much as 30% of U.K. bread contained this weedkiller. U.K. wheat will also be used for lots of other foods including biscuits.”

If you’re eating non-organic wheat, you’re swallowing weed killer!

The bottom line? If you’re eating products derived from wheat that isn’t organic, you’re probably eating cancer-causing weed killer. In the U.K., a recent study found that 70% of the population had traces of glyphosate in their urine.


In the United States, the corporate-sellout EPA has known for decades that glyphosate causes cancer, but they actively hid this data from the public.

Because it’s so widely used in conventional agriculture, glyphosate is found in 75% of air and rain samples. This means you’ll even get glyphosate raining down on your own home garden! (Although the resulting concentration is thousands of times less than what you’d find in commercial crops that are directly sprayed with it.)

If there was ever a reason to buy organic bread, this is it!

That’s why I’m now issuing a Natural News Food Contamination Red Alert and urging all Natural News readers to immediately stop buying and consuming all non-organic wheat products.

From this day forward, limit your consumption of wheat products exclusively to certified organic. Glyphosate is not allowed to be sprayed on certified organic crops, and although there is some cross-contamination due to wind drift, organic foods will consistently contain far less glyphosate than non-organic foods.


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The Secret Oil War Has Begun*

The Secret Oil War Has Begun*

We have seen it before, more often than we can guess, manipulated events, phony confrontations, false flag terrorism, staged mass killings and a cast of characters, financial “titans,” sleazy Washington types along with admirals and generals festooned and be-speckled with phony decorations for imaginary chair bound bravery.

The war began between the holidays, Christmas and New Year. It wasn’t found on a battlefield, not all of it anyway, it was found in boardrooms, the public restrooms where business is done secretly in Washington, and in the Straits of Hormuz. Here is what happened:

The powerful Koch Brothers, whose secret donations control America’s press, not just Fox News and InfoWars, but all of it, television and movies, thousands of internet websites and even comment boards, particularly financial boards where rumours that manipulate markets are spread, started it.

The attack was two pronged:

  • Create a phony one day oil shortage by misreporting U.S. production and inventories. That had to be done on a much larger than usual scale because of Obama’s new policy of allowing American crude oil exports.
  • Inform paid stooges at the Pentagon to report an incident in the Persian Gulf, either by staging one or, if necessary, even killing Americans and blaming Iran. They had done this many times before as covered in Jeff Stein’s Washington Post myopic on Veterans Today editor Gwyneth Todd. The Pentagon, in 2007, attempted to assassinate Todd, then working for the State Department in Bahrain, and blame Iran.

The oil shortage, 2.6 million barrels removed from the books, drove price up nearly a dollar a barrel. This combined with an imaginary Iranian missing firing only one kilometre away from the American aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, had a powerful effect for 24 hours.

Saudi Arabia had pushed the majority of their flagging investment portfolio, run to nothing through waste, pouring cash into ISIS and their war in Yemen. As oil prices crashed to 1970s levels, they moved remaining funds into the bond markets.

These markets had been buoyed recently by Janet Yellen’s treasuries rate interest increase at “the Fed” after years of cuts that had destroyed the remaining savings and money-market income of American retirees who had not been already crushed by the staged Bush crash of 2008.

In one 24 hour period, thanks to bribes paid to the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Defense, $5 billion in illegal profits in oil and bond futures were realized, this time without firing a shot.

The next day, Iran announced that there was no incident and that the U.S. made it all up. The next day, financial news announced that the oil shortage was a mistake and the one day rise in oil futures, which also coincided with a $.30 rise in gasoline prices for American holiday travellers.

Russia Turkey Greece Oil AIIB MoneyAnother $5 billion was made on gasoline price gouging, prices stayed up though oil prices crashed $1.37 per barrel in minutes. It gets even better. Coinciding with a one day short sale of oil futures, the carefully time “buy-back” may well generate up to $10 billion additionally.

On the equity side, the manipulation of oil stocks has to be taken into account also. Market trends are one thing, but manufactured crises with advance knowledge, particularly when timed with falsified inventory shortages, destroy all market integrity. Institutional investors who are left out of the game are burned but, representing a more serious threat, dangerous patterns emerge.

The illegal profits from Pentagon induced oil price games are used to buy and sustain control of increasing penetration of American foreign policy. Right now, in Washington, there is a rush to get onboard the gravy-train, nobody wants to be left behind.

russia turkey oil streamHere is what is being asked to pay for that “ticket:”

  • Intelligence agencies are pouring falsified reports into the Pentagon and White House, pushing for increased sanctions against Russia and Iran, coordinating this with deep cover operatives in the CIA and key military commands.
  • Operational commanders are preparing a schedule of manufactured incidents. In the past, CIA contractors, a key suspect being Google Idea Groups, working closely with propaganda kings Booz Allen Hamilton, moved Sarin gas through Turkey into Syria, nearly causing a world war.
  • Media controllers, not just Rupert Murdoch, working with handlers for the clowning GOP presidential hopefuls, are ramping up rhetoric, both anti-Islamic and anti-Semitic, playing both sides against the middle, while pushing for increased black-white racial tensions in the U.S., the job of Fox News and InfoWars.

As a minor aside, there are smaller players also, too many to count. Let’s look at one for a second, Raytheon Corporation. Whenever a plane is shot down someplace, Raytheon has an interest, the manufacturer of the Stinger, Patriot and other missile systems. Raytheon delivers nearly a thousand TOW missiles to ISIS and al Qaeda a month. No one ever asks why or how terrorists get regular deliveries of weapons that even some of America’s allies can’t buy without special dispensation from the State Department.

Does this give Raytheon Corporation a reason to want to manipulate events? Is terrorism good business for them? How about disappearing airliners? Is there money in this also? If they can’t figure out how to profit from this, I can show them how, but I suspect they don’t need my help.

When we take corporation after corporation and intertwine their management, their investors, the politicians they pay off and the collective manipulated events they profit from, and we add this to mass scale oil theft and market manipulation there and the massive fraud in central banks, currencies and the IMF, then war is only a business ploy, something

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Ireland’s Largest Multinational Company Disinvests from Israel*

Ireland’s Largest Multinational Company Disinvests from Israel*

IPSC activist outside the CRH AGM, May 2014

A report released today by Ireland’s largest multinational CRH confirmed the global cement giant has divested from its 25% stake in the Israeli cement market. The company has been a focus of a sustained campaign calling for such a divestment from the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) and other groups for over a decade, due to role its Israeli subsidiary Nesher Cement plays in supplying materials for the building of Israel’s illegal separation wall, checkpoints and settlements.

In the report CRH stated that it had “completed 13 divestments in 2015, the largest of which was the disposal of CRH’s 25% equity stake in its Israeli operation.”

That 25% stake was held in the Mashav group, the holding company for Nesher Cement, the sole producer of cement in Israel. Nesher is involved in the building of the separation wall in the West Bank which annexes Palestinian land to Israel, and has been declared illegal by the International Court of Justice. Nesher’s actions support and sustain the ongoing Israeli military occupation of Palestinian land. Nesher Cement is also used in the construction of illegal colonial settlements in the occupied territories, checkpoints that impede travel and commerce for Palestinians, and more than 700 kilometres of Israeli-only roads in the West Bank (See the Who Profits? website for details of Nesher’s involvement).

For more than a decade the IPSC has been campaigning for CRH to divest and end its complicity in Israel’s serious human rights violations and war crimes. The issue of CRH’s complicity due to it’s Israeli investment has been consistently raised in the proceedings of Annual General Meetings by IPSC members who are also shareholders in the company, as well as in colourful, creative and lively demonstrations outside these meetings. In 2012 the IPSC presented a 10,000-signature strong petition to the CRH Board calling for divestment, and also filed a complaint with the OECD. Last year IPSC shareholders unfurled a banner inside the AGM reading “CRH: Stop Profiting from the Destruction of Palestine” and asked the AGM to observe a minute’s silence for the thousands of victims of the 2014 Israeli assault on Gaza. Other actions included a travelling mock checkpoint roadshow which highlighted CRH’s role in the wall to the Irish public, working with Palestinians on the ground to highlight the issue locally – particularly in Bi’lin village – and bringing the issue to the Russell Tribunal on Palestine.

IPSC Chairperson Martin O’Quigley said:

“This is an important victory for Palestinians whose lives and livelihoods have been destroyed by the unceasing construction of the Apartheid Wall, which steals Palestinian lands, divides communities, destroys the social fabric and makes normal life impossible. The wall and Israel’s colonial settlements were declared illegal by the World Court over a decade ago. It is disappointing that it has taken CRH so long to divest itself from its shameful investment in these toxic Israeli assets and to stop profiting from the occupation of Palestine, but it is better late than never.”

“This divestment is just the latest in a number of high profile victories for the global Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. In August last year the French multinational Veolia, which the IPSC also campaigned on, pulled out of its Israel operations which included operating a tram service to illegal settlements. Earlier this month, the communications giant Orange dumped its Israeli affiliate, which had backed the Israeli assault on Gaza in 2014 and ‘adopted’ a military unit. ‘Brand Israel’, it seems, is becoming increasingly toxic and it appears that international companies are eventually learning that it doesn’t pay to do business with the Apartheid state,” Mr. O’Quigley concluded.

Background: The growing impact of the BDS movement

The BDS movement, Palestinian civil society’s movement for freedom, justice and equality is beginning to seriously bite for Israel. According to the World Bank there was a drop of almost 25% in Palestinian imports from Israel in 2015. A U.N. report showed that Foreign Direct Investment plummeted by almost half in 2014, partly, the report concluded, due to the growing strength of the BDS movement, while an Israeli government report said that exports of weapons systems and Israeli-developed arms technologies were down by 13% in the same period. The latest available figures for 2015 show that Israeli diamond exports fell 25%, exports of goods were down 7.5%, and exports of services slumped by 3%.  A leaked Israeli government report estimates that BDS could cost Israel’s economy $1.4bn a year, while a study by the Rand Corporation states that BDS could cost Israel between 1 and 2 per cent annually over 10 years. Israeli officials view the growing BDS movement as a major “strategic threat” to its apartheid settler colonial regime – so much so that it has created a ministry to fight the campaign, and poured millions of dollars into its propaganda and sabotage efforts.


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Far Right Islamophobic Foundation in the U.K. Financed by Tea-Party Conservatives*

Far Right Islamophobic Foundation in the U.K. Financed by Tea-Party Conservatives*

Ghaffar Hussain, a London Borough PREVENT manager, is listed as a co-leader for their million dollar project

By Nafeez Ahmed

The Quilliam Foundation, a counter-extremism think-tank in London that has influenced British government national security strategies, has received over a million dollars in funding from an American conservative philanthropic organisation, with close ties to the Tea Party and extreme right-wing Christian networks.

The funding comes in the form of a grant from the John Templeton Foundation, for a total of $1,080,997, covering the period from September 2014 to June 2017.

One of the project leaders for the grant is Ghaffar Hussain, a former managing director of the Quilliam Foundation. Hussain is no longer formally employed by Quilliam, however. Today, he manages the government’s Preventing Violent Extremism (Prevent) programme in the London Borough of Newham.

Templeton, the Christian right, and anti-science

In 2014, ‘New Atheist’ icon Sam Harris donated $20,000 to the Quilliam Foundation. Harris has advocated “war with Islam,” including defending regime change in Iraq, advocating torture, and promoting mass profiling of Muslims “or anyone who looks like he or she could conceivably be Muslim.”

Despite his engagements with Nawaz, as exemplified in their co-authored book, Islam and the Future of Tolerance, Harris has never renounced such views, and Nawaz has not challenged them.

Ironically, a recent investigation commissioned by Harris concluded that the John Templeton Foundation, which now funds Quilliam, had a worrying “history of funding what could be seen as anti-science activities and groups.”

The John Templeton Foundation specialises in funding programmes that bring science and religion closer, including in some cases sponsoring dubious pseudo-scientific projects on ‘faith healing.’

For that reason, the Foundation is shunned by many prominent scientists, including for instance the well-known biologist Richard Dawkins. These scientists criticise the foundation’s promotion of conservative Christian religious ideology and right-wing causes.

A new peer-reviewed study in Sociation Today notes that the John Templeton Foundation is among a network of 32 foundations and one corporation (ExxonMobil) “that have supplied funds to the five organisations involved in actively mobilising tea party activists.”

On a more particular level, the authors conclude,

“the Templeton Foundation is a key player in the funding of right-wing organisations, including two that have served as active agents of mobilisation for the tea party movement.”

Between 2008 and May 2015, the Foundation’s head until his death was Jack Templeton, who has poured money into opposing same-sex marriage and defending the Iraq War.

In 2009, Templeton sat on Mitt Romney’s National Faith and Values Committee, and in 2012, he was the second largest donor to the super-PAC that supported far-right Republican Rick Santorum’s presidential primary campaign.

During the 2012 Republican primaries, Mitt Romney said he would ban Muslims from appointment to his presidential cabinet since

“based on the numbers of American Muslims in our population” as a percentage, “I cannot see that a cabinet position would be justified.”

Rick Santorum similarly endorsed the racial profiling of Muslims, and most recently endorsed Donald Trump’s ban on Muslim immigration to the U.S. on the grounds that “Islam is different.”

Templeton financed his own right-wing organisation, Let Freedom Ring, which supports the Tea Party. He and his wife donated more than $1 million to call for banning gay marriage. The Foundation has also financed the Atlas Economic Research Foundation and Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty, which regularly campaign against the scientific consensus on climate change, as well as pro-war neoconservative groups like the American Enterprise Institute.

In 2014, the same year that Quilliam received its million dollar 3-year funding package, the John Templeton Foundation participated in a shadowy annual “conference of hard-right Christian organizations” known only as “The Gathering.” According to the Daily Beast, where Maajid Nawaz is a columnist, ‘The Gathering’ is a convening of “many of the wealthiest conservative to hard-right evangelical philanthropists in America.”

Collectively, ‘The Gathering’ funders, including the John Templeton Foundation, distribute over $1 billion a year in grants. Their goal in coming together annually is to align their funding strategies to promote:

“… opposition to gay rights and reproductive rights, for example, and also a global vision that involves the eventual eradication of all competing belief systems that might compete with The Gathering’s hard-right version of Christianity.”

More ironically, in 2007, Maajid Nawaz’s current co-author Sam Harris, along with Richard Dawkins and nine other advisory board members of Harris’ Project Reason, were sufficiently concerned by the Templeton Foundation’s ideological impact on scientific research that they commissioned science writer Sunny Bains to investigate.

According to the Nation, her resulting paper, which was published in 2011 in the Sage journal, Evolutionary Psychology, found the following:

“… evidence of pervasive cronyism: more than half of the past dozen Templeton Prize winners were connected to the foundation before their win, and board members do well obtaining grant money and speaking gigs. Bains also argues that the true atheistic tendencies of leading scientists were misrepresented in the foundation’s Big Questions advertisements. Templeton’s mission, Bains concludes, is to promote religion, and its overtures to science are an insidious trick with the purpose of sneaking in God.”

Grant documentation from the John Templeton Foundation obtained by INSURGE intelligence identifies a former Quilliam staffer Ghaffar Hussain and Quilliam senior researcher Usama Hasan as “Project Leaders” for the million dollar grant from 2014 to 2017.

Ghaffar Hussain’s last publicised position at the Quilliam Foundation was as managing director in 2014.

Ghaffar is presently Community Resilience Manager for the Preventing Violent Extremism (Prevent) program in the London Borough of Newham. The Borough’s previous Prevent work has been recognised as “best practice” by the Home Office and the Department of Education, which means that local approaches are scoped and applied nationally.

In this capacity, Ghaffar oversees the implementation of the government counter-extremism strategy across the borough, and frequently provides direct training on how to implement the ‘Prevent duty’ under new legislation requiring public sector workers to spot and report signs of radicalisation.

In December last year, a statement issued by East London Muslim religious leaders, teachers, community groups, anti-racist organisations, local politicians, and university student unions, stated that Prevent in Newham “exclusively targeting young Muslims for the views they hold on religion or issues such as government foreign policy,” including cracking down on “normal Muslim religious practice.”

According to The Guardian,

“this hardening coincided with the council’s hiring of a former director of the Quilliam Foundation, a U.K. counter-terrorism thinktank that has long argued for a tougher line on non-violent extremism.”

Although Ghaffar Hussain is no longer a director at Quilliam, grant documents seen by INSURGE reveal that he effectively remains affiliated to Quilliam as a consulting project lead for its Templeton Foundation-funded programme.

In June 2015, a letter from the head teachers of Monega Primary School in Newham invited parents to attend a session with a social worker on “how to prevent and detect radicalisation.”

The letter was addressed to parents of children as young as four years old, prompting several independent education consultants to criticise the measures for relying on

“the discredited idea that there are signs of extremism that can be detected in young children.”

Ghaffar Hussain’s undeclared relationship with the Quilliam Foundation raises a fundamental question about conflicts of interest, especially regarding his ability to oversee the Prevent programme fairly given his connection to a think-tank with extreme right financing.

As Quilliam’s ‘Project Lead’ on a programme of work funded by the John Templeton Foundation, which is part of a network of extreme right-wing Christian philanthropists who fund anti-Muslim, homophobic and misogynist bigotry, Ghaffar Hussain’s suitability for a post requiring “locally sensitive approaches to tackle extremism” is in serious doubt.

Hussain’s position further points to the conflict of interest in the Quilliam Foundation’s relationship with government. Despite Hussain being a project lead for the Quilliam Foundation, he is simultaneously working in a senior role to implement the government’s Prevent programme, while Quilliam puts itself forward in public as an independent authority on counter-extremism issues.

Quilliam finds itself in the unusual position of serving as a mouthpiece for a government strategy which one of its own is implementing on behalf of the government. This further demonstrates the serious conflict of interest at the heart of Prime Minister David Cameron’s new Community Engagement Forum, which is working with Quilliam to tackle extremism online and in communities.

Muslim reform through counter-insurgency

One of the major projects commissioned by Quilliam using the grant from the John Templeton Foundation was the creation of a YouTube video #NotAnotherBrother.

The video opens with a British ‘foreign fighter’ reading a letter from his elder brother apologising for unwittingly encouraging him to join a terror group.

The firm that made the video on behalf of Quilliam is a Whitehall-based marketing agency, Verbalisation, run by Sven Hughes, a former British Army reservist with the Ministry of Defence’s 15 (UK) Psychological Operations Group in Afghanistan.

In 2007, Hughes consulted on psychological operations (PSYOPS) for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Verbalisation’s in-house research arm, the Centre for Applied Intelligence, claims to have built a science-based technique able to “drive behaviour change through language” — a notion straight out of the counterinsurgency playbook.

Hughes’ employees at Verbalisation are “largely ex-military personnel and political campaigners.” This includes Verbalisation’s Information Operations Director, David Stanhope, who previously spent eight years in 15 (UK) Psychological Operations Group.

In a contribution to the 2012 Routledge volume, Counter-Terrorism and State Political Violence, sociologist Professor David Miller of the University of Bath and counter-terrorism specialist Dr. Rizwaan Sabir of Edge Hill University review a wealth of official U.K. and U.S. government counter-terrorism documents.

A key figure in the evolution of British counter-terrorism strategy, they report, is Steve Tatham, who as of last year was Special Information Operations project officer in the U.K. Ministry of Defence Operations Directorate.

From 2010 to 2013, Tatham was Commanding Officer of MoD’s 15 (UK) Psychological Operations Group, and thus David Stanhope’s boss during the latter half of his term there. In 2011, Verbalisation’s Stanhope had a stint as a consultant for the defence contractor, Strategic Communications Laboratory (SCL) Group, which specialises in “behavioural dynamics.”

In partnership with Tatham’s own consultancy — the Information Operations Training and Advisory Services Global (IOTA-Global) — SCL Group developed and now regularly delivers a bespoke NATO course on ‘Target Audience Analysis Methodology.’

In 2009, Tatham was seconded from the MoD’s Defence Academy to the Cabinet Office’s Strategic Horizons Unit (SHU).

Tatham’s boss at the Defence Academy was Army veteran Dr Jamie Macintosh, who later became a senior MoD research scientist, co-authoring the White Paper behind the 2001 establishment of the Civil Contingencies Secretariat (CCS) in the government’s Cabinet Office.

The CCS, write Miller and Sabir, was responsible for issuing information on the so-called ‘ricin plot’ which, it later emerged in court, never existed. As personal adviser to Home Secretary John Reid, Macintosh went on to play an “instrumental” role in creating the Home Office’s Organization for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT) and its propaganda arm, the Research, Information and Communications Unit (RICU).

In 2011, Macintosh was a key witness for Keeping Britain Safe, the inaugural report of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Homeland Security (run by the neoconservative Henry Jackson Society), which argued that there is no distinction between violent and non-violent extremists.

The foreword to this HJS report was written by Michael Chertoff, former US Secretary for Homeland Security, whose private intelligence firm, the Chertoff Group, is managed by Chad Sweet — Chertoff’s former chief of staff in the Bush administration.

From 2011 to 2013, corporate records reveal that Chertoff’s erstwhile CEO Chad Sweet was on the Quilliam Foundation’s U.S. Board of Directors, while simultaneously moonlighting as campaign coordinator for anti-Muslim bigot, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

The crap science behind Quilliam’s counterinsurgency ‘viral’ campaign

Internal defence industry reviews of PSYOPS strategies in Iraq and Afghanistan that form of the basis of Verbalisation’s work, invariably conclude that they have failed dramatically.

A 2012 RAND analysis commissioned for the U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, concluded that the “overall IO [information operations] mission in Afghanistan… has not been achieved,” especially with regards “the inability to effectively counter the Taliban propaganda campaign against US and NATO forces on the theme of civilian casualties, both domestically and internationally.”

Even more damningly, Tatham himself co-authored a U.K. Defence Academy report concluding that the fiasco of PSYOPS in Afghanistan was due to “the corporate failure to adapt IO and PSYOPS’s operating practices to the 21st century, instead relying upon ages-old methods of communication now proven moribund.”

In particular, he blamed the “over reliance of IO and PSYOPS on commercial advertising and marketing strategies.”

Unfortunately, it is not clear that the new so-called ‘behavioural science’ based approach to counterinsurgency PSYOPS touted by the likes of Verbalisation — as applied by Quilliam in their anti-ISIS video campaign — works any better.

On their corporate LinkedIn page, Verbalisation posted optimistically just as they launched Quilliam’s ‘Not Another Brother’ video:

“A global reach of over 500 million in just 7 days. That’ll be the results of our recent viral campaign for Quilliam.”

Haras Rafiq repeated this grand claim in his recent testimony last year before the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, when he boasted that the campaign had “generated half a billion impressions.”

The reference to ‘impressions’ is essentially marketing-speak for a misleading metric that is “disingenuous at best” according to Andy White, Director of Strategy at Sprout Social.

In reality, after two months, Quilliam’s main 1 minute and 42 second ‘viral video’ had received just 52,749 views. An extended 3 and a half minute version of this ‘viral video’ had received a meager 10,849 views in the same time-frame.

The abject failure of Quilliam’s counterinsurgency-inspired “viral” campaign — despite disproportionately hyperactive media coverage — demonstrates that all the trappings of MoD-inspired ‘behavioural science’ amounts to little when, from the outset, the population being targeted is reduced to exactly that: a target.


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