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Jewish NY High School Student Facing Legal Action for Supporting Palestine*

Jewish NY High School Student Facing Legal Action for Supporting Palestine*

The superintendent defended the school’s actions, insisting they were forced to investigate by an anti-bullying law that’s “one of the strictest in the nation.”

By Kit O’Connell

Twitter users rallied this week behind a Jewish high school student that faced possible legal action after she criticized Israel on the social media network.

Bethany Koval is an 16-year old Israeli Jewish student at Fair Lawn High School, but she’s also accumulated thousands of followers on Twitter for her outspoken views on apartheid Israel’s treatment of Palestine. Unfortunately, she’s also found herself accused of bullying after a student apparently complained to her school about tweets she’d written over her December holiday break.

Koval was summoned to speak with school administrators on Wednesday, and tweeted out updates throughout the day on her account, @bendykoval.

“Principal just called me down. I’m about to be exposed for being anti-Israel. Pray for me.” read one widely re-tweeted message from the incident.

Supporters quickly spread her story on Twitter, leading to the hashtag #IStandWithBenny and even pledges of support from the Anonymous hacktivist collective:

Although Koval made her Twitter account private on Thursday, Muftah, an independent news site focused on the Middle East, compiled many of her tweets from December which likely got her into trouble.

In the series of Tweets, decried the high body count of Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza last summer, during which over 2,100 civilians died, most of them children. Koval defined why she believes Israel’s occupation of Palestine should be considered apartheid, and decried both the slaying of the Palestinian Dawabsheh family in an arson and the later stabbing of a photo of the Dawabsheh’s toddler by Israelis at a wedding party in an illegal settlement. Two settlers have been charged in the slaying, Amiram Benoliel and Elisha Odess, who is a U.S. citizen.

In other tweets, Koval also celebrated a pro-Israel classmate un-following her, and shared that student’s name with another classmate on Twitter.

According to Nathan Tempey, writing for Gothamist, school administrators initially forced Koval to write up a written statement, then allowed her to rescind it with the intention of bringing a new statement to a follow-up meeting on Thursday. According to Annie Robbins, writing in Mondoweiss, she’s also retained the legal services of activist and lawyer Stanley Cohen.

Bruce Watson, the superintendent of Fair Lawn public schools, defended officials actions in a statement issued on Thursday, insisting that “at no time have District officials sought to censor or reprimand any pupils for their online speech” but that they were forced to take action by “New Jersey’s anti-bullying statute — one of the strictest in the nation.”

In a follow-up article published in Gothamist, Alexander Shalom, senior staff attorney at ACLU-New Jersey, told Tempey that while he’d heard of New Jersey’s anti-bullying law being applied to protected political speech in the past,

“This is probably the most egregious example of it I’ve heard.”

Shalom also told Tempey that this case was an example of the ACLU’s concerns when the anti-bullying law was proposed:

“The school only has a right to regulate conduct when it has an impact on the orderly operation of the school” he said, continuing, “There are real concerns about the school getting involved in the business of students on break.”


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U.S.-Backed Coalition Just Bombed ANOTHER Doctors Without Borders Hospital*

U.S.-Backed Coalition Just Bombed ANOTHER Doctors Without Borders Hospital*

A missile strike on a Doctors Without Borders clinic in Yemen killed at least four people on Sunday, the group said, condemning what it called a “worrying pattern” of such attacks. The raid was the third of its kind in four months in the war-ravaged country, where a Saudi-led coalition has been battling Houthis who have seized territory from the internationally-recognised government.

It also follows a U.S. strike in Afghanistan on a facility run by the Paris-based medical humanitarian organisation, known by its French acronym MSF, which killed 42 people in October.

MSF could not specify whether the medical facility was hit in an air strike by the Saudi-led coalition or by a rocket fired from the ground.

Three MSF staff were among 10 people wounded in the Yemen strike, and two other members of staff were in “critical condition,” MSF said in a statement.

“The numbers of casualties could rise as there could still be people trapped in the rubble,” it said, adding that the missile hit the medical facility in the Razeh district of Saada province.

All staff and patients had been evacuated, with the patients being transferred to another MSF-supported hospital in Saada, it said.

MSF director of operations Raquel Ayora denounced the strike and repeated that the organisation constantly shares the coordinates of its facilities with those fighting in Yemen.

“There is no way that anyone with the capacity to carry out an air strike or launch a rocket would not have known” that the clinic was a functioning health facility supported by MSF, Ayora said.

“We strongly condemn this incident that confirms a worrying pattern of attacks to essential medical services and express our strongest outrage as this will leave a very fragile population without healthcare for weeks,” said Ayora.

“Once more it is civilians that bear the brunt of this war,” she added.

MSF hospitals hit

MSF last month accused the coalition of bombing its clinic in Taiz, southwest Yemen, wounding nine people including two staff members.
The coalition said it would investigate that claim although it has repeatedly insisted it does not attack civilians.

In October, air strikes hit another hospital run by MSF near Saada without causing any deaths.

The E.U. led international condemnation of the latest strike, describing it as an “unacceptable attack”.

Saada is the heartland of the Houthis that the coalition has been bombing since March in support of Yemen’s beleaguered government.

More than 5,800 people have been killed in Yemen since the start of the bombing campaign, about half of them civilians, according to the UN.

At least 27,000 people have been wounded and 80% of the population is in need of humanitarian aid, according to U.N. figures.

The U.N. envoy for Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, arrived in Sanaa on Sunday to convince the Houthis and their allies to attend a new round of peace talks.

He had met with Yemeni government officials temporarily based in Riyadh, before he headed to Sanaa.

Foreign Minister Abdel Malak al-Mekhlafi told AFP the talks, initially scheduled to start on 14 January, had been postponed until 20 or 23 January.

Six days of peace talks in Switzerland last month ended without a major breakthrough.


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Madaya: BBC caught recycling footage from Yarmouk

The Wall Will Fall

11th January 2016

Since the story of the Madaya “starvation” broke seemingly hours after the Saudi lawless and brutal execution of inspirational opposition speaker and cleric Sheikh Nimr, we have been presented with a ceaseless array of fake images many of which have been corrected or withdrawn by the offending mainstream media outlets but then relentlessly and brazenly recycled, regardless, by the social media propaganda rings.

However the cherry on the propaganda cake came tonight with a report from the BBC on Madaya.  Not only do they try to conceal the fact that civilians are arguing with Ahrar al Sham terrorists and yelling at them

You are not hungry, we are!! 

The BBC uses the ambiguous and misleading term “fighter” instead of clearly specifying the civilians are referring to Ahrar al Sham militants who are occupying Madaya.  Or one of their associates from Al Nusra or the FSA [less than…

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The Wall Will Fall

11th January 2016

Via: The Wrong Kind of Green

Original Video Published January 26, 2015

The following in an excerpt from a lecture given by Mallence Bart Williams in 2015 (TEDxBerlin). 

“One thing that keeps me puzzled, despite having studied finance and economics at the world’s best universities, the following question remains unanswered. Why is it that 5,000 units of our currency is worth one unit of your currency where we are the ones with the actual gold reserves?

It’s quite evident that the aid is in fact not coming from the West to Africa but from Africa to the Western world. The Western world depends on Africa in every possible way since alternative resources are scarce out here.

So how does the West ensure that the free aid keeps coming?

By systematically destabilizing the wealthiest African nations and their systems, and all that backed by huge PR…

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The Manufactured Invention of the Beatles, Stones, Grateful Dead and the Birth of Rock n’ Roll by the Tavistock Institute; A Jesuit Corporation.

TABU; Towards A Better Understanding

“The fact that “The Beatles” had their music and lyrics written for them by Theo Adorno was concealed from public view.” John Coleman, former MI6 agent.

Paul and John giving Masonic Illuminate Hand signals on Yellow Submarine album cover. Paul with the “666” hand sign, John with the Horned Hand


Stones Logo: Sticking your tongue out against the Establishment

The Rolling Stones were mastered by a Order of Malta member by the name of Prince Rupert Loewenstein who sponsored the ‘Sympathy for the Devil‘ track back in 1968. This Prince was also a member of the very powerful Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George which is close in power to the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, both being higher than the Order of Malta. (The Order of Malta, SMOM, is the military arm of the Vatican here)

It was…

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Fed Official Confesses Federal Reserve Rigged the Stock Market Crash*

Fed Official Confesses Federal Reserve Rigged the Stock Market Crash*

When ‘official’ whistleblowers confess one holds one’s breath… Do ‘they’ want us to believe they have everything under their control than they really have? Why are these ‘whistleblowers’ never get arrested/killed?

By David Haggith

n a dynamite interview, Richard Fisher, former president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, gave what may be the biggest confession you’ll ever see and hear from a Federal Reserve insider: the Federal Reserve knowingly “front ran” the U.S. stock market recovery (i.e., manipulated the market) and created a huge asset bubble. Fisher expresses certainty that the “juiced” stock market will come down and is coming down now that the Fed has taken its foot off the accelerator … and that it has a long way yet to go.

While that is no news to readers here whose eyes are wide open, a “market put” has been denied by the Fed and by many market advisors. That the market was an overinflated bubble created by the Fed has been denied, too; but Fisher clearly and gleefully admits the Fed created a bubble that will have to deflate now that the Federal Reserve’s stimulus is off.

As one of the members of the Federal Reserve’s FOMC (the Federal Open Market Committee, which sets US monetary policy), Richard Fisher participated in and voted on all of the Fed’s policies of zero interest and quantitative easing, so he has inside knowledge of all the discussions behind the scenes at the Fed.

Here are the significant quotes from Richard Fisher on CNBC’s video:

“What the Fed did — and I was part of that group — is we front-loaded a tremendous market rally, starting in 2009.

It’s sort of what I call the “reverse Whimpy factor” — give me two hamburgers today for one tomorrow.

I’m not surprised that almost every index you can look at … was down significantly. [Referring to the results in the stock market after the Fed raised rates in December.]

Basically, we had a tremendous rally, and I think there’s a great digestive period that is likely to take place now, and it may continue.

We front-loaded at the Federal Reserve an enormous rally in order to accomplish a wealth effect.

I wouldn’t blame [what is happening in the market’s now]on China. We’re always looking for excuses.

I wasn’t surprised at last year. And I wouldn’t be surprised at a rather fallow performance this year as well.

A lot of people are building cash positions…. Those [investors]that are taking a longer term view are being extremely cautious here, are raising their cash levels, are nervous about the valuations that are in the market.

The values are very richly priced here, so I could see significant downside.”

Asked if saw a big unwind from the Fed’s 6.5-year policy and what it would look like on the way down, Fisher responded,

“I was warning my colleagues, “Don’t go wobbly if we have a 10-20% correction at some point…. Everybody you talk to … has been warning that these markets are heavily priced.”

Elsewhere Fisher said:

The Federal Reserve is a giant weapon that has no ammunition left.

“You have to be careful here and frank about what drove the markets…. It was, the Fed, the Fed, the Fed, the European Central Bank, the Japanese Central bank … all quantitatively driven by central bank activity. That’s not the way markets should be working…. They were juiced up by central banks, including the Federal Reserve…. So, I think you have to acknowledge reality.”

It’s about time for breaking the economic denial. Acknowledging reality is what many in the mainstream media, at the Fed, and among economists and stock analysts refused to do.

Now that the U.S. stock market appears to be crashing, is Richard Fisher’s confession to cover his own hind end, by saying,

“I warned the guys about this, and I voted against QE3 because I knew it went too far?” Is he just the first rat to flee the sinking ship, or is he just the most honest of Fed officials who is no longer on the board so feels freer to talk?


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The Syrian Starving Little “Mona Lisa” Turns Out to Be Lebanese*

The Syrian Starving Little “Mona Lisa” Turns Out to Be Lebanese*

By H. Said

“Syria’s Mona Lisa”, this is the name some media gave to the “emaciated”, “starving” and
“homeless” girl of the “besieged” Madaya city, adding a further lie to their record of falsification and disinformation.

In their search for a hero for their new misleading campaign -this time about Madaya city-the Saudi al-Arabiya andthe Qatari al-Jazeera TV channels had only to go back to their photo archive, pick a photo of a beautiful little girl and pose her as a victim of what they call “a siege of the city”.

There are of course many other “homeless” and “starving” heroes and heroines in the Syria stories of these two channels and other Arab and foreign terrorism-advocating media outlets, who come to be of various non-Syrian nationalities and whose pictures have been collected from different places of the world.

All of a sudden, pictures of “Syria’s Mona Lisa”, who is actually a Lebanese national and whose name is “Maryana Youssef Mazeh”, went crazy viral on the internet, being used to elicit condemnation of the alleged siege of Madaya, located to the northwest of Damascus.

Surprised and shocked by what happened, Maryana’s family expressed their rage and annoyance to the various Lebanese media outlets that visited them at their home in Teir Falsiyeh town in southern Lebanon where Maryana lives.

It was however not their first experience with this sort of falsification, nor was it Maryana’s.

The same trick was used in 2013 when al-Arabiya channel and other websites presented the 7-year-old girl as a Syrian homeless pretty little girl selling chewing gum in the Jordanian al-Zaatari Camp for displaced Syrians.

What really happened back then, the uncle explained, was that on her way back from a nearby shop after buying a gum pack, Maryana posed to her family who took pictures of her and later posted them on Facebook.

Mazeh told the Lebanese TV channels that the family were disturbed and informed those websites that the context of the photo had nothing to do with what it was meant to look like by al-Arabiya.

He went on saying that now, two years from that incident, the family were surprised to see the picture used once again, but this time intended to show Maryana as a girl purportedly from Madaya, attached to a photo of a supposedskinny replica of Maryana after the siege.

“We once again stress that this is not the case,” Maryana’s uncle was quoted as saying.


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