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Italian Patients Infected With HIV and other Viruses via Blood Transfusion*

Italian Patients Infected With HIV and other Viruses via Blood Transfusion*

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Italy must pay an aggregate sum of €10 million in compensation to over 350 people who were infected with several viruses through blood transfusions.

The victims were infected with HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or a combination of the viruses through transfusions during treatment or surgery for hemophilia or thalassemia.

“The causal link between transfusions and infected blood has been proven,” the court said, adding that the victims were authorized to compensation totaling €10 million, which would be divided between them.

However, the European Court of Human Rights took into account only one third of the actual number reported by the Italian association of patients. The court examined 371 claims and the compensation for damage to health, should amount to a total of 10 million euros.

For 7 patients who submitted claims to court, lawyers from Strasbourg established a compensation for material costs, which varies from 73 thousand to 350 thousand euros. The lawyers noted that Italy as a nation has violated the right to equality of the parties in the judicial process, accusing Italy of disrespect for property rights.

However, for the remaining 364 cases of infection, the court mandated that Italy pay as little as 20-35 thousand  euros in damages, depending on the length of the procedures carried out with patients.

As for the other cases that were filed, totalling about 500, the court rejected the appeal, thus leaving patients and their families without any help at all.

““Our struggle has continued for more than 30 years,” Angelo Magrini told the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

“Although today’s judgment is important in terms of human dignity, to the end we are not satisfied.”

Angelo Magrini, President of the Association of Victims of transfusions, was infected with hepatitis C in 1991 through a blood transfusion and is now suffering from liver cancer.

“In our claims to Strasbourg Court we demanded compensation of 630,000 for the families of deceased who were infected and 430,000 for the victims who were still living.”

“The court however, awarded an amount which is significantly less and only for the living. But over 30 years, 4,500 people have died without receiving a single euro,” Magrini concluded.


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Canada’s Role in the Colonization of Nigeria and in the Destruction of Libya*

Canada’s Role in the Colonization of Nigeria and in the Destruction of Libya*

By Yves Engler



Unintended consequences. A corollary to the golden rule. We have many words to describe the concept: Doing harm to others often results in bad things happening to us or people we “care” about, sometimes many years later.

Since the November attacks in Paris Boko Haram has killed nearly twice as many people as Daesh/ISIL/ISIS did in the City of Lights. But the carnage in northern Nigeria has received much less attention and Canada’s connection to it none at all.

Five days after the Paris killings Boko Haram claimed responsibility for suicide attacks in Yola and Kano that killed 50. Ten days later the group killed 22 at a Shia Muslim procession near Kano, another 11 a few days later just over the border in Cameroon and 27 on an island on Nigeria’s border with Chad a week later. Last week they killed 52 in Maiduguri and Madagali. According to the 2015 Global Terrorism Index, Boko Haram killed more people in 2014 than Daesh.

Largely ignored in North America, the 2011 Canada/France/Britain/U.S. war in Libya benefited Boko Haram. It destabilized that country and now Daesh is in control of Sirte and other parts of the country. In 2012 the Libyan conflict spilled south into Mali. Last March Boko Haram announced its affiliation with ISIL and the Nigerian group is thought to be receiving fighters and media support from ISIL camps in Libya. The Libyan war also increased the availability of weaponry in the Sahel region. A few months after Gaddafi was killed a Reuters headline explained: “Arms from Libya could reach Boko Haram, al Qaeda: U.N.”

During the Libyan war the African Union predicted as much. In opposing the NATO/Gulf monarchies invasion of Libya, A.U. Commission Chief Jean Ping said

“Africa’s concern is that weapons that are delivered to one side or another … are already in the desert and will arm terrorists and fuel trafficking.”

When the Libyan conflict spilled southward in 2012 then Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo voiced similar concerns.

“Part of what is happening in Mali is part of the fallout from Libya, and we should not expect that Mali will be the last.”

Canada played a significant role in the 2011 NATO attack in Libya. A Canadian general led the bombing campaign, seven CF-18 fighter jets participated and two Canadian naval vessels patrolled the Libyan coast. Additionally, Canadian Special Forces were reported to be operating in the country while a Canadian drone maker armed the anti-Gaddafi forces and Montréal private security firm GardaWorld aided them.


Beyond Ottawa’s role in Libya, Canadians long ago contributed to the political and religious tensions that have given rise to a group named (loosely translated) “Western education is a sin”. While in no way justifying Boko Haram’s wonton slaughter of innocents, the violent colonization of northern Nigeria and aggressive evangelizing efforts partly explain Boko Haram’s existence.

A lieutenant in the West African Frontier Force (WAFF) Canadian Gore Munbee Barrow was one of 25 white officers who led a thousand-man expedition in 1903 to conquer the Sokoto Caliphate in northern Nigeria. With four rapid firing Maxim guns and four 75mm cannons, it took a 90-minute battle to capture the capital of Sokoto, which had been West Africa’s largest single state in the nineteenth century. According to Wars of Imperial Conquest in Africa, 1830-1914,

“as the WAFF column neared the city, hordes of horsemen and footmen armed with swords, spears, old guns and bows and arrows appeared, charging the square over and over again, only to be mown down by machine gun and carbine fire.”

Boko Haram regularly references the founder of the Sokoto Caliphate, Usman dan Fodio.

A number of Canadians played a role in the colonial administration of Northern Nigeria. After taking part in British military campaigns in Sudan and South Africa, Montréal’s Percy Girouard was appointed high commissioner and governor of Northern Nigeria from 1906 – 09 (then a separate colony). The Royal Military College of Canada trained governor allowed compulsory labour to be used on some public and private projects.

Canadian missionaries also played a central role in Christianizing the now fervently religious country split between a mostly Christian south and Muslim north. In 1905, the Ontario Conference of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ sent Toronto’s Alexander Woods Banfield to proselytize among the Nupe of north-western Nigeria. Banfield took it upon himself to learn the language and translated the Bible into Nupe. He also founded the Niger Press, which aimed to secure “in printed form the word of God in Nigerian languages.” Rising to become general secretary for West Africa of the British and Foreign Bible Society, Banfield supported the colonial authorities and his personal writings were not free from outbursts of racism, including an assertion that “people along the banks of the Niger are almost wild… almost entirely untouched by the white man.”

In 1893 Torontonians Walter Gowans and Rowland Victor Bingham established the Sudan Interior Mission (SIM), which became the largest Protestant mission in Nigeria. (At the time “Sudan” generally referred to the area south of the Sahara and North of the equator from the east to west coast of Africa.) Writing about northern Nigerian missionaries, Brad Faught surmises that British Governor Frederick “Lugard and the colonial state were the guarantors of the SIM’s operations.”

On top of supporting colonialism, SIM openly and aggressively criticized Islam. In a 1943 book titled From Cannibalism to Christ: a story of the transforming power of the gospel in darkest Africa, SIM missionary John S. Hall claimed “the 10 or more millions of pagans” in southern Nigeria were “threatened from the north, by Moslem invasion and absorption.”

SIM was boldly fundamentalist. In a book about the organization titled Evangelical Christians in the Muslim Sahel, Barbara M. Cooper notes that to be a SIM missionary one had to accept that “the Bible is the ‘inerrant’ word of God” and that “to be a Christian is to evangelize”. Interestingly, Boko Haram has listed a church SIM built in the 1930s in Kano as a target.

Northern Nigeria’s missionary and colonial history partly explains Boko Haram’s depravity. Canada contributed in a small way to the British colonial project in northern Nigeria and Ottawa played a significant role in the recent military intervention in Libya, which has strengthened Boko Haram’s hand.

Blowback. Karma. Unintended consequences. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you or they might do unto you what you did to them.


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Cameron et al Vote against Law to Ensure Housing ‘fit for humans’*

By James Wright

David Cameron was one of at least 73 landlord MPs who voted against proposals requiring rented houses to be “fit for human habitation”, as revealed by the Political Scrapbook.

Labour’s amendment to the housing bill was voted down by 312 votes to 219 on 12 January. This means at least 23% of MPs who voted against have a financial interest in doing so.

The Tories defended their decision by claiming the amendment would push up rents, preferring instead to sacrifice the actual function of a house. This is not the habitat of an animal, but if it were, the animal would surely need its habitat to be fit for it. The same goes for us humans, a house should be – by definition – fit for human habitation.

The shadow housing minister, Teresa Pearce, had this to say

“Where else in modern day life could someone get away with this? It’s a consumer issue. If I purchased a mobile phone or a computer that didn’t work, didn’t do what it said it would or was unsafe I would take it back and get a refund”

Upon reading the new Housing and Planning Bill, you would be forgiven for thinking it was written by landlords. In fact, you’d probably be right. One-fifth of MPs are private landlords, compared to only 3 in 100 across the electorate.

70% of the 126 landlord MPs are in the Conservative party. Accordingly, the new bill seeks to siphon off vast public funds and land to rich private developers, through branding the houses they will build as ‘affordable’, despite 98% of the country being unable to afford them on Osborne’s so-called ‘living wage’.

Let alone ensuring houses are affordable, the Tories won’t even guarantee they will be fit for humans. 89% of the 73 landlord MPs who voted against the amendment were Conservative, the rest were Liberal Democrats.

MPs enjoyed a real term 9% pay increase from 2014-2015, while other public sector salaries continue to decrease. These types of statistics are bullet-holes in the “we’re all in this together” Tory mantra. Yet, this substantial pay increase still isn’t enough for many MPs – as the number of landlords in parliament prove.

Governing the country should take one’s wholehearted attention. In fact, when asked at PMQs whether the houses would be affordable for people earning the so-called ‘living wage’, Cameron said

“I very much hope they will.”

Perhaps the Conservatives would know the nuances, and consequences, of their own housing bill if they didn’t have such private interest elsewhere. Cameron’s concerned letter to his local council, where he complains he is “disappointed” by front-line cuts, shows he doesn’t even know how far his own austerity programme goes. They are, perhaps purposefully, neglecting their public duties.

Get involved!

  • Join the march against the Housing Bill on 30 January.
  • Write to your MP to express any malcontent here.
  • Tell friends and share information online.


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