What I’ve Learnt About US Foreign Policy*

What I’ve Learnt About US Foreign Policy*

The War Against the Third World

CIA Covert Operations and US Military Interventions Since World War II

What You Didn’t Learn In School and Don’t Hear on the Mainstream Media

A Video Compilation by Frank Dorrela 2-hour-23 minute compilation featuring the following:

  1. Martin Luther King Jr. (02:55)
    2. John Stockwell, ex CIA Station Chief (06:14)
    3. Coverup: Behind The Iran-Contra Affair (19:34)
    4. School of Assassins (13:25)
    5. Genocide by Sanctions (12:58)
    6. Philip Agee, Former CIA Case Officer (22:08)
    7. Amy goodman, Host of Democracy Now! (05:12)
    8. The Panama Deception (22:10)
    9. Crisis In The Congo (14:11)
    10. Dr. Dahlia Wasfi, Peace Activist (04:32)
    11. Jimmy Carter, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid (04:35)
    12. Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney General (07:58)
    13. S. Brian Willson, Vietnam Veteran for Peace (08:45)

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