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Turkey-Russia Tensions Spike as Russia Moves into Rothschild-Murdoch Illegal Stake, Northern Syria*

Turkey-Russia Tensions Spike as Russia Moves into Rothschild-Murdoch Illegal Stake, Northern Syria*

By Juan Cole

Russian air strikes in Syria are coming closer and closer to the Turkish border in Latakia in the northwest, and there are rumours that Russia is looking at establishing an airbase at Qamishli in the largely Kurdish northeast of Syria.  Turkey risks having Russia as a neighbour all along the Syrian border to Turkey’s south, as well as beyond the Black Sea to its north.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said at a news conference,

“We have said this from the beginning: we won’t tolerate such formations (in northern Syria) along the area stretching from the Iraqi border up to the Mediterranean. . .”

Over on the Mediterranean side, Russian air strikes have enabled the Syrian Arab Army of the Bashar al-Assad regime to move back into northern Latakia Province, taking a large number of villages in the far northern areas of Turkmen Mountain and Kurd Mountain.

The strategic city of Rabia was surrounded on three sides by government troops.

Syrian government sources maintained that 150 rebels had been killed in the fighting, including guerrillas of the Nusra Front, while others had fled across the border into Turkey.

It was to protect the anti-regime Turkmen fighters of Turkmen mountain that last fall the Turkish air force shot a Russian fighter jet out of the air.

The SAA has also retaken Salma in the east of Latakia Province.  Salma had been in rebel hands for 3 years and is in higher land and so was a useful way for the rebels to dominate the surrounding area.

Russian strategy since last October has been to intervene from the air to give courage to the Syrian troops and allow them to push back the rebels from the key port city of Latakia in the province of the same name.  The al-Qaeda-allied Army of Conquest (Jaysh al-Fateh) has the neighbouring province of Idlib to the east and has a key position in Jisr al-Shughour, a town in the highlands overlooking Latakia from which an assault could easily be launched.  One of the Army of Conquest coalition partners is the Nusra Front or the Support Front, the chief al-Qaeda franchise in Syria, which reports to Ayman al-Zawahiri (one of the masterminds of the 9/11 attacks on the US).

The Nusra Front has been flooding fighters also into northern, mountainous Latakia, where Turkmen villages are split, with about half in the ranks of the anti-regime rebels.  Turkmen speak a language close to Turkish and came into the Arab world as nomads from the 8th century forward, originating in Inner Asia.

The Syrian Arab Army on Friday made substantial advances in Turkmen Mountain in the far north of Latakia Province near the Turkish border, taking numerous villages and expelling al-Qaeda and allied fighters.  This drive to re-establish regime control so close to the Turkish border has alarmed the Turkish government, which had been arming and supporting the rebellious Turkmen.

As of Friday, Turkey’s proxies seemed to be losing very badly, and it is unclear what options Ankara now has except Erdogan’s bluster.


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U.S. Threatens to Use Force in Syria as ‘Western Coalition is Falling Apart’*

U.S. Threatens to Use Force in Syria as ‘Western Coalition is Falling Apart’*

U.S. Threatens to Use Force in Syria as ‘Western Coalition is Falling Apart’*


The Pentagon is “clearly frustrated by the lack of support from its Western coalition,” with the U.S. government threatening to resolve the Syrian crisis militarily, German newspaper Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (DWN) wrote.

Earlier, U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter called for a stronger involvement of the members of the international coalition against Daesh terrorists, German newspaper Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (DWN) reported, referring to Carter’s interview with CNBC.

According to Carter, many coalition members show insufficient commitment to the fight against terrorism in Syria. The U.S. could do much by itself, but is also expecting other members of the 65-state alliance to do “their part,” the politician stressed.

Normally, the U.S. refers to the coalition as an example of the determination to fight against jihadists. But lately Washington has been frustrated by the insufficient efforts of Turkey to enhance its border controls as well as inaction of several Arab states, which — although members of the coalition — contribute nothing to the current coalition’s activities in Syria, the newspaper wrote.

“The United States is clearly unhappy with Turkey and the coalition,” DWN noted.

According to U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, a political solution to the conflict in Syria would be better, but in case it fails, the U.S. is prepared to resolve the crisis using military means.

“We do know it would better if we can reach a political solution but we are prepared… If that’s not possible, to have a military to this operation in taking out Daesh,” Biden said.

The first step Americans plan to undertake is to build an air base in the northeast of Syria. U.S. Special Forces and experts would expand an agricultural airport in the city of Rmeilan in Hasakeh province so that they could land helicopters and cargo planes to deliver equipment and ammunition to the Kurds, a source in the Syrian army told AFP on Saturday.

This move, if unauthorized by the official Syrian government, could constitute a clear violation of international law, DWN wrote. According to the newspaper, the whole U.S.-led military operation has not been approved by the country’s authorities and can be considered as a violation of Syria’s sovereignty.

However, the main reason for Washington’s nervousness lies more likely in Russia’s success in the Latakia region, rather than in the inaction of its allies. Russians have an effective alliance with Syria, Iran and Iraq: in particular, they have managed to return the Syrian army its power,” the German newspaper concluded.


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Asylum Seekers Being ‘forced to wear coloured wristbands’ in Cardiff*

Asylum Seekers Being ‘forced to wear coloured wristbands’ in Cardiff*

There have been allegations that asylum seekers were told by members of staff they would be reported to the Home Office if they refused to wear the wristbands

By Shehab Khan

An asylum seeker sits on a wall outside his temporary accommodation (file pic) BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images

Asylum seekers in Cardiff are reportedly being forced to wear brightly coloured wristbands at all times.

Those housed in the Welsh capital by Clearsprings Ready Homes, a private firm contracted by the Home Office, have been told they will not be fed unless they wear the wristbands, according to the Guardian.

The wristbands entitle the asylum seekers, who cannot work and also receive no money, to three meals a day.

There were also allegations that asylum seekers were told by members of staff they would be reported to the Home Office if they refused to wear the wristbands.

Eric Ngalle, 36, who spent a month in Cardiff told the Guardian:

“On the road we had to walk down there is often heavy traffic. Sometimes drivers would see our wristbands, start honking their horns and shout out of the window, ‘Go back to your country.’ Some people made terrible remarks to us.

“If you take off the wristband you can’t reseal it back onto your wrist so if you want to eat you have to wear it all the time.”

The news comes days after asylum seekers in Middlesbrough said they had their doors painted the red by G4S, the private firm responsible for housing them, resulting in harassment and abuse from the public.

The operations director of Clearsprings Ready Homes, told The Guardian:

“The U..K has, over recent months, seen a larger population of asylum seekers. In turn volumes of people in initial accommodation sites, including Cardiff increased quickly.

“Clearsprings has taken steps, agreed with the Home Office to increase capacity in line with this demand in the form of additional self-catering accommodation.

“Those clients in the self-catering units receive a weekly allowance in the form of supermarket vouchers and those in full-board accommodation are issued with a coloured wristband that bears no other logo or text identifying its use or origin. Full-board clients are required to show their wristbands in order to receive meals in the restaurant.

Clearsprings Ready Homes has been contacted by The Independent for a comment.


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When the Colour of your Skin Determines What Flight you get on If at All*

When the Colour of your Skin Determines What Flight you get on If at All*

I thought I’d become immune to the indignities of travelling with an African passport, but an encounter last month proved me wrong.

By Robtel Neajai Pailey

After a series of meetings in Dakar, I travelled back to London via Madrid on a red-eye Iberia Airlines flight. Disembarking from the plane in Madrid in the early morning hours, I got separated from my white male European colleagues—an Austrian and Brit—and was directed by a stern-looking Spanish security agent to the ‘RSU’ section of the airport to await a connecting flight to the UK. The flashing information screens designated ‘HJK’ as the lounge area for my departure, however, so I resolved to go there.

In the surprisingly empty ‘All Other Passports/Non-EU Citizens’ line, I approached two immigration officials dressed in dark uniforms wearing looks of disapproval. One of the officers, a bearded man with a cropped haircut, directed me to the ‘RSU’ section of the airport. It was way too early in the morning for mishaps, so I tried to explain in my very broken, secondary school Spanish that according to the departure screens mounted in the air like flying saucers, I was supposed to be at the ‘HJK’ gates instead.

Visibly annoyed, the bearded man flipped through the pages of my passport and informed me that I was clearly in the wrong place. He scribbled ‘RSU’ at the bottom of my boarding pass and motioned for me to go back from whence I’d come.

Confused, I felt like a child who had been unfairly scolded. This man had no doubt seen the blue Schengen visa in my passport, which was valid for another seven months. By law, I was not only authorised to transit through Madrid but I could have gallivanted around Spain if I so chose. Nothing should have stopped me from passing through that immigration threshold undeterred.

Yet bigotry did.

I walked through the winding airport corridors to ‘RSU’, found an information counter and asked the cheerful woman at the booth which gates generally served London flights. She directed me to S48, but I was still unconvinced. When I received an e-mail alert from Iberia announcing H8 as my departure gate, I finally felt vindicated.

Moments later, however, the gate changed to S48, where I observed that the dozen or so passengers milling around were all black, all African. Suddenly, a petite woman barked at us aggressively

“Hurry, because you are going to delay our flight!!!”

We had been sitting patiently for at least 15 minutes waiting to board the plane, so her outburst seemed misplaced. We were led down a nondescript stairwell to a bus, and the driver meandered through the airport tarmac with a succession of sharp turns. The whole thing felt eerie and clandestine at the crack of dawn, as if we were smuggled contraband.

The next few minutes were a whirlwind of clumsy movement and activity. The flight attendants herded us into the aircraft like cattle, insisting that we quickly prepare for departure. Confronted with limited overhead storage and a cramped aisle passage, we struggled to stash our luggage and find assigned seats swiftly. I caught a glimpse of my British colleague, and whispered that I had no idea what was going on. I also noticed the sea of mostly white faces staring back at me in confusion.

Then it hit me like a forceful blow to the head.

The Spanish authorities had deliberately erected two access points to the aircraft at diametrically opposite ends of the airport: one for people who looked like me (S48), and the other for people who looked like my colleague (H8). I felt rage and sadness first, followed by amusement. It seemed both appalling and laughable that they would go to such lengths to demean us, especially when Europeans generally travel effortlessly to and through Africa with their humanity intact.

Novelist Taiye Selasi gave an interesting TED talk about how our nationalities should not define how we engage with the world and how the world engages with us. Nina Glick-Schiller, a prominent migration scholar, previously took the argument further by arguing that academics should refrain from practicing what she calls ‘methodological nationalism’ by privileging the Westphalian nation-state as the sole unit of critical analysis.

But no matter how much we believe nationalities are social constructs that keep certain people in their place, we can’t escape migration regimes sanctioned by nation states. We can’t ignore geo-politics that rank countries along tiers of importance, in which the unconscionable actions of some nations appear more legitimate simply because they have economic and military might. We can’t dismiss mobility restrictions that deliberately humiliate one group while honouring another.

Truth be told, the age-old desire for movement is under threat more than ever before for Africans and some non-Africans alike. Muslims across the globe have understood for decades that even a Western passport does not shield one from explicit profiling or proposed bans. And as much as I’d like to be considered a ‘human being’ first, inside and outside of international travel, my Liberian passport and all the social qualifiers that come with it—my race, gender, class—will continue to determine how I experience the world.

Yet, I neither pledge allegiance to the 50 stars of the United States nor genuflect to the queen of England, so the world must also engage with me on my own terms. Call me impractically defiant or defiantly impractical, but I don’t think I should have to change my nationality to travel with dignity. I simply will not.

Instead, it’s the built-in biases of international migration that must be interrogated. Not my passport.

Mobility is my birthright.


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It’s not a Matter of Believing, but a Matter of Being*

It’s not a Matter of Believing, but a Matter of Being

By Frank Huguenard

A new documentary film series is being produced by filmmaker Frank Huguenard that focuses on healing and consciousness. The first film in the series, The Physics of The Soul has just been released and makes a clear, logical and convincing argument for how the conventional worldview for any biological organism is inherently incomplete without accounting for a conscious, innately intelligent, vital force governing homeostasis and regulating health.

"Alot of horrible things have happened to me, some of which actually occurred" - Mark TwainThe film features such notables as Dr.Bill Bengston, Dr. Larry Dossey, Marilyn Schlitz, PhD., Dr. Norm Shealy, Adam Curry, Bruce Lipton PhD, Garrett Moddel PhD, William Tiller PhD, Dr. Stuart Hameroff and author Gary Zukav. Upon watching the film Zukav had this to say:

“The Physics of the Soul is the most cogent and intelligently presented vista I have encountered of the evolution of science that is underway. It points directly toward the species-wide transformation of human consciousness that is in motion.”

The film, which is intended for a main stream audience, takes a look at placebos, studies in consciousness and some of the history of modern science but it’s real strength comes in the form of questioning the legitimacy of experimental design. Said Frank Huguenard about his approach to the film

“I didn’t want to do yet another film on random number generators and double slit experiments, that’s been done over and over again”.

Rather than attempt to prove scientifically things that can’t possibly ever be proven, such as reincarnation, out of body experiences, near death experiences and so forth, the film instead argues that materialism itself has been falsified.

Out of the three possible alternatives for understanding the relationship between human consciousness and the physical world (Materialism, Panpsychism and Idealism), materialism is the only theory from which we can make testable predictions. If consciousness is indeed an emergent property of chemical and electrical activity in the brain, as the conventional view holds, then we can make certain falsifiable predictions. For example, people should not be able to effect others with their minds alone and should not be able to effect random number generators or experience pre-sentience.

Based on the fact that all of these predictions (and more) have all been falsified, not only has Materialism been proven incorrect, but Carl Popper himself has been falsified. In fact, one could even argue that after examining the data in consciousness studies and concluding materialism must be wrong, we may say that any researcher who engages in materialistic based scientific endeavours could be considered a pseudo-scientist.

“The film is elegant, beautiful, and powerful. The segues are eloquent and tie the whole thing together. The film’s“architecture” is seamless. I’m honoured to have had a part init.” ~Dr. Larry Dossey, M.D.

The series of films is currently slated to be a six part series on healing and will present a new model on biology that is consciousness-centric and from which we can gain new insights and understanding into the nature of life. Part II in the series, Bioenergetic Anatomy, which will focus on the relationship between the human subtle field and our gross physical bodies, should be released in late 2016.


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The Real Reason Holistic Doctors Are Being Killed and Vanishing!

The Real Reason Holistic Doctors Are Being Killed and Vanishing!

From Alexandra Bruce

This story has not received the coverage it deserves because everybody is scared for their lives for doing so.

I’m not even going write anything about this – the creator of this clip has done a fine job of putting together a great report on this very disturbing topic.

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