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Teenage Girl Admits Making up Migrant Rape Claim That Outraged Germany*

Teenage Girl Admits Making up Migrant Rape Claim That Outraged Germany*

A 13-year-old Russian-German girl has admitted making up a story about being kidnapped and raped by migrants in a case that triggered a furore in Germany and briefly embroiled Berlin police in a spat with the Kremlin, state prosecutors said.

The parents of the teenager, named only as Lisa, reported her missing on 11 January after she failed to appear at school in the Marzahn district of the capital. She reappeared 30 hours later with injuries on her face, and told her parents she had been attacked by men of Middle Eastern or north African appearance. News of the incident spread on social media, sparking outrage among Berlin’s Russian-German community.

But when she was questioned by trained specialists three days later “she immediately admitted that the story of the rape was not true”, said the spokesman for the state prosecutor, Martin Steltner.

He said the teenager had been scared of going home after the school had contacted her parents over an incident at school.

Yet the allegations caused uproar in Berlin, particularly after reports of mass sexual assaults allegedly carried out by migrants in Cologne. A Russian-German community group staged a protest, supported by the Pegida-related Bärgida movement. The far-right National Democratic party also demonstrated in Marzahn.

The mood was exacerbated by a report on Russian state TV, in which the girl’s relatives claimed her allegations were not being investigated.

The Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, also weighed in to criticise the Berlin authorities.

“The news that she disappeared was kept secret for a very long time,” he told a press conference, blaming “political correctness”.

Analysis of the teenager’s mobile phone records showed she had spent the night with a friend, who is not being treated as a suspect.

Her mother told Der Spiegel magazine on Sunday that Lisa was “doing very badly” and was having treatment in a psychiatric ward.


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Genetically Modified Human Embryos Allowed in U.K.*

Genetically Modified Human Embryos Allowed in U.K.*

Taking child physical and psychological abuse to the deepest level

By Nancy W Mendoza

Scientists have been allowed to genetically modify human embryos, making the U.K. the first country to officially approve this practice.

Despite ethical concerns, the Francis Crick Institute in London will alter the DNA of human embryos in order to gain a better understanding of the genes that control early embryo development. This is thanks to a ruling by the U.K’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).

This work could give people answers to why they are experiencing infertility or frequent miscarriage. But opponents say it is sending us down a slippery slope towards designer babies.

Dr Kathy Niakan, who will carry out the research, told Reuters that she won’t be seeking to create babies with altered genes. In fact, the experiments, which will use embryos left over from IVF treatment, only look at the very earliest development of an embryo. Once the embryo has reached the stage of 200-300 cells, it would be destroyed, according to the terms of the HFEA licence.

For couples who experience infertility or frequent early miscarriages, this could be the answer to an emotionally devastating problem.

This news comes less than a year after Chinese scientists reported that they had used the Crispr-Cas9 gene editing technique – which Niakan will also use – on human embryos.

Prof Robin Lovell-Badge, a scientific advisor to the HFEA, told the BBC:

“China has guidelines, but it is often unclear exactly what they are until you’ve done it and stepped over an unclear boundary.

“This is the first time it has gone through a properly regulatory system and been approved.”

Top journal editor, Philip Campbell, is reported to have said that his group of journals, the Nature titles, have rejected papers that report this type of research because of “non-compliance with local regulations”.

So, it seems the scientific establishment has perhaps denied Chinese scientists a platform on which to promote research involving genetic modification of human embryos. It remains to be seen whether this is enough to prevent unregulated use of the Crispr-Cas9 technique to create genetically altered humans, though.

Global opinions on genetically modified human embryos remains split. An international summit in Washington DC last December did not conclude that human gene editing should not be allowed but it cautioned that ethical and safety issues should be dealt with before considering clinical applications.

Niakan’s research could potentially lead to clinical applications in the treatment of infertility but at the moment the HFEA licence does not permit this.

Slippery slope, or the start of an exciting new paradigm in human health research, this is certainly groundbreaking news for the future of scientific endeavour.


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Nusra Disintegrate as Hezbollah, Syrian Army Capture Tal Jibbin in Aleppo*

Nusra Disintegrate as Hezbollah, Syrian Army Capture Tal Jibbin in Aleppo*

By Leith Fadel

The Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Mechanized Division and Hezbollah launched a surprise offensive inside the Aleppo Governorate’s northern countryside on Monday morning, striking two different axes around the strategic village of Bashkoy in order to strengthen their positions near Handarat. Not long after beginning their northern Aleppo operations, the Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Mechanized Division – alongside Hezbollah, Liwaa Al-Badr (Iraqi paramilitary), the National Defense Forces (NDF), Harakat Al-Nujaba (Iraqi paramilitary), and Kata’eb Hezbollah – established full control over the village of Duwayr Al-Zeitoun after a violent battle with the Islamist rebels of Jabhat Al-Nusra (Syrian Al-Qaeda group), Jaysh Al-Mujahiddeen, Jabhat Al-Shamiyah, and the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

In addition to capturing Duway Al-Zeitoun, the Syrian Armed Forces and their allies captured the Afghan farm in northeastern Bashkoy, killing a dozen enemy combatants and destroying two of their armoured vehicles.

Following the capture of Duwayr Al-Zeitoun and the Afghan Farm, the Syrian Armed Forces and their allies shifted their attention to the northern, where they launched a powerful assault on the village of Tal Jbibin. The Syrian Armed Forces and their allies would officially seize the village of Tal Jibbin two hours later, resulting in a disorganized retreat for the Islamist rebels to the nearby towns of Tal Hardatineen (west) and Ahras (north).

If the terrorists are unable to halt the government forces advance in northern Aleppo, the latter could expand west towards the besieged village of Al-Zahra’a and Nubl, which could ultimately end in the main terrorists supply route from Turkey being cut-off.


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Cultural Marxism and Satanism*

Cultural Marxism and Satanism*

NWO FamilyWhen I studied English Literature, I was mystified that it was stripped of its social and biographical context as if naked words had some occult meaning by themselves. “Critical Theory” (Jewish Satanism, Cabalism) has subverted (“deconstructed”) modern Western culture, and undermined language as a means of communication.

Our education system quite literally inducts naive young people into a Masonic Jewish satanic cult. 

influential critic Walter Benjamin, (1892-1940)

“In order to effect the destruction of all collective forces except ours we shall emasculate the first stage of collectivism, the universities, by re-educating them in a new direction.”  Protocols of Zion, 16

By Ayesha Elfathi

In every conversation about Cultural Marxism, Walter Benjamin is often overlooked, but this is a mistake.

Benjamin loaded his writings on literature and culture full of concepts and terminology from the kabbalah and the occult. In an early piece, The Task of the Translator, he claims that all modern languages are incomplete and can never give a completely accurate description of anything on the surface until society and language become “whole.”  This is a clear reference to the kabbalistic “shattering of the vessels.”

The ideas expressed in this text would become the backbone of deconstructionism, the technique used by cultural Marxists to prove that words can mean anything and all things are “social constructs.” He died young by his own hands while fleeing Nazi persecution but right before doing so he wrote a short essay which combined Marxist “historical materialism” with kabbalist mysticism. 

Keeping with the semi-Gnostic kabbalist narrative of the “broken God” that inflicts His suffering onto Mankind, Benjamin claimed all human history was a history of suffering and all human culture was barbaric. To him, the only way to obtain mankind’s liberation is to identify with the Marxist “class struggle”… The “oppressed” classes need to fill their hearts with hate, thus provoking them to destroy capitalism and Western Civilization. He says: “Hatred and [the] spirit of sacrifice…are nourished by the image of enslaved ancestors rather than that of liberated grandchildren.”

This spontaneous act will bring about communist revolution, which will bring about a mass redemption of humanity. This is exactly analogous to the Sabbatean idea that the Messianic Era will only arrive once everyone is evil. Mankind will no longer be divided according to class, gender, race, nation or any other identity marker.

Erich Fromm and Herbert Marcuse

Erich Fromm

Erich Fromm 1900-1980 (making a Masonic hand sign) … wrote heavily about Marx’s theory of “alienation” … In his book The Art of Loving, he frequently made the claim that capitalism causes people not to love each other, and argued that human relationships would be stronger under socialism. He also claimed that all sexual differences between men and women were socially constructed and rejected gender as something innate.

By far the most notorious of the Frankfurt School, Herbert Marcuse, was influenced by this ideology. His book Eros and Civilization takes Freud’s views on sexuality – which were absolutely Sabbatean claimed Christian morals distorted “authentic” sexuality and openly called for a society where the most sinful of sexual acts are considered normal.

He also said perverted sexualities can help bring down capitalism and Christianity. His book played a huge role in the development of the American New Left, which gave us abortion on demand, feminism and homosexuality.


It’s clear that Cultural Marxism was heavily influenced by Sabbateanism which seeks to bring the Messianic Era by interpreting Jewish Law in reverse so that all sins become holy. Critical Theory, likewise, seeks to bring Communism by interpreting Western culture and its values in reverse, so that the things Western culture considers moral and good (such as religious morality, the family, and free markets) become evil and vice-versa.

Herbert Marcuse

This demonic theology is the main reason why Critical Theory pushes for abortion, homosexuality, the breakdown of the family, feminism, degenerate art, and total communism. It is why they condemned the so-called “fascistic nature” of the “authoritarian personality” as one who holds to traditional Western values, contrasting it with the “liberal personality” who was unable to live up to the standards of traditional Western values.

It is also why Benjamin promoted disgusting art and literature all while celebrating the death of traditional Western art. Marcuse’s concept of “repressive tolerance” also follows this model, as it promotes the censorship of those who wish to promote religious morality and traditional values.

Critical Theory is indeed a form of black magic. The reoccurring theme in all of this is the tikkun, or the restoration of everything to a state of oneness. According to the Zohar, the Jewish messiah destroys the differences between genders, nations, religions and everything else. It is Communism in its purest form.


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British Forces Face Criminal Probe Over 52 Afghan Murders*

British Forces Face Criminal Probe Over 52 Afghan Murders*

British soldiers from B Company, 2 Mercian, set off on an operation in Malgir, Helmand province July 27, 2009. © Omar Sobhani / Reuters

British armed forces face a criminal investigation over 166 cases of alleged unlawful killing and maltreatment during the military campaign in Afghanistan, it has emerged.

Hundreds of British soldiers face investigation over cases of alleged murder and abuse, in a series of legal challenges waged by two leading human rights law firms.

The alleged abuses date predominantly from 2011 to 2013, when Britain’s presence in Helmand province had reached its peak.

Operation Northmoor 

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) has launched specialist investigation Operation Northmoor to process the claims. Some 64 Royal Military Police officers have been drafted in to investigate the allegations, which involved 52 deaths in 15 separate incidents of unlawful killing.

Human rights law firm Leigh Day is representing 81 of the Afghan claimants. Officers have so far investigated three cases concerning six alleged murders. However, no charges have been brought.

The success of this latest wave of claims against British troops depends on the outcome of a Supreme Court case involving convicted insurgent Serdar Mohammed. Mohammed is suspected of being a senior Taliban commander who was involved in the making of roadside bombs used to target British troops.

After he was convicted for his role as an insurgent, his lawyers say he was illegally detained by U.K forces. Mohammed’s case, which began on February 1, has been waged under the Human Rights Act and is the first to challenge the legal grounding for British detention programs in Afghanistan.

Under NATO guidelines, suspects held in Afghanistan by international forces must not be detained for longer than 96 hours. After such time has elapsed, they are required to be released or handed over to Afghani officials. Despite this fact, Mohammed says he was detained by British troops for 106 days.

Leigh Day has brought numerous successful claims for compensation against Britain’s MoD concerning the actions of the British Army in Iraq. These cases relate specifically to the death, torture and abuse of Iraqis.

Army chiefs and ministers fear Operation Northmoor could spark a barrage of claims similar to that which occurred in the wake of the Iraq war, when over 15,000 allegations of murder and abuse were made. However, ministers have no choice but to investigate the claims if they are to avoid landing British troops on trial in The Hague.

‘Futile investigation’

Tory MP Johnny Mercer, who formerly served in Helmand province, said no one will be prosecuted.

“It’s going to go on for ages, it’s going to cost loads of money and no one will go to prison,” he told the Telegraph.

“There’s not another nation on earth that puts its soldiers through this and I find it hard to understand.”

The MoD said it is legally required to investigate credible allegations of criminal conduct by British forces. However, it stressed that not all allegations spark police probes and that prosecutions do not occur as a result of allegations alone.

The MoD said it is determined to significantly curb the degree of spurious claims brought against British troops.

“Every false, distorted or exaggerated claim diverts defense spending from the front line and could serve to constrain the Armed Forces in their operational effectiveness,” it added.

Law firm Leigh Day was referred to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) earlier this month over complaints regarding its handling of legal challenges launched by hundreds of Iraqi detainees against the MoD. The allegations relate to the findings of the Al-Sweady inquiry, which was set up to investigate whether British soldiers murdered and tortured Iraqi prisoners in 2004.

The decision of Britain’s Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) to investigate Leigh Day followed criticisms by the MoD during and after the five-year inquiry. However, Leigh Day has defended its integrity, saying the context of the MoD’s complaints to the SRA is “highly political.”


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Turkish Artillery Shells Syrian Territory*

Turkish Artillery Shells Syrian Territory*

The Russian Defense Ministry has presented video evidence it says shows Turkish military shelling Syrian territory using heavy artillery positioned close to the border.

Syria’s General Staff has provided its Russian counterparts with video footage of deployment of self-propelled large caliber artillery vehicles at a Turkish frontier post, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said at media briefing on Monday.

Syrian opposition groups have also provided video evidence of the Turkish military shelling Syrian territory, he added.

“This is what we call a fact. This is irrefutable proof that Turkish armed forces shell borderline Syrian settlements with large-caliber artillery systems,” Konashenkov stressed.

We expect an immediate reaction and explanations of the actions of Turkish military by NATO and the Pentagon,” Konashenkov said, recalling the U.S.’s notably short response time to Ankara’s allegations that a Russian warplane violated Turkish airspace.

Non-stop bombing of terrorist positions in Syria continues, with Russian warplanes making 468 sorties in a week, hitting over 1,300 targets, Konashenkov said.

Russian airstrikes hit terrorist infrastructure in the provinces of Aleppo, Damascus, Daraa, Deiz ez-Zor, Hama, Homs and Latakia.

Most of the airstrikes carried out by Tu22M3 bombers took place around the city of Deiz ez-Zor, which is besieged by jihadist forces.

An attempt to storm the city has been disrupted,” Konashenkov said, specifying that Russian Air Force used both Russia-based strategic long-rage bombers and assault Su-25 aircraft based at Khmeimim airfield in Syria to deliver 23 massive airstrikes against terrorist forces advancing on Deir ez-Zor.

The Syrian Air Force used Russian parachute landing systems to deliver more than 200 tons of humanitarian aid and medical supplies to residents of Deir ez-Zor.

Last week four advanced technology super-maneuverable Sukhoi Su-35S fighter jets assembled in 2015 were deployed to Khmeimim in Latakia and began performing missions along other Russian warplanes operating in Syria, Konashenkov confirmed.

In order to make time-sensitive airstrike delivery quicker, Russian task force in Syria has expanded all types of surveillance in the Middle East.

“This enables us to disclose militant’s dispositions and ensure their elimination in practically real-time mode,” Konashenkov stressed.

He noted that airstrikes by the Russian Air Force in Syria are only delivered on developed and confirmed targets.

The coordinates of the militants’ installations come to us from the Baghdad information center, Syrian government troops and Syrian opposition units,” Konashenkov said.

Over the last week Russian airstrikes in Syria have eliminated dozens of militants, fortified strong areas and artillery positions with at least eight cannons, arms depots, trucks used for transportation of munitions, fuel storage sites and at least 19 pick-up SUVs with machine guns mounted on them.

The Russian Air Force also hit field camps, including one near the town of Kinsabba, which was used for training by fighters from former Soviet states.


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CERN Dangers Revealed

CERN Dangers Revealed

From Alexandra Bruce

Dark Journalist hosts Oxford scholar and author of the Giza Death Star book series, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell. His latest book, ‘The Third Way: The Nazi International, European Union and Corporate Fascism‘, breaks down the dark political roots and the potential global dangers of the six billion-dollar particle physics experiments being conducted at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva, Switzerland.

The book reveals the connections between CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire; the European Organization for Nuclear Research) to the what Farrell calls “the cosmology cartel”, to the post-war Nazi international underground, now resurfacing in the European Union, as well as its links to the Deep Politics of the U.S, from Franklin Roosevelt, Sen. Joseph McCarthy and the JFK assassination. This interview covers the many suspicious details surrounding the origins of CERN and the experiments alleged to now be taking place at the Large Hadron Collider.

One prominent figure, with ties to all of the elements referred to above was a busy guy by the name of John Jay McCloy, who began his career as lawyer in the 1920s at one the most prestigious law firms in the U.S., during which time he had dealings with several corporations in Nazi Germany, including IG Farben.

Although he was a Republican who’d voted against FDR, he was appointed as the Assistant Secretary of War during World War II. He later served as President of the World Bank and as the U.S High Commissioner for Germany, where he debriefed 70,000 Nazis and used their intelligence networks to help set up the CIA.

McCloy was the key figure in setting up the concentration camps for Americans of Japanese ancestry.

McCloy also became Chairman of the Rockefeller-owned Chase Manhattan Bank, as well as Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations. He was later a member of the Warren Commission, as well as a member of the foreign policy group, called “The Wise Men,” six friends who shaped 20th century history, by developing the containment policy of dealing with the Communist bloc and by creating major institutions and initiatives, including NATO, the World Bank and the Marshall Plan.

On top of all of this, McCloy was *also* instrumental in the 1954 founding of CERN with Dr. Walter Hallstein, the éminence grise behind all of the post-war German chancellors through to the end  of the administration of Willy Brandt.

Hallstein had previously been involved with reconciling the legal systems of the two Axis powers of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, in their bid to create a European Federation. This legal merger eventually became the nucleus for today’s European Union. Furthermore, Hallstein was one of the 70,000 Nazis who was “cleared” by McCloy (!)

Farrell reveals the little-known fact that CERN is not merely a corporation but an international sovereign entity, similar in structure to the Bank of International Settlements.

Farrell takes apart CERN’s official story of its being a particle accelerator, created for peaceful scientific experiments. He argues that three distinct data sets reveal that it must be something else:

1) CERN’s $6 billion budget is three times bigger than that of the Manhattan Project. It is military in scale. The machine, itself is something that has never been built before and a marvel of technology. It’s a series of immensely powerful cameras, designed to take pictures of subatomic particle collisions. The machine’s parts are said to have been built by a consortium of global manufacturers but it is virtually impossible to discover which companies built what – and more importantly, what the big picture of the LHC truly is.

2) Farrell reminds us that the World Wide Web was originally a CERN project, initiated in 1989. He suspects that they must be harnessing the Internet to funnel all of the data that they’re collecting from their experiments.

Little known is that CERN is by far, the world’s largest user of all of the Internet’s bandwidth. Each collision  generates billions of bits of data per second. The computational capabilities of CERN are absolutely monstrous and Farrell surmises that they’re likely being applied to study the side effects of the tests, such as those that the supercollider has on the Earth’s magnetosphere and in turn, how altering the magnetosphere effects human behaviour.

3) Then there’s the physics, itself. That the LHC is running particles, in counter-rotating directions, along an immense circular track, 27km in diametre, in addition to the 6km-diametre proton synchrotron. This reminds him of the counter-rotating fields of the alleged secret Nazi “Bell” EM weapon, which could allegedly cause crystals to form in animal flesh from distances of up to 200m.

He suggests, with his self-admitted “Junior High School hack from South Dakota approach to this…that you’ve got counter-rotating magnetic fields that are 15,000 times the local magnetic field strength of the Earth, plus the synchrotron, with its huge magnetic field…They’re dealing with electromagnetic fields on a planetary scale – that have nothing to do with particle physics.” He says that there’s no way that EM fields of that strength would *not* have resonance effects on circuits, near and far; that the LHC really looks to him like a gigantic torsion machine.

He says, “You scientists out there can send me blizzards of equations, proving me wrong – but I’m sorry, this is what I think it is.”

He suggests that the particle physics story is a cover – or a minor part of the experiments, at best – and that other countries suspect as he does, that the LHC is a giant EM torsion field machine with potential military applications and that the only way for them to find out is to build their own large supercolliders. China, Germany and Japan have each announced plans to build their own.

The interview moves on to concerns, acknowledged but downplayed by CERN about the experiments’ potential for the production of “strangelets”, which would have the effect of converting all matter nearby into an ever-increasing blob of quark-gluon plasma. However, Farrell opines that the kind of tests being conducted at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven National Labs on Long Island, New York (infamous for its alleged role in the storied Montauk Projects) would have a higher likelihood of producing strangelets than the LHC.

Speaking of Montauk, it is interesting to note that the CERN website officially acknowledges that tests attempting to explore “extra dimensions” would be conducted. I recently ran a story about such tests, which were set to take place last week. So far, no results of these tests have been published, that I can find…

Is the LHC a massive covert military project, hiding in plain sight? Don’t miss this cutting-edge Dark Journalist episode!

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