CERN Dangers Revealed

CERN Dangers Revealed

From Alexandra Bruce

Dark Journalist hosts Oxford scholar and author of the Giza Death Star book series, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell. His latest book, ‘The Third Way: The Nazi International, European Union and Corporate Fascism‘, breaks down the dark political roots and the potential global dangers of the six billion-dollar particle physics experiments being conducted at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva, Switzerland.

The book reveals the connections between CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire; the European Organization for Nuclear Research) to the what Farrell calls “the cosmology cartel”, to the post-war Nazi international underground, now resurfacing in the European Union, as well as its links to the Deep Politics of the U.S, from Franklin Roosevelt, Sen. Joseph McCarthy and the JFK assassination. This interview covers the many suspicious details surrounding the origins of CERN and the experiments alleged to now be taking place at the Large Hadron Collider.

One prominent figure, with ties to all of the elements referred to above was a busy guy by the name of John Jay McCloy, who began his career as lawyer in the 1920s at one the most prestigious law firms in the U.S., during which time he had dealings with several corporations in Nazi Germany, including IG Farben.

Although he was a Republican who’d voted against FDR, he was appointed as the Assistant Secretary of War during World War II. He later served as President of the World Bank and as the U.S High Commissioner for Germany, where he debriefed 70,000 Nazis and used their intelligence networks to help set up the CIA.

McCloy was the key figure in setting up the concentration camps for Americans of Japanese ancestry.

McCloy also became Chairman of the Rockefeller-owned Chase Manhattan Bank, as well as Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations. He was later a member of the Warren Commission, as well as a member of the foreign policy group, called “The Wise Men,” six friends who shaped 20th century history, by developing the containment policy of dealing with the Communist bloc and by creating major institutions and initiatives, including NATO, the World Bank and the Marshall Plan.

On top of all of this, McCloy was *also* instrumental in the 1954 founding of CERN with Dr. Walter Hallstein, the éminence grise behind all of the post-war German chancellors through to the end  of the administration of Willy Brandt.

Hallstein had previously been involved with reconciling the legal systems of the two Axis powers of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, in their bid to create a European Federation. This legal merger eventually became the nucleus for today’s European Union. Furthermore, Hallstein was one of the 70,000 Nazis who was “cleared” by McCloy (!)

Farrell reveals the little-known fact that CERN is not merely a corporation but an international sovereign entity, similar in structure to the Bank of International Settlements.

Farrell takes apart CERN’s official story of its being a particle accelerator, created for peaceful scientific experiments. He argues that three distinct data sets reveal that it must be something else:

1) CERN’s $6 billion budget is three times bigger than that of the Manhattan Project. It is military in scale. The machine, itself is something that has never been built before and a marvel of technology. It’s a series of immensely powerful cameras, designed to take pictures of subatomic particle collisions. The machine’s parts are said to have been built by a consortium of global manufacturers but it is virtually impossible to discover which companies built what – and more importantly, what the big picture of the LHC truly is.

2) Farrell reminds us that the World Wide Web was originally a CERN project, initiated in 1989. He suspects that they must be harnessing the Internet to funnel all of the data that they’re collecting from their experiments.

Little known is that CERN is by far, the world’s largest user of all of the Internet’s bandwidth. Each collision  generates billions of bits of data per second. The computational capabilities of CERN are absolutely monstrous and Farrell surmises that they’re likely being applied to study the side effects of the tests, such as those that the supercollider has on the Earth’s magnetosphere and in turn, how altering the magnetosphere effects human behaviour.

3) Then there’s the physics, itself. That the LHC is running particles, in counter-rotating directions, along an immense circular track, 27km in diametre, in addition to the 6km-diametre proton synchrotron. This reminds him of the counter-rotating fields of the alleged secret Nazi “Bell” EM weapon, which could allegedly cause crystals to form in animal flesh from distances of up to 200m.

He suggests, with his self-admitted “Junior High School hack from South Dakota approach to this…that you’ve got counter-rotating magnetic fields that are 15,000 times the local magnetic field strength of the Earth, plus the synchrotron, with its huge magnetic field…They’re dealing with electromagnetic fields on a planetary scale – that have nothing to do with particle physics.” He says that there’s no way that EM fields of that strength would *not* have resonance effects on circuits, near and far; that the LHC really looks to him like a gigantic torsion machine.

He says, “You scientists out there can send me blizzards of equations, proving me wrong – but I’m sorry, this is what I think it is.”

He suggests that the particle physics story is a cover – or a minor part of the experiments, at best – and that other countries suspect as he does, that the LHC is a giant EM torsion field machine with potential military applications and that the only way for them to find out is to build their own large supercolliders. China, Germany and Japan have each announced plans to build their own.

The interview moves on to concerns, acknowledged but downplayed by CERN about the experiments’ potential for the production of “strangelets”, which would have the effect of converting all matter nearby into an ever-increasing blob of quark-gluon plasma. However, Farrell opines that the kind of tests being conducted at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven National Labs on Long Island, New York (infamous for its alleged role in the storied Montauk Projects) would have a higher likelihood of producing strangelets than the LHC.

Speaking of Montauk, it is interesting to note that the CERN website officially acknowledges that tests attempting to explore “extra dimensions” would be conducted. I recently ran a story about such tests, which were set to take place last week. So far, no results of these tests have been published, that I can find…

Is the LHC a massive covert military project, hiding in plain sight? Don’t miss this cutting-edge Dark Journalist episode!

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