Russian Interior Ministry Foiled Mass Robbery of All National Banks*

Russian Interior Ministry Foiled Mass Robbery of All National Banks*

The head of Russia’s cybernet department said that Russian Interior Ministry was able to foil an attempt to rob practically all of Russia’s banks in a single swipe.

The Russian Interior Ministry was able to foil an attempt to rob practically all of Russia’s banks in a single swipe, the head of Russia’s cybernet department (K Unit) said Thursday.

“Last year, the K Unit exposed an international criminal group that put the entire Russian banking system under threat. At the time of their detention, the criminals were preparing a global operation on stealing money from practically all of the country’s banks,” K Unit director Alexei Moshkov said.

He added that the key part of their activities was targeted cyberattacks on processing centres of Russian and foreign banks, as well as the global system of interbank financial exchanges.


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