European Parliament Calls for Action to Protect Religious Minorities against ISIS, “War Crimes” and “Crimes against Humanity”*

European Parliament Calls for Action to Protect Religious Minorities against ISIS, “War Crimes” and “Crimes against Humanity”*

Blood thirst, bankrupt or both? While they whittle away the rights of their own religious minorities are they really going to fight against the very entity that they financed? Do crimes against humanity really have a religion. Why now?

Editor’s Note: The resolution does not focus on the State sponsors terrorism. the governments which are supporting the ISIS (including US, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey) are responsible for ”War Crimes” and “Crimes against Humanity” (M.Ch.)

Whose PawnBy Emilie Tournier

MEPs urge the international community to take urgent action to counter the systematic mass murder of religious minorities by the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or Daesh, in a resolution voted on Thursday. The text wraps up a 20 January debate with E.U. foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, in which many MEPs called for measures to protect all religious and minority groups against ISIS attacks.

MEPs reiterate their strong condemnation of ISIS/Daesh and its egregious human rights abuses, deliberately targeting Christians, Yazidis, Turkmen, Shi’ites, Shabak, Sabeans, Kaka’e and Sunnis who do not agree with their interpretation of Islam. These violations amount to “war crimes”, “crimes against humanity” and “genocide” according to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC), they add.

The resolution, passed by show of hands, calls on the E.U. to establish a permanent Special Representative for Freedom of Religion and Belief and urges all countries in the international community to prevent war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide within their territory. All E.U. member states should update their legal and jurisdictional systems in order to prevent their nationals and citizens travelling to join ISIS/Daesh and other terrorist organisations and also ensure that, should they do so, they face criminal court proceedings as soon as possible, adds the text.

REF. : 20160129IPR11938



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