8 Year-Old-Girl Feeds Crows, which Bring her the Most Amazing Gifts!

8 Year-Old-Girl Feeds Crows, which Bring her the Most Amazing Gifts!

Eight-year-old Gabi Mann lives in Seattle and, like many kids her age, she finds joy in collecting things. But the contents of her collection might strike you as just a bit odd: beads, one earring, a light bulb, a paper clip and a rusty screw, to name a few of the finds. But if you think the contents of Gabi’s collection are strange, wait till you hear where she gets them from.


While many people might shoo the black birds away (like Gabi’s neighbours), she’s found herself engaged in an interesting tradeoff with them. She brings them food, and they bring her gifts. As a toddler, Gabi would drop food as she walked. The crows soon took notice and would swoop in whenever she dropped something. This continued until Gabi was older, when she would share her lunch with the birds on her way to school. Soon enough, the birds even began waiting for her at the bus stop.

Three years ago, Gabi began filling a birdbath each day for the birds and leaving out peanuts, dog food and other leftovers for them to eat. At this point, the birds began to return the favour with gifts.

Of all the items the crows have left for her, Gabi says she values the pearl-coloured heart most. Why? Because she believes that it shows how much the birds love her.

Check out the full heart-warming story from Gabi below.


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