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Forced Vaccination Bill Killed in Hawaii*

Forced Vaccination Bill Killed in Hawaii*

By Paul Fassa

This time a bill to squelch vaccine exemptions state-wide and mandate vaccinations didn’t make it. The forceful public outcry opposing efforts to mandate vaccinations in Hawaii’s legislative chambers was strong enough to motivate the bill’s committee head Senator Rosalyn Baker to announce the bill would not be moving forward.

Committee member Senator Will Espero mentioned her action was unusual for any lawmaker.

“Normally she would wait to the end of the agenda,” he said.

“But in this case, she felt that it might be best before we get to the other bill to just share with them that, ‘FYI, I hear you, and I’ve made the decision.’ ”

For now, it’s a victory for Hawaiians who don’t wish to have their kids or themselves forced into vaccinations.

But Senator Baker’s own words foreshadow the probability of more attempts coming in the not distant future. She claimed she killed the bill in committee because there’s “so much confusion and a lot of misinformation” about what it would do.

Here’s what for now has been thwarted in Hawaii:

Another Victory in Hawaii Health Matters

This one may stand apart from pharmaceutical company pressures to mandate vaccines. Hawaii has a state-wide medical expense insurance system. And now the door is open for that insurance provider to allow naturopaths primary physician status.

The Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA), a collective plan similar to Blue Cross that everyone pays into for medical coverage, covers around 70% of Hawaii residents. HMSA will soon consider naturopaths as primary care physicians (PCP) and compensate their services as equally as MD primary care physicians.

Surprisingly, there is a non-discrimination clause in Section 2706 of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, that states all the insurance companies are to reimburse for services rendered within the state for licensed practitioners practicing within their scope, effective January 2014.

Practicing within their scope seems to be the key phrase. Naturopaths, chiropractors, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners are all trained and licensed, thus whatever they do is “within their scope” and deserving financial coverage according to this clause.

Dr. Marsha Lowry, a naturopathic doctor explained,

“But none of the insurance companies have been compliant. So for the last two years, we [the Hawaii Society of Naturopathic Physicians] have been working on this. What has happened with other insurance companies is they are auditing our charts and kicking back [refusing payments] things like prescribing an herb, and saying it’s not MD standard of care.”

Hopefully this will set a precedent for future changes that will diminish the AMA/Big Pharma medical monopoly that forces folks who pay for medical insurance to seek only the drug pushers who qualify for coverage.

And lo and behold, the insurance companies will wind up paying less for practices that are conducted with much less overhead and expense without the side effects that create more business and wind up paying out less. It’s a no-brainer because apparently very few in the insurance industry with brains have figured this out.


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10 Basic New Age Deceptions and How to Correct Them*

10 Basic New Age Deceptions and How to Correct Them*

By Brendan D. Murphy, Mark Passio, Tim McClew, Juliet J. Carter

“Real compassion kicks butt and takes names and is not pleasant on certain days. If you are not ready for this FIRE, then find a new-age, sweetness and light, perpetually smiling teacher and learn to relabel your ego with spiritual sounding terms. But, stay away from those who practice REAL COMPASSION, because they will fry your ass, my friend.” – Ken Wilber

1. Ignore the “Negative”

The notion that you make things worse by focusing on negative issues is false. Ignoring negative issues, like ignoring symptoms of an illness, only serves to make the issues worse. Refusing to look at critical information, just because it makes you uncomfortable, is willfully choosing a state of ignorance—to remain un-conscious.

Correction: Seeing the negativity for what it is creates an ability to steel oneself against its harmful effects and perhaps avoid them entirely.

2. Never Get Angry

“No one should ever get angry; it’s an emotion that needs to be purged from your system.”

Correction: While non-righteous and unchanneled anger is counter-productive to individual development and collective efforts to bring about collective change, righteous indignation can be a major motivation to create positive change in the world. If you are not outraged by what’s happening around you, you are not paying attention—you are unconscious.

3. It’s All One, So it’s All Good

Many New Agers tout concepts such as Right and Wrong as “dualistic” and therefore invalid. They try to convince us that EVERYTHING is OK because “we’re all one.” This is dangerous moral relativism.

Correction: “Conscience” literally means: “to know together”, to have “common sense”. It is the knowledge of the objective difference between “right” and “wrong.” We live in duality, Spirit is NOT superior to Matter—and it is NOT all good.

4. You Can Never Really Know

New Age Solipsism: The ideology that knowledge of anything outside of one’s own mind is unsure, there cannot be an objective reality and nothing can be truly known.

Correction: Perception is NOT reality: our work is to align the two. Solipsism is a defining hallmark of spiritual infancy. Departing from this diseased ideology is a sure-fire sign of the beginnings of human maturity and spiritual development.

5. Accept Injustice, Never Resist

The abuse of meditation and yoga. The New Age Movement has been distorting these practices into means to take people’s minds off the fact that they have been enslaved, and make it easy for them to accept the current condition of the world as their lot in life. “Never take action to try and change the things that are wrong with this world.”

Correction: Meditation’s correct purpose is rebalancing the left/right balance in the brain. Yoga’s proper purpose is to help us discover what our TRUE WORK is, and to motivate us to DO IT. Start saying “No.” The correct use of “force” is NOT the same as “violence.”

6. A Watered-Down Law of Attraction

The New Age variant of the Law of Attraction is largely based in the modality of Service-to-Self.
Correction: Natural Law: The REAL Law of Attraction is a system of Universal, non-man-made, binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of behaviour. It is Service to Truth, not Self. We co-create our reality in harmony with Natural Law.

7. Turning the Other Cheek (it evens out the scars!)

The false notion of unconditional forgiveness.

Correction: True forgiveness does NOT mean continuing to excuse the willful commission of wrong-doing an infinite number of times. That is naiveté at best, and complicity with evil at worst. We must stand up for our beliefs and NOT tolerate the harmful actions of others.

8. Chaos Should Be Feared

If I give up my freedoms, then I’ll be safe. The current Control and Slavery system is about limitation of Free Will, of aspiration, through the destruction of possibility: the Death of Imagination.

Correction: Bridging the Divide: True freedom includes infinite possibility, which, by definition, includes the possibility of Chaos. This must be embraced without Fear if we are to be truly Free.  “Anarchy” does not mean chaos: it means “No Rulers, no Masters.” We need to stop believing in “Authority.”

9. We Must Feel Good all the Time

We innately want to be comfortable, and this is played upon by our rulers, who constantly distract us with more and more ways to insulate ourselves from reality.

Correction: The Truth of the current human condition SHOULD make us feel uncomfortable. This is called awareness, consciousness. We should use that discomfort to motivate ourselves to create REAL CHANGE in the world through our ACTIONS.

10. Truth Doesn’t Need to be Defended

Never confront anyone on their bullshit (even though it is harming people). There is no need to defend truth.

Correction: WE are the vehicles by which Truth operates in the world. Wrongdoers should be held to account. A different reality can be spoken into existence by us, if we care enough to learn the Truth, and then develop the Courage and the Will to defend it at all costs.


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U.K. to Ban ‘Boycott Israel’*

U.K. to Ban ‘Boycott Israel’*

Local councils, public bodies and even some university student unions are to be banned by law from boycotting “unethical” companies, as part of a controversial crackdown being announced by the Government.

Under the plan all publicly funded institutions will lose the freedom to refuse to buy goods and services from companies involved in the arms trade, fossil fuels, tobacco products or Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Any public bodies that continue to pursue boycotts will face “severe penalties”, ministers said.

Senior government sources said they were cracking down on town-hall boycotts because they “undermined good community relations, poisoned and polarised debate and fuelled anti-Semitism”.

But critics said the move amounted to a “gross attack on democratic freedoms”.

A spokesman for the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said:

“The Government’s decision to ban councils and other public bodies from divesting from trade or investments they regard as unethical is an attack on local democracy.

People have the right to elect local representatives able to make decisions free of central government political control. That includes withdrawal of investments or procurement on ethical and human rights grounds.

“This Government’s ban would have outlawed council action against apartheid South Africa. Ministers talk about devolution, but in practice they’re imposing Conservative Party policies on elected local councils across the board.”

Significantly, and underlining the main target of the ban, the formal announcement will be made by the Cabinet Office minister Matt Hancock when he visits Israel this week.

Israeli companies, along with other firms which have investments in the occupied West Bank, have been among those targeted by unofficial boycotts in the past.

In 2014 Leicester City Council passed a policy to boycott goods produced in Israeli settlements in the West Bank while the Scottish Government published a procurement notice to Scottish councils which “strongly discourages trade and investment from illegal settlements”.

Under the new rules all contracting authorities including local councils, quangos and universities which receive the majority of their funding from the Government will lose the freedom to take ethical decisions about whom they purchase goods and services from. The only exemption will be U.K.-wide sanctions decided by the Government in Westminster. Government sources said the ban could also apply to student union boycotts but added this was a “grey area”.

A spokeswoman for the National Union of Students said they were “concerned by any external pressure that could prevent student unions taking decisions on any issue that affects the students they represent.”

Mr Hancock said the current position where local authorities had autonomy to make ethical purchasing decisions was “undermining” Britain’s national security.

“We need to challenge and prevent these divisive town-hall boycotts,” he said.

“The new guidance on procurement combined with changes we are making to how pension pots can be invested will help prevent damaging and counter-productive local foreign policies undermining our national security.”

But Amnesty International’s U.K. economic relations programme director Peter Frankental condemned the move, warning it could encourage human rights violations. The Conservatives have been accused of turning a blind eye to Israeli human rights abuses in the past.

“All public bodies should assess the social and environment impacts of any company with whom they choose to enter into business relationships,” he said.

“Where’s the incentive for companies to ensure there are no human rights violations such as slavery in their supply chains, when public bodies cannot hold them to account by refusing to award them contracts?

“Not only would it be a bad reflection on public bodies to contract with rogue companies, but it would also be bad for responsible businesses that are at risk of being undercut by those that have poor practices.”

Hugh Lanning, chair of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, condemned this move as “a gross attack on our democratic freedoms and the independence of public bodies from Government interference”.

“As if it is not enough that the U.K. Government has failed to act when the Israeli government has bombed and killed thousands of Palestinian civilians and stolen their homes and land, the Government is now trying to impose its inaction on all other public bodies,” he said.

This makes it clear where this Government stands on international law and human rights. Despite the Government admitting that Israel’s occupation and denial of Palestinian rights is plain wrong and illegal, when it comes to it they will insulate Israel from the consequences of its own actions. It seems that for this U.K. Government, whatever crimes against international law Israel commits, having a military ally trumps the rights of their own citizens and institutions in this country to support human rights.”

Boycott background: Unofficial sanctions

Last April the French-owned multinational water, energy and waste management company Veolia – which collects rubbish for a wide range of British local authorities – announced that it was closing down its operations in Israel.

The decision followed a concerted campaign to persuade it to halt its work in West Bank settlements, during which the Labour-controlled Birmingham council became at least the third to warn Veolia that it might not renew its £35m-a-year waste disposal contract when it ran out in 2019, if the company continued to operate in the occupied West Bank.

In November 2014, Leicester City Council passed a policy to boycott goods produced in Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Jewish groups have recently launched a judicial review of the council’s decision, claiming that it “amounts to a get-of-out-town order to Leicester Jews”.

In August 2014, the Scottish Government published a procurement notice to Scottish councils which “strongly discourages trade and investment from illegal settlements”, though conceding that decisions needed to be taken on a case by case basis. Four Scottish councils have resolved to boycott Israeli goods: Clackmannanshire, Midlothian, Stirling and West Dunbartonshire.

Last December two Welsh councils performed a U-turn on their decision to boycott Israeli goods after court proceedings were issued by Jewish Human Rights Watch. Gwynedd County Council and Swansea City Council said the motions had been non-binding and had now otherwise been superseded.


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Beyonce and the Politics of Cultural Dominance*

Beyonce and the Politics of Cultural Dominance*

All weapons are out to control, make servile, and/or eliminate African-American peoples…

By Ajamu Baraka

Beyonce and her dancers perform in pseudo-Panther gear, pretending that resistance to the state is a matter of fashionability.  “It is incredibly naive to think that anything subversive or even remotely oppositional to the interests of the capitalist oligarchy would be allowed expression on a stage that it controlled.” Assata Shakur is an example of “total resistance that can’t be co-opted by bourgeois culture.”

“Real opposition to this white supremacist, colonialist/imperialist order is not cool, or sexy.”

I confess, I am a culturally alienated, old, disconnected 1960s and ‘70s radical trying to live and struggle for revolutionary change in a world that might have passed me by, because I cannot for the life of me understand how Beyonce’s commodified caricature of black opposition was in any way progressive. Instead what I saw was the cultural power of neoliberal capitalism to co-opt opposition, monetize it and provide some mindless entertainment all at the same time.  I didn’t see opposition; I saw the imagery and symbols of authentic black radicalism grotesquely transformed into a de-politicized spectacle by gyrating, light-skinned booty-short-clad sisters.

I am told that I am being too harsh. That there were positive messages encoded into Beyonce’s performance. In their rebuke of my interpretation, my friends return to that old canard that “we got to meet the people where they are at” and take every opportunity within the domain of popular culture to push positive messages.

This sad and reactionary position only reflects the deep cynicism and alienation of black radical politics that has never recovered from the systematic assault on our movement from the ‘70s onward. An assault that was not only military, but as a centerpiece of its strategy, pushed for a cultural and ideological assimilation of the Black/African working class and the artificially created middle-class. Understanding the power of ideas to shape consciousness, the objective was to “Americanize” the African American. Saner people would call that process genocide, but in the U.S. it is called racial progress.

“Beyonce’s performance and her video is conservative and accommodationist.”

The success of that strategy – the elimination of the “us,” an emerging “people” committed to radical transformational politics with a healthy psychological and emotional distance from “them,” the U.S. state, its racist and colonialist/imperialist history – was on display in Selma at the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the march. In Selma, Barack Obama, the living personification of that strategy, delivered a version of the American narrative that was infused with all of the racist jingoism of bold settlers and the marginalization of genocide and slavery. But instead of Obama being run off the stage and out of town, his rendering of the story of white manifest destiny, U.S. exceptionalism and black advancement within the context of capitalism, was warmly embraced and praised by the new Negroes of empire.

In an era where the image is dominant and meaning fluid, what is still real, concrete and observable is the operation of power. Situated and controlled by an elite that bell hooks refers to as the White Male, capitalist Patriarchy, it’s a power that exercises with devastating efficiency its ability to shape consciousness through its control of the major means of communication and cultural production. It was those white men and their representatives that placed Beyoncé on that stage at the Super Bowl. It is incredibly naive to think that anything subversive or even remotely oppositional to the interests of the capitalist oligarchy would be allowed expression on a stage that it controlled.

Beyonce’s performance and her video is as conservative and accommodationist as the demand for justice for …, fill in the blank, after one of the defenders of the capitalist order executes one of our folks. Everyone can give lip service to the demand for racial justice or oppose the “bad apples” in the police forces that abuse their power, and most people, (except the most rabid racists) can and do get behind the idea that black lives should matter. That is why the movement has not been shut down, at least not yet!

No folks, real opposition to this white supremacist, colonialist/imperialist order is not cool, or sexy. Being a black revolutionary means the possibility of death, it can mean facing decades of incarceration as a political prisoner, it can mean exile or the inability to make a living because your liberal friends consider you dangerous. It is facing the naked power of the national security state with its power to engage in extra-judicial murder with impunity, surveillance and infiltration.

“Didn’t Assata say that we could never be free while the American government and American capitalism remain intact?”

Those who claim that Assata taught them should have been outraged by the brazen, commodified blackness being pushed by capitalist marketers. Didn’t Assata say that we could never be free while the American government and American capitalism remain intact? That is a call for total resistance that can’t be co-opted by bourgeois culture.

I recognize that we are in a new era.  Structural and ideological changes have profoundly altered the U.S. social formation. Even in the period of the most serious crisis of the capitalist order, the ethical framework of liberal capitalist individualism is still dominant.  And within the black community, post-modernism is in open competition for hegemony with our ever-developing radical tradition.

In this period of media-driven pseudo-opposition in the form of Ta-Nehisi Coates, Beyoncé or even Bernie Sanders, it is increasingly difficult to make the distinction between image and reality, especially when the production of images and symbols is controlled by dominant forces with an interest in keeping us all stupid.

It is only through ruthless criticism and a commitment to struggling beyond the accepted paradigms that we can penetrate the BS and engage in a politics that is truly subversive. And that kind of politics will not be brought to you in living color in the safety of your homes while you stuff yourself with poison foods and spirits to dull the mind.


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Morales Asks Citizens to Believe in Bolivia, Not U.S. Rule*

Morales Asks Citizens to Believe in Bolivia, Not U.S. Rule*

Morales says Bolivia is finally a sovereign country, and asks citizens to vote to keep it that way.

With only a week to go until Bolivia’s referendum, President Evo Morales made a special plea to Bolivians to vote with good conscious and do what’s best for the country.

Bolivians will go to the polls Feb. 21 to vote on whether to increase presidential consecutive term limits to three. This will determine if Morales can run for re-election 2019.

During the closing campaign for the referendum in Cochabamba on Saturday, the Indigenous president said those who support the “No” campaign are those who support the opposition, their policies of privatization of public resources, and global market interests.

Those who support the “Yes” campaign, continued Morales, are the same Bolivians who support the people, who are “organized, liberated and who are advancing in the development process” of the country.

The president also reminded citizens that Bolivia is an autonomous country and no longer depends on the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund for financial support, which he says helped cripple the economy and create massive inequality in the past.

“Our economic situation has changed, politically we are in a struggle and resistance. We must merge Bolivia with the people and with a Constituent Assembly, not to the American Embassy. We have economic sovereignty, and we are released after 190 years” of being under control of foreign governments and organizations, said Morales.

The president’s comments come after several attempts by the “No” campaign to discredit Morales, and has left many to claim that the “No” campaign has been funded by the United States, which has generally had a tense relationship with Morales and his anti-corporate and anti-neoliberal policies.

Thursday, Argentine political analyst Atilio Boron said “according to informed sources” that the U.S. Embassy provided $200,000 for the “No” campaign in Bolivia. He revealed this information via an opinion piece published in Mexican newspaper La Jornada.

Boron also said this is not the first time that the U.S. has intervened financially in Bolivian affairs. Between 2003 and 2014, the National Endowment for Democracy, or NED, spent over US$7.7 million to fund nearly 20 institutions in Bolivia, all of which contained political objectives, said Boron.

The Argentine analyst added that the referendum “will be the Bolivian people against the US empire. That is going to be a struggle.”


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