Pakistan Gv’t Warns the Country to Prepare for Global Cooling*

Pakistan Gv’t Warns the Country to Prepare for Global Cooling*

Heavy snow fall in Murree, Pakistan. 11.2.2016

The Pakistan Meteorological Bureau put out a lengthy 59 page report warning the citizens of Pakistan that Global cooling will begin in 2019 and there needs to be a strategy with urgent action in order for the society to cope with the changes. This is the second country to now come out and tell its citizens to prepare, Russia was first, now Pakistan.


A few months ago, NASA published a study showing that Antarctica is actually gaining more ice than it is losing.

They made the announcement after using satellites to examine the heights of the region’s ice sheet. The findings contradict the prevailing theory that Antarctica has actually been shrinking, however.

The paper is titled “Mass Gains of the Antarctic Ice Sheet Exceed Losses” and was published in the Journal of Glaciology.

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