Russian Space Agency Reveals the ‘Sounds of the Universe’*

Russian Space Agency Reveals the ‘Sounds of the Universe’*

Russia’s Roscosmos Space Agency published a video on YouTube revealing sounds of the cosmos.

Various sounds such as those emitted by pulsars, the Sun, Jupiter and its moon Ganymede, black holes, the Aurora Borealis and interstellar space have been recorded by Roscosmos with the help of special radio telescopes.

Russian experts said that these sounds can’t be heard in the conditions of the space vacuum. For example, solar flares, the collision of asteroids and explosions of stars occur in complete silence.

However, using a radio telescope, they were able to decipher the sound waves and transform them into sounds. Social networks’ users have already noted that the sound of a pulsar resembles a quick drumming, while the sound of the Aurora Borealis is similar to the chirping of birds.

Earlier in 2015, Roscosmos posted a video depicting Russian cosmonauts Gennady Padalka and Mikhail Kornienko entering open space. During this time, the astronauts reviewed the outer surface of the International Space Station (ISS), cleaned viewports of the Zvezda Service Module “Star” and installed a new docking radio antenna.


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