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The Last Buffalo Soldier Tomie L. Gaines Has Passed Away Aged 93*

The Last Buffalo Soldier Tomie L. Gaines Has Passed Away Aged 93*

By Alyssa Rachelle

The last living Buffalo Soldier passed away last weekend at the age of 93, in Greenville, South Carolina. Tomie L. Gaines served from March 1943 to December 1945 with the 27th Calvary, an all-Black unit, according to the Daily Kos. Gaines is survived by his wife of 51 years, Clara.

The Buffalo Soldiers included two regiments of all-Black cavalries, the 9th and 10th cavalries, which were formed after Congress passed legislation in 1866 that allowed African-Americans to enlist in the country’s regular peacetime military. states that many of the men in these regiments, commanded primarily by white officers, were among the approximately 180,000 African-Americans who served in the Union Army during the Civil War. The four infantry units — the 38th, 39th, 40th and 41st regiments — were reorganized in 1868 as the 24th and 25th infantry. Black soldiers enlisted for five years and received $13.00 a month, far more than they could have earned in civilian life, according to the Buffalo Soldiers of the American West website.

William Cathay (nom de guerre) Born September 1842 Died1892 (aged 49–50)

Although women weren’t allowed to serve as soldiers at the time, Cathay Williams posed as a man and joined the United States Army. On November 15, 1866, Williams became the first African-American female to enlist and serve in the 38th infantry, thus becoming the first female Buffalo Soldier.

Cathay Williams ‘Enlistment Document

There have been a few possibilities as to how the Buffalo Soldiers got their name. First, Archivist Walter Hill of the National Archives  reported that, according to a member of the 10th Cavalry, in 1871 the Comanche bestowed the name of an animal they revered, the buffalo, on the men of the 10th Cavalry because they were impressed with their toughness in battle. Second, they were given the name because their fierce, brave nature reminded them of the way buffaloes fought. Third, it may have been because they wore thick coats made from buffalo hide during winter, as stated on the Buffalo Soldiers of the American West website.

In a period when nearly a third of white army enlistees deserted, Black soldiers had the U.S. Army’s lowest desertion and court-martial rates, mentions. From 1870 to 1890, 14 Buffalo Soldiers were awarded medals of honour, the army’s highest award for bravery. When they weren’t fighting, Buffalo Soldiers built forts and roads, installed telegraph lines, located water holes, escorted wagon trains and cattle drives, rode “shotgun” on stagecoach. Furthermore, soldiers from the 9th & 10th regiments fought in Cuba during the War with Spain and participated in the hunt for Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa. The last all-Black units were disbanded during the first half of the 1950s.


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Israeli Soldier Shot Little Girl and Leave her Bleeding

Israeli Soldier Shot Little Girl and Leave her Bleeding

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The Priest Who Brings Assistance and Support To Muslim Syrian Refugees*

The Priest Who Brings Assistance and Support To Muslim Syrian Refugees*

Reverend Father Christoforos Schuff is a man of God with a difference- one that stretches beyond his flowing black robes and proficiency in no less than nine different languages: when Muslim refugees from far-flung Syria arrive, he provides them with pieces of carpet so that they can literally thank God for keeping them safe through the arduous journey.

“We all have the same God. Because I’m a religious figure, perhaps they feel safe,” he says, expressing a belief that few who claim to be religious would even tolerate-much less profess through works and deeds.

“I think there should be 100 priests down here. All the monasteries here on the island that have empty rooms and beds. They should be open too – but they’re not.”

The Reverend Father ‘s village has a population of fewer than 200 people, yet when compared with the legendary 300 of ancient Sparta, these 200 Greeks act as gatekeepers of a different sort- here they save the lives of those fleeing persecution, a goal as worthy and as noble as those who sacrifice themselves to protect the innocent.

The village came to be founded by men and women fleeing from the Greco-Turkish war nearly a century ago, and ever since they have been saving refugees.

Reverend Father Schuff has a Scandinavian heritage, and was born in the U.S. He has spent 14 years in the village, and helps to coordinate disparate volunteers with the various small organisations present. He spends much of his time aiding the Swedish NGO Lighthouse Refugee Relief organisation.

“All my brothers should be here,” he says, clearly disappointed with others who choose not to show compassion.

“I believe in a God of love. If we don’t show love to our fellow man, we are not showing love to God. They go hand in hand.”

“You know, someone asked me why I came here 14 years ago, and I said to them: ‘To be here now’.”

Source *

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Virginia Senate Bill Would Turn Cops into Secret Police*

Virginia Senate Bill Would Turn Cops into Secret Police*

By Clarice Palmer

In the United States, the Fourth Estate, also known as the Fourth Power or the fourth branch of government, has always been a popular label for the media’s role in a free society. But in the state of Virginia, legislators want to remove that power from the press by shielding police officers from public scrutiny.

Senate Bill 552, which has already been approved by the Senate, hopes to classify the names of all local police officers and fire marshals as “personnel records,” shielding these individuals from the responsibility of dealing with public backlash in the case that something goes awry.

The bill, the Washington Post reports, was proposed as a response to an incident involving the the press, and the names of police officers considered too problematic to stay in their positions:

It started with a reporter’s attempt to learn whether problem police officers were moving from department to department. It resulted in legislation that is again bringing national scrutiny to the Virginia General Assembly: a bill that could keep all Virginia police officers’ names secret.”

The Virginia House, which is dominated by Republican lawmakers, is considering a review of the bill starting this Thursday. So far, Governor Terry McAuliffe has not taken a side, the Post notes.

Two civil rights groups that oppose S.B. 552 say the bill goes too far, proposing less transparency at a time when the pressure to hold police officers accountable for their actions has ignited a growing movement demanding reform.

If the bill is signed into law they fear it will represent an unprecedented move, opening the door for other states to follow suit.

Supporters of the bill argue that officers and deputies could be at risk if their names are handed to the press. Despite a lack of evidence that the effort to target police officers is becoming popular in the country, Virginia lawmakers, like Republican Senator John Cosgrove, claim S.B. 552 will restore “a healthy respect for law enforcement” — something the senator says he seldom sees.

“Now,” Cosgrove says, “[police officers have] become targets of opportunity.”

Both the Fraternal Order of Police and the Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police worked on the bill with Cosgrove, which might explain the wording of the legislation.

According to the Post, opponents of the bill in the Senate — like Senator Chap Petersen, a Democrat from Fairfax — say the withholding of officer names will increase the occurrence of corruption within agencies.

Megan Rhyne, executive director of the Virginia Coalition for Open Government, also offered harsh words about the bill. According to Rhyne, police officers are paid by the public, so they “don’t get to do that in secret,” referring to the fact that the bill would also keep officer training information off the record. In her blog, she explained the position of her organization. SB 552 would “exempt from disclosure any information about salary — including name, position and job classification — for anyone in law enforcement,” she wrote.

To Rhyne, the House should not consider the bill because it “eliminate[s] the ability of the public to see how departments are organized, whether the number of employed persons falls within their spending and safety priorities.”

She continued:

It’s like a secret police force. A police force the public must pay for, but a police force the public is not entitled to look at with any scrutiny.”

Governor McAuliffe’s office reportedly hasn’t confirmed whether he will sign the bill if it makes it to his desk. In the past, however, the Democrat has “sided with law enforcement over civil liberties advocates.” Last year, he vetoed a bill written to limit the time officers may hold onto information tied to license plate readers.


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20 Countries Involved in IS Bomb supply Chain*

20 Countries Involved in IS Bomb supply Chain*

Note the countries that are not mentioned…

Over 50 companies from 20 countries, including Turkey, U.S. and the Netherlands, have produced, sold or received hundreds of components, such as detonators, cables and wires, used by Islamic State terrorists to build improvised explosive devices (IEDs), a major study has found.

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants have manufactured and deployed IEDs across the battlefield on a “quasi-industrial scale,” Conflict Armament Research (CAR), which undertook the 20-month study, stated in the report. Made of cheap and readily available components, IEDs appear to have become IS’s “signature weapon,” the European Union-mandated study has found.

The 107-page report said that many components that can be used in the manufacture of homemade explosives, such as aluminum paste and urea are actually not subject to transfer controls, including export licensing. As a result, their supply within the region is basically unregulated and weakly monitored. Other key components, such as detonators and detonating cord, are subject to export licensing, but are also commonly used in commercial activities, such as mining and industry.

“Licensing alone has not been sufficient to prevent acquisition by IS forces,” the research bureau said, adding that IS’s acquisition networks draw most heavily on lawful commerce in the countries that border their territory.

“Proximity is a major reason why the goods traded by Iraqi and Turkish companies appear throughout the supply chains of components that IS forces use to manufacture IEDs. Both Iraq and Turkey have large agricultural and mining sectors, in which many such chemicals and explosive components are employed extensively. At the same time, many small-scale commercial enterprises appear to have sold, whether wittingly or unwittingly, components to parties linked to, or employed by, IS forces,” the study said.

A total of 13 Turkish firms were found to be involved in the supply chain. “With 13 companies involved in the supply chain, Turkey is the most important choke point for components used in the manufacture of IEDs by IS forces. These components include chemical precursors, containers, detonating cord, cables, and wires, which Turkish companies either manufactured or sold in Turkey before IS forces acquired them in Iraq and Syria,” the report said.

The Turkish government has refused to cooperate with CAR’s investigation, James Bevan, CAR’s executive director, told Reuters, so the group couldn’t determine the efficacy of Ankara’s regulations regarding the tracking of components.

“These findings support growing international awareness that IS forces in Iraq and Syria are very much self-sustaining — acquiring weapons and strategic goods, such as IED components, locally and with ease,” Bevan stated.

The study also found that Islamic State militants were able to acquire IED components at an incredible speed. “The appearance of these components in possession of IS forces, as little as one month following their lawful supply to commercial entities in the region, speaks to a lack of monitoring by national governments and companies alike. It may also indicate a lack of awareness surrounding the potential use of these civilian-market components by terrorist and insurgent forces.”

The components were recovered during major battles around the Iraqi towns of al Rabia, Kirkuk, Mosul, and Tikrit and the Syrian town of Kobani. CAR gained access to the components through partners, including Kurdish YPG in Syria, the Iraqi Federal Police, the Kurdistan Region Security Council and forces of the Kurdistan Regional Government.

The report has also found that IS forces consistently employed the same electronic components in the construction of one type of remote-controlled IED used in Iraq. “Companies headquartered in Japan, Switzerland, and the United States manufactured the microcontrollers and transistors used in the devices.”

Seven Indian companies manufactured most of the detonators, detonating cord, and safety fuses documented by CAR’s field investigation teams. “Under Indian law, transfer of this material requires a license. All components documented by CAR were legally exported under government-issued licenses from India to entities in Lebanon and Turkey,” the report said.

The report’s authors said they attempted to contact the companies linked to the components, adding the firms did not respond or were not able to account for where the goods went after they left their custody. Companies from Brazil, Romania, Japan, Russia, China, Switzerland, Austria and Czech Republic were also involved, the report stated.


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How a Generation Lost Its Common Culture*

How a Generation Lost Its Common Culture*

By Patrick Deneen

My students are know-nothings. They are exceedingly nice, pleasant, trustworthy, mostly honest, well-intentioned, and utterly decent. But their brains are largely empty, devoid of any substantial knowledge that might be the fruits of an education in an inheritance and a gift of a previous generation. They are the culmination of western civilization, a civilization that has forgotten nearly everything about itself, and as a result, has achieved near-perfect indifference to its own culture.

It’s difficult to gain admissions to the schools where I’ve taught – Princeton, Georgetown, and now Notre Dame. Students at these institutions have done what has been demanded of them:  they are superb test-takers, they know exactly what is needed to get an A in every class (meaning that they rarely allow themselves to become passionate and invested in any one subject); they build superb resumes. They are respectful and cordial to their elders, though easy-going if crude with their peers. They respect diversity (without having the slightest clue what diversity is) and they are experts in the arts of non-judgmentalism (at least publically). They are the cream of their generation, the masters of the universe, a generation-in-waiting to run America and the world.

But ask them some basic questions about the civilization they will be inheriting, and be prepared for averted eyes and somewhat panicked looks. Who fought in the Peloponnesian War? Who taught Plato, and whom did Plato teach? How did Socrates die? Raise your hand if you have read both the Iliad and the Odyssey. The Canterbury Tales? Paradise Lost? The Inferno?

Who was Saul of Tarsus? What were the 95 theses, who wrote them, and what was their effect? Why does the Magna Carta matter? How and where did Thomas Becket die? Who was Guy Fawkes, and why is there a day named after him? What did Lincoln say in his Second Inaugural? His first Inaugural? How about his third Inaugural?  What are the Federalist Papers?

Some students, due most often to serendipitous class choices or a quirky old-fashioned teacher, might know a few of these answers. But most students have not been educated to know them. At best, they possess accidental knowledge, but otherwise are masters of systematic ignorance. It is not their “fault” for pervasive ignorance of western and American history, civilization, politics, art and literature. They have learned exactly what we have asked of them – to be like mayflies, alive by happenstance in a fleeting present.

Our students’ ignorance is not a failing of the educational system – it is its crowning achievement. Efforts by several generations of philosophers and reformers and public policy experts — whom our students (and most of us) know nothing about — have combined to produce a generation of know-nothings. The pervasive ignorance of our students is not a mere accident or unfortunate but correctible outcome, if only we hire better teachers or tweak the reading lists in high school. It is the consequence of a civilizational commitment to civilizational suicide. The end of history for our students signals the End of History for the West.

During my lifetime, lamentation over student ignorance has been sounded by the likes of E.D. Hirsch, Allan Bloom, Mark Bauerlein and Jay Leno, among many others. But these lamentations have been leavened with the hope that appeal to our and their better angels might reverse the trend (that’s an allusion to Lincoln’s first inaugural address, by the way). E.D. Hirsch even worked up a self-help curriculum, a do-it yourself guide on how to become culturally literate, imbued with the can-do American spirit that cultural defenestration could be reversed by a good reading list in the appendix. Broadly missing is sufficient appreciation that this ignorance is the intended consequence of our educational system, a sign of its robust health and success.

We have fallen into the bad and unquestioned habit of thinking that our educational system is broken, but it is working on all cylinders. What our educational system aims to produce is cultural amnesia, a wholesale lack of curiosity, history-less free agents, and educational goals composed of content-free processes and unexamined buzz-words like “critical thinking,” “diversity,” “ways of knowing,” “social justice,” and “cultural competence.”

Our students are the achievement of a systemic commitment to producing individuals without a past for whom the future is a foreign country, cultureless ciphers who can live anywhere and perform any kind of work without inquiring about its purposes or ends, perfected tools for an economic system that prizes “flexibility” (geographic, interpersonal, ethical).

In such a world, possessing a culture, a history, an inheritance, a commitment to a place and particular people, specific forms of gratitude and indebtedness (rather than a generalized and deracinated commitment to “social justice”), a strong set of ethical and moral norms that assert definite limits to what one ought and ought not to do (aside from being “judgmental”) are hindrances and handicaps.

Regardless of major or course of study, the main object of modern education is to sand off remnants of any cultural or historical specificity and identity that might still stick to our students, to make them perfect company men and women for a modern polity and economy that penalizes deep commitments. Efforts first to foster appreciation for “multi-culturalism” signalled a dedication to eviscerate any particular cultural inheritance, while the current fad of “diversity” signals thoroughgoing commitment to de-cultured and relentless homogenization.

We Must Know…What?

Above all, the one overarching lesson that students receive is the true end of education: the only essential knowledge is that know ourselves to be radically autonomous selves within a comprehensive global system with a common commitment to mutual indifference. Our commitment to mutual indifference is what binds us together as a global people. Any remnant of a common culture would interfere with this prime directive:  a common culture would imply that we share something thicker, an inheritance that we did not create, and a set of commitments that imply limits and particular devotions.

Ancient philosophy and practice praised as an excellent form of government a res publica – a devotion to public things, things we share together. We have instead created the world’s first Res Idiotica – from the Greek word idiotes, meaning “private individual.” Our education system produces solipsistic, self-contained selves whose only public commitment is an absence of commitment to a public, a common culture, a shared history. They are perfectly hollowed vessels, receptive and obedient, without any real obligations or devotions.

They won’t fight against anyone, because that’s not seemly, but they won’t fight for anyone or anything either. They are living in a perpetual Truman Show, a world constructed yesterday that is nothing more than a set for their solipsism, without any history or trajectory.

I love my students – like any human being, each has enormous potential and great gifts to bestow upon the world. But I weep for them, for what is rightfully theirs but hasn’t been given. On our best days, I discern their longing and anguish and I know that their innate human desire to know who they are, where they have come from, where they ought to go, and how they ought to live will always reassert itself. But even on those better days, I can’t help but hold the hopeful thought that the world they have inherited – a world without inheritance, without past, future, or deepest cares – is about to come tumbling down, and that this collapse would be the true beginning of a real education.


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130,000 Refugees Vanished after Being Registered in Germany*

130,000 Refugees Vanished after Being Registered in Germany*

Some 13% of all migrants who officially entered Germany in 2015 never turned up at the accommodation provided for them, Süddeutsche Zeitung reported Thursday. The news comes as Berlin tightens laws on asylum seekers.

The newspaper’s report is based on Germany’s Federal Interior Ministry’s official response to a request filed by the Left Party. The ministry provided two explanations for the phenomenon: the refugees either continued their journey to another European country or choose to live illegally within Germany.

According to Frank-Jürgen Weise, the head of Germany’s Federal Office for Migration (BAMF), there are as many as 400,000 asylum seekers within the country who have no ID documents and German authorities have proven unable to identify them, the head of the BAMF agency said in Berlin on Thursday.

Last year, Berlin was unable to expel all illegal aliens to the country responsible for them, which according to the Dublin Regulation is the EU state a refugee first entered.

Only one in 10 asylum seekers was returned to the country from which they entered Germany, and in 2014 it was one in five refugees.

The reluctance of other European states to take back the refugees is understandable: Greece alone has witnessed a 21-fold growth in immigrants in one year.

Out of the total of 45,000 so-called “takeover requests,” Germany filed to other states in 2015, only about 3,600 have been completed. At the same time, other E.U. states have “returned” to Germany some 3,000 asylum seekers, thus making the number of refugees that German authorities managed to distribute to other European states to mere 600, a tiny drop in the ocean of migrants that poured into Germany last year.

Germany has welcomed an estimated 1.1 million refugees in 2015, mostly from the Middle East and Northern Africa, of which about a half are either without official documents or have disappeared.

On Thursday, the Bundestag adopted new legislation, tightening asylum regulations. On Friday, German upper house of parliament, the Bundesrat, is set to hold a final vote on legislation aimed at making the influx of migrants more manageable.

The new laws would facilitate deportation in the event that Germany does not recognize an asylum claim. The rules for family unification are going to be stricter, too, with asylum seekers now having to live two years in Germany before being given the right to invite their family members to join them.


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