Trump’s Trumpet bringing America to Boiling Point, so what Would Happen if he was Elected?*

Trump’s Trumpet bringing America to Boiling Point, so what Would Happen if he was Elected?*

AP Photo by Charles Rex Arbogast

A good leader inspires, unifies, and earns respect… quite the opposite with. He would only succeed in fulfilling the NWO’s destruction of the U.S., if he hasn’t already…

By Ricky Riley

Republican front runner Donald Trump had to postpone a rally in Chicago as a wave of protesters let their collective frustration be heard.

According to multiple reports, Trump postponed the event as hundreds of protesters surrounded the venue. The Associated Press reported that “a large portion of the crowd inside the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion broke out into raucous cheers. Meanwhile, supporters of the candidate started chanting ‘We want Trump! We want Trump!’”

A Trump spokesperson had to come out on stage to announce that the event would be postponed fearing for the inevitable chaos.

The event was dominated by small scrummages between protesters and supporters. Black, white, males and females were engaged in physical attacks against one another.

The protesters consisted of Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and many more groups that have been targeted by Trump’s supporters and subjects of his dangerous rhetoric. These groups of people are routinely kicked out and assaulted at Trump rallies —but today was different. Since early evening their numbers grew and Chicago police began to remove protesters out of the venue one -by -one and within three hours the rally was postponed.

Trump said that Chicago police officials told him to cancel the event but CPD denies that.

Video shows some of the physical altercations:

In the aftermath of the various melees, five people were arrested and two injured according to reports out of Chicago.


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