Syrian Army Storms the Palmyra Castle*

Syrian Army Storms the Palmyra Castle*

Palmyra, is an ancient semitic city, on the old silk road..It’s interesting to note, that the Jews erected a massive Temple to the Jewish God Baal.

Baʿal (bet-ayin-lamedh) is a Semitic word signifying “The Lord, master, owner (male), keeper, husband”, which became the usual designation of the great weather-god of the Western Semites.[4] Cognates include Standard Hebrew (Bet-Ayin-Lamed); בַּעַל / בָּעַל, Báʿal (Hebrew word #1166 in Strong’s Concordance), Akkadian Bēl and Arabic بعل. In Hebrew, the word ba’al means “husband” or “owner”, and is related to a verb meaning to take possession of, for a man, to consummate a marriage. The word “ba’al” is also used in many Hebrew phrases, denoting both concrete ownership as well as possession of different qualities in one’s personality 

By Leith Fadel

Minutes ago in the eastern countryside of the Homs Governorate, the Syrian Arab Army’s “Tiger Forces” – in close coordination with the 67th Brigade of the 18th Tank Division, Liwaa Imam Al-‘Ali, and the Desert Hawks Brigade – launched a powerful assault on the Palmyra Castle (Qal’at Tadmur) that is currently under the control of the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS).

According to a military source at the T-4 Military Airport in east Homs, the Syrian Armed Forces are storming the western perimeter of this ancient fortress after launching thermobaric TOW missiles to weaken ISIS’ front-line defences. The thermobaric TOW missiles used by the Syrian Armed Forces are specifically used at the Palmyra front because they cause little-to-no damage to the buildings and ancient sites that are filled with ISIS terrorists.

If the Syrian Armed Forces are able to seize the Palmyra Castle, they will be in full control Jabal Qassoun; this mountaintop overlooks the western district of Palmyra and gives the government forces a geographic advantage near the Palmyra National Hospital.


From VT

The Fall of Palmyra

The ISIS drive on the ancient city of Palmyra has a special significance, according to documents seized on May 16, 2015 by Syrian Special Forces units in a near dawn attack on al Mayadin, along the Euphrates River.

The al Mayadin attack, simultaneous to an American attack only a few miles further north along the Euphrates, brought both nations a trove of vital intelligence.  Documents found on a laptop used by a top ISIS commander showed direct communications via “social networks” with Israel, but that isn’t all that surprising nor is it what is of real significance.  The message received from Israel had several startling elements:

  • Orders for the ISIS drive that took Palmyra came from Israel but also reference “the freemasons,” a group whose historical origins are tied to the Knights Templars, a religious and military organization believed to have discovered the First Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and to have looted its gold and artifacts.
  • The document orders ISIS to find and destroy the Second Temple of Solomon to be found in Palmyra, long the subject of “fringe” archaeology, and thought to be a mythological site built by superhuman beings or even extraterrestrials.
  • The document goes further, indicating that Israel will destroy the al Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam that has been under attack by Israeli settlers in recent weeks.The ISIS drive on Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage site and an incomparable archeological treasure was carefully coordinated with a drive that took the Iraqi city of Ramadi and a Turkish backed drive on Aleppo by Al Nusra.  All three operations were totally unhindered by U.S. and “coalition” air attacks, curiously so.  Moreover, reports from Ramadi of American C130 aircraft resupplying ISIS units have multiple confirmation despite US denials.  When questioned about this, U.S. Army Special Forces representatives blamed Iran for spreading the rumour as part of a psychological operations ploy despite the fact that the U.S. had previously admitted to “accidentally” resupplying ISIS forces near the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani.  The Kobani “accidents” happened several time over a period of days during the height of the battle there.

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