Olmecs: The People behind the Long Count were not Mayans*

Olmecs: The People behind the Long Count were not Mayans*

When did the break-up of Pangea take place? This may seem like an odd question in the context of things, so I’ll ask another question. With archaeological, and anthropological obsession with the origins of Caucasians, where were the different ethnic groups located during the great continental drift?

One of the tools of war is to destroy, remove evidence that a people existed in that location during ‘X’ period a good example is Jewish history. However they are masterfully in control. Another great example is the denigration of Black History, a successful campaign to remove any possible notion that they are capable of anything of importance.

A colossal Olmec head at Tres Zapotes, Mexico travel.nationalgeographic.com

By physically removing any example along with forced upheaval geographically, and psychologically, social engineering and the re-writing of history, Muslims, Jews and Christians, and indigenous peoples of the world have been made to do a great dis-service to the upliftment of humanity, with one ethnicity deemed the superior ‘race’ – a term that was invented by them to perpetuate myths.

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