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TTIP: Big business and U.S. to have Major Role in E.U. Trade Deals*

TTIP: Big business and U.S. to have Major Role in E.U. Trade Deals*

By Paul Gallagher

The European Commission will be obliged to consult with U.S. authorities before adopting new legislative proposals following passage of a controversial series of trade negotiations being carried out mostly in secret.

A leaked document obtained by campaign group the Independent and Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) from the ongoing E.U.-U.S. Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations reveals the unelected Commission will have authority to decide in which areas there should be cooperation with the U.S. – leaving E.U. member states and the European Parliament further sidelined.

The main objective of TTIP is to harmonise transatlantic rules in a range of areas – including food and consumer product safety, environmental protection, financial services and banking.

The leaked document concerns the “regulatory cooperation” chapter of the talks, which the European Union says will result in “cutting red tape for E.U. firms without cutting corners”. It shows a labyrinth of procedures that could tie up any EU proposals that go against U.S. interests, according to analysis by CEO.

The campaign group said the document also reveals the extent to which major corporations and industry groups will be able to influence the development of regulatory cooperation by making what is referred to as a “substantial proposal” to the working agenda of the Commission and US agencies.

The plans revealed by the document will give the U.S. regulatory authorities a “questionable role” in Brussels lawmaking and weaken the European Parliament, CEO argues.

Kenneth Haar, researcher for CEO, said: “E.U and U.S determination to put big business at the heart of decision-making is a direct threat to democratic principles. This document shows how TTIP’s regulatory cooperation will facilitate big business influence – and U.S. influence – on lawmaking before a proposal is even presented to parliaments.”

Nick Dearden, director of the Global Justice Now campaign group, said:

“The leak absolutely confirms our fears about TTIP. It’s all about giving big business more power over a very wide range of laws and regulations. In fact, business lobbies are on record as saying they want to co-write laws with governments – this gets them a step closer. This isn’t an ‘add on’ or a small part of TTIP – it’s absolutely central.”

Mr Dearden said it was “scary” that the U.S. could get the power to challenge and amend European regulations before elected European politicians have had the chance to debate them.

Referring to the imminent E.U referendum, he said:

“We’re talking about sovereignty at the moment in this country – it’s difficult to imagine a more serious threat to our sovereignty than this trade deal.”

CEO says greater regulatory cooperation between the EU and the US has already led to public health concerns – such as the E.U. failing to regulate hormone-disrupting chemicals and the recent Glyphosate relicensing controversy.

CEO claims that on both issues the Commission listened closely to U.S. authorities and big business despite the health threats posed by these chemicals to E.U. citizens.

A spokesman for the European Commission said:

“These accusations are unfounded and are not reflected in the E.U. proposal for simplifying rules for E.U. exporters. The text on regulatory cooperation will be published soon for everyone to see that this so-called analysis is completely false, presents a biased view of the European Commission’s work and ignores the reality of EU texts. Regulators – not trade negotiators – will continue to lead regulatory cooperation initiatives – both in the E.U. and the U.S.”

Explainer: The TTIP

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a proposed trade agreement between the E.U and the U.S, with the aim of promoting trade and multilateral economic growth.

The E.U says that the aim of TTIP is to help people and businesses by opening up the U.S to firms in the bloc, helping cut red tape that firms face when exporting and setting new rules to make it easier and fairer to export, import and invest overseas.

Anti-TTIP campaigners say the deal will increase the power of multinationals at the expense of democracy and the general good.

One of the main issues around the negotiations is that so many of the talks have been carried out in secret, with media leaks the only way the public is being informed as to what is happening.

The European Commission says that the TTIP would boost the E.U’s economy by €120bn, the U.S economy by €90bn and the rest of the world by €100bn. The trade deal is opposed by unions, charities, NGOs and environmentalists, particularly in Europe, with critics previously telling The Independent that negative impacts include “reducing the regulatory barriers to trade for big business, things like food safety law, environmental and banking regulations and the sovereign powers of individual nations,” or more critically as an “assault on European and U.S societies by transnational corporations”.

The European Commission says once a final text has been agreed it will be up to member state governments and MEPs to decide on the implementation of the deal.


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California Bill Seeks to ban State Contracts with pro-BDS Companies*

California Bill Seeks to ban State Contracts with pro-BDS Companies*

The worldwide Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement faces push back from a Republican lawmaker in California, who proposes a state ban on contracting with companies which support the successful campaign against the right-wing Israeli government.

BDS, which mirrors the anti-apartheid movement of South Africa, has become the target of the Israeli government and its global allies after costing the country’s economy up to $4.6 billion every year, according to estimates by the Rand Corporation.

Bill 1552 would require companies aiming to hold California state contracts to clarify they are not boycotting any member state of the World Trade Organization, which includes Israel.

Leading the bill, Republican Assemblyman Travis Allen accused the BDS movement of being “anti-Semitic” even though it is backed by thousands of left-wing Jews.

Allen said California and Israel would continue to have close ties.

“California and Israel have historically stood together as allies due to our unique bond founded on shared values, a bilateral trade relationship, and our unwavering commitment to freedom and democracy,” he said. “It is unconscionable for our state to do business with companies that play politics and boycott our critical allies.”

Israeli politicians have also voiced support for the California bill, including the Knesset’s deputy speaker Yehiel Bar, who said more states should oppose the BDS campaign.

BDS supporters have continued to push for Palestinian rights across the U.S. despite calls from Israel to stop the boycott.


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Jordan Bans Property Deals with Israelis in Petra*

Jordan Bans Property Deals with Israelis in Petra*

The ancient city of Petra in Jordan

Jordan has banned the sale and rent of properties to Israelis in the kingdom’s ancient city of Petra, local media report.

Jordan’s parliament passed the law, prohibiting Israelis from buying or renting real estate in the entire Petra region, al-Rai newspaper said on Tuesday.

The law, however, allows foreign investors to invest in areas located outside Petra Archaeological Park.

The legislation came as reports revealed that an increasing number of Israelis were purchasing land in the city.

The law was proposed by two MPs, Mahmoud Kharabsha and Assaf Shubki, as an amendment to the Petra Development and Tourism Authority law.

On Tuesday, MPs passed the proposal after describing Tel Aviv as their “enemy” and “the oppressing entity.”

Shubki said that he was seeking to expand the law to prevent Israelis from buying or renting any property across Jordan.

“Our national sovereignty is more important than foreign investments and I will work together with my colleagues in parliament to enforce the law in all the regions in Jordan and not only in Petra,” he said.

The Zionist enemy contaminates the Palestinian territories and does not respect any international humanitarian treaty. This law is a victory for the Palestinian people and it is the least we can do for them,” Shubki added.

Jordan and Israel have had official diplomatic relations since the signing of a peace accord in 1994.


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The Psychic Roots of Tyranny*

The Psychic Roots of Tyranny*

By Alex Vandenberg

…the final goal of world revolution is not Socialism or even Communism, it is not a change in the existing economic system, it is not the destruction of civilization in a material sense; the revolution desired by the leaders is a moral and spiritual revolution, an anarchy of ideas by which all standards set up throughout nineteen centuries shall be reversed.” – Nesta Webster, Secret Societies and Subversive Movements

145295531872588The signs of our collective insanity in today’s world are ubiquitous. Looming overhead like some ghoulish spectre is that dark era so powerfully portrayed by Picasso in his Guernica, what the Indian philosophers termed Kali Yuga and the Greeks called Iron, a sort of Saturnine eclipse. Intellectualism, doctrinairism, atheistic materialism, authoritarianism, realism, excessive rationality, collectivism- these are the hallmarks of our contemporary society. The Waste Land, as T.S. Eliot called it, or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World… a veritable desert for the soul.

Modernity is now home to a Reason that has usurped the throne of Spirit and declares itself the All. As opposed to using thought, thought all too often uses us. As a result, the stock market is now Genius, man towers over Nature, science walks stern and rigid, politics plays with extraneous inanity, economics races to the bottom, and orthodox, ecclesiastical religion signifies a spiritual death. The masses are always moving, never still.

Death, Degeneration, Corruption, Inversion, Perversion.

The temerity of reason now a splinter fracturing the psyche the gap of which grows greater with each passing day. For man is afraid to look in his own mirror.

65706-ben2bgurion2The Psychic Roots of Tyranny

It all started when patriarchy, like a blast of Luciferian light, burst onto the scene. With this dramatic event within the psyche of man the masculine, solar deities triumphed over the lunar, nature deities. Lilith tore out of the side of the Sacred Feminine as the subliminal, primordial darkness of Tao became suppressed. Thus opposed opposites were born. The Olympians had prevailed over the Titans. With this Man becomes man and God- the slayer is no longer the slain, the face of Christ turns asymmetric, the body spars with the soul, and the heart torments the mind.

Joseph Campbell, in his work Oriental Mythology, elucidated on the beginnings of this spiritual break when he relayed the following:

““And with the progressive devaluation of the mother-goddess in favour of the father, which everywhere accompanied the maturation of the dynastic state and patriarchy but was carried further in Southwest Asia than anywhere else, a sense of essential separation from the supreme value symbol became in time the characteristic religious sentiment of the entire Near East.  And the rising ziggurats, striving to reach upwards in tendance, while at the same time offering to the heavenly powers a ladder by which to come graciously down to the cut-off race of man, were the earliest signals of this spiritual break.”

The above sentiments, psychologically speaking, reflect a suppression of the unconscious (Mother Goddess) by the conscious mind (Father). Due to an overextended ego that has run off the reservation and forgotten its instinctual roots, a psychic split has emerged within the collective consciousness of humanity. As this gap widens between the opposites within (male and female energies), man becomes increasingly captive to neuroses he himself produces. Psychic epidemics, of which our modern day tyranny is one, proliferate and envelop the earth as our spiritual and moral values become a thing of the past. The world inexorably becomes an infirmary on fire as eternally sunny skies blind us to ourselves. In effect, when man amputates Nature he amputates himself. As Dr. Carl Jung conveyed in his often cryptic work Aion:

Loss of roots (unconscious instincts due to repression) and lack of tradition neuroticize the masses and prepare them for collective hysteria. Collective hysteria calls for collective therapy, which consists in abolition of liberty and terrorization. Where rationalistic materialism holds sway, states tend to develop less into prisons than into lunatic asylums.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson articulated the same when he imparted the following in his essay Nature:

“The reason why the world lacks unity, and lies broken and in heaps, is because man is disunited with himself.”

With this acute psychic imbalance comes the destruction of the organs that have hereto allowed us to integrate the unconscious instincts that sustain our conscious life. Those organs are the numinous symbols we have relegated to the ash heap of superstition. With this unilateral dismissal man becomes omniscient. The cosmos are no longer a map of the mind, nor does any Tree represent the transformation process; Nature’s hand is no longer a guide, the Macro no longer mirrors the Micro, no Serpent is the divine embodiment of wisdom, and the Earth has ceased to be called the Great Mother Goddess. Neither seeing deep nor far man becomes a shell of his former stature- an ant as opposed to an eagle. No longer a wonderworker even if he imagines himself to be so.

796a2-iuGods Suppressed are Demons

As intimated in the beginning of the last section, the old gods have been ruthlessly cast out.  And it’s precisely for this reason that we now feel a need to cast them out: gods suppressed become demons. Joseph Campbell gave us some insight into this in his work Occidental Mythology when he wrote:

“…..through the operation of a second natural law, namely, that gods suppressed become demons; which is to say, that psychological and sociological factors neither assimilated nor recognized by the consciously controlled system become autonomous and must ultimately break the approved system apart.”

Dovetailing with the above, but placed within a somewhat more intelligible and palatable psychological context, Dr. Jung notes the following in his stupendous work Alchemical Studies:

“We are still as much possessed by autonomous psychic contents as if they were Olympians. Today they are called phobias, obsessions, and so forth; in a word, neurotic symptoms. The gods have become diseases; Zeus no longer rules Olympus but rather the solar plexus, and produces curious specimens for the doctor’s consulting room, or disorders the brains of politicians and journalists who unwittingly let loose psychic epidemics on the world.”

We’ve now come round full circle with added clarity and insight. The Sacred Feminine or Mother Goddess or Egyptian Isis, is a feminine personification of the Unconscious Mind. She is the Matrix of Life itself, the Womb of Spacetime, that mysterious ineffable foundation from which everything arises and ultimately returns to. Her functionaries, administrators, attendants, guardians, or agents- the gods/goddesses of Antiquity- are parts of our innermost Self. They are the autonomous psychic factors, archetypal forces, contents, or instincts of the Unconscious Mind. When these gods/goddesses are repressed, they boomerang back in the form of veritable demons i.e. neuroses, psychoses, phobias, obsessions, and the like. The net result is a dangerous disconnect between the two minds the consequences of which have become all too apparent.

NWO FamilyThe Death of God

At the end of the day, the ultimate implication of our current conundrum could not be more profound. For the further humanity strays from the Self (epicentre of Unconscious Mind) the more the God-Image will fade which ultimately leads to the annulment of the human personality. Life then becomes completely devoid of meaning, purpose, value, and aim. A yawn of nothingness opens wide (Nietzsche’s Will to Nothingness) as humanity is swallowed by a sea of superfluity. Eventually, the chasm reaches a crescendo and an atheistic materialism results. Again, quoting Dr. Jung, this time from The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious:

“The danger becomes all the greater the more our interest fastens upon external objects and the more we forget that the differentiation of our relation to nature should go hand in hand with a correspondingly differentiated relation to the spirit, so as to establish the necessary balance. If the outer object is not offset by an inner, unbridled materialism results, couple with maniacal arrogance or else the extinction of the autonomous personality, which is in any case the ideal of the totalitarian mass state.

It is important to note that when Nietzsche made his pronouncement that “God is dead” he wasn’t flirting with some nebulous intellectual abstraction but rather stating what has become recognized as a psychic fact of our time. In the book Man and His Symbols, Aniela Jaffe writes the following:

“Nietzsche, whom Chirico quotes as his authority, has given a name to the “dreadful void” in his saying “God is dead”. Without referring to Nietzsche, Kandinsky wrote in On the Spiritual in Art: “Heaven is empty. God is dead”…….Dr. Jung also came to realize that this strange and mysterious phenomenon of the death of God is a psychic fact of our time. In 1937 he wrote:

“I know- and here I am expressing what countless other people know—that the present time is the time of God’s disappearance and death”. For years he had observed the Christian God-Image fading in his patient’s dreams- that is, the Unconscious of modern men. The loss of that image is the loss of the supreme factor that gives life a meaning.

d6dc6-1The Real Revolution: Bridging the Gulf

If we wish to circumvent the clutches of the global devil-doers and thereby save ourselves from the prospect of total enslavement under a nightmarish, hi-tech, neo-feudalistic technocratic world government, then we will need to address the issue of man’s malady of mind. Man is a giant but has been relegated to crawling on all fours. Overly focalized he peers out at the universe as if through a peep-hole. Conflating the “voice in the head” with his true Self he has mistaken the part for the whole. As a result of this self-imposed slumber, this monotheism of consciousness, this over-inflated Ego, the mind has been effectively pigeon holed and cut off from that infinite ocean of awareness and power. As Bruce Lee brilliantly put it in the opening scene of Enter the Dragon:

“Don’t think! Feel. It is like a finger pointing a way to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.”

Carlos Castaneda vexed in a similar vein in Tales of Power when he wrote:

…..we are luminous beings. We are perceivers. We are an awareness; we are not objects; we have no solidity. We are boundless. The world of objects and solidity is a way of making our passage on earth convenient. It is only a description that was created to help us. We, or rather our reason, forget that the description is only a description and thus we entrap the totality of ourselves in a vicious circle from which we rarely emerge in our lifetime.”


You are an Expression of the Infinite....The good news in all of this is that the future most certainly does not belong to the Occult Elite. The Ego, along with all of its apparently fortified totalitarian structures, is ultimately destined to dissolve. After analyzing over 80,000 dreams, Dr. Jung identified a sort of hidden, regulating centre that creates an imperceptible process of psychic growth—-what he refers to as the process of Individuation. This irrational life process goes on whether we like it or not and is embedded within the meandering pattern that unfolds over a lifetime of dreaming. In short, it represents the pushing of the Ego to the background so as to allow the Self to come to the foreground. And so, as the circles on the shamanic medicine wheel gradually spiral towards a Centre, so too are we spiraling back towards a mysterious epicenter within the Unconscious Mind. In the language of alchemy, the moon is circumambulating around the sun; the circle is being squared.

Pretty weird huh? Ironically enough, the word weird, as meaning “Fate,” is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘wyrd.’ It refers to a sense of an inward potentiality in the process of becoming with an approaching inevitable end. Thanks to the miracle of empirical psychology we now know what that end is: Wholeness. Nietzsche was right- Life is Will to Power. As the end of Goethe’s Faust runs…


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Winston Churchill’s Brutal Oppression of the liberty-loving Irish*

Winston Churchill’s Brutal Oppression of the liberty-loving Irish*

In his capacity as ‘Secretary of State for War (and Air), Winston Churchill establishes the Royal Irish Constabulary Special Reserve, which comes to be known as ‘The Black and Tans’. Churchill’s RICSR is a mercenary policing force recruited for the purpose of suppressing Irish independence.

Recruitment begins in Great Britain in late 1919. Thousands, many of them unemployed British Army veterans of World War I, answer Churchill’s call. By November 1921, about 9,500 men will have joined.

The nickname “Black and Tans” derives from the colours of the uniforms they wear. The Black and Tans become infamous for their arbitrary reprisals against the civilian population. In the summer of 1920, Churchill’s thugs burn and sack small towns and villages throughout Ireland — Tuam, Trim, Balbriggan, Knockcroghery, Thurles, Templemore and many others. In November 1920, the Tans besiege Tralee and closed all the businesses in the town. No food is allowed in for one week and three local civilians are shot dead.

Churchill’s Black and Tans enjoy some laughs in Ireland.

Irish villagers mourn the brothers Patrick and Harry Loughnane. They were kidnapped, tortured, and physically mutilated by Churchill’s boys

  • Churchill’s thugs are still remembered in song and films

The Black and Tans are suspected of abducting and murdering a Roman Catholic priest, Father Michael Griffin, in Galway, whose body is later found in a bog. In December, 1920, they sack Cork, destroying a large part of the city centre. In January, 1921, the British Labour Commission issues a report that is highly critical of the Churchill’s security policy in Ireland.

The actions of the Black and Tans alienate public opinion in both Ireland and Great Britain. The violence only stiffens Irish resolve while the British public presses for a peaceful resolution. Edward Wood MP, better known as the future Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax, a pro-peace advocate who would clash with Churchill during World War II, rejects force and urges the British government to make a generous offer to the Irish. Other Parliamentarians are also horrified over the murderous tactics of Churchill’s bad boys.

The King, senior Anglican bishops, and parts of the press become increasingly critical of the Black and Tans. Says famed Indian pacifist Mahatma Gandhi of the British peace offer:

“It is not fear of losing more (British) lives that has compelled a reluctant offer from England but it is the shame of any further imposition of agony upon a people that loves liberty above everything else”.

Due to the numerous war crimes committed, the reputation of the Black and Tans is still hated in Ireland to this day. One of the best known Irish Republican songs is “Come out Ye Black and Tans” and the Irish War of Independence is sometimes referred to as the “Black-and-Tan War.”

Amazingly, though the Black and Tans are still remembered and hated, Churchill’s direct responsibility – thanks to the sanitizing of Churchill’s record by the court-historians of Anglo-American academia – is mostly forgotten.  But facts, no matter how well concealed, still remain facts. The murderous Black and Tans gang was the monster-brainchild of the blood-thirsty bastard, Winston Churchill.

Headline, 1920: “Bloody Sunday” in Dublin; Twenty-Six Dead, 70 Hurt In Raids and Reprisals

The opening track for a 1983 album released by the Irish Rock Group ‘U2’ is titled “Sunday, Bloody Sunday”. It refers to the ‘Bloody Sundays’ of 1920 and also 1972


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Rapidly Declining U.S. Exports*

Rapidly Declining U.S. Exports*

By M. Snyder

Exports fell precipitously during the last two recessions, and now it is happening again.  So how in the world can anyone make the claim that the U.S. economy is in good shape?

On my website I have been repeatedly pointing out the parallels between the last two major economic downturns and the current crisis, and I am going to discuss another one today.  Since peaking in late 2014, U.S. exports have been steadily declining, and this is something that we never see outside of a major recession.  On the chart that I have shared below, the shaded gray bars represent the last two recessions, and you can see that exports of goods and services plunged dramatically in both instances…

And this chart does not even show the latest numbers that we have.  During the month of January, U.S. exports fell to a five and a half year low

The U.S. trade deficit widened more than expected in January as a strong dollar and weak global demand helped to push exports to a more than 5-1/2-year low, suggesting trade will continue to weigh on economic growth in the first quarter.

The Commerce Department said on Friday the trade gap increased 2.2% to $45.7 billion. December’s trade deficit was revised up to $44.7 billion from the previously reported $43.4 billion. Exports have declined for four straight months.

Because our exports are falling faster than our imports, our trade deficit is blowing out once again.  Every year we buy hundreds of billions of dollars more from the rest of the world than they buy from us, and this is systematically wrecking our economy.  Over the past several decades, we have lost tens of thousands of manufacturing facilities, millions of good paying manufacturing jobs, and major exporting nations such as China have become exceedingly wealthy at our expense.

We are being absolutely killed on trade, and yet very few of our politicians ever want to talk about this.

A brand new study that was recently discussed in the New York Times is bringing some renewed attention to these problems.  It turns out that the promised “benefits” of merging the U.S. economy into the global economic system simply have not materialized

In a recent study, three economists — David Autor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, David Dorn at the University of Zurich and Gordon Hanson at the University of California, San Diego — raised a profound challenge to all of us brought up to believe that economies quickly recover from trade shocks. In theory, a developed industrial country like the United States adjusts to import competition by moving workers into more advanced industries that can successfully compete in global markets.

They examined the experience of American workers after China erupted onto world markets some two decades ago. The presumed adjustment, they concluded, never happened. Or at least hasn’t happened yet. Wages remain low and unemployment high in the most affected local job markets. Nationally, there is no sign of offsetting job gains elsewhere in the economy. What’s more, they found that sagging wages in local labour markets exposed to Chinese competition reduced earnings by $213 per adult per year.

Another study conducted by some of the same researchers discovered that 2.4 million American jobs were lost between 1999 and 2011 due to rising Chinese imports.

When are we going to finally wake up?

The middle class in America is being absolutely shredded, and yet only a few of us seem to care.

Meanwhile, global trade as a whole continues to slow down at a very frightening pace.  We just learned that the China Containerized Freight Index has now dropped to the lowest level ever recorded.  The following comes from Wolf Richter

“The China Containerized Freight Index (CCFI), published weekly, tracks contractual and spot-market rates for shipping containers from major ports in China to 14 regions around the world. Unlike most Chinese government data, this index reflects the unvarnished reality of the shipping industry in a languishing global economy. For the latest reporting week, the index dropped 4.1% to 705.6, its lowest level ever.”

How many numbers like this do we have to get before we will all finally admit that we are in the midst of a major global economic meltdown?

Here in the United States, the recent rally in the stock market has most people feeling pretty good about things these days.  But the truth is that there are ups and downs during any financial crisis, and this recent rally is putting the finishing touches on a very dangerous leaning “W” pattern that could signal a big dive ahead.

Harry Dent, the author of “The Demographic Cliff: How to Survive and Prosper During the Great Deflation Ahead“, has shown that this leaning “W” pattern is part of a huge “rounded top” for the S&P 500.  The following is a brief excerpt from one of his recent articles

“The bull market from early 2009 into May 2015 looks just like every bubble in history, and I’m getting one sign after the next that we did indeed peak last May. The dominant pattern in the stock market is the “rounded top” pattern:

After trading in a steep, bubble-like channel from late 2011 into late 2014, with only 10% maximum volatility top to bottom, the market finally lost its momentum… just as the Fed finished tapering its QE. That’s because the Fed was the primary driver in this stock bubble in the first place!”

Now is not the time to relax at all.

In fact, now is the time to sound the alarm louder than ever.

That is one reason why my wife and I have started up a new television program.  It will be airing on Christian television, but it will also be available on YouTube as well…

As I have said before, 2016 is the year when everything changes.

So don’t be fooled just because the stock market had a couple of good weeks.  The truth is that global economic activity is slowing down significantly, geopolitical instability continues to get even worse, and this political season has caused very deep, simmering tensions in the United States to rise to the surface.

Let us hope that we have a few more weeks of relative stability like we are currently experiencing so that we can have more time to get prepared, but I certainly wouldn’t count on it.


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The U.S. is At the Centre Of The Global Economic Meltdown*

One-Third of U.S. Children Live In Poverty*

Russia to Ban Import of U.S. Peanuts*

Russia Bans Import of GMO Products*

Russia Bans U.S. Soybeans and Corn over Microbial and GMO Contamination*

Italian Court Upholds Ban on Monsanto GM Corn*

China Bans American Shellfish over High Levels of Arsenic*

China Destroys 3 US Shipments of GM Corn*

Fifth US Corn Cargo Rejected by China*

The U.S. No Longer Has Any Strategic Grain Reserves*

U.S. Computer Makers Lose Markets Courtesy of NSA Spyware*

Asian Bank Threatens the Dollar, so U.S. Threatens China*

A Bilateral Free Trade Agreement with U.S. a Slow Death*

U.S. Taxpayers Now Alone in Financing Ukraine’s Ethnic Cleansing*

Third Week of Strikes by U.S. Oil Workers*

Jimmy Carter: The U.S. Is an “Oligarchy with Unlimited Political Bribery”*

1980 Interview: How the Tax Exempt Foundation has brought about the Destruction of U.S.*

World Rushes to De-Dollarize Oil Trade Before U.S. Economy Crashes*

U.S. Classifying Bitcoin as a Commodity So It can be Taxed and Regulated*

Monsanto Reports $156 Million Loss in Q4 as Farmers Abandon GM Crops*

Monsanto, U.S. and Gates Pressure Kenya to Reverse GMO Ban*

U.S. Farmer Harvests a Profit by not Planting the Big GMO Lie*

Indian Government Cuts Monsanto’s GM Seed Royalty Fees by 70%*

Pro-Israelis Finance U.S. Police Training*

Of Course U.S. Government Controls the Drug Trade!*

Drop in Drug Trafficking Followed Expulsion of U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration*

U.S. Drug Company Sues Canada for Trying to Lower Cost of $700K-A-Year Drug*

U.S. Citizens March on CDC Headquarters to Protest Vaccine Corruption*

Retired CIA Agent Framed for Exposing U.S. Running Opium Trade*

Judge Calls for U.S. Marshals and FBI to Arrest Congress and the President*

U.S. Wasted $231mn on Failed Missile Defence Program*

The U.S. Spent a Half Billion on Mining in Afghanistan with ‘Limited Progress’*

U.S. Navy Just Spent $2.1bn on a Fancy Transport Fleet That Sinks*

U.S. Air Force Hires Private Companies to Fly Drones in War Zones*

U.S. Sued over $280bn Tax-deductible Aid Sent to Israel*

Puerto Rico the U.S. Colony Driven into Bankruptcy*

U.S. to Pay Iran $1.7bn in Debt, Interest*