Jordan Bans Property Deals with Israelis in Petra*

Jordan Bans Property Deals with Israelis in Petra*

The ancient city of Petra in Jordan

Jordan has banned the sale and rent of properties to Israelis in the kingdom’s ancient city of Petra, local media report.

Jordan’s parliament passed the law, prohibiting Israelis from buying or renting real estate in the entire Petra region, al-Rai newspaper said on Tuesday.

The law, however, allows foreign investors to invest in areas located outside Petra Archaeological Park.

The legislation came as reports revealed that an increasing number of Israelis were purchasing land in the city.

The law was proposed by two MPs, Mahmoud Kharabsha and Assaf Shubki, as an amendment to the Petra Development and Tourism Authority law.

On Tuesday, MPs passed the proposal after describing Tel Aviv as their “enemy” and “the oppressing entity.”

Shubki said that he was seeking to expand the law to prevent Israelis from buying or renting any property across Jordan.

“Our national sovereignty is more important than foreign investments and I will work together with my colleagues in parliament to enforce the law in all the regions in Jordan and not only in Petra,” he said.

The Zionist enemy contaminates the Palestinian territories and does not respect any international humanitarian treaty. This law is a victory for the Palestinian people and it is the least we can do for them,” Shubki added.

Jordan and Israel have had official diplomatic relations since the signing of a peace accord in 1994.


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