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U.S. Helicopter Failed to Rescue ISIL Leader in Yemen*

U.S. Helicopter Failed to Rescue ISIL Leader in Yemen*

A U.S. airborne operation to rescue a senior ISIL leader in Southern Zobab city in Ta’iz province failed after the Yemeni army and popular forces killed the terrorist commander, Arab media reports disclosed on Thursday.

“Abu Ayoub al-Ansari was killed by the Yemeni army and popular forces before the U.S. helicopter could rescue take him out of the battlefield, the Arabic-language media outlet,” Alalam quoted an unnamed military source as saying on Thursday.

Meantime, another ISIL leader, Abu Hameh, was also killed by the Yemeni army.

In a relevant development in early March, Ansarullah sources revealed that Saudi Arabia has hatched plots to assassinate the senior leaders of Yemen’s revolution.

“Saudi Arabia is plotting to assassinate leaders of Ansarullah movement and Yemeni revolution,” Colonel Hassan Zaidi, a field commander of Ansarullah, told FNA.

“Saudi Arabia is leading and supporting the terrorist operations in Yemen and wants to omit the leaders of Yemen revolution and it has masterminded the recent assassinations in Aden and Ta’iz provinces,” he added.

Saudi Arabia which has faced failure in Yemen after waging a one-year-long war against its Arab neighbor has now resorted to assassination of Yemen’s popular revolution to bring back its fugitive ally, Mansour Hadi, back to power, he continued.


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Swiss Firms Look to Profit from Halal Market*

Swiss Firms Look to Profit from Halal Market*

A Bern-based company operating for more than two decades has provided halal certificates to over 200 companies around the world

Swiss and European food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic firms must tread carefully if they want to tap the surging $1 trillion global halal market with products that are permissible under Islamic law. A Bern-based halal certification service is helping them meet the challenge.

The global market for halal products is booming: halal food is estimated to be worth CHF710 billion, with pharmaceuticals and medicine amounting to CHF130 billion (2013 figures), according to the certification service. By 2030, it is expected to grow by 20-25% in Europe alone.

A number of big Swiss and European firms are already active in this market, such as Merck, Nespresso, Givaudan, Emmi, Firmenich, Stella, DSM and Lindt. They have been ramping up their investment and expertise as they eye a fast-growing Muslim population that is forecast to add a billion people by 2050 with rising education and income levels.

Today, 85 out of Nestle’s 456 factories around the world have a halal product licence worth CHF5.3 billion, or 5% of its total sales.

To win over Muslim consumers, many Swiss and international companies are keen to obtain a halal certification for their products. But this can be a complex process, involving numerous regulations and rigorous assessments.

The lack of unified standards and agreement between halal certification organisations can also complicate matters.

Since 1994, the Bern-based Halal Certification Services company has been assisting “ingredients, food products, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers to cater the halal market needs”.

According to Mohammad Tufail, a Pakistani surgeon who founded the company, certification is based on a scientific definition: “any product that does not contain anything that contradicts Islamic laws”.

The company now employs over 25 Muslim food and nutritionist specialists and has provided halal certificates to over 200 companies around the world.

At its most basic, a halal product means food and drinks that do not contain any alcohol or pork.

“It is every drink which is unhealthy or which contains blood liquid or alcohol. Anything edible that is unhealthy or whose source is meat-eating animals, such as pigs, and other wild animals,” Jawad Alzeer, a professor at the University of Zurich and a certification expert, explains.

But it can also cover cosmetics, drugs and pharmaceuticals, as well as everything that enters a person’s stomach or body, regardless of their different forms.

Quality as an ethical standard

Granting or refusing a halal licence is not simply a religious judgment, but is based on ethical standards, mainly quality.

“For the product to be halal, it must be of high quality and must not pose a hazard to the health of consumers,” explains Dr AbdelHak Mansouri, a nutritionist at the federal technology institute ETHZ.

“Luckily, most of the halal certificates we have granted went to Swiss products, or products registered in Switzerland. This in itself is a guarantee of quality.”

Another ethical criteria is respect for the culture of the consumers and society. Halal Certification Services says it can refuse a certificate if a firm manufactures poor products or does not respect workers’ rights, or health and safety standards, for example.

The fact that Halal Certification Services operates out of Switzerland is a sign of its professionalism and has helped it stand out from the crowd, the specialists say.

Depending on the production process and its complexity, the certification team carries out one or more visits to a manufacturing firm, sometimes without prior warning.

There they assess whether the firm is able to ‘translate the concept of halal’ into objective scientific concepts and methods agreed by all, Mansouri explains.

Swiss expertise and high quality infrastructure have helped enhance the process and ensure its transparency and integrity.

“The advanced technology and sophisticated techniques help ensure the safety of products and the effectiveness of the assessment and the correctness of the decision based on it,” says Tufail.

Challenges on the horizon

Although they have expertise and a clear vision, Halal Certification Services still encounter numerous challenges and questions when dealing with the fast-changing environment of the global food industry.

For example, some people in western countries believe insects could provide an important future source of protein. But can you eat insects under Islamic law? The issue is still under debate.

And how can you prove that the tiny food particles that might end up in some food products came from an animal that was slaughtered in a manner compliant with Islamic law? This can be particularly difficult to prove when they are so small and undergo complex transformation processes before being used, says Alzeer.

Mansouri says future technologies may hold answers to some of these questions. In Malaysia, for example, they have found a way of analysing the proteome that can distinguish between the animals that were stunned before slaughter and those that were not. But he admits that such techniques remain extremely costly.

Halal-friendly Swiss tourism

Many Swiss hotels provide a wide range of services tailored to Arab visitors. These range from the recruitment of Arabic speakers, to rooms with a copy of the Koran and a compass-fitted prayer mat, or halal meals, particularly during the month of Ramadhan.

The number of tourists from Gulf States has risen sharply in recent years (+300% between and 2005 and 2015). They are no longer interested in destinations like Geneva or Montreux but also want to visit mountainous areas in canton Bern, or Zurich and Lucerne.

This growth is the result of promotional efforts by Switzerland Tourism via its office in Dubai, as well as services in Arabic on its website, MySwitzerland.

The Swiss Federal Railways also provides Arab tourists with family offers and free travel cards for children under 16.

Interlaken tourist office in canton Bern has seen an increase in overnight stays by visitors from Gulf States (8.5% of the total in 2013). Local partners provide special services and offers, such as evening cruises where halal meat is served, and skydiving with female instructors for Arab women.


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Swiss to Recognise Homeopathy as Legitimate Medicine*

Swiss to Recognise Homeopathy as Legitimate Medicine*

The interior ministry has announced plans to give five complementary therapies including homeopathy the same status as conventional medicine.

Homeopathy, holistic medicine, herbal medicine, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine will acquire the same status as conventional medicine by May 2017 when it comes to health insurance.

After being rejected in 2005 by the authorities for lack of scientific proof of their efficacy, complementary and alternative medicines made a comeback in 2009 when two-thirds of Swiss backed their inclusion on the constitutional list of paid health services.

As a result of the vote, these treatments are covered by basic compulsory insurance as part of six-year trial period from 2012-2017. However, they were all required to prove their “efficacy, cost-effectiveness and suitability” by 2017.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the interior ministry said it had come to the conclusion that it was “impossible to provide such proof for these disciplines in their entirety”.

They will thus be treated on a par with other medical disciplines, when it comes to health insurance.

The ministry plans to continue allowing reimbursements of treatment costs by compulsory health insurance, provided they are administered by certified medical doctors.

However, as is the practice for conventional medicine, certain controversial practices under these complementary therapies will be subjected to further scrutiny. The ministry has initiated a consultation process – open until June 30, 2016 – on the proposed modification of the regulations.


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Glasgow Police Will Visit People who Make ‘Unnecessary’ Social Media Posts*

Glasgow Police Will Visit People who Make ‘Unnecessary’ Social Media Posts*

By Ashley Rae Goldenberg

Glasgow police are warning people not to post unnecessary things on social media or else they might “receive a visit” from the police.

In a tweet Friday morning, Greater Glasgow Police wrote, “Think before you post or you may receive a visit from us this weekend. Use the internet safely.”

They also included a graphic of what people should “think” about before they post:

According to the graphic, people are encouraged to “#thinkbeforeyoupost” anything that is not deemed “necessary” or else they will receive “a visit from us this weekend.”

The tweet by the Greater Glasgow Police Department comes as Police Scotland issued a statement regarding social media comments made by an imam at Glasgow Central Mosque.

The statement from Superintendent Jim Baird of Police Scotland’s Safer Communities Department reads,

“Officers have reviewed all comments as reported to Police Scotland, and whilst it is appreciated that individuals raise issues that concern them, on this occasion no criminality has been established.”

Perhaps if the imam had posted something unnecessary on social media as opposed to simply praising a terrorist on social media, the police would have visited him.


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State Department Suspends Probe of “Top Secret” Clinton Emails*

State Department Suspends Probe of “Top Secret” Clinton Emails*

While the media goes into a frenzy every time someone is punched or maced at a Trump rally, or frankly any time Trump says anything out of place (and lately he has has had more than his fair share of supply), what according to many is the real scandal, is quietly being doused with the media obligingly looking the other way.

Moments ago, AP reported that the State Department has suspended its internal review into whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or her top aides mishandled emails containing information now deemed “top secret.”

Spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said Friday the department had paused the review to avoid complicating or impeding an ongoing FBI investigation into Clinton’s use of a private server while she was America’s top diplomat. She said the review would remain “on hold” pending completion of the FBI probe. The review could result in counselling, warnings or other action if findings show information was mishandled.

It will most likely result in absolutely nothing, and with the DOJ stonewalling the FBI probe which supposedly has 147 agents on the case, “nothing” is also what the ultimate outcome of any and all probes involving the future president of the US will be, something the broader betting market has also figured out.

An FBI spokesman did not immediately respond to request for comment in a phone call from the AP.


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Jeremy Corbyn’s Petition Calling for an Immediate Recall of Parliament Soared Past the 100,000 Needed*

Jeremy Corbyn’s Petition Calling for an Immediate Recall of Parliament Soared Past the 100,000 Needed*

Support for Jeremy Corbyn’s petition calling for an immediate recall of Parliament soared past the 100,000 mark yesterday amid a clamour for action over the steel crisis.

The Labour leader launched the official online petition after Tata Steel announced its plan to flog off its British operations on Wednesday.

In less than 24 hours it smashed through the threshold needed to trigger a debate in Parliament.

It states:

“David Cameron must take immediate action to act to protect the steel industry and the core of manufacturing in Britain.

“Join me in calling for Parliament to be recalled to hold the government to account as an urgent priority.”

The Prime Minister claimed yesterday that the government was “doing everything it can” to save the industry.

But Mr Cameron is refusing to summon holidaying MPs back to Westminster to debate the future of British steel.

Mr Corbyn said:

“It’s not good enough for David Cameron to stand by and say the situation is difficult.

“He should listen to over 100,000 people who’ve already signed the petition calling for Parliament to be recalled to debate this crisis.

“He must act now to protect the heart of manufacturing industry and take a public stake in steel.”

Without an early recall, the issue will not be debated for at least another two weeks, with MPs currently due to return on April 11.

Green MP Caroline Lucas has also written to the PM to demand an immediate recall of Parliament.

She said: “Time is now of the essence.

“Opposition parties need to collectively step up to the plate vacated by Tory ministers, and come together to formulate a plan not only for protecting the 40,000 jobs now at risk, but ensuring a long-term, low-carbon future for Britain’s steel industry.”

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey told Radio 4’s Today programme:

“This is an industrial crisis of enormous proportions.

“That’s why we’re appealing to the PM to take personal responsibility and to recall Parliament.”

The Welsh Assembly has already been recalled for an emergency debate on Monday following a request from Labour First Minister Carwyn Jones.

The highest number of signatures to the petition was from the Aberavon constituency which contains the Port Talbot steelworks.


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6-Month Old Paralyzed and Brain Damaged from Vaccines*

6-Month Old Paralyzed and Brain Damaged from Vaccines*

Many parents are desperate to find help in healing their vaccine-injured child. July Garza is a mother who felt vaccines were important and never could imagine the pain her child would suffer as a result of bringing her into the doctor’s office to get vaccinated.

At the tender young age of six months old, her daughter Cerenity was given eight vaccine doses that nearly ended her life. Cerenity went from being a completely healthy baby before receiving those vaccines to a little girl who now suffers from paralysis and brain damage.

Cerenity’s neurologist told her parents they didn’t have a good enough reason to stop vaccinating her, despite the fact that the vaccines she received are known to cause these serious reactions. Multiple doctors have insisted the vaccines had nothing to do with her injuries.

At a subsequent well child visit, the doctor then lied to the parents and injected Cerenity with numerous vaccines her parents didn’t knowingly consent for, against their wishes, leaving their child in worse condition.

Cerenity now suffers more than she already had and her doctor still insists she keep receiving more vaccines, threatening the parents that if they don’t continue getting her vaccinated, they will be dismissed from the practice.

This story is a reminder to parents that many of these doctors you are entrusting your child’s life with simply do not care about your child’s well-being if they are so eager to inject them with very toxic ingredients known to cause serious, life-threatening injuries, putting your child’s life at risk.

Cerenity’s parents will never allow their children to be subjected to any more vaccines again, as a result of what happened to their daughter. This family seeks help from us, in hopes to learn what they can do to reverse the damage these vaccines have caused in their child.

A Child’s Nightmare Begins at a Well-Baby Check up

Cerenity’s mother, July Garza, shares their story.

July writes,

“On 11-5-2012, my daughter Cerenity was 6 months old. Cerenity was a perfectly healthy baby with no health or development issues at all. She was crawling and sitting on her own by this time. She was due for her 6 month shots and on this day, we took her to one of the Harris County Free Clinics, the Antoine Health Center in Houston, Texas, where she was given the six month vaccines. 

She received the DTaP-Hib-IPV (5-in-1 combo vaccine), the hepatitis B vaccine, the pneumococcal Prevnar 13 vaccine and the oral Rotavirus vaccine, for a total of 8 vaccine doses. After Cerenity got her shots she started to be more fussy and sleeping more.

A month later, I went to work and she stayed with her father. Later in the day I got a message and missed calls from my sister, who also lived with us. She told me Cerenity was unresponsive in her arms, her head went back and forth for a moment and that she was not responding to anything. Her dad got her to react to him but she was stuck, like if she had a stroke or something. 

Her dad picked me up from work; we went to the emergency room across the street from my job at Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital. There, she had a fever, they did a CT scan and MRI, the doctor came in and told me and my husband out of 10 years of him being a doctor, he didn’t know what was wrong with my baby.

I was told they had no answers for us and that we needed to take her to the pediatrician in the morning and make an appointment for a checkup. I was so scared to even put her down. We were sent home with her paralyzed, which we weren’t aware of just yet. 

The next morning we changed her diaper and noticed she could not sit down on her own any more, she couldn’t move, she was paralyzed. I had already called the paediatrician to make an appointment, but at this time, instead of taking her there, I called the ambulance and she was rushed to Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital downtown, where she was placed in the ICU.

The hospital called CPS. At first, they blamed shaken baby syndrome, which was shocking, because she wasn’t ever shaken. Then they came back and apologized, saying the bleeding was from birth, that it was old blood and told us she may never walk or crawl. 

On 12-6-2012, my perfectly healthy baby was now laying in the ICU on a breathing machine. I couldn’t deal. It was awful. They had her in the ICU for 8 days and treated her with steroids. She was released on 12-14-2012. This is a picture of my daughter in the ICU. She had bleeding in her brain, ended up paralyzed and was diagnosed with transverse myelitis spinal cord disease. She was then sent home with little to no help that she would ever walk or crawl.”

This is a message July posted when she was in the hospital with Cerenity while she was in the ICU.

Cerenity Survived But Suffers Many Health Problems

“About a year passes. Cerenity continued to live with complications with her walking, not being able to feel her feet, she was falling often, had a lot of headaches and constant back pain.

She got ill and started to have episodes where she would stay stuck for 30 to 45 minutes. We couldn’t bend her and she couldn’t communicate with us.

This is how her hand gets stuck at times.”

“We Had To Take Her to Numerous Hospitals Desperately Seeking Help”

“We moved to Zapata, Texas. The doctors there didn’t know about Cerenity’s condition. Her paediatrician in Zapata told us to take her to Laredo, Texas. So we packed up and moved and ended up homeless. All of our stuff was packed in a broken down Chevy truck with expired stickers. We prayed so much, we just wanted to get our daughter help.

Once at Laredo Hospital, we were told they couldn’t help her, so they transported her to San Antonio, Texas, where in 2015, we discovered she has Chiari malformation. 

The doctors in San Antonio sent her home. We drove back to Houston, Texas, and had her admitted into Texas Children’s Hospital for another opinion and we were told she definitely has Chiari malformation and her neurologist also told us she has hypertonic dystonia.

We had to come back to Houston not knowing where we would live, but we needed her to see a good doctor because she would have episodes where she would get stuck for 30-45minutes and it was hard to see her go through that and not be able to help her. 

She was seen in many hospitals including one in Laredo, Texas, San Antonio, Texas, and Houston, Texas. The last doctors she had seen last year were at Texas Children’s Hospital in 2015 and her current paediatrician is at Texas Children’s on Wirt Road in Houston.

We have stayed here since, to make sure our daughter gets the proper care but the Texas Children’s Paediatric Hospital and Cerenity’s doctor aren’t really much help when it comes to her not getting more shots.”

Bullied Into Vaccinating Cerenity Further

“I hadn’t allowed Cerenity to get more shots since the 6 month shots, but recently, her paediatrician said that if I don’t give her more vaccines again, that I would be dismissed from their office.

My daughter never recovered from the vaccines given at 6 months but the doctor insisted we continue to vaccinate her, which my husband and I did not want to do. After Cerenity was given those 6 month vaccines, every time we went to the doctors, they would push for more vaccines.

My husband would ask them who’s going to be responsible if she gets sick or her condition worsens from further vaccinations they kept insisting our daughter receive. The doctor would get quiet and not tell us who was going to be responsible if something happened to her; she wouldn’t answer the question.

The doctor put her lips together and shrugged her shoulders and said ‘Sorry, it’s our policy.’ My husband would tell her that he is really worried about losing our daughter. They stressed the fact that they wouldn’t give her more than 2-3 vaccines at a time, if it helped us ease our worry.

On 10-22-15, the doctor gave Cerenity two vaccine injections, during that appointment. The doctor made me feel like I had to consent. We were bullied into vaccinating her further. They knew we didn’t want her to receive any more vaccines and the doctor told us she wouldn’t give more than 2-3. They knew we didn’t want her to get any, period, but she said we would be dismissed if we didn’t agree. These vaccines made her worse and we knew they would, which is why we didn’t want her getting anymore.”

“We Found Out the Doctor Lied To Us”

A few months later, the hospital denied me Cerenity’s medical records when I asked for them. They told me they won’t give me her records until I pay for them or have a doctor ask for them. I thought this was odd since this was a free clinic and I didn’t understand why they would try to charge us for her records. I went back to the clinic and finally, I did get a copy. 

Against our knowledge at that last visit, we found out the doctor lied to us. She did not tell me that they would be giving Cerenity the 5-in-1 combo DTaP-Hep B-IPV vaccine, along with the Hib vaccine. They told me during that last check-up that Cerenity wasn’t getting more than 2-3 vaccines because we were worried, but what’s on paper is what they gave her and proves she was given 6 vaccine doses. It wasn’t until February 2016 when I found out what they gave her, once I was able to get a copy of our daughter’s medical records.

I had no idea they gave her 6 vaccine doses until recently. I was angry and shocked! The people you think we could trust or supposed to be able to trust, regarding these doctors, it’s terrible what they’re doing, they are taking people’s lives. I know my daughter is a walking testimony.

This is a copy of my daughter’s vaccine record I received.”

“I Filed A Vaccine Exemption Because of What Happened”

“I felt bullied and didn’t know my rights. I wanted to find out as much information as possible to be able to exempt Cerenity from getting further vaccines because I know they will only harm her more. My husband and I felt so hopeless. We aren’t educated in this subject and didn’t know who or what questions to ask, since the doctors just push the shots and wouldn’t admit the vaccines cause harm.

I didn’t know I could file a vaccine exemption, which I have since done, even though my daughter’s doctor told me I wouldn’t qualify for an exemption. I did sign the exemption papers already and have received them in the mail. That is a huge weight off of my shoulders.

Cerenity is now a beautiful 3 year-old. Thankfully, she can walk, but has many complications. My baby has gone through a lot, from a perfectly born baby to now dealing with all of this pain. She didn’t ask for this.

Since she received those other vaccines, Cerenity has been more irritable. She deals with horrible headaches. She can’t play like normal kids without feeling frustrated; if she plays like a normal child her age, she starts to cry and hold the back of her head and back and says it hurts. Her vision has gone bad; she has to wear glasses now and her eye doctor said her vision is horrible. 

She stutters, she walks on her tiptoes and falls all the time, she wakes up every morning with back pain and cries every morning, she can’t hold her bowel movements some days, we’ve had to put her back in diapers. She has problems understanding when we tell her not to behave a certain way; she has communication problems. It is so hard to see her not be able to be with her sisters when they play. We have to take her out of events to rest, so she won’t get any episodes. 

The eye problem we just found out about last year. We are not sure how long she’s been having eye problems. We noticed she couldn’t find stuff that was right next to her, or in front of her. She would sit right in front of the television and squint her eyes, so I made her an appointment at my friend’s job and got her eyes checked and sure enough, the eye doctor said her vision is really bad.

Now we want answers for her. She deserves them, we deserve them. She’s 3 years old and she shouldn’t have to deal with all of these problems.”

“Cerenity’s Neurologist Said I Didn’t Have A Good Reason To Stop Vaccinating Her”

“Cerenity’s doctor says it’s all normal for her age, to be having all of these issues and told me if I didn’t start to give her shots again, they would have to dismiss her from the practice. Her neurologist doctor said I didn’t have a good reason to stop vaccinating her so I haven’t wanted to take her back there, either.

And the doctors want Cerenity on seizure medication; although she doesn’t get seizures, she has episodes where she gets stuck and can’t be moved though. We need the right help for her.

I’ve been stalling from taking her back to the doctors because they want to keep giving her the shots. The paediatrician’s office calls me over and over if I miss an appointment when they want to vaccinate her. I haven’t taken any of my kids back to those doctors. I’ve been stalling until I can find more information. I don’t want any of my kids to get any more vaccines. To me, doctors are who we are supposed to be able to trust, but doing so almost took my baby’s life.

I want my baby’s story heard so that others won’t make the same mistake I did. I wish I could go back in time and had never allowed her to get those shots. I feel as I took her chance of a normal life. We blame ourselves at times. It’s sad. I only wish I knew all of this before. Thank you so much for reading what happened to our family. I’ve been praying for some answers and for someone to listen to our daughter’s story.”

Vaccine Reactions Are Unpredictable

Despite all of these health problems that occurred after Cerenity received those eight vaccine doses when she was six months old, none of her doctors would admit the vaccines harmed her, even though the vaccine package insert to the hepatitis B vaccine alone lists many associated reactions Cerenity suffers from, including brain damage, vision problems, transverse myelitis, paralysis, etc. all of which started within one month of receiving those vaccines.

These reactions shown in the image could happen from receiving just one hepatitis B vaccine dose, so imagine how many reactions are associated with receiving eight different vaccine doses Cerenity received, as a developing baby. Vaccine risk information is easily found on any package insert.

Doctors Ignored Cerenity’s Health Problems Were Most Likely Caused By Vaccines

Many doctors don’t even know what ingredients are used in vaccines. Parents these days have to educate doctors on vaccine contraindications because most doctors simply have never even learned about them or ignore them.

Cerenity was diagnosed with having transverse myelitis. Transverse myelitis is a rare clinical syndrome in which an immune-mediated process causes neural injury to the spinal cord. The pathogenesis of transverse myelitis is mostly of an autoimmune nature, triggered by various environmental factors, including vaccination.”

Cerenity was diagnosed by her neurologist with hypertonic dystonia. Hypotonia is listed as an adverse reaction to receiving the pneumococcal Prevnar 13 and DTaP vaccines that were injected into Cerenity. Vaccines can lead to these brain and spinal cord injuries, a sign the child’s central nervous system has been damaged. Weaker muscle strength and muscle stiffness increases when suffering from hypotonia, leading to reduced ability to stretch one’s muscles, which can be very painful.

Regarding hypotonia, “Causes may include … poisons or toxins.” Vaccines are good sources of poisons and toxins, but the doctors keep refusing to consider these facts.

Numerous parents have informed the public their child suffered a Chiari malformation after vaccination. Growing evidence suggests Chiari malformations could be caused by an acquired brain injury, meaning the child is not born with it.

Brain injuries can be vaccine-related. Cerenity was diagnosed with having Chiari malformation (CM) Type I, a term used to represent nervous system damage in the part of the brain that controls balance. When injured, this can cause many symptoms, including toe-walking, commonly observed in vaccine-injured children.

Type I is the only type of CM that can be acquired.” This means Cerenity very well acquired this injury and was not born with it. The vaccines she was given were never looked at as the cause of her injuries, yet they are the most plausible cause of her condition, which occurred 30 days or less post-vaccination.

Girls are known to suffer Chiari malformations at a higher rate than boys. Doctors sometimes suggest surgery as the only way to correct this, but surgery often doesn’t help and in some cases, another brain surgery is advised. Parents need to understand vaccines can and do harm the nervous system, affecting a person in an unpredictable way, damaging their brain.

Some parents have informed us using cannabis oil on their child helped ease symptoms of Chiari malformation, which was preferred over a dangerous and sometimes ineffective surgery.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and vaccine manufacturers admit life-threatening allergic reactions and death can be the outcome of receiving any vaccine, but when these injuries happen, they mostly are ignored and are not reported. It could be a death sentence for Cerenity to receive any more vaccines, but her doctors don’t seem to acknowledge this obvious information available to them on the vaccine package inserts.

When you don’t have vaccine administrators tracking vaccine reactions, you cannot truly assess the safety of these vaccines. This is precisely why it is not accurate to make the claim that vaccines are proven safe. No, they are not, and they never have been. In viewing all of the associated adverse reactions and contraindications listed on the vaccine package inserts of the vaccines Cerenity was given, her reactions are a contraindication to receiving more of these doses and her doctors should clearly recognize this.

Helpful Information If You Plan On Getting Your Child Vaccinated Or Opting Out

Before you allow your baby to get vaccinated, find out ahead of time which vaccines the doctor plans to give your child and the manufacturer of those vaccines. Then, read each package insert, paying attention to the vaccine ingredients and associated reactions you will need to look out for.

Research the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) to learn how other children are reacting to these vaccines the doctor wants to give.

Research the types of vaccine exemptions available in your state or region. The state of Texas where Cerenity lives offers all three types of vaccine exemptions: medical, religious and philosophical.

There are vaccine rights attorneys who can further help you understand your rights to opt you or your child out of vaccinations. Seek out a vaccine rights attorney to help you understand your rights! One such vaccine rights attorney is Alan Phillips, J.D. He can further help you understand your rights to opt you or your child out of vaccinations.

Get a copy of your child’s medical records before leaving the paediatric visit when vaccines were given, because if a vaccine reaction occurs, these medical records can and do go missing to cover up vaccine injuries.

Don’t ever think you or your child won’t suffer a negative reaction. Most parents who lost their baby to vaccines or have a living vaccine-injured child never thought it could happen to them. This goes for adults, too. So, research this information ahead of time. It’s in your best interest and your child’s best interest to do so.

If you or your child suffers a vaccine-related reaction, you may have grounds to file a claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP). Parents need to become familiar with the guidelines to file a vaccine injury claim and learn about the time limits to file. The NVICP page has information to help you locate a vaccine injury attorney to represent you or your child, should you need one. The NVICP covers the cost to have them represent you.


There are many legitimate reasons why parents don’t want their child subjected to what is in any vaccine. We are outraged at the disregard for Cerenity’s life and what her family is going through. In a situation such as what happened to Cerenity, it is absurd doctors would blatantly ignore Cerenity’s vaccine reactions and tell her parents to continue vaccinating her.

We hope Cerenity will get the necessary treatment to heal from these vaccine-related injuries. If you have experienced a similar situation and have helpful advice to offer, please reach out to VacTruth, to get in touch with Cerenity’s mother, July, or leave a comment following this article. Thank you for your support! We want to see Cerenity get the help she deserves!

Three year-old Cerenity with the Easter Bunny in March 2016.



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