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Syria Grand Mufti: Rebels Offered Peace In Return for Concessions to Israel*

Syria Grand Mufti: Rebels Offered Peace In Return for Concessions to Israel*

By Jason Ditz

Orthodox Patriarch Kirill of Moscow meets with the Grand Mufti of Syria, Sheikh Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun (pictured left), in October of 2012. Hassoun recently accused the Syrian rebel alliance of offering to lay down arms in exchange for concessions to Israel.


In a new interview with Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen TV, Syrian Grand Mufti Ahmad Hassoun, one of the nation’s top religious leaders, accused the Syrian rebel forces of being in league with Israel, claiming they’d repeatedly made offers of a peace deal centred around Assad making concessions to Israel.

Hassoun said that since the civil war began in 2011, the nation had repeatedly received unofficial offers from rebel groups saying they’d end hostilities if the government agreed to a deal with Israel, including the expulsion of all Palestinian resistance from Syria, and cutting all relations with Hezbollah.

He went on to say that al-Sham was once “a vast territory extending from the Sinai desert to Hejaz desert and was not divided into a small state,” and that Britain and France had carved it up for political purposes, saying the Western efforts to divide the region continue to this day.

Hassoun went on to say that “40,000 Muslims from Europe are fighting in Syria,” complaining that none of them are fighting for the liberation of Palestinian, adding that several Muslim countries are fighting in Syria and in Yemen, but none are fighting for Palestine.


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E.U. Throws Greece and Refugees to the Sharks*

E.U. Throws Greece and Refugees to the Sharks*

By Felicity Arbuthnot

Hypocrisy, the most protected of vices.
— Moliere (Jean Baptiste Poquelin, 1622-1673.)

On March 18th the twenty-eight European Union leaders reached: “an agreement that has an irreversible momentum”, according to German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

From Monday April 4th, all refugees and economic migrants arriving in Greece from Turkey after March 20th, the majority Syrian and Iraqis fleeing for their lives, risking the perilous sea crossing in which over eight hundred have died, the risk being preferable to the dangers at home, will be returned to Turkey.

In exchange for this disgraceful human-beings-as-chattels deal, Turkey, which already hosts three million fleeing refugees, would see the E.U. speed the transfer of three Billion Euros in financial assistance, with a further three Billion by 2018. In addition Turkish nationals would have visa free entry to all E.U. countries by June – dependent on Turkey meeting an astonishing seventy two long outstanding EU criteria, according to Reuters (March 20th.)

However, as groups of desperate souls who have risked the unimaginable to arrive in the E.U. are being forcibly returned to Turkey with the casualness of shipping commercial cargo, the E.U. intends to take a refugee from a refugee camp Turkey for each person returned from Greece.

“At a time when Turkey is hosting three million, those who are unable to find space for a handful of refugees, who in the middle of Europe keep these innocents in shameful conditions, must first look at themselves”, said President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in a televised speech.

His point is certainly valid, especially as the desperate flight has been caused by actions and interference of some E.U. Member States with a British government implacably reluctant to taking in the displaced, yet always a murderous cheerleader for slaughter and destabilization in far away places.

Amnesty called the agreement “flawed, immoral and illegal” and “an historic blow to human rights.”

Greece, having been fiscally hung out to dry by the E.U., trying to somehow host and register countless thousands, is to be belatedly assisted in establishing “a task force of some 4,000 staff, including Judges, interpreters, border guards and others to manage each case individually.” Who is going to foot the bill as the country reels under E.U. inflicted penury seems unclear.

Moreover, the E.U. seems not to have done their homework – or perhaps they simply do not care. Amnesty reports:

“large-scale forced returns of refugees from Turkey to war-ravaged Syria” exposing “fatal flaws in a refugee deal signed between Turkey and the European Union …”

Research in Turkey’s southern border provinces: “suggests that Turkish authorities have been rounding up and expelling groups of around 100 Syrian men, women and children to Syria on a near-daily basis since mid-January. Over three days last week, Amnesty International researchers gathered multiple testimonies of large-scale returns from Hatay province, confirming a practice that is an open secret in the region”, but missed by the might of the E.U.? (Emphasis added.)

All forced returns to Syria are illegal under Turkish, E.U. and international law.

“In their desperation to seal their borders, E.U. leaders have wilfully ignored the simplest of facts: Turkey is not a safe country for Syrian refugees and is getting less safe by the day,” said John Dalhuisen, Amnesty International’s Director for Europe and Central Asia.

“It seems highly likely that Turkey has returned several thousand refugees to Syria in the last seven to nine weeks. If the agreement proceeds as planned, there is a very real risk that some of those the E.U. sends back to Turkey will suffer the same fate”, states Dalhuisen.

In the course of their research Amnesty found three young children deported back to Syria without their parents and the forced return of an eight month pregnant woman.

“The inhumanity and scale of the returns is truly shocking … Having witnessed the creation of Fortress Europe, we are now seeing the copy-cat construction of Fortress Turkey.”

Turkey with a per capita income (Gdp) of under $11,000 (UK $41,787; US $53,000+) has, however, been taking in Syrians fleeing the Western generated terrors since early 2011. Further, until early this year according to Amnesty, Syrian residents with passports had been able to cross freely at border points and those who entered irregularly, “the vast majority” were also able to register with Turkish authorities.

“Over the last few months though, Turkey has introduced visa requirements for Syrians arriving by air, sealed its land border with Syria for all but those in need of emergency medical care … “, according to John Dalhuisen.  Much of the E.U. has long sealed theirs.

Shamefully, it has long been forgotten that Syria was a generous haven for Iraqis fleeing the U.S.-U.K. onslaught of 2003. By 2007 1.2 million Iraqis had fled U.S.-U.K. enforced “liberation, freedom and democracy” to be welcomed by Syria – a country of just eighteen million – and been offered “care and assistance … in spite of the limited nature of its material resources.”

Iraqi children were assimilated in the free education system leading to the need for many more schools, as hospitals and clinics also needed to expand to deal with the influx. By comparison, Britain (population 64.1 million) under Prime Minister David Cameron, has finally condescended to take in a meagre 20,000 Syrian refugees – by 2020 – many whose plight his government’s plotting and bombing has helped create.

Jordan, population just 6.5 million, has taken in 1.4 million Syrians and has been hosting Iraqis since the 1991 blitz and subsequent twelve years of U.S.-U.K. bombings, then the 2003 invasion and subsequent ongoing bloodshed.

Lebanon, population 4.5 million, hosts over a million Syrians seeking safety.

According to “The E.U. covers over 4 million km and has 503 million inhabitants, the world’s third largest population after China and India”, yet with very honourable exceptions, the majority of E.U. countries have turned their back on a human tragedy of enormity.

Greece, of course, is carrying the can:

“We are expecting violence. People in despair tend to be violent”, the government’s migration spokesman, Giorgos Kyritsis, told the Observer.

“The whole philosophy of the deal is to deter human trafficking (into Europe) from the Turkish coast, but it is going to be difficult and we are trying to use a soft approach. These are people who have fled war. They are not criminals.” (Emphasis added.)

An example of the desperation manifested in a comment by Mustafa, a Syrian, with his wife and children:

“If they make me go back to Turkey I’ll throw myself and my family into the sea, we went from hell to hell.”

By Sunday night (April 3rd) it emerged that Frontex, the E.U. border agency, had not even dispatched the appropriate personnel to oversee the operation.

“Eight Frontex boats will transport men, women and children … back across the Aegean following fast-track asylum hearings. But of the 2,300 officials the E.U. has promised to send Greece only 200 have so far arrived, Kyritsis admitted.

“We are still waiting for the legal experts and translators they said they would send”, he added.


“Humanitarian aid also earmarked for Greece had similarly been held up, with the result that the bankrupt country was managing the crisis – and continued refugee flows – on very limited funds from the state budget.”

Peter Sutherland, the U.N. Secretary General’s Special Representative for international migration and development, is scathing:

“Collective deportations without having regard to the individual rights of those who claim to be refugees are illegal. Secondly, their rights have to be absolutely protected where they are deported to, in other words Turkey. There has to be adequate assurances they can’t be sent back from Turkey to Syria.”

The founding principles of the European Union include:

“the values of respect for human dignity, liberty, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights …”

It seems when it comes to Greece both the country and the refugees they have hosted against insuperable odds, have been thrown to the sharks.


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The Jewish Lobby and Lord Janner’s Catalogue of Child Sex Abuse*

The Jewish Lobby and Lord Janner’s Catalogue of Child Sex Abuse*

By Gilad Atzmon

The BBC reported yesterday “Lord Janner misled an inquiry when asked about his contact with convicted child abuser Frank Beck.”

The evidence is overwhelming that at the time Lord Janner was the head of the British Jewish community he was also fiddling with young kids and orphans.

“Police and prosecutors believe Lord Janner, a veteran Leicester MP, used his relationship with Beck to get access to children in the city’s care home system,” the BBC writes.

Lord Janner was president from 1978 to 1984 of the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BOD), a body that claims to represent the British Jewish community. Lord Janner was a tireless and prominent advocate, both in Parliament and out, of the campaign to win reparations for victims of the Holocaust and to bring those responsible for Nazi atrocities to justice. He lobbied the Thatcher government for the War Crimes Act 1991 (prosecuting Nazis). Janner was the founder of The Holocaust Educational Trust.  He was also a vice-president of the World Jewish Congress until 2009 and of the Jewish Leadership Council until 2015.

Is not time ripe for all these Jewish institutions to say a word in regard to the depraved conduct of their paedophile leader?

Shouldn’t the BOD that claims to represent British Jewry publicly express its regrets over its association with its past leader?

Shouldn’t The Holocaust Educational Trust disassociate itself from its founder now that it has been revealed that Lord Janner inflicted personal Holocausts on so many innocent British kids?


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Abuse and Missing Pupils Cover Up Revealed at Illegal Jewish Schools in the U.K.*

Abuse and Missing Pupils Cover Up Revealed at Illegal Jewish Schools in the U.K.*

By Carol Adl

The Department of Education (DoE) has been accused of “covering up” evidence that over a thousand pupils, unaccounted for in mainstream education, were actually being educated at illegal Jewish faith establishments in London.

Physical violence and sexual abuse of children is alleged to have taken place inside the premises.

The pupils had been moved to illegal Jewish schools operating in the London borough of Hackney and the evidence destroyed, according to an investigation by The Independent:

The Department for Education has been aware of the problem since 2010 but does not appear to have taken any steps to act against the destruction of these records.

An investigation by The Independent also found that more than 1,000 children are missing from schools in London and are at risk of abuse in illegal faith schools. The schools are ultra-Orthodox Jewish faith schools at which boys are placed from the age of 13, and where they receive no education beyond studying religious texts. A number of pupils leave school with little or no ability to speak English, and few – if any – qualifications or skills which equip them to work, or live independently.

Former pupils, campaigners and whistleblowers say that the schools have been operating in plain sight without government action for more than 40 years, despite the fact that running a non-registered school is a criminal offence, and physical violence and sexual abuse of children is alleged to have taken place inside the schools.

A redacted ‘Action of Note’ of a meeting between representatives from the Department for Education and Hackney Learning Trust reveals that both bodies have been aware of the issue for at least six years. Hackney Learning Trust is a private company in Hackney Council’s Children and Young People’s Service, which describes itself as having responsibility for the council’s “entire education function”. At a meeting in May 2010, the issue of ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools operating illegally in Hackney was raised. The Trust’s own ‘Action of Note’ of the meeting record authorities admitting at this meeting that they destroyed evidence of the abuse at the request of Jewish schools.

In Hackney (Teri Pengilley)


In the meeting, Trust representatives discussed that in an attempt to track the whereabouts of Jewish children when they go missing from education records, they had asked legal Jewish state schools to inform them when a child was taken away by their parents to attend an illegal one instead. A Trust representative says that although they were initially able to receive evidence tracking the missing children in this way which could have enabled them to act and protect children, some of the schools threatened legal action against the Trust and that they subsequently backed down and agreed to destroy all evidence it collected on the issue.

The ‘Action of Note’ records that a senior Department for Education staff member was present at the meeting and had agreed to inform the Department of all that was discussed. However, despite this, it appears that the Department of Education did not raise any objections to Hackney Learning Trust destroying evidence of children being placed in illegal schools, nor did they take any steps to intervene or act against the destruction of these records.

Furthermore, The Independent can also reveal data analysis of the Government’s own records which show that more than 1,000 Jewish boys are currently missing from the education system in the London Borough of Hackney, and that thousands more have disappeared over the course of decades.

Campaigners and whistleblowers say that the Department of Education and Hackney Council have both refused to take these concerns seriously for decades, resulting in thousands of lost children over generations.

Former pupils, whistleblowers and campaigners have told The Independent that the boys, who belong to ultra-Orthodox Jewish families, are taken out of the schooling system by the age of 13. After this age, they attend extremely strict faith schools where lessons are conducted in Yiddish, speaking English is banned, physical beating occurs and children are encouraged to enter arranged marriages upon turning 18.

Data analysis by the British Humanist Association (BHA) reveals that the Government’s own records show that thousands of Jewish boys drop off records of registered school children. Currently, more than 1,100 children are missing from these records in London.

Campaigners say that the boys often start off in legal, state primary schools along with their sisters.

However, their religious beliefs are that boys should dedicate their lives to intense study of religious texts exclusively once they reach their Bar Mitzvah age of around 13. Daughters are not expected to undergo the same education because it is not seen as theologically important for women to have a deep understanding of religious texts when their primary role is looking after their families and the home, and so girls largely remain in legal, state schools.

Children seen arriving at a building in Stamford Hill, Hackney



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1,400 People Have Vanished from U.S. National Parks*

1,400 People Have Vanished from U.S. National Parks*


Over 1,400 people have vanished into the National Parks of North America, some without a trace and many, under very anomalous circumstances, with their clothes folded neatly and simply left behind.

One photographer appears to have melted into place, as he sat on a log in a completely improbable location.

This trailer gives an overview of this new phenomenon, where 2013 saw more disappearances than the past 27 years combined. It includes interviews with Peabody Award-winning journalist, George Knapp, professional survivalists, local journalists, as well as the family members of those who were left behind, with no closure about their missing toddlers, husbands, parents – and an apparent cover-up of these events by the National Parks System, which does not keep records about these vanishings and with the Park Rangers acting extremely cagey.

Most of those vanished are children, from 2 to 12 years of age – and the elderly, 74 to 85 years of age. Many are found in places that would be impossible for them to get there on their own. Of the 50% of children found alive, most won’t speak of the experience or don’t remember it and they’re usually discovered running a slight fever – but in all cases, they were walking right behind their parents, wearing bright-coloured clothes.

When found without the shoes they were wearing, their feet are clean and don’t look as if they’ve barely touched the ground.

One man was told by Park Rangers of his missing grandchild, “He’s OK. We just can’t find him.”

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