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I quit my job to farm watermelons, now I’m making millions*

I quit my job to farm watermelons, now I’m making millions*

By Musah Idriss

After graduating from Egerton University in 2007 with a degree in biomedical science, Annie Nyaga expected to land a job soon after and scale the ladder in her career.

She got a job as a purchasing assistant at a firm in Nairobi, but quit after six months because it was boring.

She turned to farming, which was what her parents had been doing for years at their home in Mbeere, Embu County.

It has been six years since Annie, 28, went into watermelon farming, a business that has brought her great joy.

“I settled for watermelons because they do very well in Mbeere. They are high-yielding, mature faster and do well in the market,” says Annie who farms under the trade name Farm2Home.

She started growing the fruit on her parents’ three-acre farm with a capital outlay of Sh20,000.

Irrigation System

She used the money to buy seeds, but soon realised that she needed more to invest in a proper drip irrigation system.

“I did trial runs with seeds from different companies before I discovered that hybrid seeds produce the highest yield.”

She plants the seeds in a nursery before transferring the seedlings to the farm after three weeks.

“The whole process, from nursery to harvest, takes about three months depending on the climate and the variety of watermelons as some mature early,” she says.

According to her, watermelons require a lot of water especially at fruit-formation stage.

The farmer has invested in a drip irrigation system that includes water pumps, hand spraying guns and pipes. She bought the equipment from the profit she made on her first harvest.

Cost of Seeds

“Lack of adequate water leads to low-quality fruit. If one has water problems, then drip irrigation is the best alternative,” she says

However, installing a proper drip system is costly, particularly for small-scale-farmers.

“A drip system costs Sh200,000 per acre. This may not be affordable to many farmers,” she says.

The option for small-scale farmers is to partially irrigate the crop and plan for the fruit-formation stage to coincide with the rainy season.

“This means you plant seeds two to three weeks before the start of rains,” Annie says with a smile.

Watermelons, she says, yield high returns. She invests between Sh80,000 and Sh100,000 per acre. This covers cost of seeds, labour, chemicals, irrigation, salaries and fertiliser.

With good management, one can harvest 30 to 40 tonnes per acre.

Prices vary according to market forces. This poses a huge challenge to farmers, who find themselves at the mercy of middlemen.

Depending on the season, a kilo of watermelon goes for between Sh15 and Sh35.

“Middlemen usually take advantage of desperate farmers, especially those who get high yields but find no market. Lack of ideal market linkages for farmers means brokers dictate farm prices,” she says

But this does not stop her from dealing with brokers, who buy most of harvest. The trick, she says, lies in knowing the market price.

During her last harvest, She harvested 30 tonnes and sold to brokers at Sh28 per kilo, making gross sales of Sh840,000 in three months. If you take away expenses, Annie raked in a profit of at least Sh600,000. Her next harvest is in July.

“I do not know how I would be fairing now if I had stuck to my purchasing job. Going into farming was a good decision,” she notes.

Annie wants Kenyans to change their attitude towards farming. To many, she says, a farmer is an old and uneducated person.

“This mental picture has to change. Agriculture is diverse and interesting and young people ought to view it differently if we are to develop.”

She challenges the government and counties to invest heavily in agriculture to make it a viable option for income generation. Students should be encouraged to see agriculture as a career from a tender age.

“I am a living proof that farming pays and can be done by anyone. Farming is a profession of hope. To those interested in farming never ever give up,” she concludes.


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‘Up All Night’ Protests Sweep France as 100,000 Join Pro-Democracy Movement*

‘Up All Night’ Protests Sweep France as 100,000 Join Pro-Democracy Movement*

By Lauren McCauley

For twelve nights, protesters have occupied central Paris, and beyond, as part of the burgeoning Nuit Debout (or ‘Up All Night’) movement. Over the weekend protests were held in 60 cities across France, Germany, and Spain. (Photo: Nuit Debout/ Facebook)

‘This movement was not born and will not die in Paris…It has no limit, no border and it belongs to all of those who wish to be part of it.’

A police crackdown will not deter France’s burgeoning Nuit Debout (or ‘Up All Night’) movement that has swept across the country in recent weeks as the unifying call for change sparked protests in over 50 cities this weekend.

Riot police early Monday cleared the encampment in the Place de la Republique in central Paris after 11 nights of protest, but demonstrators have vowed to maintain their nightly vigil.

Demonstrations this weekend were held in as many as 60 cities and towns across France as well as in Belgium, Germany, and Spain, according to reports, as an estimated 120,000 protested against austerity, globalization, increasing inequality, privatization, and the continent’s severe anti-migrant policies.

‘This movement was not born and will not die in Paris…It has no limit, no border and it belongs to all of those who wish to be part of it.’

A police crackdown will not deter France’s burgeoning Nuit Debout (or ‘Up All Night’) movement that has swept across the country in recent weeks as the unifying call for change sparked protests in over 50 cities this weekend.

Riot police early Monday cleared the encampment in the Place de la Republique in central Paris after 11 nights of protest, but demonstrators have vowed to maintain their nightly vigil.

Demonstrations this weekend were held in as many as 60 cities and towns across France as well as in Belgium, Germany, and Spain, according to reports, as an estimated 120,000 protested against austerity, globalization, increasing inequality, privatization, and the continent’s severe anti-migrant policies.

This is what democracy looks like! Thousands in the general assembly discussing social justice.

— Take the square (@takethesquare) April 10, 2016

This photo of #NuitDebout protests in Paris blows my mind! Next week London..

What began as a rebuke of the state’s anti-labour policies has grown into a nation-wide pro-democracy movement that has been likened to the Indignados movement in Spain, or the Occupy protests in the United States.

Reporting on the movement’s origins, the Guardian‘s Angelique Chrisafis writes from Paris:

“It began on 31 March with a night-time sit-in in Paris after the latest street demonstrations by students and unions critical of President François Hollande’s proposed changes to labour laws. But the movement and its radical nocturnal action had been dreamed up months earlier at a Paris meeting of leftwing activists.

“There were about 300 or 400 of us at a public meeting in February and we were wondering how can we really scare the government? We had an idea: at the next big street protest, we simply wouldn’t go home,” said Michel, 60, a former delivery driver. Protesters debate issues such as national security, housing and proposed changes to French labour law.

“On 31 March, at the time of the labour law protests, that’s what happened. There was torrential rain, but still everyone came back here to the square. Then at 9pm, the rain stopped and we stayed. We came back the next day and as we keep coming back every night, it has scared the government because it’s impossible to define.

“There’s something here that I’ve never seen before in France – all these people converge here each night of their own accord to talk and debate ideas – from housing to the universal wages, refugees, any topic they like. No one has told them to, no unions are pushing them on – they’re coming of their own accord.”

In a bid to appease the predominantly youth protesters, the French government on Monday announced €400-500 million in new student aid in the form of “subsidies for young graduates looking for a job and other aid for apprentices and students,” Reuters reports.

But that may not be enough as another protest has been announced for Monday evening.

For months, ideological tensions have been on the brink of combustion across France and greater Europe, particularly in response to the European Union’s unpopular austerity economics and, more recently, the anti-migrant policies that have taken hold amid the larger crackdown on rights following the bombings in Brussels and Paris.

Meanwhile, observers are connecting France’s leftist upsurge with similar pro-democracy movements taking hold across Europe and the United States.

— Michael Oman-Reagan (@OmanReagan) April 10, 2016

Imagine if #BlackLivesMatter, #Occupy, #NuitDebout, #Iceland, #London, Bernie’s folks, etc. all come together in global solidarity.

— Michael Oman-Reagan (@OmanReagan) April 10, 2016


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Netanyahu, 9/11 Black Op and Bernie Sanders*

Netanyahu, 9/11 Black Op and Bernie Sanders*

By Tom Heneghan

It can now be reported that the Joint U.S-French Intelligence Task Force, operating on American soil for over 200 years, have issued an arrest warrant, along with a European Red Notice, for NAZI Jew current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reference his direct role in the 9/11 Black Op attack on the United States aka NAZI George W. Bush FRAUD’s Adolf Hitler-style Reichstag Fire, along with the Israeli MOSSAD’s direct connection to the NAZI German George W. Bush FRAUD 9/11 Hamburg, Germany Kurt Becker terror cell that is directly financed by the NAZI-Zionist German Deutsche Bank and is responsible for the terrorist attacks in both France and Belgium.

We can now also divulge that the recent arrest of the terror suspect in Belgium known as “the man in the hat” has revealed during interrogation a connection to both British and Israeli Intelligence.

Netanyahu has also been fingered for playing a direct role with Baypoint School in Boca Raton, Florida, which was an NSA-Israeli MOSSAD-CIA operation that corrupted the Voters News Service in the coup d’ etat aka the overthrow of the year 2000 presidential election.

At this hour, the arrest warrants and the European Red Notice have been amended to also include an arrest warrant for Netanyahu aka issuing a “blood libel” reference an assassination threat against current Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

The threat against Senator Sanders by the gestapo Israelis was triggered when Sanders announced an upcoming trip to the Vatican to meet with the Roman Catholic Pope Francis.

In closing, direct message to the American People:

At this hour, the legendary U.S. Military Michigan and Tennessee Flag Officers remain enraged as year 2000 illegal occupant, little bitch George W. Bush FRAUD and current alleged U.S. President foreign born Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro and current Democratic presidential candidate NAZI Jew Benjamin Netanyahu stooge, Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, continue high level blackmail against each other reference massive financial money laundry involving STOLEN U.S. Treasury funds, along with HOT Satanic homosexual sex that took place involving the three aforementioned individuals.

Reference: Victor Ashe, Jeff Gannon, Larry Sinclair, Huma Abedin, and Susan Thomas.

The day of reckoning is now right around the corner!

Read on >>>

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How the Left has taken Down the Family, Marriage, and the Nation*

How the Left has taken Down the Family, Marriage, and the Nation*

By Stephanie Block

In a June 2015 interview, Dr. Paul Kengor described his book Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage as detailing “the far left’s quest to redefine, and in some cases outright abolish, the traditional family and marriage from the 1800s to today. It notes that gay marriage is serving as a Trojan horse for the far left to secure the takedown of marriage it has long wanted, and countless everyday Americans are oblivious to these older, deeper, destructive forces long at work. The typical gay-marriage advocate is not aware of this much older and more sinister ideological history.”

The sorry, sordid history of Marxism’s progressive grasp of U.S. institutions twines its rapid moral decline like a noose.  Proponents of redefining marriage may not particularly care where it’s ideological roots reach – nor is our cultural collapse solely the work of leftwing political forces – but the rapid, revolutionary transformation of mainstreams beliefs and attitudes is no accident.

Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage. Author: Dr. Paul G. Kengor

Kengor begins by examining Marx’s sanguine conviction that the dissolution of bourgeois  marriage was an historical certainty.  This was desirable as well as inevitable as the root of social problems was the child’s antisocial education within his family.  The work of John Dewy, upon which the Soviet education system is grounded, and numerous other “progressive” education philosophers of the era supported the idea.  One wrote that it was the task of the educator to take “bigoted, homophobic religious fundamentalist” students and assure that they left college “with views more like our own.” (p 25, quoting Richard Rorty)

This educational “accomplishment” required destabilization of the family.  In the Soviet Union, this meant lifting the Russian Orthodox Church’s longstanding prohibition against divorce.  In the name of “women’s rights,” Communist Cuba enacted divorce laws and opened abortion clinics;  Red China established a one-child policy, brought all of its potential labour into “full employment”, and placed the children into day nurseries.

In the United States, many of the early 20th century “progressives” were surprising staid in their relationship to traditional marriage.  There were important exceptions, of course – one being Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood who was a great admirer of the “free love” movement and a rabid eugenicist who saw birth control and sterilization as a way of pruning “the dead weight of human waste.” (p 55, quoted Sanger)

These ideas – birth control, unfettered access to abortion, divorce, relaxed sexual constraints, “social” education, early childhood education, etc., and the re-educated moral sensibilities that permit their acceptance – go hand in hand.  They are the salient components of a broader utopian vision and, as such, must be realized along with economic “reforms” and restricted governance if they are to be effective.

Communism’s imposed these ideas by using force and fear.  It was successful but also created martyrs and reactionaries.  In the United States and Western Europe, socialism has attempted a persuasive approach – not in the rhetorical sense of providing a convincing argument but in the calculated sense of making diverse opinions socially “uncomfortable.”

Community organizer Barack Obama runs for Illinois State Senate


“[R]evolutionary communists would have absolutely loved this radical rupture in the culture.  They would have admired not so much the demonization, which they could do better than anyone, but the astonishing reality that everyday non-communist Americans are doing the demonizing without them.  They could never have counted on such support in the past.  Now they are getting it compliments not of the public agreeing with them, the communists, on, say, abolition of all rights of inheritance or Stalin’s objectives in Berlin, but through this completely odd and unexpected modern phenomenon called ‘gay marriage’.” (p 183)

The advances of radical feminism and homosexualism, culminating with total redefinition of “marriage” and “gender,” are both goals in their own right and stepping stones toward permeating every American institution with “The Revolution.” (p. 135, quoting Malory Millet) “Smashing monogamy,” to use the term coined by many 60s reformers, therefore, isn’t just about sexual license but about bringing down one social order so that can then be replaced by another.


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