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IRS Agent Admits Income Tax is Unconstitutional and Illegal*

IRS Agent Admits Income Tax is Unconstitutional and Illegal*

By Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Friday 15th April was tax day in America, where millions of Americans file their returns with the IRS so as to avoid being prosecuted for ‘illegally’ witholding tax. 

However, an IRS agent has recently come forward and admitted that not only is income tax fundamentally unconstitutional, but it is also illegal for the agency to demand that citizens pay it. reports:

Moreover, the spending by the Federal government and the role of the Federal Reserve in issuing money create overlapping levels of evil that have driven the American people into mere serfs – albeit with cool toys and great TV reception.

Former IRS Special Agent Joe Bannister explains to CNBC what he found out about the reality of the tax code:

Essentially, its many pages are a work of legal fiction, operating under ‘colour of law’ and used to oppress the people, and separate established wealth from everyone else.

Bannister argues that by the books, the incomes of most Americans are not subject to the tax code, but the use of intimidation and nebulous code language has prevented the vast majority from discovering the truth.

In this vintage clip, then-Congressman Ron Paul argues that the 16th Amendment wasn’t properly ratified, leaving the 1913 “law” dubious at best.

Nonetheless, the use of intimidation and the custom of “death and taxes” has left millions and millions of people guilty until proven innocent, often labelled as “tax cheats” who are targeted without due process and with police state vengeance… now, they are attaining the power to revoke your passport if you don’t pay what they say you owe!

Will the American people ever be free from the burden of illegal taxation?

The late Aaron Russo, who produced several classic Hollywood films, put it all out in his documentary “America: Freedom vs. Fascism.”

If you haven’t seen it, Russo digs into the questions behind the questions and exposes the naked fraud that is holding America hostage.

This is a must see documentary… and one to share with friends and family while they still have the nation’s ridiculous and obscene tax burden on their minds.

Make no mistake – simply knowing about this information will not protect you. As Russo has noted, the system is very much like a mob. If you don’t pay, they might hurt you, fine you, penalize you or even jail you. But none of that makes it right, fair or legal.

April 15th should be a reminder of how little freedom is left in the nation that so-often prides itself on being the leader of the free world – but the last thing Washington would ever do is let people be.


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Norway is Kidnapping Children ‘Legally’*

Norway is Kidnapping Children ‘Legally’*

By Royce Christyn

A group of activists from over 30 different countries are planning mass protests over Norway’s legal “kidnapping” of children

Demonstrations against the Norwegian Child Welfare Service are taking place on Saturday in what the activists call the agency’s practice of “kidnapping” children from their families.

According to The Local:

After a wave of demonstrations over the past several months, the Norwegian Child Welfare Service (Barnevernet) will be the subject of a coordinated ‘day of action’ that could draw as many as 300,000 people, organizers told The Local.

Spurred by a high-profile case in which five children were removed from their Norwegian/Romanian parents’ care by Barnevernet in November, Norway’s child welfare service will be the subject of protests by those who say the agency “kidnaps” children.

On Saturday, coordinated demonstrations will be held worldwide, including at five locations in Norway.

“Protests will be held in 70 cities in 29 countries and more than 300,000 people worldwide are expected,” said Czech MEP Tomáš Zdechovský, a leading voice in the Barnevernet protests.

The protests will be broadcast live by Romanian media outlets and organizers say they are aiming to set a world record as the “largest protest against human rights abuse towards children and family”.

New case: Newborn twins taken at birth

Much of the protest movement centres around the Norwegian/Romanian Bodnariu family, who have become a rallying point for both Romanians and the international Evangelical community. But their case hardly stands alone.

Just this week, Barnevernet returned twin girls to their parents after authorities took the children away just hours after their birth.

The agency based the removal of the children on a medical report that wrongly concluded that the babies’ 24-year-old mother, Natasha Myra Olsen, suffered from mental illness. After two psychology experts testified that the diagnosis, which was given when Olsen was just 13, was incorrect, authorities ruled that the couple would have their children returned to them. Barnevernet, however, refused to apologize for taking the children in the first place.

“Difficult for foreigners to understand”

Anders Henriksen, the head of section at the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir), said that controversial child removals often have an element of cultural misunderstanding.

“The Norwegian Child Welfare is a system which can be difficult to understand for foreigners who settle in Norway. It may be challenging for them to understand that a public institution like the Norwegian Child Welfare can intervene in the private life of a family, and take over the care of the children,” he told The Local.

Henriksen said that a total of 1,664 children were taken into care in 2014. Of those, 424 had mothers who were born abroad.

“The Norwegian Child Welfare Act’s main purpose is to ensure that children who live in conditions that can harm their health and development are given necessary help and care. The Act applies to all children in Norway, regardless of their residential status, background or nationality/citizenship,” he said.

“All children in Norway should grow up in a secure environment,” Henriksen added.

Child removals on the rise

According to the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Equality, the overall number of children and young people removed increased by roughly 50% between 2008 and 2013.

TV2 reported this week that child removals are now increasingly happening immediately after birth. In 2008, Barnevernet took over the care of 16 children immediately following their birth. By 2014, that number had tripled to 44.

With the increase in cases, there has also been a rise of voices critical of Norway’s child protection practices.

In an open letter, 170 Norwegian child protection professionals including lawyers and psychologists called Barnevernet a “dysfunctional organisation which makes far-reaching errors of judgement with serious consequences”.

And the criticism has extended far beyond Norway. Citizens of the Czech Republic, Russia, Lithuania, India, and Brazil, among other countries, have accused Norway of abusing authority and ruining families.

So while Barnevernet and Bufdir say they are acting in “the best interest of the child”, those taking to the streets on Saturday counter that Norway’s “diabolical system” is destroying families.

Organizers of Saturday’s protests say that Norwegian authorities remove children for highly questionable reasons, such as not properly putting away folded clothes, using too much soap on the child and dressing children too “prettily”.

While he couldn’t discuss individual cases, Henriksen said that in most instances, children are removed because of “maltreatment, violence, substance abuse, psychological problems, drugs and sexual abuse”.

“It is required that people living in Norway obey Norwegian law [and] it is forbidden by law to punish children in Norway physically and psychologically,” he said.

The Bodnariu family at the centre of much of the international attention plans to attend the anti-Barnevernet demonstration in Stryn, organizers said.


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Stolen Documents Lead to U.S. Pull Out of Yemen*

Stolen Documents Lead to U.S. Pull Out of Yemen*

 [ Editor’s Note: The Yemen conflict might have more layers to it than it has guns, and I would not want to try to count those. But brother Ferris has discovered that with the U.S. finally pulling out of Yemen the very large weapons and equipment stockpile for the CIA, 500 million worth, seems to have gone missing. Imagine that.

It is the kind of thing that keeps inspectors general up late at night on how they can cover a missing stash like that. Obama did not have any mud, or sand, stick to him on his Yemen policy when it seemed to evaporate before his eyes. As Seth covers below, it was a good place for it to happen as most of the public did not know if Yemenis were Africans, Arabs, or another species.

This is a long piece but a classic get down deep into their short Seth Ferris specialJim W. Dean ]

– First published  …  April 07, 2016 –

Yes, they are using camels


By Seth Ferris

You have to scroll a long way down the list of countries before you get to Yemen. So most people don’t bother, unless they already have a relationship with the country, and are therefore better informed to begin with about what is going on.

Arab Spring?

Islamic terrorism?

U.S. military intervention?

Civil War?

Yemen ticks all these boxes, but plenty of other countries also do. Unless something different happens which grabs the headlines, Yemen just gets lumped in with other countries where the same things are happening, and the Yemen situation is assumed to be the same.

This is why Yemen has become the Middle East’s version of Georgia. One reason the little republic in the Caucasus became the regional dirty tricks capital is that people don’t know where it is, and if you point out that you are referring to the former Soviet country rather than the U.S. state they lose interest. With nobody interested in the place, or knowledgeable about it, a lot of things which would be noticed elsewhere go long undetected due to Western public apathy.

Yemen is a long way down the alphabetical list, was two separate countries until recently and has no distinguishing feature for the general news reader. Other more notorious or glamorous countries take the headlines. So as in Georgia, the Western powers can get away with what they like because no one will notice what they do there, assuming it is merely similar to what happens in other countries.

However that may be about to change. In late March the Houthi rebels, who control the capital Sana’a and much of the rest of the country, seized a cache of files. The U.S. claims that these contain details of CIA operations and the names of agents. It also says they have been handed over to Iran, which is known to back the Houthi forces fighting the U.S.-backed government.

As few people care about Yemen, exposure of agents there is not going to embarrass the U.S. for more than a couple of days. It could have let this incident pass without comment, or denied it had taken place, and the effect on public opinion, and on the ground, would have been the same. Instead, it has responded by trying to get every U.S. soldier and diplomat out of Yemen as quickly as possible, so fearful is it of what is in those files.

The U.S. doesn’t mention Iran, the pantomime villain of the Western world, unless it is scared. It is scared that this story will make the world take notice of Yemen, and undermine the reason for the U.S. being there. There is something in those files which could make Yemen famous: and based on what we already know, but few care about, there is one obvious thing it could be.

Too little oversight to be true

Last year Barack Obama hailed the CIA’s work in Yemen as a “model” counter-terrorism operation. His intelligence network had worked with the Hadi government to target Al Qaeda operatives in the country, and was boasting considerable success.

We are all aware the Al Qaeda was created by the U.S. and Saudi intelligence to pursue its policy in Afghanistan, and that it formed the blueprint for several other terrorist groups inserted into countries the West had an interest in.

We have seen the trails of arms and personnel supplied to such groups, and frequently seen such influential U.S. figures as former president Ronald Reagan and Senator John McCain openly meeting with them and supporting their cause, for as long as it suits the U.S.

So if any country knows who the terrorists are, where they are and what they are doing it is the U.S. But the looting of the documents has not only led to the closure of the U.S. Embassy in Yemen, President Hadi having already fled to Aden, but the withdrawal of the last Special Operations forces in the country. These same forces have been there throughout the civil war which followed the Arab Spring, but now feel so compromised they have to leave for their own safety.

The real reason for the troops’ departure has been suggested by the Pentagon itself. As soon as the U.S. Embassy closed it was announced that over $500 million worth of “counter-terrorism” equipment in Yemen has disappeared, including helicopters, drones and jeeps.

This is a very familiar scenario to anyone who has followed other U.S. military projects. The Georgia-Russia War of 2008 was a good example of a conflict in which a large quantity of U.S.-supplied weaponry mysteriously disappeared. This was actually because most of these weapons were never used in combat, never even arrived to Georgia. They had already been sold on to terrorist groups in deals brokered by the U.S., as a recent article in this journal, amongst many others, demonstrated.

The U.S. supplied similar military aid to Iraq, but far larger in quantity. Its prolonged involvement in that country to “make this aid work” via training and support became a severe domestic embarrassment. None of this support prevented the rise of ISIS, funded by oil sold on the U.S. market and armed and staffed by U.S. trainees moved around from hotspot to hotspot on fake Georgian passports.”

The U.S. has remained in Yemen whilst a civil war is going on, despite all its alleged successes against terrorists, the same Yemeni Army it trained and supplied, and its own Special Operations forces. But they have been unable to stop the Houthi advance. Could this be because it did not have the weapons to do it? Could it be that the looted files will name the same suppliers and “consultants” who have supplied weapons to Ukraine, Syria and Georgia?

Bad guy, good guy

The U.S. has been in Yemen until now because it supported the local version of the Arab Spring revolts. According to sources who were on the ground at the time, even then it was supplying large quantities of small arms to combatants in a country already awash with them, who needed political support rather than weapons.

The outcome of the Arab Spring was a U.S takeover. The president the people were supposedly protesting against, Ali Abdullah Saleh was replaced by his Vice-President, equally responsible for the crimes of his regime. This solution did not give the people what they wanted, hence the civil war which has forced that Vice-President into internal exile. But it was arranged by Washington, and we can expect that the usual paybacks were involved.

The official line now is that the missing weapons were looted by Yemeni Army units still loyal to Saleh, who have joined the Houthi out of nationalist motives. The story goes that he is using the Houthi to take power again, despite the Houthi allegedly being motivated by a desire to destroy any Sunni-dominated government, such as that led by Saleh.

Nationalist motives are claimed by every organisation regarded as “terrorist.” These claims are ignored until the groups concerned are successful, or win U.S.-backing. Only then do they become nationalists, freedom fighters but not terrorists. We can recall Chad in 1982, when the terrorist FAN became the legitimate nationalist government defending the country against the “Libyan-backed” deposed president within a week of talking over, and the Taliban suddenly being treated as a political force when the Afghan government, at US urging, began negotiating with them.

If the accusation of Saleh looting is being made with the word “nationalist” attached the deposed president is being given credibility, implying he will be rehabilitated or even reinstalled. This would answer the question of where the weapons have gone. With regret, the U.S. will have to accept the inevitable restoration of Saleh due to the sheer numbers of arms he has at his disposal. The fact that there is, as yet, no evidence that he has stolen any arms at all is a small inconvenience the U.S. will forget to mention.

All eggs in the wrong basket

Further evidence that the U.S. took over Yemen to smuggle arms to terrorists is provided by the manner in which it has conducted the “counter-terrorism” campaign it has waged to justify that presence. Increasingly, it has used a single weapon – the drone strike – to attack local Islamic State and Al Qaeda affiliates, rather than pursuing the range of military options the scale of the equipment supplied would give it.

In January 2015 Obama was forced to defend the use of drones, saying that the alternative was committing U.S. troops to the area. He did not however mention that all the arms and equipment supplied, much of which is now apparently missing, was supplied so that the Yemeni Army would do what the U.S. troops would be doing if deployed there.

U.S. commanders have confirmed that Yemenis are perfectly capable of handling these weapons themselves, but political decisions are preventing them doing so. Have we not heard that many times before?  The implication of this is that the army command contains many Houthi sympathisers or Saleh supporters, despite a purge carried out since Saleh’s removal, which successfully replaced anyone with such sympathies and can be repeated at any time.

The drone campaign has undoubtedly claimed many civilian lives. It has been condemned by the U.N. and many European politicians, and even the Yemeni parliament, whose members owe their livelihoods to giving no more than constructive criticism to President Hadi, eventually ordered a halt to the strikes in defiance of him. In at least some cases they are also contrary to the U.S’s own policy on targeted killings, as Human Rights Watch has pointed out.

The U.S. is now saying that its pullout will leave it without the connections to conduct its counter-terrorism campaign. Therefore all that missing military hardware will be lost or rendered useless. However it insists it will still attack targets within Yemen from outside the country. This will, most conveniently, make drone attacks the only option, and legitimise the previous practice by the back door, now that other weapons, including all the missing ones, can no longer be used.


The U.S. knew when it entered Yemen that the two modern states whose merger formed it had only come into existence as a result of nationalist uprisings against colonial powers: the British in the south, the former Aden Protectorate, and the Ottomans, and subsequently the Saudis who supported the native monarchy, in the north. It also knew that the primary reason these had taken place was the attitude of the colonial powers, whose only interest in Yemen was in using it as a staging post to protect other, more important interests, not those of Yemenis themselves.

If the U.S. ever wanted out, this history would give it every excuse. The locals were revolting against foreign domination again. Of course they were, there could not be another reason, it was as inevitable as the Manifest Destiny the U.S. claimed was its own when it destroyed its own native population.

But the U.S. has stayed in Yemen through an ongoing war, its client government fleeing the capital and the American embassy closed. None of these factors have made it leave. When the rebels get hold of its intelligence documents however it shuts up shop, though few would have cared about the seizure if the U.S. itself hadn’t drawn attention to it.

If these documents are released we will finally have proof from within US. intelligence of what has so far only been proven or alleged by other sources. Then Yemen will become famous as the place the U.S. took over just to supply arms to terrorists it was supposed to be fighting. Then many politicians in many countries in which this has happened, and many U.S. arms manufacturers and dealers, will compete to sacrifice each other to save themselves.

Wouldn’t you run away if you were the one on the ground, in the firing line of any investigation? When those who have just left Yemen have no choice but to talk themselves, we might just find the world becomes a better place, at least for a while.


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Jewish Lawyer Banned after Telling Sex Abuse Victim not to Accuse a ‘fellow Yid’*

Jewish Lawyer Banned after Telling Sex Abuse Victim not to Accuse a ‘fellow Yid’*

By Tom Cowie

Alex Lewenberg, 74, can’t practise law for 15 months and must take a legal ethics course after telling Jewish victim not to help police prosecute paedophile David Cyprys. Photo: Justin McManus

Criminal solicitor Alex Lewenberg has been banned from practising law for 15 months after telling a Jewish sexual abuse victim not to help police prosecute Yeshivah College paedophile David Cyprys.

The lawyer, who has represented a string of notorious clients including Billy “The Texan” Longley and Boris “The Black Diamond” Beljajev, must also take an ethics course before being reinstated.

The 74-year-old was found guilty of professional misconduct by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal last month after the Legal Services Commissioner took action over two comments he admitted making in 2011.

David Cyprys was jailed for the rape and sexual assault of young boys at Yeshivah College. Photo: Jason South


On two occasions, once while in court for a bail hearing for Cyprys and later in a secretly recorded telephone conversation, Mr Lewenberg said that Jews shouldn’t help prosecute fellow Jews.

At the time Mr Lewenberg, a Russian-born Jew, was representing Cyprys, who was later jailed for the rape and sexual assault of young boys at Yeshivah College.

VCAT vice-president Judge Pamela Jenkins ordered on Tuesday that Mr Lewenberg be reprimanded for his behaviour and should have his practising certificate suspended for 15 months from June 1.

She also decreed that prior to returning to practice, Mr Lewenberg would also have to complete a course in legal ethics and professional responsibility.

Mr Lewenberg will also have to pay the costs Legal Services Commissioner of more than $55,000.

During a bail hearing at the Melbourne Magistrates Court in September 2011, Mr Lewenberg turned to the father of Cyprys and said:

“It is most disappointing when a person who has nothing to do with the case and being a fellow Jew does wilfully seek to hinder another Jew in his defence of criminal charges.”

In a secretly recorded telephone call a month later Mr Lewenberg told sexual abuse victim AVB:

“I am not exactly delighted that another Yid would assist police against an accused, no matter whatever he is accused of and that is the reason why I was very disappointed,” Mr Lewenberg said.

“Because there is a tradition, if not a religious requirement, that you do not assist against Abraham.”

In handing down her orders, Judge Jenkins questioned whether Mr Lewenberg was remorseful for the comments after he apologised in a letter sent to AVB last week.

“Without underestimating the importance of such unreserved apology to AVB, it does nevertheless reflect poorly upon the Respondent’s genuine insight into the impact upon AVB, having left making such apology until now,” she wrote.

Mr Lewenberg admitted previous instances of professional misconduct as a solicitor, including being found guilty of four charges in 1989 which led to him being banned from practising for two years.

Judge Jenkins said she had taken Mr Lewenberg’s prior history into account, which included three instances of “very serious offending” and five instances where he faced disciplinary hearings.

Mr Lewenberg’s defence lawyers had asked that their client’s age be taken into account in any sanction, as he only had a few remaining years left in his career.

However Judge Jenkins said no such considerations would be made:

“The Respondent is a very experienced mature age practitioner who is already in the twilight years of his career,” she said.

“In the circumstances, it is not the function of a suitable sanction to ensure that he may yet return to practise.”

In delivering her initial finding of professional misconduct, Judge Jenkins said that Mr Lewenberg’s behaviour in suggesting the Jewish community should close ranks in the face of criminal prosecution was “truly shocking”.

She said that Mr Lewenberg’s use of words such as “moser” (a term for Jew who assists police) did not belong in the modern-day practise of law.


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British Military Expert, Israel Must Strike Iran – On Its Own*

British military expert, Israel Must Strike Iran – On Its Own*

Seeing Israel has been quite effective with its global false flag operations, Kemp may have reason to believe that Israel is “an outpost of strength” to like-minded people. Unfortunately, our world is run by such ignorance…

Richard Kemp


What Colonel Richard Kemp says below must sound like music to Zionist hawks. However his judgement is seriously amiss, as illustrated by his praise for Israel’s “unique morality”.

His poor judgement is further illustrated by his call for Israel to go it alone and “initiate” a strike on Iran. Such action would undoubtedly ignite wider conflict so why is Kemp calling for such action?

Is his judgement really so bad?

Some of the most vocal opponents to unilateral Israeli strikes on Iran have been the Zionist state’s most senior military commanders. They know that such an operation would stretch the IDF’s capabilities to the limit — with no guarantee of success.

They also know that a unilateral Israeli strike would invite an Iranian counter strike; involving hundreds, possibly even thousands of missiles, including some guided high precision weaponry aimed at high value targets such as naval and nuclear installations, command bunkers and military airfields. While Iran’s Hezbollah allies in Lebanon could be expected to rain down many more missiles on to central and northern Israel.

In other words the consequences of such a strike could be devastating. That’s why senior Israeli military commanders and intelligence chiefs, like the late Meir Dagan, argued against launching strikes on Iran. According to the former MOSSAD chief Dagan, a proposal for attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities was “the stupidest thing I have ever heard”.

That was five years-ago and since then Iran has beefed up its air defences even more, with powerful new radar stations and taken delivery of the Russian “game changer” air defence system, the S-300.

So if Dagan thought an Israeli unilateral strike on Iran was stupid in 2011, it would be near suicidal now. Ed.

David Rosenberg — Arutz Sheva April 14, 2016

Israel ought to go rogue on Iran, suggested a prominent British military expert on Tuesday, saying that the Jewish state was “an outpost of strength” that should target Iran’s nuclear program.

In an address to the Gatestone Institute on Tuesday, Colonel (ret.) Richard Kemp presented some of the most serious security challenges facing the West, praising Israel as an example of “unique morality” in a difficult geopolitical situation.

Kemp, who retired from the British military in 2006, now serves as a member of the High Level Military Group, a group of international military experts and advisers.

Praising Israel’s resolve and high ethical standards, Kemp lamented what he described as Europe’s “spiral downward to being obliterated.”

Despite much of the bad press Israel has received in the course of combating terrorism, Kemp argued that much of the criticism directed at Israel was the result of simple ignorance.

Kemp illustrated the point with his experiences at a recent Israel Apartheid Week event at New York University.

“I asked the students how many believed it was illegal to kill innocents in times of war. And I was surprised to discover their level of ignorance on that score, because all of them answered in the affirmative. In fact, it is not illegal to kill innocent civilians in times of war. It may not be nice; it may not be desirable; but it is not illegal.”

“Though killing innocent civilians is obviously something we must avoid doing as much as we possibly can, our enemies hide among the civilian population, and sometimes we must risk the lives of civilians in order to destroy the enemy. Fear of doing this means that we will always lose.”

Kemp was skeptical about the prospects of a negotiated peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

“I don’t believe there can be a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel wants to live in peace, but what the Arabs want is its annihilation.”

Among the top security threats Kemp mentioned was Iran’s nuclear program. Despite last year’s deal to freeze Iran’s nuclear program, Kemp worried over the Islamic regime’s future nuclear capacity, calling upon Israel to “initiate an offensive strike on Iran.


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40+ Killed, 90,000 Evacuated as Japans Hit by 2 Powerful Quakes and Devastating Landslides*

Dozens of people are feared trapped under rubble in southern Japan, as the death toll from two earthquakes has climbed to 41. The search for survivors is in full swing, while 90,000 people have been evacuated from their homes to safer locations.

Over 200 aftershocks have hit Japan following the initial Thursday tremor of 6.5-magnitude, which hit the city of Kumamoto on the island of Kyushu. Officials have warned that the risk of further strong aftershocks will linger for about a week.

About 190 of the injured are in serious condition, the Japanese government said.

Only 24 hours later the same areas was struck by a violent 7.1-magnitude earthquake. The Japan Meteorological Agency briefly issued tsunami warnings for the areas that were still recovering from Thursday’s devastating tremours.

Landslide site caused by an earthquake is seen in Minamiaso town, Kumamoto prefecture, southern Japan, in this photo taken by Kyodo April 16, 2016. © Reuters


The overall death toll from the two quakes now stands at 41, with more than 1,000 people injured – 184 of them seriously.

About 90,000 people in Kumamoto Prefecture were evacuated to shelters, authorities say.

“We are aware of multiple locations where people have been buried alive,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said. “Police, firefighters and Self Defense Force personnel are doing all they can to rescue them.”

Local residents look at cracks caused by an earthquake on a road in Mashiki town, Kumamoto prefecture, southern Japan, in this photo taken by Kyodo April 16, 2016. © Reuters


The death toll in the earthquakes may be climbing by the hour, Kumamoto Prefectural official Tomoyuki Tanaka said.

About 170,000 households were without electricity and 385,000 without water following the powerful quakes.

Yuichiro Yoshikado described his experience during Thursday’s earthquake to AP. He was in the bathroom at the time.

Romon gate (bottom R), designated as a nationally important cultural property, and other buildings damaged by an earthquake are seen at Aso Shrine in Aso, Kumamoto prefecture, southern Japan, in this photo taken by Kyodo April 16, 2016. © Reuters


“I grabbed onto the sides of the bathtub, but the water in the tub, it was about 70 percent filled with water, was going like this,” he said, waving his arms, “and all the water splashed out.”

“I thought I was going to die and I couldn’t bear it any longer,” he added.

Among 29 casualties are two students from Tokai University


“We offer our sincerest prayers for the two,” said a University statement. 

We’re trying to confirm the safety of other students.”

“I felt strong shaking at first, then I was thrown about like I was in a washing machine,” a Tokai University student told local media, “All the lights went out and I heard a loud noise. A lot of gas is leaking and while there hasn’t been a fire that remains a concern.” 

The quakes triggered massive landslides, which cut off roads and destroyed bridges, local media reported, adding that they imperiled rescue and relief efforts.

Meteorologists forecast heavy rain and wind, adding that the temperature is expected to drop to 13 degrees Celsius.

“The wind is expected to pick up and rain will likely get heavier,” Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said during a government meeting.

“Rescue operations at night will be extremely difficult … It’s a race against time.”

230 aftershocks hit Japan in 48hrs

The latest big aftershock came hours after the second deadly earthquake and measured magnitude 5.3.

Hotel guests gather at the lobby after another earthquake hit the area in Kumamoto, southern Japan, in this photo taken by Kyodo April 16, 2016. © Reuters


Japan has suffered more than 230 aftershocks of at least level 1 on the Japanese scale since Thursday’s earthquake, Japan’s meteorological agency said.

“We have already seen several in the mid to upper 5 plus magnitude range, and over the next several days and weeks, we would not be surprised to see more earthquakes of this size,” said John Bellini, a geophysicist with the USGS, as cited by Reuters.

Local residents are still in shock over the earthquakes and the following tremours.

Police officers check a collapsed house after an earthquake in Mashiki town, Kumamoto prefecture, southern Japan, in this photo taken by Kyodo April 16, 2016. © Reuters


“We left my house as we could not stay due to continuous jolts,” local resident Hisako Ogata, 61, told AFP, “It was so scary,” she added. “Thank God we are still alive.”

Mount Aso volcano erupts after 2 quakes

Hours after the second deadly earthquake, the Japan Meteorological Agency recorded an eruption at Mount Aso, the largest active volcano in Japan.

The 1,592-meter volcano is nearly 30 minutes’ drive from the earthquakes epicenter. It is not yet clear if the volcano’s seismic activity is connected to the quakes.

Numerous photos and videos on social media showed plumes of smoke rising some 100 meters into the sky.

Historic monuments damaged in the quakes

Several historic monuments in Kumamoto Prefecture have been badly damaged in the quakes.

The 1,700-year-old Aso Shrine in the town of Aso, one of the oldest and most prominent shrines in Japan, has been severely damaged. Some of its curved tiled roofs were flattened on the ground.

The shrine’s towering gate, known as the “Rōmon” or “Cherry Blossom Gate” collapsed and is in ruins. The haiden or worshiping hall was also destroyed.

The Aso Shrine was officially recognized as one of the Kanpei-taisha – it stood in the first rank of government-supported shrines.

The quake has also destroyed another historic Japanese icon – the 400-year-old Kumamoto Castle, which is considered one of the three main castles in Japan. Its walls were severely breached, TV footage showed.

The castle’s administrative office closed the structure to tourists.

“Please do not go close to the stone walls as aftershocks continue,” the office announced on its Facebook page.


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