South America and another U.S Invasion*

South America and another  U.S Invasion*

Latin America’s Popular Movement Patria Grande warned about the implementation of the U.S’ new plan of invading Latin America.

Under a new “Plan Condor,” the United States is seeking to regain control over the region with the support of right-wing forces, Cuba’s news agency Prensa Latina wrote, referring to the organization.

As an example, the group cited a recent coup attempt in Brazil, claiming that in this way the U.S. is trying to prepare the ground for “a decisive offensive against governments and peoples” of other Latin American countries as well, including Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador.

“The empire […] tries to retake control over the continent after a decade of articulated leftwing progressive governments which emerged as a consequence of intensive popular struggles against neo-liberalism,” the news agency wrote.

The aim of this strategy is to “start a new cycle of neoliberal adjustment on the entire continent,” the media source noted, citing the movement.

Late on Sunday, Brazil’s lower house members voted in favour of impeaching the country’s president Dilma Rousseff, sending the vote to the upper chamber known as the Federal Senate.

Rousseff, who was accused by the opposition of corruption and manipulating state bank accounts, said Monday that the procedure of impeachment against her is devoid of any legal grounds.

Initially, Plan Condor, also known as Operation Condor, was carried out in the 1970s-1980s by the intelligence services of six Latin American countries — Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Brazil — with the support of the United States. The aim of the operation was to eliminate left-wing political and oppositional forces in these countries.


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