Mayor of London Unveils Replica of Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph in Central London*

Mayor of London Unveils Replica of Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph in Central London*


By Ibra Joudeh

A 2,000-year-old triumphal arch destroyed by the Islamic State group in Syria has risen again – in replica – in London’s Trafalgar Square. The city’s mayor unveiled the replica made with 3-D imaging. It will travel to other cities as well.


The “Gate of God” Erected in Trafalgar Square London is a deception

Right on Q the Gateway of God is erected on 19th April, 2016 in Trafalgar Square, London.

The 1800 year old description is a deception, a deception made necessary by the falsification of history made by the New Testament.

Palmyra’s golden age was at least two hundred years earlier, one of the principal cities of Osrhoene, the small and immensely wealthy country or buffer state that sat between the Roman and Persian empires.  The King of Osrhoene was Izas, who led the Nazarene revolt against Rome in Judaea from AD67-70.  After Izas was defeated at Jerusalem, Josephus Flavius (who was Saul and St Paul in the NS), employed by the new Emperor Vespasian, fabricated the Christian religion using the story of a Jesus, which was based on Izas, but transported forty years ahead in time.

Jesus was captured and imprisoned in Chester in Britannia, which was built specially to house the captured members of the Nazarene Sect, being far enough away to prevent their causing further trouble in Judaea.  Mary Magdalane, who King Izas’s immensely wealthy sister and wife, in the style of Egyptian Royalty, escaped to the South of France, where she founded the Orange Order.

If people realised what Palmyra signified in AD70, the Catholic Church would be in trouble.  The Knights Templar captured Palmyra in the 11th Century and discovered the true history of Izas and Palmyra.  This was one of the secrets they had to keep close, to avoid confrontation with the Catholic Church.  To do this, they fabricated the legend of King Arthur, who was transported from the 1st century AD into the 6th.  He was relocated to Britain and fought a war against Rome, which he lost.  Arthur was Jesus or Izas.  Read Ralph Ellis’ King Jesus trilogy.

Queen Elizabeth at a druid ceremony in the UK.



The £100,000 recreation has been made using 3D photographs collected by the Institute of Digital Archaeology (IDA) to produce an accurate representation of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Its presence in London coincides with World Heritage week.

The Arch, made from Egyptian marble, will visit Times Square in New York, as well as Dubai and other cities before being sent to Syria next year, where it will be placed close to where the original stood.

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