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Tanzanian Kids Save their Primary School with their Drawings*

Tanzanian Kids Save their Primary School with their Drawings*

By Brianna Acuesta
Assistant teacher started a clothing company featuring students’ drawings to help them save their school and pay their tuition.

School in the U.S. is often taken for granted, as there is no tuition and teacher salaries are paid for through taxes. Attending school is also mandatory, giving little room for parents to object or find reasons that their child can’t make it.

In Tanzania, the conditions surrounding school are much different. Students have to pay fees to attend, so many do not because they can’t afford it, and many of the schoolhouses are worn down without access to any technology, electricity, or sanitary kitchen areas.

Martin Kluck, a former assistant teacher in Tanzania, was working at a primary school in Tanzania when one of his students, Abigail, drew him a cute drawing to take home with him. He printed the drawing onto a shirt to take as a personal souvenir, but it turned into so much more.

After Abigail and another student Vanessa were unable to continue paying their school fees, Kluck came up with the idea to print several more shirts with Abigail’s drawing and sell them. The proceeds would go towards paying their fees for them.

This started back in 2009, and since then the idea has skyrocketed into a full project for two different schools and several children. Kluck started a company called Kipepeo (it means “butterfly” in Kiswahili) Clothing that features the drawings of the children from the schools and sells them, with 10% of the proceeds going towards helping the schools and paying fees for some children.

Since its fruition, Kipepeo Clothing has provided immeasurable aid to the schools. For Mecson Primary School, Kipepeo has sponsored 20 computers and the school’s first computer room, a power line for electricity and Internet access, dozens of graduation shirts for the students, a water pump, plants for the schoolyard, and a new building for a sturdy and sanitary kitchen.

Another school they help out is Utukufu Nursery School, where they have paid for the rent for the entire building and its grounds for the past two years, repainted the building and filled in the holes, sponsored the first ever uniforms for the students, provided their first blackboards and replaced their school benches. The school itself is a part of The Utukufu Project, which is dedicated to supporting parents with HIV/AIDS and their children.

When Kluck first made his own shirt, he never imagined that it would transform into this beautiful project that is “wearable proof that even a child’s pencil drawing can change the world just a little.”

Kipepeo Clothing is still going strong today, with their most recent endeavor being the deliverance of 20 new computers to the children in February. If you are interested in buying a shirt and supporting this great cause, you can do so here.


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Global Bankster Mafia Caught Rigging Markets to Destroy Middle Class*

Global Bankster Mafia Caught Rigging Markets to Destroy Middle Class*

By Christina Sarich

Billion dollar lawsuits are nothing to gold-rigging banks like Deutsche, but the proposition of spending time in jail might just have motivated the notorious criminal institution’s executives to rat on its peers. This is just the beginning of disclosure in the financial industry which the world has never before seen.

Deutsche was fined just over $2.5 billion barely a year ago for rigging interest rates, and now they are admitting in settled U.S. lawsuits this week that they manipulation gold and silver prices on international markets. Part of the settlement involved the naming of co-conspirators in the manipulation of these markets.

The scam is being called ‘the London Gold Fix’, and in addition to Deutsche Bank, Canada’s Bank of Nova Scotia, the U.K.’s Barclays and HSBC, and France’s Société Générale are involved. More than likely hundreds of banks participated in illegally setting prices for gold and silver – but this isn’t really news to those familiar with the ministrations of the elite banking cabal.

Cushy banking jobs are only given to those deemed worthy by the ‘Four Horsemen’ of banking who are among the top ten stock holders of practically every Fortune 500 company and who come from only eight families. According to Global Finance magazine the world’s five biggest banks are all based in Rothschild fiefdoms in the U.K. and France, though Chinese banks are gaining power.

They are the French BNP ($3 trillion in assets), Royal Bank of Scotland ($2.7 trillion), the U.K.-based HSBC Holdings ($2.4 trillion), the French Credit Agricole ($2.2 trillion) and the British Barclays ($2.2 trillion).

In the U.S., a combination of deregulation and merger-mania has left four mega-banks ruling the financial world: Bank of America ($2.2 trillion), JP Morgan Chase ($2 trillion), Citigroup ($1.9 trillion) and Wells Fargo ($1.25 trillion). That’s your four. So, any gold rigging, libor scandal, price fixing, mortgage rate ridiculousness, etc. is going to trickle down from these banking elite.

John Merrill, founder of Merrill Lynch, exited the stock market in 1928, as did insiders at Lehman Brothers, but merger mania left us with just a handful of conspirators that could control entire markets – including the lucrative gold and silver markets.

“If this type of blatant rigging of financial markets is allowed to continue, the world economy will soon face a crisis more devastating to the middle class than anything we’ve seen since the great depression.” – Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch

Is it any real surprise, then, that the first class action alleges that the defendants, including The Bank of Nova Scotia, conspired to manipulate prices in the silver market under the guise of the benchmark fixing process, known as the London Silver Fixing, for a fifteen-year period? Or that an identical class action suit was filed for manipulating gold prices? Or that plaintiffs accuse Deutsche Bank of conspiring with Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS.TO), Barclays Plc (BARC.L), HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA.L) and Societe Generale (SOGN.PA) to manipulate prices of gold, gold futures and options, and gold derivatives through twice-a-day meetings to set the so-called London Gold Fixing. Old news – but of course the corporate, bank owned media is just now setting us all straight.

The lawsuits are just a few of the many in Manhattan federal court in which investors accuse banks of conspiring to rig rates or prices in financial and commodities markets. The banks are ‘too big to fail’ because they rigged it alloil prices, gold prices, silver prices, interest rates, the US stock market, foreign exchange markets –  EVERYTHING. As Matt Taibi has said in a Rolling Stone article, “The illuminati were amateurs.”

As Preston James and Mike Harris explain, “the history of the Khazarians, specifically the Khazarian Mafia (KM), the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate that the Khazarian oligarchy morphed into by their deployment of Babylonian Money-Magick, has been nearly completely excised from the history books.” They are talking about this rank and file banking cartel. The full history of this perpetuating fraud can be perused, here.


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Radical Moments in Prince’s 3-Decade Long Career*

Radical Moments in Prince’s 3-Decade Long Career*

Being not an admire this is what I learned since his questionable death….

By Ricky Riley

In a 2009 interview with TV personality Tavis Smiley, Prince revealed that he was born epileptic. At a young age, the legend’s parents did not have any real solutions to his intense seizures. During the interview, he said,

“My mother told me one day I walked in to her and said, ‘Mom, I’m not going to be sick anymore,’ and she said, ‘Why?’ and I said, ‘Because an angel told me so.’ ”

From that moment, he said he did not have the intense and uncontrollable seizures.

The Music Industry is Slavery

In 2015, Prince made the brash decision to pull all of his music off online streaming sites. That year, the artist also decided to partner with Jay Z’s company Tidal to release his latest album of that year, HitNRun.

“Once we have our own resources, we can provide what we need for ourselves,” Prince said of his decision to collaborate with Tidal. “Jay Z spent $100 million of his own money to build his own service. We have to show support for artists who are trying to own things for themselves.”

The entertainer gave aspiring artists some advice while chatting with some reporters from the National Association of Black Journalists in August of 2015:

“Record contracts are just like — I’m gonna say the word – slavery.”


“Like books and Black lives, albums still matter,” he said at the Grammys last year. The artist was a strong supporter of Black people. Last year, Prince hosted the Rally 4 Peace concert after the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray in Baltimore. Gray was killed after having one of the BPD’s “rough rides” at the hands of officers. He specifically created the song “Baltimore” to heal the community and discuss the killings of unarmed Black people. Thousands attended the concert. And The Baltimore Sun reports that $35,000 was raised from proceeds, which went to local youth charities.

Prince Confronts Warner Bros.

From 1993 to 1996, Prince was outraged by the contract he had with his long-time label Warner Bros. He left the label because, to him, the company did not protect the rights of its artist. Also, musicians did not reap the profits from their own works. In a press release at the time, he stated:  “The first step I have taken towards the ultimate goal of emancipation from the chains that bind me to Warner Bros. was to change my name from Prince to [the Love Symbol].” He often performed with the word “SLAVE” written across his cheek in protest.

Prince Owned His Music

In 2014, Prince decided to rejoin Warner Bros. after the controversial 1996 split. In the 2014 deal, the artist regained ownership of his catalog and had the album Purple Rain re-released for the 30th anniversary. Under the deal, Prince was able to terminate the master recording copyright after 35 years, which was granted in the Copyright Revision Act of 1976.

The Purple One

In 1984, Prince accomplished something only the Beatles had done before him: He was topping charts simultaneously with an album, a film and a single (Purple Rain and “When Doves Cry,” respectively).

Economic Freedom for Black People

The artist has been known to inspire people with his music, but he inspired people with technology as well. In a conversation with news pundit and entrepreneur Van Jones back in 2012, Prince convinced Jones to start the Oakland-based YesWeCode nonprofit. In 2014, the legend promoted the non-profit at the Essence Festival in New Orleans.

According to Jones, “Prince said, ‘A Black kid wearing a hoodie might be seen as a thug. A white kid wearing a hoodie might be seen as a Silicon Valley genius.’ ”

Prince donated money to organizations like this to help young Black people succeed. He was also vital to Jones’ Rebuild the Dream initiative. Jones also state that the artist wanted the Black Lives Matter movement to become an economic one —owning businesses around the nation.


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A Call for National Tax Disobedience*

A Call for National Tax Disobedience*

By Michaela Whitton

While democracy, economy and media persist in serving the interests of the 1%, annual tax return days in the U.K. and U.S. came and went — but not without resistance. Fed-up with an economy driven by destructive, unfair rules and the corruption eating away at democracy, activists in Britain have taken matters into their own hands by calling for an act of mass civil disobedience.

Attempting to reclaim the apology for democracy that is Britain, a movement has begun demanding a system that serves all — not just the rich or wealthy corporations, whose offshore holdings have dominated headlines lately. The Golden Rule Tax Disobedience initiative calls on citizens to withhold a small amount of tax — through V.A.T or their tax return — and donate it to conducive campaign groups. Claiming taxation should be at the heart of democracy, the movement claims the tax and spend system in the U.K. is deeply unjust.

Insisting corruption, tax dodging, and urgent issues like climate change are not being addressed, the campaign for tax justice is set to challenge ‘business as usual’ in Britain.

“Principled tax activism has a long and distinguished history in circumstances where the state has shown itself as incapable of defending the public interest,” advocates of the movement wrote in a letter to the Guardian this week. The strategy, according to experts, can be effective.

Dr. Gene Sharp is one of the foremost scholars on nonviolent action and has formulated theories on using nonviolence as a political weapon. He has been credited with developing strategies behind toppling corrupt regimes from Egypt to Serbia. Identifying and illustrating almost two hundred methods of nonviolent action, his work has provided inspiration and encouragement to activists around the world. Examining tax resistance in The Politics of Nonviolence, he argues the action of refusing to pay taxes is both political and economic disobedience — and is regarded as a very strong expression of disapproval of the government.

Sharp adds:

“Where it is undertaken in large numbers it may become a severe threat to the existence of the government, either because of the threat to the State’s treasury, or because of the extent and depth of the population’s refusal to submit to the regime, as indicated by the extremity of their resistance.”

Those behind Golden Rule Tax Disobedience claim the collection and spending of U.K. taxes are rigged to suit unaccountable corporations and the wealthy. Asserting other actions such as marches, boycotts and petitions are clearly not sufficient, activists are urging the public to go a step further by refusing, at least in part, to fund the government that continues to exploit them.

Pointing to successful civil disobedience movements throughout history, they claim real and sustainable change only happens when the populace unites in collective acts of defiance. U.K. citizens interested in playing a radical role in campaigning for a fairer society can join the movement in two simple ways:

  1. Non-payment of VAT in a café — easy, less risky and doesn’t harm the café. More information here.


  1. Refuse to pay £50 of a tax bill (for those who do tax returns and willing to risk fines).

The unpaid tax will be donated to campaign groups, and the disobedience will begin when at least 5,000 citizens have pledged to undertake the act. You can join the movement here.


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Palestine Sends 19-Person Rescue Team to Ecuador, U.S. Sends None*

Palestine Sends 19-Person Rescue Team to Ecuador, U.S. Sends None*

Rescuers work in amidst debris in Pedernales, after an earthquake struck off Ecuador’s Pacific coast. | Photo: Reuters


Latin America sent three quarters of the world’s rescuers to Ecuador, Europe the second-highest amount, and the United States zero.

Latin America far surpasses any region in sending humanitarian aid and rescue experts to Ecuador for earthquake relief, with Venezuela sending almost a third of all rescue specialists and Palestine sending 19—19 more than the United States.

Palestine is the only country outside of Europe and Latin America that sent rescue experts to Ecuador, though Russia sent 30 tons of humanitarian aid, and China sent a satellite and a 911 system, mobile hospitals and US$100,000 to the Ecuadorean Red Cross.

Latin America sent a total of 702 rescuers, with even impoverished and violence-ridden Honduras sending a rescuer. Cuba sent the most after Ecuador’s neighbouring countries and Mexico, followed by left-wing Bolivia.

Europe also sent almost 200 rescuers, some collectively with most of the rest from France and Spain.

Though U.S. President Barack Obama told Ecuador’s Rafael Correa that he would do whatever possible to help, the most up-to-date list from Tuesday night does not include rescuers from the United States.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said a disaster team of analysts from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) were assisting “the Government of Ecuador by assessing earthquake damage, identifying priority humanitarian needs, and providing information and analysis of the situation on the ground.” In addition, Kerry announced USAID would coordinate with the United Nations disaster team and send US$100,000 for “critical supplies.”

Correa said Tuesday that South America should have its own Secretary of Natural Disasters, since no one country could have enough resources possible to mobilize in such large-scale emergencies.

Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in the continent, with a population barely above 16 million. It could only send 18 trained rescuers to affected areas, compared to Venezuela’s 212. Brazil, South America’s largest country, sent no rescue workers, and Argentina, the second largest, sent five.


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Israeli Lobby Forces Swedish Minister to Resign*

Israeli Lobby Forces Swedish Minister to Resign*

Another example of intellectual racketeering by an international lobby that is determined to white wash and sanitize the incredible crimes of a rogue nation.

Undoubtedly, Swedish minister Mehmet Kaplan was already a controversial figure with links to some dubious Turkish Islamic nationalist groups (see his story below), and his various adversaries wanted him out of politics. However, his past comparisons of the exclusionary, racist and bigoted ethnic cleansing policies of Nazi Germany – to similar policies fuelled by the Zionist ideology in the formation and ongoing maintenance of the State of Israel – have strong parallels as evidenced in numerous scholarly works, including author Ilan Pappé’s historical compendium, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine. In summary:

“During the 1948 Palestine war, around 720,000 Palestinian Arabs out of the 900,000 who lived in the territories that became Israel fled or were expelled from their homes. The causes of this exodus are controversial and debated by historians. In his own words, Ilan Pappé “want[s] to make the case for the paradigm of ethnic cleansing and use[s] it to replace the paradigm of war as the basis for the scholarly research of, and public debate about, 1948.”

“The thesis of the book is that the forced move of Palestinians to the Arab world was an objective of the Zionist movement, and a must for the desired character of the Jewish state. According to Ilan Pappé, the 1948 Palestinian exodus resulted from a planned ethnic cleansing of Palestine that was implemented by the Zionist movement leaders, mainly David Ben-Gurion and the other ten members of his “consultancy group” as referred to by Pappé. The book argues that the ethnic cleansing was put into effect through systematic expulsions of about 500 Arab villages, as well as terrorist attacks executed mainly by members of the Irgun and Haganah troops against the civilian population. Ilan Pappé also refers to Plan Dalet and to the village files as a proof of the planned expulsions.

Add to this, today’s native Palestinian population is currently under full Israeli military occupation and is being held in what many describe as the world’s largest mass open prison for the past 70 years – many times longer than similar repressive regimes throughout history. In addition to this, hundreds of thousands (and now  millions) of those Palestinians driven from their homes by militant European Israeli settlers in 1948-1950 have been stranded without national status in refugee camps in neighbouring Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Jordan.

Critics can argue about which oppressive regimes in history were, or are, more severe to their victims, but no one can rightly argue that the Israeli project to date has been the chief architect of its own highly organized pogrom.

What’s most amazing however, is the misappropriation of language by the intellectual racketeers determined to enforce a politically correct regime of public discourse, and who routinely levy the fallacious charge of “antisemitism” at anyone who challenges Israel on its own openly racist state policies and systematic abuses of the native Arab Palestinian population who are actual semite people – unlike the overwhelming majority of Jewish Israelis who settled in Palestine from 1948 onwards who are of European descent, and not Middle Eastern or ‘semitic’ decent.

Israel and its supporters may not like them, but fact are facts.

While it still manages to collect scalps of politicians, entertainers and academics in the west, Israel’s international intellectual extortion racket is already rapidly disintegrating…

Despite efforts by a well-financed international Israeli lobby to silence opposition and to cover-up the state of Israel’s crimes in the western media, millions of conscientious citizens worldwide are now aware of these crimes and have come together to organize a number of boycott and divestment campaigns (BDS) designed to end its brutal apartheid state policies and pressure Israel into recognizing international norms and observing basic human rights for ethnic natives held under its US government-financed military control.

Meanwhile, another trophy for the “antisemitic” racket…

Swedish minister Mehmet Güner Kaplan. © Joakim Berndes


Swedish minister resigns after comparing Israel to Nazi Germany

Sweden`s housing minister has resigned after footage of him comparing the treatment of Palestinians by Israel to that of the Jews by the Nazis surfaced in local media. The politician has recently come under fire for his alleged ties to Turkish neo-fascist groups.

Mehmet Kaplan, a high-profile Swedish politician of Turkish origin and member of the Green party, was serving as a minister of Housing and Urban Development from 2014 until his resignation on Monday amid mounting controversy over his rumuored close ties to the radical Turkish Islamist groups and his video interview from 2009 in which he says that

“Israelis treat Palestinians in a way that is very like that in which Jews were treated during Germany in the 1930s.”

Although the statement about Israel`s policies towards Palestinians was made before Kaplan took office, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, from the Social Democrats, said that

“Mehmet Kaplan’s overall assessment of the situation is that he will not be able to act as a minister and I share that assessment,” while announcing his resignation from the government.

The publication of the extract from his interview to Somali Star TV by the Svenska Dagbladet daily was the last straw that forced him out of his office.

Kaplan himself, however, denied that he had crossed any ethical line and didn’t offer any apology. He admitted that he had

“on several occasions criticized the actions of the state of Israel severely” but stressed that he was not “anti-Semitic.”

Instead, he said that he had made decision to resign leave as the excessive media publicity would prevent him from doing his job as a minister.

Other Swedish officials were far more critical of Kaplan’s comments, however, with Foreign Minister Margot Wallström calling them “terrible,” the Guardian reported…


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