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Saudi Arabia Arrest 9 CIA Agents Working for ISIS*

Saudi Arabia Arrest 9 CIA Agents Working for ISIS*

By Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Russia have confirmed that Saudi authorities have arrested members of a known CIA-ISIS terror cell operating within their country. The arrests follow Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) giving intel to Saudi authorities that proved the CIA were actively funding and arming ISIS.

The arrests come weeks after President Putin warned Saudi Arabia that Russia had “finite patience” regarding their complicity with the U.S. CIA in arming and funding ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq. reports:

Within the past 24 hours, this report continues, the GIP communicated to the SVR that based upon the Federation intelligence given to them under President Putin’s order, this known CIA-Islamic State terror network operating in Saudi Arabia was “targeted/raided” resulting in the capture of 33 of its members, 9 more still being hunted with substantial rewards announced for their capture, and, most importantly, the 9 American citizen CIA agents controlling these terrorist being placed under arrest and jailed.

With U.S. officials having told Reuters News Service just hours ago that the Obama regime cannot immediately confirm that American citizens are among the 33 Islamic State terror suspects jailed by the GIP as they were still checking the names against their databases, this report further notes, it is the “known and accepted” practice of the CIA to never divulge the identity of their captured agents as they prefer to secretly negotiate for their release.

Spurring Saudi Arabia’s “radical” breaking with the Obama regime and jailing these 9 American CIA agents supporting Islamic State terrorists, this report explains, was a SVR “counter-propaganda” action last week following President Putin’s “day of wrath” warning against them involving the release to the BBC of a secret United Nations report stating that the Saudi-led coalition fighting the Houthi rebel movement in Yemen has targeted civilians with air strikes in a “widespread and systematic” manner and that they were deliberately using starvation as a war tactic—all of which, according to this secret U.N. report, constitute “crimes against humanity”.

And aside from the Saudi’s jailing these 9 American CIA agents, this report says, the SVR’s “counter-propaganda” action against them in releasing this secret U.N. document has had a further benefit in forcing the Kingdom to promise changes to their airstrike targeting, expressing “great regret” for the civilian toll, and state that U.S. and British military experts will now be advising them on how to get the civilian toll down.

But to the greatest fears of Saudi Arabia in regards to President Putin’s “day of wrath” warning, this report concludes, are the currently ongoing meetings in the Kremlin with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s top adviser on international affairs, Ali Akbar Velayati, regarding both Federation and Iranian oil productions quotas—which should they combine would severely undercut the Saudi’s position which isdriving that Kingdom to brink of economic collapse.


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Iraqi Paramilitary Reinforcements Arrive in Aleppo, Syria*

Iraqi Paramilitary Reinforcements Arrive in Aleppo, Syria*

By Leith Fadel

Several hundred soldiers from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Harakat Al-Nujaba (Iraqi paramilitary) arrived to the Aleppo Governorate city of Al-Safira this week in order to prepare for the large-scale offensive that is expected to begin in the coming weeks.

The Iraqi reinforcements were reportedly flown from Tehran to Damascus this past weekend after a short leave. Following their arrival, the Harakat Al-Nujaba fighters were transferred from Damascus to Aleppo, where they rejoined their allies from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Liwaa Al-Fatemiyyoun (Afghani branch of the IRGC), Liwaa Abu Fadl Al-‘Abbas, Liwaa Imam ‘Ali, and Hezbollah.

The Syrian Arab Army reinforcements came from the 154th Brigade of the 4th Mechanized Division; they were briefly deployed to Al-Qamishli before returning to Aleppo. More reinforcements are expected to arrive in the coming days; however, these are primarily militiamen from the National Defense Forces (NDF).


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First Acknowledged ‘Illegal’ Shipment of Oil Leaves Libya*

First Acknowledged  ‘Illegal’ Shipment of Oil Leaves Libya*

By Irina Slav

A cargo of 650,000 barrels of crude left the Libyan port of Hariga yesterday, in the eastern part of the conflict-torn country, sparking what promises to be another phase in the conflict as the Islamic-leaning government in Tripoli vows to block the manoeuvre.

This premature attempt at crude oil exports could have huge implications for international efforts to unite the country under the new Government of National Accord (GNA), which was formed with UN support, because eastern Libya is controlled by a government based in Tobruk, which has not yet recognized the GNA of Fayez Serraj.

The eastern government works with an eastern division of the Libyan National Oil Company (NOC). The western division of the NOC also has international backing and recognition as the original NOC, while the eastern one is considered a breakaway formation. The latter has been trying for a while to start its own oil exports but has not been successful so far, thanks to resistance from NOC’s international oil trading partners, including majors such as Glencore and Vitol Group.

Now, it seems, the breakaway NOC has managed to find a buyer in the face of another trading firm, UAE-based DSA Consultancy FZC.

The export attempt drew international attention at the end of last week, when the first reports started coming in that an Indian tanker, the Distya Ameya, had docked at Hariga port and was waiting to be loaded before heading to Malta.

Several Libyan and foreign officials expressed concern about the possibility of an “illegal” oil cargo leaving Libya’s eastern port, but this concern has not been enough to put a spoke in the eastern NOC’s wheels.

Now that the cargo has sailed, the only thing that is certain is that the road to Libya’s unification will be an extremely tough one. And it’s unclear whether this cargo will ever reach Malta. So far, as of the time of writing, it hasn’t. The Tripoli-based National Oil Co., which is controlled by the rival government in Tripoli, said it had taken steps to block the exports.

Italian media reports now say that the Maltese authorities are keeping the cargo from making port in Malta, but other reports say that the tanker has not yet made any attempt to dock in Malta.

If it does dock in Malta, all bets are likely off for a unity government.

The core of the problem seems to be the legitimacy of the eastern government and the GNA. Both have international recognition, and even though the U.N. and the European Union—as well as the U.S.—have most recently thrown their support behind the GNA, the government in Tobruk still claims legitimacy. Since it was also recognized internationally, there isn’t much that one could say to that right now without igniting further hostility between the two governments. The wild card here is the so-called third government, also based in Tripoli and with clear Islamist leanings, which just last week reneged on its promise to resign after the arrival of the GNA.

Lack of oil export revenues could have been used as a lever against the eastern government but now that shippers and buyers for its oil have been found, this lever is gone. The eastern NOC considers the Tobruk government legal and it is very likely that after this initial success, it will continue to seek ways to export crude without the approval of the western NOC, the GNA, and the group of countries usually comprising the international community. Despite efforts from the U.S. and Europe, it is evident that there are some willing buyers of eastern Libyan oil.

This will considerably hamper the return of Libya to a unified state and the restoration of its oil output to pre-civil war levels. Bad as this is for Libya, the strife is putting upward pressure on global crude oil prices.


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French Assembly Calls an End to anti-Russian Sanctions Imposed by E.U.*

French Assembly Calls an End to anti-Russian Sanctions Imposed by E.U.*

As Anti-labor reform protests rock France…

French MPs have voted in favor of a resolution to lift the E.U.-imposed sanctions initially slapped on Russia over the crisis in Ukraine and the reunification with Crimea. The document is non-binding.

Fifty-five members of the French National Assembly have supported the resolution calling on the government not to extend the sanctions imposed on Russia by the E.U. Forty-four voted against and two abstained. Of the 577 deputies in the National Assembly, the lower house of the French Parliament, 101 took part in the vote.

The resolution, calling on the French government to protest extension of E.U. sanctions against Russia, was submitted by 85 French MPs.

Thierry Mariani, member of the center-right Republicans party who initiated the parliamentary debate, says the document “calls on the French government not to extend the restrictive measures and economic sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union.”

The debate on canceling sanctions was held at the National Assembly for the first time, the politician said. Mariani stressed that anti-Russian sanctions should be lifted because they only cause harm.

We are demanding that the sanctions be lifted because they are totally ineffective and they are dangerous for our economy,” he told the Assembly.

France is constantly saying that it’s the birthplace of human rights, that the people’s will should always be respected. So now I’m waiting for France to accept the will of the parliament and demand the lifting of the sanctions during the next talks,” Mariani said in an interview with RT France after the vote.

The MP said that he does not know of any resolutions that haven’t been considered by the government, and said that Francois Hollande “must take the responsibility” and make a move towards a restrictions-free policy in relations with Russia.

If the parliament’s position on the issue is not accepted, “it will be the strongest slap in the face of democracy,” Mariani said.

Earlier this year, France’s Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs Emmanuel Macron said that by this summer France will assist in lifting Western-imposed sanctions on Russia.

In December last year, the European Union prolonged its sanctions against Russia – originally initiated in August of 2014 – for another six months.

An increasing number of European politicians have become more skeptical about the sanctions, pointing out that they have proven to be politically ineffective and economically harmful for both Russia and European countries. Italy initially delayed the decision to prolong anti-Russian measures, demanding the issue be discussed rather than merely rubber-stamped.

E.U. sanctions against Russia were first introduced in July 2014 for one year, and were later extended over the crisis in Ukraine and the reunification with Crimea.

The sanctions included imposing restrictions on lending to major Russian state-owned banks, and defense and oil companies. In addition, Brussels imposed restrictions on the supply of weapons and military equipment to Russia, as well as military technology, dual-use technologies, hi-tech equipment and technology for oil production.

Russia responded by imposing an embargo on agricultural produce, food and raw materials against countries that joined the anti-Russian sanctions. Imports of beef, pork, poultry meat, fish, cheese, milk, vegetables and fruit were banned. Moscow also launched a policy of import substitution.


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Divide and Rule: Understanding Race and Class as One Entity, not Two*

Divide and Rule: Understanding Race and Class as One Entity, not Two*

By Danny Haiphong

Palestinians and Egyptian riot police face each other across the border. By Wissam Nassar

Palestinians and Egyptian riot police face each other across the border. By Wissam Nassar

Capitalism is the scourge of the planet.

“The basis of solidarity, then, should ultimately derive from an internationalist perspective. It means mutually working together with the peoples of the world in the struggle against the common enemy of imperialism.”

Malcolm X understood that Vietnamese and Algerian freedom fighters provided “a great service to Black people in the U.S. by weakening the international influence of the U.S. capitalist state.”

“White supremacy justifies such oppression through the dehumanization of ‘non-white’ life and the humanization of ‘white’ life.”

White supremacy and capitalism were constructed for the same purpose: to exploit humans, turn them into commodities, and enrich private owners of capital. This remains true in the 21st century. The Black working class of this era’s post-industrial, crisis-ridden U.S. capitalism has been made disposable by a system that once required its free, slave labour to develop and thrive. Endless neo-colonial wars rage throughout the planet. These wars are justified by the same white supremacist ideology that preconditions Black life to the economic margins. On this basis, solidarity between oppressed peoples can only be achieved when a movement strikes against race and class as one entity, not two.

The question of solidarity must be approached from an objective analysis of present day society. The U.S. is a class society. It is ruled by dictates of capitalist profit and private property. Large U.S. monopoly corporations and banks accumulate exorbitant profits from the labor of workers all over the world. At the same time, the majority of people in U.S. society suffer from impoverishment due to capitalist exploitation. This cuts across racial lines. 

However, the U.S. is also a racist society. Black Americans, indigenous Americans, and self-identified Latinos are the most impoverished communities in the country. These communities also face levels of repression, segregation, and state violence that White Americans do not experience. White supremacy, as the ruling ideology of U.S. capitalism, justifies such oppression through the dehumanization of “non-white” life and the humanization of “white” life. This permeates throughout every social, political, and economic institution in U.S. society.

“All forms of exploitation are ultimately ruled by the class that controls the dominant political economy of this period: capitalism.”

So while it is important to understand the layers of U.S. society, it is just as important to possess consciousness of the source of the oppression. All forms of exploitation are ultimately ruled by the class that controls the dominant political economy of this period: capitalism. The extreme concentration of wealth, where 62 individuals alone own more capital than half of the planet’s population combined, lays bare just what is responsible for the disease of capitalism. And the capitalist class that owns all of this wealth has built a global system of Empire to facilitate large-scale theft.

What unites all oppressed people, then, is their relationship to the capitalist state. The state mitigates and manages the affairs of the U.S. capitalist class. For example, it is Washington that ultimately enforces “free trade” deals such as NAFTA to create a more friendly “investment” environment for multinational corporations. Washington also facilitates arms deal contracts with countries like Saudi Arabia to ensure that its allies continue to fund terrorism and repress independent development throughout the world to the benefit of oil and arms corporations. Everything the capitalist state does thus revolves around enriching the capitalist class at the expense of oppressed and working class people.

This does not mean that Black workers in the U.S. have the same experience as workers in Bangladesh or Somali workers fending off starvation from U.S.-sponsored sanctions. There are variations to how workers experience exploitation based on their social and economic relationship to capital in a given moment of history. However, all of them face the same enemy in one degree or another. This is what Malcolm X realized after his travels throughout the African continent just prior to his assassination in 1965. Malcolm X identified with the national liberation struggle in Algeria because he saw the Algerians (and Chinese, Vietnamese, Cubans among others) as providing a great service to Black people in the U.S.  by weakening the international influence of the U.S.  capitalist state.

“There are variations to how workers experience exploitation based on their social and economic relationship to capital in a given moment of history.”

The basis of solidarity, then, should ultimately derive from an internationalist perspective. It means mutually working together with the peoples of the world in the struggle against the common enemy of imperialism. This will take work and much education. While much of the world is no stranger to white supremacy and colonialism, some may not completely understand the intricacies of racism against Black people in the U.S.. At the same time, many Black Americans and oppressed peoples of color may not fully understand the importance of standing with Libyans, Cubans, and all oppressed people against U.S. -backed imperial warfare. Eight years of the Obama era and nearly a generation of counterinsurgency does have its negative consequences, after all.

But this should not deter us from upholding a banner of internationalism and solidarity in our day to day work. Reactionary conditions should harden and strengthen our orientation to these important principles. Millions of people continue to perish or starve because of the U.S.  and its imperial allies. And the system of capitalism that dictates what this alliance does abroad continues the assault on Black people and peoples of color within its artificial borders. Solidarity will make us stronger in the quest for political power. The question shouldn’t be whether people around the world elevate the struggle of Black Americans, but how we can organize on an internationalist basis to confront our common enemy.


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