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Sweden in Satanic Death Grip*

Sweden in Satanic Death Grip*

By Erik Larssen

“If you walk around in Sweden, you will see many soulless people with miserable face expressions and earphones. You see a lot of obese Swedish people and the Pride festival in Stockholm is enormous. While Swedish people claim to be ‘happy,’ they are really miserable and lonely.”

War is usually associated with guns and missiles but a mental civil war where man-woman, rich-poor, locals-immigrants, left-right politicians fight each other is just as devastating as any physical war.

Sweden is the frontrunner of the NWO and has a fully dedicated Marxist mainstream media (MSM) trying to undermine Swedish nuclear families and all forms of traditional culture and religion. Voltaire said that whoever you are not allowed to criticize is the one that rules you. Cabalist Jewry rules and hides behind the shield of Judaism, a religion they have destroyed along with numerous ordinary Jews. After almost 100 years of warfare in Sweden, we see the devastating effects today.

Sweden is widely considered a top-ranked country for family life. Yet Sweden is also a world leader in terms of divorce rates (47%), single-parent households and depression among young people.

Indeed, Sweden is a terrible place for children these days – this is the reality. The main reason is that Swedish parents don´t know family values and don´t raise their kids in a good way since they have been brainwashed by Marxism. The result is a generation of weak and sickly children without basic knowledge about human life.

In 2015, only 23.8% of Swedish kids were born to married parents. An astonishing 47% of all Swedes live in single households. In 20 years the depression rate among Swedish kids has tripled.  Most Swedish boys are unsocial, addicted to computer games and have not learned basic self discipline. Furthermore, most Swedish parents buy into all vaccine schemes making the kids even weaker. Sweden has received more immigrants than any other western country (per capita) making Swedish kids feel even more lost.

Collapse of Nuclear Family and Traditional Beliefs 

Many Swedish people are naive, reserved and kindhearted. If you want to see true evil, check out the Swedish MSM which now promotes LBTG, atheist, materialist, sexist, feminist, anti-Putin and fear on a huge scale. Swedish MSM is controlled by the NWO mainly through the Illuminati Jewish families – and nobody dares to criticize them. First of all the Bonnier family (Bilderberg Jews) owns the largest parts of Swedish media and television and secondly there is the Hjörne crypto Jews owning a big part. Other players are either controlled from the U.S. (Schibsted) or by Swedish politicians or unions (Mittmedia).

In Sweden, you are regarded as a fool if you believe in God or divine creation. This is due to a Marxist ideology destroying the school system, children, State, Church and top politicians. The murders/”suicides”/disappearances of Ivar Kreuger, Raul Wallenberg, Olof Palme, Anna Lindh and KSI (top secret intelligence service) head Lars Ericsson adds fuel to the black smoke of Sweden. Palme´s autopsy protocol is still kept secret while Lindh´s murder looks like a psy op with a young assassin very confused claiming he was controlled by an inner voice during the murder (which we never have been able to confirm on film).

The “Sweden Democrat” party is rising fast and they are against mass migration – but they are Zionist controlled opposition. The same goes for the major alternative media sites. Swedish people are scared and do not react even when skeleton bones fall out of the Masonic HQ at Stockholm. Basically, there is a lack of courage and information in Swedish men.

Swedish Feminism Marxist Attack on Family 

“Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval…including the ugly ones.”(Karl Marx)

Fifty years ago, Swedish women were considered the most beautiful in the world. Today´s Swedish women have been brainwashed into pursuing career and “equality” making them disregard feminine qualities. Many women behave, walk and dress like men. A foreigner asked me why Swedish women are terrible while Swedish men are good.

Another foreigner asked me why Swedish babies are so unclean. A French woman told me that Swedish dress style is different (uglier) from other countries. We can´t blame Swedish women but nowadays they don´t understand what is important in life – a harmonious family and traditional beliefs. Of course there are exceptions.

Swedish women are usually dictators at home and the man will be effeminate. Swedish men quietly endure their misery until she wants a divorce. A friend from the North told me that no Swedish women wants to stay there anymore so his village is full of Thai and Russian wives.

If you walk around in Sweden you will see many soulless people with miserable face expressions and earphones. You see a lot of obese Swedish people and the Pride festival in Stockholm is enormous. While Swedish people claim to be “happy” they are really miserable and lonely. Swedish people can´t imagine what is going on beyond the scenes and they are completely unaware of the evil forces behind their MSM, Government and Secret Police. Some insiders call it the most corrupt government on earth controlled by MOSSAD/CIA.

Muslim immigrants are used as scapegoats in Sweden for terror actions


The Next Step- Psyops, Martial Law and Bad Water

The Swedish government and media are fighting Swedish people. It doesn´t matter which party you vote for, they are all controlled by the same evil power so the end result is the same.

The hallmark of a nation run by Illuminati Jews is that the government tries to destroy traditional culture and nuclear families. The current forecast for Sweden is more psy ops to instil fear of the Muslims. This will result in martial law and a Zionist NWO puppet dictator. Swedish people will support anyone that promises “safety from the Muslims”.

Watch out for the drinking water – large cities will be easy targets and Swedes drink the tap water in big cities. The water poisoning will be a global affair and it´s the easiest way to depopulate. 

Unity and Faith Only Hope

A country without patriots, courageous men, unity, religion or traditional principles is doomed. Many Swedish people are kind-hearted but they are unaware of the Marxist brainwash which destroys them.

Everyone can see where Sweden is heading and if some good people unite perhaps a miracle can take place. If patriotic Swedes working in secret services such as KSI, MUST, SÄPO and FRA realize that they and their country are being destroyed by their own Marxist employer – the NWO – perhaps there might be unexpected news from Sweden.


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Israel to Host International Genocide Conference*

Israel to Host International Genocide Conference*

By Richard Silverstein

The International Network of Genocide Scholars will host its fifth annual conference in Israel at the Hebrew University next month.  The title of the event will be Intersections: Holocaust Scholarship, Genocide Research, And Histories of Mass Violence.  On the one hand, Israel is a natural choice to host a conference on the Holocaust since it arose in part out of the ashes of the Nazi genocide against Jews.  Israel’s Yad Vashem Museum is a primary international depository for, and commemoration of the Holocaust.

But on the other hand, such a choice raises a host of unsettling questions:  first among them is: how do you deal with the question of Israeli “mass violence” against Palestinians and, for that matter, all of the front-line states Israel has attacked repeatedly in the decades following the 1948 War?  Though most scholars agree that Israel’s Occupation regime hasn’t risen to the level of genocide, the seeds of a future catastrophe of that magnitude have been planted.  Will they germinate?  Anyone’s guess.  But why should genocide scholars sit in solemn deliberation in such a country where violence smites Palestinian victims every day?

Second, how do you deal with the attempts at collaboration between the pre-1948 Zionist leadership–including figures like David Ben Gurion–and the Nazis?  I wouldn’t mind if I knew this question would be debated at the conference.  But I strongly doubt it will.

Third, how do you deal with the problematic relationship between Diaspora Jewry, which suffered overwhelmingly during the Holocaust, and Israel, which only reached out to help Jews in any numbers after the catastrophe ended?  Remember Ben Gurion, who said:

“If I knew that it was possible to save all the children of Germany by transporting them to England, and only half by transferring them to the Land of Israel, I would choose the latter, for before us lies not only the numbers of these children but the historical reckoning of the people of Israel.”

He can gussy this sentiment up in ponderous concepts like “the historical reckoning of the people of Israel,” but the truth is that it is precisely such choices that mark a decisive break, a profound alienation between the Zionism of Ben Gurion and the Diaspora.  Under such a philosophical concept, the two must be at war with each other.  The truth is that there is no actual war.  But there is a constant, simmering Cold War between them which neither side fully acknowledges or attempts to repair, which only makes things worse.

Fourth, how do you deal with the problem of Israel and Zionism which view the Holocaust as the result of the lack of sovereignty of the Jewish people, and hence see that catastrophe as an inexorable result of Jewish vulnerability in the Diaspora?

Though I’m not a genocide scholar, I’d be interested to know how such a field deals with relations between genocide survivors and those within their ethnic community after they return from the Killing Fields.  In the case of Israel, the relationship is exceedingly ambivalent.  As many readers know, Israel has let many of the remaining survivors live in destitution (50,000 by last count), offering them very limited financial support.  There are many reasons for this, but chief among them is the Zionist attitude toward Holocaust and Diaspora.  It is something many would rather forget.  Israelis see themselves as apart from and superior to the Diaspora.  The Holocaust survivors are a constant reminder that they are not, that their fate is inextricably bound up in those of European Jewry.

The final problematic aspect of hosting a genocide conference in Israel is that it has refused for decades to acknowledge the Armenian genocide.  Until recently, this was due to Israel’s close alliance with Turkey, which itself was the lead denier of the Armenian Holocaust.  But even after the relationship with Turkey soured in 2010, Israel has continued to refuse to recognize any other genocide than the extermination of European Jewry.  This is profoundly troubling and a violation of historical truth.  Why should the validity of one’s own national suffering be diminished in any way by the recognition of the suffering of another nation?

Who’s going to tackle this–or any of the other troublesome subjects I raised above–at this conference?  The lack of discussion means to me that the organizers either were short-sighted or too frightened to delve into such troubling questions concerning their host nation, Israel.

Several hundred scholars are releasing a protest statement criticizing the international organization for agreeing to host the scholarly meeting in Israel.  This is the text of the letter:

“As a group of scholars, we are deeply concerned that the International Network of Genocide Scholars (INoGS) is lending its name and reputation to Israel’s occupation and ongoing colonization of Palestine by holding its annual conference, scheduled for June 26-29, at the Mt. Scopus campus of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Israel’s actions against the Palestinian people – from the Nakba to the ongoing displacement of Palestinians from their lands, and from repeated military offensives against Gaza to the ongoing blockade – are increasingly being viewed through lenses of ethnic cleansing and genocide linked to settler colonialism. It is therefore shocking that INoGS plans to hold its 2016 Global Conference at the Mt. Scopus campus of the Hebrew University that is partially built on stolen Palestinian land in occupied East Jerusalem. Additionally, the conference is sponsored by five Israeli academic institutions, including the Hebrew University, which have been deeply complicit in Israel’s decades-long oppression of Palestinians.

Billing the conference as held in ‘Jerusalem, Israel’ demonstrates that INoGS is turning a blind eye to Israel’s illegal annexation of the city, condemned unanimously by the international community, and to the ongoing campaign of dispossession against indigenous Palestinians as Israel seeks to erase their historic and diverse presence in the city through plunder and expulsion.

The significance of all this cannot be lost on genocide scholars.

The call for this conference has been issued while Israel’s state terrorism is being exposed to the world. Israeli police, military and fundamentalist settler lynch mobs have been savagely attacking Palestinian protestors and committing crimes with impunity.

New repressive and discriminatory Israeli laws and a dominant culture of racism and intolerance have created a culture of impunity, with Israel’s occupation forces now adopting a shoot-to-kill policy against Palestinian child and youth protesters in situations where they pose no serious threat…

We urgently call on InoGS to act in a principled way by cancelling the Jerusalem venue for their conference and transferring it to a location in another country.

We furthermore urge scholars and professionals to reflect upon the ethical and legal implications of participating in a conference organized by complicit institutions and taking place…on occupied land–and to boycott this event should it go ahead under these circumstances.

‘Never again’ means never again for everyone.

The Call for Papers from the Network does indicate an effort to acknowledge ongoing mass violence against Palestinians in language like this:

…Bringing the INoGS conference to Jerusalem, a city in which foundational collective traumas intersect and are experienced in everyday life, offers an opportunity to engage with the main theme of the conference:Intersections: Holocaust Scholarship, Genocide Research, and Histories of Mass Violence.

The meeting will include two roundtable panels that delve into this subject as well:

Collective Traumas and National Identities will include papers on Jews, Palestinians, as well as other cases

Studying Genocide in a Site of Conflict and Violence will address the challenges of researching and teaching the Holocaust, genocide, and mass violence in Israel in the midst of the ongoing conflict between Jews and Palestinians

But one has to wonder what sort of balance the event program will offer when only two members of the academic steering committee for the conference are Israeli Palestinian.  The remainder are Israeli Jews.

The scholars’ letter makes clear that the principles of BDS are involved in the signatories decision to denounce Israel’s hosting of the conference.  On this note, a number of the Israeli institutions serving as sponsors are deeply implicated in the Occupation.  Their scientific and social science research serves as a bulwark of the Israeli military and intelligence apparatus.  How about the secret research conducted at some of these institutions which develop Israel’s weapons of mass destruction? One wonders if anyone will deliver a paper at this conference offering a critique of the role of Israeli academia in facilitating the violence against, and oppression of the Palestinian people.

I e-mailed and tweeted INoGS’ president and its Twitter account for a comment or statement of their position in this matter.  As of publication, no one had replied.


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IRS to Face Lawmakers after Thousands Seized from Small Business Owners*

IRS to Face Lawmakers after Thousands Seized from Small Business Owners*

By Melissa Quinn

For more than four years, Maryland dairy farmer Randy Sowers has been fighting the federal government, asking it to right what many say was a wrong.

In Feb. 2012, two federal agents told Sowers, who owns South Mountain Creamery in Frederick, Md. that the Internal Revenue Service was seizing more than $60,000 from his farm’s bank account under a subset of civil forfeiture laws governing cash transactions.

According to the IRS, Sowers had committed structuring violations. Structuring is the act of making consistent cash deposits or withdrawals of under $10,000 to avoid government reporting requirements.

But the dairy farmer didn’t know he was doing anything wrong, and because Sowers and his wife sold milk at local farmers markets—where customers paid primarily in cash—they frequently made cash deposits into the business’s bank account.

Sowers and his wife tried to fight to the government to get their money back, but ultimately decided to settle.

The IRS returned $33,436 to the Sowers and kept $29,500.

On Wednesday, Sowers and his lawyer, Robert Johnson of the Institute for Justice, will appear before a panel of lawmakers on the House Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee to detail Sowers’ lengthy battle with the federal government and discuss broader issues with how the IRS is using civil forfeiture.

“One of the main issues that’s going to come out of this hearing is the IRS still is holding tens of millions of dollars that it seized from people that it wouldn’t have seized under its policies today,” Johnson told The Daily Signal.

“Those people deserve to get their money back, and Randy Sowers deserves to get his money back.”

Members of the subcommittee, led by Chairman Peter Roskam, R-Ill., will hear from Sowers and Johnson, as well as representatives from the IRS and Justice Department, including IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

“It’s so clear on its face: this is an abuse of power,” Roskam told The Daily Signal.

“The government is being dismissive of notions of fundamental justice, even when they acknowledge that the underlying policy is wrong, even when the IRS has apologized for the implementation of that policy. It is still a miserable enterprise trying to funds restored to the individuals.”

Under civil forfeiture, law enforcement has the power to take cash, cars, and property from people if they suspect the property is connected to criminal activity.

Sowers and Taylor’s Produce owner Calvin Taylor, who is also testifying before the committee, had money seized under civil forfeiture for structuring.

Civil forfeiture and structuring laws were put in place to curb drug trafficking and money laundering. However, in recent years, the government has taken money and property from innocent property owners who were never charged with a crime and were unaware they were breaking the law.

According to a study from the Institute for Justice, the IRS forfeited roughly $43 million from property owners in 618 cases from 2007 to 2013. In each of those cases, the IRS didn’t report any suspicion of criminal activity outside of the pattern of cash deposits or withdrawals.

“Every American knows that for the IRS to take somebody’s money and to threaten to put them in jail because of how they deposit money in the bank is wrong,” Johnson said.

“It’s not how our country should work.”

In the last two years, the IRS and Justice Department changed their internal policies regarding structuring, allowing the agencies to pursue structuring cases only in instances where the money stems from criminal activity.

Under the policy changes, a number of business owners, including Sowers, wouldn’t have had their money taken.

“When you first describe the civil asset forfeiture approach to things, and you realize this was set up in order to go after Mafia front groups and human trafficking operations and meth labs, people say it makes perfect sense,” Roskam said.

“But when you go further and describe the abuse of it, then there’s a lot of concern all the way around.”

“This in the larger context of IRS targeting based on political philosophy and religious beliefs, it fits this larger pattern and a larger theme and a larger element of concern of is this government watching out for me or is this government coming after me?” he continued.

Despite action from the IRS and Justice Department, Johnson said the Institute for Justice is aware of recent cases involving people who had money seized for structuring violations even though the money wasn’t tied to illegal activity.

Instead of pursuing the cases through civil forfeiture, Johnson said, the IRS is using criminal forfeiture instead, and threatening to prosecute property owners for structuring.

“Structuring is a crime, but there’s nothing morally criminal about it,” he said.

“It’s a crime because Congress said it’s a crime. It’s true, the government can put you in jail for depositing money in the wrong amounts.”

Over the last few months, outside groups like the Institute for Justice and a bipartisan group of lawmakers from the Ways and Means Committee have pressured the IRS and Justice Department to return money wrongfully seized under civil forfeiture for structuring violations.

Last year, the Institute for Justice filed “petitions for remission or mitigation” with the federal government on behalf of Sowers and North Carolina convenience store owner Ken Quran. The petitions, similar to a pardon, called on the government to return money taken from the small business owners.

The IRS returned the more than $153,000 it seized from Quran, but did not respond to Sowers’ petition.

In August and again in March, Republicans and Democrats on the Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee sent letters to the IRS, Department of Treasury, and Department of Justice urging them to return money “inappropriately” seized by the IRS through civil forfeiture.

The lawmakers also encouraged the agencies to give property owners who had money taken and were never charged with a crime to petition the government to get their cash back.

“My concern is the dismissiveness of the administration on this,” Roskam said.

“They’re not seeing an obligation to go and make things right. Their feeling, at least what they’re communicating so far, is that was then, this is now, and if someone suffered, then someone suffered.

“They’re not seeking justice here, and that’s a problem.”


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Say Hi to the Head of your NWO Nightmare Baron Jacob Nathaniel Rothschild*

Say Hi to the Head of your NWO Nightmare Baron Jacob Nathaniel Rothschild*

By Benjamin Fulford

The man who is blocking the new financial system and preventing the use of Asian gold for the benefit of the planet is Baron Jacob Nathaniel Rothschild, according to his close relatives as well as the CIA. Baron Rothschild is the head of the Khazarian mafia octopus that controls the issuance of U.S. dollars, Euros, Japanese yen and many other currencies, not including the Chinese Yuan or the Russian rouble. It was Rothschild who stood in the way when the Asian elders offered gold at a 13% discount in order to set up a future planning agency charged with ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction turning this planet into a paradise. The plan is supported by the BRICS nations, the Pentagon, most of the agencies and even many of Rothschild’s own relatives.

If Baron Rothschild does not contact the White Dragon Society to negotiate a compromise within 24 hours of this newsletter being published, the WDS will offer 1 ton of gold, available for pick up in Hong Kong, to anybody who can persuade him to get out of the way. By the way Rothschild, we know you are hiding out in Mark Rich’s former house in Zug, Switzerland and not at your country home in Waddeston, Buckinghamshire, England. Don’t bother trying to hide, it would be futile.

If other people also block us we will be forced to issue our own deck of playing cards such as the Bush Nazis did in Iraq. Each card will be redeemable for a certain quantity of gold depending on the nature of the crimes against humanity carried out by the person represented.

However, what the dwindling circle of Rothschild flunkies and Khazarian Nazis need to understand is that the WDS is not out to “get” bad guys. We simply want to save the planet. If somebody stands in the way of our doing this, we will be forced to move them aside.

The other thing to note is that the WDS plan will, in some ways, resemble the year end parties Nomura Securities used to hold for foreign correspondents in Tokyo. Most correspondents are not allowed to accept gifts worth more than $20 or so from their sources. So, what Nomura did was have a bingo game where, it turns out, everybody won a rich prize. This correspondent was once “fooled into” accepting a $300 Noritake tea set in this manner. In other words, the WDS wants to make sure everybody gets a prize including the dinar people, the North Koreans, the various would be M1’s, the gnostic illuminati, the Zap crowd and everybody else who participated in the fight to create a more just financial system. Of course all the people and living creatures of this planet will also emerge a winner once we pull this off, and it will happen.

This is clearly the case because the situation on the ground is getting increasingly desperate for the Khazarian mafia as they are being systematically removed from power around the world.

The biggest recent developments have been in Israel where Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon resigned last week denouncing “extremism, violence and racism,” in Israeli society and in the Netanyahu regime.

This follows comments made by IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Yair Golan on Holocaust Remembrance Day where, among other things, he said

“The rain of racist bills in the Knesset, those already adopted and those in the works, strongly resembles the laws adopted by the Reichstag in the early days of the Nazi regime.”

These comments were supported by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak who said Israel has been “infected by the seeds of fascism.”

It seems the Jewish people are finally waking up to the fact their own leadership is actually composed of Khazarian Nazi gangsters with a genocidal agenda.

This belated awakening of the Jews to the horrors they have been subjected to over the millennia by their Satan worshipping leaders is not happening by accident. The Russians have carried out a very sophisticated campaign by forcing Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu to hire the Soviet born right wing extremist Avigdor Lieberman as the new defence minister, Pentagon intelligence says. This extremist will carry out suicidal aggressive policies that will “hasten the destruction of Israel,” they say. In particular Lieberman is expected to order an invasion of Lebanon that will unleash a rain of missiles that their so-called Iron Dome defences will be useless against, the sources say.

The other thing that is imminent is the financial destruction of the Israeli regime. That is because the U.S. Senate overcame opposition by puppet president Barack Obama to pass a bill that would allow U.S. citizens to sue foreign governments for not only terrorism but also aircraft sabotage, hostage taking and extrajudicial killing. While the Khazarian mafia controlled press seems to think this bill is aimed at Saudi Arabia, the real target is Israel. Israel (and its secret Rothschild kings) can now be sued for 911, the Paris attacks, Malaysian flight 370/17, the Sinai Russian aircraft crash and now, last week’s Egyptair incident. Pentagon sources say the words “aircraft sabotage” were deliberately added to the Senate bill just to make Israel accountable for its actions…


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