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NATO Just Attempted to Invade Moldova, but were Thwarted by People’s Resistance*

NATO Just Attempted to Invade Moldova, but were Thwarted by People’s Resistance*

By Scott Humor

NATO’s invasion of Moldova foiled thanks to coordinated actions of many nations’ patriots


It’s hard to overestimate the value of planning in advance, especially when it comes to getting reservations in popular restaurants and invading countries by military force.

In the week of the May 9th Victory Day two significant failures took place each one remarkable in its own way. Each event went completely unreported by the Western corporate and government media, but discussed on Social Media.

[The followings is an excerpt. Look for a full version of this investigation in the June release of my new book: “Scott Humor: Rumors, Speculations and Investigations of the First Hybrid War”]

In the following three weeks after the incident with the USS Florida, while Russia was preparing for Victory Day celebrations and all eyes were on Moscow, attention of Ukrainians was fully concentrated on the visit of Victoria Nuland to Kiev on April 26th allegedly to discuss the implementation of the Minsk II Agreement and the future elections in Donetsk and Lugansk republics. Since the day when President Putin said that the republics can have their elections anytime they want, the question of these elections ceased to be a subject of blackmail toward the Kremlin. It appeared that the true reason for Nuland’s visit could be located to the west of Kiev, rather than the east.

Just recently, Robert D. Kaplan, a former Stratfor’s Chief Geopolitical Analyst, and currently a senior fellow at the Centre for a New American Security (CNAS) has published a book “In Europe’s Shadow where he lays out a plan to reunite Romania with “its lost province of Moldova.”

Nuland visited Moldova back in January, with the task to coerce Moldova’s government and its oligarchs to change the country’s Constitution provision of neutrality.

Before she left, she gave a short speech at the American Embassy in Bucharest after a private dinner with PM Ciolos and President Klaus.

“We powerfully support the desire of the people in Moldova to have responsible leaders who can implement reforms. This is the best way to assure the future of Moldova. Romania and the United States, in conjunction with NATO, have support programs in place to assure the security of Moldova but the government has to work to implement these programs.”

Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe, and its economy heavily relies on Russia. According to the CIA Fact Book:

  • Moldova’s annual remittances of about $1.12 billion comes from the roughly one million Moldovans working in Europe, Russia, and other former Soviet Bloc countries;
  • Moldova imports almost all of its energy supplies from Russia and Ukraine;
  • Moldova’s dependence on Russian energy is underscored by a more than $5 billion debt to Russian natural gas supplier Gazprom;
  • Moldova signed an Association Agreement and a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the EU during fall 2014, however its biggest trade partner remains Russia.

Everyone understands that a NATO membership will cut all economic ties with Russia, including jobs, and it will turn Moldova into a failed state, or in the CIA doublespeak, the country would stop being vulnerable to “Russian pressure.”

Apparently, the failure of Moldova as a state, and its disappearance as a nation is also what the E.U. wants. On January 6, the new Moldovan Ambassador to Germany was presenting his credentials when, out of the blue, the German president asked the new ambassador what the procedure was for Republic of Moldova to formally unite with Romania.

On May 4th, the Katehon reported on Vladimir Plahotniuc’s (the infamous Moldavian oligarch and mafia boss) visit to the U.S. and his meeting with Victoria Nuland there.

As the Victory Day celebration was approaching, we all fully anticipated from the U.S. to conduct terror acts, military excursions/drills, and political and legal attacks on Russia as the U.S. and the E.U. always do to harass Russia during its major national and Church holidays.

Starting with April 21st, we saw a flurry of “news” about Ukraine and Romania joining NATO Black Sea flotilla and the organization of Romanian-Ukrainian-Bulgarian brigade similar to that created by Poland. On April 26, Georgia (Gruzia) pitched in via the Georgia Today: “creation of NATO Black Sea Fleet Gains US Support” and praising Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania for calls to expand the Western military.

All that Russia said to all this NATO generated noise was a brief statement of Russia’s envoy to NATO Alexander Grushko.NATO should be in a position to know that all necessary steps will be taken from our side to neutralize the emerging threats.”

With all these preparations for the war on Russia going on, NATO also planned military drills in neutral Moldova, chosen to start on May 2nd, the day of remembrance for the victims of the Odessa Massacre.

Meanwhile, the patriots of Moldavia who worked together regardless of their political views, discovered something interesting and saved Moldova.

NATO reported that for drills they would be entering Moldova in four formations, and that the total of motorized units will be 50+. However, the very first formation that made an attempt to enter the territory of Moldova contained 100+ units. This was just one formation. And there was expected three more formations.

It was an obvious deception by NATO.

The plan of NATO was to enter the country with too large a number of units for this tiny country’s forces, to stage a bloody false flag attack during the Victory Day celebration in Moldova with the participation of Ukrainian Right Sector terrorists masquerading as “pro-Russia separatists.This plot worked in Ukraine, so it should work in Moldova, right? That’s the true reason why Nuland was in Kiev two weeks prior. After this false flag attack, a Romanian fleet was planned to enter Ukrainian territorial waters “by invitation of the Ukrainian government” and arrive to Odessa in order to block Russian fleets from interfering and helping Transnistria.


Coming back to the bizarre incident near Gibraltar, when one NATO member’s tiny 20 ton Costal Guards’ boat was attacked by another NATO member for interfering with the 18,000 tons behemoth of a submarine of the third NATO member.

The NATO plan apparently was to stealthy and quietly position the Ohio-class ballistic guided-missile submarine USS Florida (SSGN 728) in the Mediterranean or even in the Black Sea so it would be able to shoot into Moldova to overwhelm Moldovan minuscule defence forces.

We have to remember that it was the USS Florida “that opened up the Libya intervention,” firing more than 90 cruise missiles to destroy Libya’s air defences and clearing the way for NATO air strikes.

“Never before in the history of the United States of America has one ship conducted that much land attack strikes, conventionally, in one short time period,” Rear Adm. Rick Breckenridge had said.

However, thanks to Spanish Costal Guards the submarine was discovered and talked about all around the world via social media and the press. The USS Florida had no other options but to retreat and return to home base.

In fact, there were TWO incidents on the same April 16th day involving the USS Florida. First, it was the Spanish patrol boat belonged to the Servicio de Vigilancia Aduanera, at whom the British Navy opened fire. A bit later, the Guardia Civil vessel Rio Cedeña tried to cut across the submarine’s bow and was photographed by multiple witnesses.

Someone in Spain wanted to make sure that these “incidents” just wouldn’t go unnoticed.

According to V.V. Pyakin, a political analyst with the Concept Technologies Foundation, a think tank located in St. Petersburg, NATO was in a process of conducting a full-scale invasion of Moldova with the annexation of a Southern part of Ukraine including Odessa to construct a NATO Navy base there. Moldova was supposed to become a part of Romania automatically with the U.S. military forces arriving to the capital and taking over the government of Moldova. That’s why NATO needed all those military “drills” in the Black Sea region and in the Baltics simultaneously.

When the patriotic forces of Moldavia discovered that NATO was about to enter the territory of Moldova in four formations, 100+ motorized units each, they protested loudly and blocked the entrance of NATO troops on the border. Meanwhile, the biggest political fraction in Moldova threatened with the impeachment of the president for treason, if NATO troops would be allowed to enter the country.

Reports from Moldova at the time disclosed that American troops stopped at the border crossing didn’t have proper ID and other papers. Moldovans came to greet them with the banners “Moldova is a neutral country” and “Stop bases of NATO,” “Stop NATO” and “NATO go home.” As the result, on April 28th only about 60 units and 200 servicemen the U.S. Army 2nd Cavalry Regimental Engineer Squadron were allowed to enter the country.

Images of creeping NATO invasion of Moldova here

When a formation of American military crossed the Romanian-Moldova border allegedly to take part in Dragon Pioneer 2016 NATO military drills, Moldavian opposition leaders expressed protests. Several members of the Parliament blocked the road. They reported to Russian and international media and news outlets that the U.S. troops didn’t have an international agreement signed by the defence ministers of Moldova and USA. They also lacked a legal government agreement on the entrance of the heavy military equipment and weaponry to the territory of the country. 60% of American servicemen didn’t have valid military IDs.

According to a TASS report,

“To prevent collisions, officers from the Fulger (Lightning) police battalion of special purpose intervened, which were specially delivered from Chisinau. After checking the documents, a column of military vehicles followed the U.S. to the place of temporary location at the site of Negresht,” said the inspectorate.”

“The initiative to invite the U.S. troops into the country and hold the exhibition of American technology belongs to the Minister of Defence of Moldova Anatol Șalaru, who is famous for the organization of the “Museum of Soviet occupation” in Chisinau, calls to repeal neutrality and make the country a member of NATO, and the fight against monuments of the Soviet era.”

This move was harshly criticized by Igor Dodon, whose party has the largest faction in Parliament and controls a quarter of the seats.

He stated:

“We believe military exercises involving U.S. troops on Moldovan territory is a flagrant violation of the constitutional principle of neutrality of Moldova. In this regard, the deputies from the Party of socialists have already initiated a number of procedures. They will continue, and this will be one of the reasons for introducing in May the initiative to dismiss the government.”

By Victory Day it became apparent that the Nuland-Kogan-NATO plan for invasion of Moldova was foiled. All Americans could do was to “crush” a Victory Day parade in the centre of Moldova’s capital by coming uninvited and bringing their motorized vehicles to it.

And that’s where NATO troops and Moldovan patriots came face to face.

Pindos lost their freaking mind: An American Colonel demands the citizen of Moldova leave the central square

ПИНДОСЫ ОХРЕНЕЛИ В КОНЕЦ! Американский полковник предлагает покинуть центральную площадь Кишинева гражданину РМ

— Серж Высоцкий (@Albertich50) May 12, 2016

Moldavian activists chased NATO troops from the capital during the Victory Day Celebration


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Activists from all Over the U.S. Deliver Aid to Flint*

Activists from all Over the U.S. Deliver Aid to Flint*

By Claire Bernish

Lead contaminates the water in Flint, Michigan, and as you’ve probably heard, the state government in conjunction with emergency managers needlessly endangered the lives of every resident in the city by poisoning its water supply with toxic lead — for a savings amounting to about $80 to $100 per day. And while the Flint Water Crisis has largely disappeared from headlines in both mainstream and alternative media, residents are no closer to receiving the most basic human right with any consistency.

In fact, the situation, in many ways, continues to worsen as the government not only originally failed to keep informed residents of the economically-depressed city what’s being done to solve their crisis, but failed to provide adequate supply for their daily lives.

Imagine suddenly being unable to turn the tap on in warming weather for much-needed rehydration. Imagine not only attempting to cook a meal for your family, but sanitizing cooking utensils, pots and pans, dinnerware, and more — without being able to turn on your faucet. Imagine bathing with individual water bottles — or bathing your children this way. Imagine attempting to clean your house, your laundry, anything — without freely-flowing tap water.

Imagine discovering the government — you perhaps took for granted — poisoned your entire community, but continued forcing you to pay the inflated bills for toxically tainted water. But instead of admitting its mistakes and taking responsibility, that same government — and the state’s governor — then also obligated you to pay the tab for its own unjustifiable defence. Worse still, imagine meagre solutions were available in the form of donated water drops — but the government didn’t bother to inform you they were even taking place.

Imagine the government sought to quash the issue by spying on those who dared speak up on social media. Now, imagine those who not only spoke up, but brought action against this blatantly corrupted government suddenly turned up dead.

This is life — an abhorrently inexcusable reality — for the residents of Flint.

And after a flurry of attention in the mainstream media — who quickly vacated the area once headlines no longer gathered the appropriate share count, or when crises of similar proportion across the country came to light — your inability to drink water from the tap remained no closer to being solved.

Fortunately, humanity hasn’t been lost to a headline. Activists across the country have again stepped in where the government’s shameful penny-pinching and refusal to accept responsibility should have — with #OpFlint.

Those activists from around the country — largely, but not at all exclusively — associated with the collective calling itself Anonymous, travelled to Flint, yet again, over Memorial Day weekend to provide residents with an enormous quantity of donated water. Though itself an extraordinary act of selflessness, the activists didn’t — and haven’t — stopped with simply allowing anyone in need to show up and take the precious resource. In adhering to principles the government never could, OpFlint activists visited locals who might not have heard they were in town.

What they found should make your blood boil.

“Seven weeks,” laments an unidentified Flint resident, pointing to a paltry collection of bottled water, as captured in video footage by one of the activists. “And this is how we bathe.”

“Is anybody trying to fix this problem for you guys?” asks an activist taping the encounter.

“What can we do? We’re not contacted …” she says, as the activist clarifies:

“No, I mean, is the government trying to do anything to fix this?”

We’re not contacted by anybody,” she continues, “Nobody knocks on our door.”

“Nobody but us have come to your door to do anything to help you?”

“Nobody lets us know by letter when there’s a meeting,” the resident elaborates. “I hear about meetings when it’s on the news and it’s too late for me to get down there.”

Asked by the activist about the notification for the OpFlint water drop he gave her, the resident pulls the folded flyer from her pocket, unfolding it, and reads:

“The resistance. Strength in unity. Ballenger Park, May 29th — I will be here. Because somebody gave me a paper. That is why I will be there,” she says, intimating the activists — not the government — initiated tangible action to help her and her family.

“Somebody gave me a paper,” she reiterates. “Nobody in my city gives me a paper. I don’t get informed. Until it’s too late.”

Outrage over the nearly purposeful poisoning of Flint’s water supply with lead hadn’t been known until Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha put her neck on the line — standing in the face of criticism from the state’s EPA, the media, and other government bodies — to deliver the scientific evidence. Hanna-Attisha endured mudslinging and putative debunking of egregious proportions before she ultimately received a degree of tragic vindication, with the reluctant admission Flint’s water, indeed, had been contaminated with lead.

Though the Flint Water Crisis topped the news for some time, information on follow-through — or far more accurately, lack thereof — has not. Enter OpFlint and its incredibly diverse amalgamation of activists willing to step to the plate when government wholly failed in its duty to provide the single most basic human need to the city’s residents.

An amazing collective of dedicated activists from around the United States invested their own time, money, and dedication to ensure — whatever the government’s claims — Flint’s residents will attain the potable water Michigan’s government failed to provide.

After charitable contests in which the donors of the largest bottled water supply could earn various prizes, the real work of helping fellow humans got underway. Convoys of U-Hauls, trailers, and vans made their way to Flint to provide water the government failed to — and not for Internet fame or triumph, but because — no matter what Nestlé’s CEO might claim — clean, potable water comprises the most basic of human rights.

As these activists checked in from various locations across the country, one thing became clear — a widely-varied collective of individuals with good intentions can facilely accomplish what the government never will: good faith.

While focus may remain fixated on which group protested what, and how ostensibly violently it did so, these people — these individuals — did what government didn’t feel necessary: it provided clean water.

For the uninformed residents of Flint, Michigan, this activism was gold.

For the uninformed residents of the country relying on mainstream media to inform them of imperative news — this should be a call to abandon ship.


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E.U. Referendum Polling Cards Found Dumped*

E.U. Referendum Polling Cards Found Dumped*

By Tom Burnett

The damaged cards were handed to their owners by a dog walker

Residents of a village are demanding answers – after their polling cards were found dumped in a field.

Tina Holdcroft was shocked when a dog walker brought her and son Mark’s polling cards to her Brown Edge home.

The man hold Mark he had found them while walking on Marshes Hill and had brought them down to deliver them.

The poll cards, for the EU Referendum on June 23, are not required for a person to be able to vote but residents remain concerned.

Tina said: “My son Mark had come round to pick up some garden furniture and a man came over to him and gave him the two polling cards.

“It is very concerning as there should be four polling cards for our family.

“We have asked the people at the Top pub if they know who the man is and I have been up to Marshes Hill myself to see if there were anymore but I couldn’t see any.

“Some people might not be aware they can vote without their polling cards so it is worrying.”


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Poland is Gripped by a Threat That Does Not Exist*

Poland is Gripped a by Threat That Does Not Exist*

The threat to Poland it the same it has been for hundreds of years. That is a Masonic elite that is under the thumb of Rome Jesuits. Emissaries were sent to Ivan the Terrible employing to join Rome. He told them to go home; he was the representative of Christ on earth.

Nothing has changed. Stalin the Jesuit priest destroyed orthodox churches during the Bolshevik revolution and replaced them with catholic churches.

The head of the USSR slave labour camps was a Jesuit cardinal.

Once again the Jesuit elite of Poland is preparing for bloodshed with Russia. Nothing new.

You don’t have to wonder who is being armed in Poland, it is the loyal Jesuit militia which will kill any Pole who gets out of line. In Russia only the Jesuit Bolsheviks and Jews of Rome had arms.

That will be the case in Poland also if they are not careful. It is also the same in Ukraine as the rada is now considering a total ban on the Moscow Patriarchate in that country.

Those who don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it.

Comment from Dublinmick

POST – I have never been to Poland. But I know it is a country where Russophobic paranoia runs deep – perhaps more than any other country. The Poles and the Russians have been fighting each other for over 1000 years, going back to medieval Rus.

Even Ukraine does not compare, for it has historic, cultural and blood ties to Russia that – despite the extremist anti-Russian veneer artificially imposed on the country – still generate a natural affinity toward Russia on the part of millions in Ukraine.

One infamous Pole, Zbigniew Brzezinski, managed to worm his way into the halls of power in Washington DC and has been injecting Russophobic venom into U.S. foreign policy for decades. He cannot help it. It is in his genetic code.

Yet I didn’t realize how gripped Polish society was by paranoia until I chanced upon this report from Vice News on the 80,000 private militiamen training hard in Poland for war with Russia. That is on top of Poland’s 120,000 strong standing army.

These men (and women) believe Russia could launch a full blown ground invasion at any moment.

I maintain an interest in firearms and gun law in various countries. All the information I had seen heretofore was that gun control was relatively stringent in Poland.

Yet apparently, these militias are permitted under Polish law to equip themselves with military-grade hardware – armoured vehicles, assault rifles and other small arms.

So great is the danger posed by the Russian “aggressor.”

Here is a quote from one Mateuz, a member of one of the militias interviewed for the program:

“How do I know that these things won’t happen in my county, like they did in Ukraine? There is the saying, if you want peace, prepare for war.”

Si vis pacem, para bellum – no argument here. But against whom? Is there a Russian army group massing in Kaliningrad? That is the only border Poland shares with Russia. And since Kaliningrad is an exclave separated from Russia proper, any attempt to mass ground forces there would have to come by sea (and some by air). In any case, there would be plenty of advance signs for NATO intelligence to pick up on.

And what exactly could happen in Poland which happened in Ukraine? Will the Poles overthrow their constitutional government, murder thousands of their own people, abandon the rule of law for the rule of the gun, and launch a genocidal campaign against the population of a region in their own country?

All of that Ukraine has managed to do to itself, with no help at all from Russia.

Again and again throughout this documentary, Poles can be heard saying they are doing it because they are “patriots.” The same refrain is heard from those in Ukraine who burnt their neighbours to death and lob artillery shells at schools. Truly, patriotism really is the last refuge of scoundrels.

Poland appears seized by paranoia of a Russian invasion

Take a look at this quote from Waldemar Jakson, mayor of Swidnik, where one of the military drills took place:

“Now it is no longer Poland but Germany that has the flank of NATO and the Poles are convinced that the military bases of the Americans in Germany should be in Poland.”

Indeed. Such is Polish patriotism. Such is their concept of “independence.” Having ejected the Soviet army, they now earnestly desire to join the Germans in being military occupied by the Americans.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against militias as such. The militia system proved more than sufficient defence for the United States until the 20th century, when it chose to adopt the role of superpower. A militia system has proved more than sufficient defence for Switzerland for 700 years. An armed people is a free people.

What is not only greatly disappointing, but highly alarming, is that in Poland all this is being done in the guise of fighting a threat that does not exist – so great is Polish paranoia toward Russia.

Poland is a conservative, religious country where heritage and moral values are still important.

All that is still true of Russia. It is no longer characteristic of Western Europe.

It is not Moscow which today threatens Poland’s sovereignty and independence. It is Washington and Brussels.


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U.K. Tory Election Fraud Inquiry Extended as 19 Police Forces Probe 28 MPs*

U.K. Tory Election Fraud Inquiry Extended as 19 Police Forces Probe 28 MPs*

Police forces have been granted more time to investigate the expenses of four Tory MPs in southwest England amid allegations of fraud during the 2015 general election. It comes as 19 forces across the country probe the spending of 28 MPs.

Devon and Cornwall Police have been granted an extension to look into expenses filed by four southwest MPs and their own boss – Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez – who was electoral agent for MP Kelvin Foster last year, the Mirror reports.

“Representatives from Devon and Cornwall Police have attended Chippenham Magistrates Court on Thursday May 19,” a police statement said.

“This was to seek an extension to allow further time to investigate allegations relating to improper electoral campaign spending returns in Devon and Cornwall, during the 2015 general election. These extensions have been granted and police investigations are now underway.”

There are now 19 forces, including Devon and Cornwall, investigating claims that 28 Conservative MPs benefited from ‘battle buses’, but did not declare the costs locally.

The candidates are alleged to have written off as ‘national spending’ the cost of transport and hotel rooms for hundreds of activists bussed in to rally support in contested regions. According to the rules, this spending should have been registered as local costs.

Under election law, police have just one year to bring prosecutions for failing to fully declare expenses, but may apply for more time.

Now the extension has been granted, police will have a further year to investigate the claims, which relate to four MPs – including North Cornwall’s Scott Mann and Camborne and Redruth’s George Eustice.

Hernandez will not be investigated by her own force, but by West Mercia police.

On Friday, a meeting of the Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner Panel, which oversees Hernandez’s work, will be asked to consider the “discharge of the functions of the Police and Crime Commissioner” in light of allegations against her.

If the candidates are found to have breached the strict election spending limits, they may face fines, imprisonment or even reruns of local contests.

The Conservatives have maintained that failure to declare accommodation costs was the result of an “administrative error.”


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Engineering Student Turns Plastic into Diesel*

Engineering Student Turns Plastic into Diesel*

By Musah Idriss

A final year Chemical Engineering student of the National University of Science and Technology, Farai Musendo has tapped into Zimbabwe’s waste problem, designing a machine that turns plastic to diesel.

The innovative student engineer who stood out at the 57th edition of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) has revealed that his innovation, if tried and tested, can be used to fuel millions of vehicles in Zimbabwe, and will also go a long way in ribbing the country of its plastic waste problem.

He said he will require an investment of $100,000 in order to complete research on his petro-chemical innovation.

“This is value addition through litter. We collect used plastics and clean them before processing them into diesel. What I’ve are just samples and my passion of waste management drove me to do this. As a country we’re far from properly managing our waste. So this is part of waste management project and improving our energy sector. This could also create employment if it succeeds. We can create employment for people who would be collecting the waste on our behalf. 100 kilogrammes of plastic litter is equivalent to 55,2 litres of fuel,” he said.

Meanwhile, the director of the university in charge of marketing and public relations, Felix Moyo, reveals that the university encourages young and innovative students to come up with technological breakthroughs that can transform Zimbabwe to a science and technology driven economy.

“Innovation projects improve people’s lives as well as the nation at large. We’ve managed to top the education sector through the sincerity of our projects. Our innovations are things that are implementable, STEM is really not about academic subjects but the subjects should be practical to transform people’s lives and the economy as well as the country,” Moyo revealed.

Waste management continues to be a grave issue of concern in Zimbabwe. Concerns have been raised regarding how the food industry is contributing to the problem through the use of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) also known as kaylite. While the Zimbabwean government has prohibited  the use of EPS, it is still used for packaging in restaurants and fast food outlets.


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