E.U. Referendum Polling Cards Found Dumped*

E.U. Referendum Polling Cards Found Dumped*

By Tom Burnett

The damaged cards were handed to their owners by a dog walker

Residents of a village are demanding answers – after their polling cards were found dumped in a field.

Tina Holdcroft was shocked when a dog walker brought her and son Mark’s polling cards to her Brown Edge home.

The man hold Mark he had found them while walking on Marshes Hill and had brought them down to deliver them.

The poll cards, for the EU Referendum on June 23, are not required for a person to be able to vote but residents remain concerned.

Tina said: “My son Mark had come round to pick up some garden furniture and a man came over to him and gave him the two polling cards.

“It is very concerning as there should be four polling cards for our family.

“We have asked the people at the Top pub if they know who the man is and I have been up to Marshes Hill myself to see if there were anymore but I couldn’t see any.

“Some people might not be aware they can vote without their polling cards so it is worrying.”


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