Eugenics Originated In California, Not Nazi Germany*

Eugenics Originated In California, Not Nazi Germany*

One thinks one has to go back into the establishment of colonialism towards the origins of eugenics, including as a pseudoscience…

By Cassius Kamarampi

Propaganda publicly posted for passersby in the early 20th century.

This video elaborates on the history of Eugenics, population control, forced sterilization, and the Carnegie/Rockefeller/Harriman funds that unleashed the elite philosophy on the world. Yale, Princeton, Carnegie and other prestigious academic institutions played quite a strong role.


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One thought on “Eugenics Originated In California, Not Nazi Germany*

  1. The American Eugenics Society itself began in New England, in the early days of the twentieth century, with the Carnegie family being one of the founding families.

    But either way, Eugenics did not start in Nazi Germany!

    I have not watched the video yet, but the A.E.S. sent members to Germany to aid Hitler and his henchmen. A very dirty little secret kept from the American public, along with the fact that major American industrialists also made a killing off of setting Hitler up in power, along with the Rothschild and associates klan!

    It’s about time this evidence is getting out there in numbers! Because we are all facing the same kind of treachery now, as we have been all along.

    Thanks for posting this!

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