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Scotland Wants to take Control of Children away from Families*

Scotland Wants to take Control of Children away from Families*

This week saw a massive victory in the Supreme Court for opponents of the “Named Person Scheme” in Scotland.

For those who don’t know, the Named Person Scheme was created through an Act of the Scottish Parliament and was due to place a “state appointed guardian” alongside every single child in Scotland, from conception until their early twenties.

This guardian would report any concerns about the “wellbeing” of the child as it grew, with a view to state intervention in the parenting of that child leading to the ultimate sanction of the state: the removal of the child from their parents.

Unfortunately, governments in Britain do not have the best record when it comes to child protection, within the care system or without.

The No2NP campaign has done a fantastic job at highlighting the issues, culminating in taking the case to the Supreme Court, which agreed completely with the campaign’s position. Indeed, their language could not have been stronger:

Such an indictment of a national government by the highest court in the land is unprecedented in modern times.

What was the Scottish government’s response, then? The cynical announcement of “Operation Latisse”; a few low level paedophiles sacrificed, while the high level (government level) rings continue to be protected.

This is evidenced by the continuing cover up of the Hollie Grieg and the Brian and Janice Docherty cases, and by the recent resignations of two thirds of the “independent” Scottish child abuse inquiry panel, who resigned claiming “government interference”. Naturally the panel of that inquiry has been replaced by a judge.

The Named Person Scheme itself was a paedophile’s paradise, with named persons from the pilot scheme already convicted of sex offences.

The cover up is not restricted to Scotland of course, and this brings me to John, the serving Metropolitan Police Detective Constable who has had the guts to speak out, on the record, about his efforts to prosecute perpetrators of child abuse, and how he was systematically prevented from doing so.

If you have not heard our interview with John, then if you do nothing else this weekend, please listen to it. And when you have, distribute it.

John needs our support – that of each and every one of us. So share that interview as far and wide as you can. Write to MPs, the police, children’ charities. Ask them what they are doing with the information John has made public. We need to get pressure on the system over this issue, not only because John needs support, but because every affected child in this country needs support.

Paedophilia is not “just another crime”. It is the way politics is done in Britain. This is how “the establishment” controls its members, through child abuse and blackmail. It destroys lives, and not just those of the victims, but all our lives, because anyone who is capable of inflicting such suffering on an individual child, is willing to murder millions of Iraqi’s, Syrians, Libyans abroad and hundreds of thousands of elderly people in British hospitals for example.

The win in the Supreme Court was fantastic and it has created a momentum. So has the bravery of John. We must make sure that momentum is unstoppable.


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Syrian Army Captured Major Militant Warehouse with U.S. Weapons in Aleppo*

Syrian Army Captured Major Militant Warehouse with U.S. Weapons in Aleppo*

The Syrian Army has seized a major militant warehouse in the recently liberated Aleppo neighborhood of Bani Zeyd. Most of captured weapons are from the U.S. and Turkey and include such things as advanced U.S. anti tank-missiles and launchers (BGM-71 TOW).


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U.S. Contracts Abu Ghraib Torture Company for Syria*

U.S. Contracts Abu Ghraib Torture Company for Syria*

In December 2014 the Independent reported that “Hundreds of new cases accusing British soldiers of abusing – in many cases torturing – Iraqi men, women and children, aged from 13 to 101, were to be considered by the International Criminal Court (ICC).”

To add to the dreadful truth that was still emerging ten years after the first torture claims, an official report into allegations that British soldiers mistreated and unlawfully killed Iraqis in 2004, it appeared there was evidence of official British knowledge of the use of torture to obtain intelligence from suspected insurgents and terrorists.

Back in 2004, the first MoD investigation came about just at the time as it was announced that the U.S. military was launching their own investigation into ‘interrogation procedures‘ which included the use and role of private contractors in military prisons across Iraq after continuing evidence of torture and sexual abuse at an army-run jail, Abu Ghraib near Baghdad, which could no longer be ignored.

At the time, British ministers were in full denial that torture was being used. Geoff Hoon, the then Defence Minister who was embroiled in various military contractor scandals and sacked in his role by NATO continued with these denials in 2005 stating that Britain did not use torture methods to obtain information. A subsequent inquiry found that Iraqi prisoners (many innocent) were beaten, threatened with mock execution, stripped and sexually humiliated.

One Iraqi government worker, whose evidence was submitted to an inquiry was reported to have been “repeatedly beaten,” “electrocuted” and suffered “severe psychological injuries” as a result of his treatment. The end result of his ordeal was that a year after his release he set himself alight and killed himself.

Years later, the Chilcot enquiry was released a few weeks after Britain’s E.U. referendum, which provided considerable cover for what must surely be the biggest scandal since WW2; that alongside the so-called ‘dodgy dossiers,’ faulty evidence was extracted by torture and then used to justify the U.S. and U.K. invasion of Iraq that ended in one million dead and the whole region now a breeding ground for terrorism that is subsequently enacting its revenge upon Europe.

It would be reasonable to conclude from such overwhelming evidence that lessons had been learned from the awful truth at Abu Ghraib, that policy had changed and subsequently implemented to ensure that acts of torture or complicity by the British army and its intelligence services was halted for good. It would also be reasonable to expect that allies, especially the United States also upheld international and domestic laws against torture, not least because it is deemed unacceptable by Article 5 of the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights but by signatories of the Geneva Conventions of 1949. Not so, it appears that the British taxpayer continues to fund the activities of private organisations where allegations continue against them to this day. CACI is one such company.

CACI International, Inc, is a multinational professional services and information technology company headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, United States, just down the road, conveniently to the headquarters of the CIA. CACI provides services to many branches of the U.S. federal government including defence, homeland security and intelligence. It is also member of the Fortune 1000 Largest Companies.

After a name change from California Analysis Center, Incorporated,” to “Consolidated Analysis Center, Incorporated” but keeping the brand name in 1967, CACI International founded CACI Limited in the UK. Its CEO Greg Bradford is an American who served in the U.S. military.

In the UK, CACI appears to be nothing more than an a successful IT solutions outfit to private business with some government contracts. But look no further than the homepage of its website for a hint of its military DNA. Its business strap-line is positively gung-ho. “INFORMATION DEPLOYED. SOLUTIONS ADVANCED. MISSIONS ACCOMPLISHED.”

Business and Human Rights reported that On 9 June 2004, a group of 256 Iraqis sued CACI International in a U.S. federal court. The plaintiffs, former prisoners, allege that the company directed and participated in torture, war crimes, crimes against humanity, sexual assault, as well as cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment at Abu Ghraib prison. While the plaintiffs were detained at Abu Ghraib they allege that they were raped, repeatedly beaten, detained in isolation, urinated on, prevented from praying and forced to watch family members being tortured. They further allege that CACI were negligent in the hiring and supervision of their employees in Iraq. The U.S. Government had hired CACI to provide interrogation and translation services at military prisons in Iraq.

The Court of Appeals ruled in favour of CACI on 11 September 2009, it also ruled that CACI also had government contractor immunity. In April 2010 the plaintiffs filed a petition with the Supreme Court asking it to hear an appeal. The Supreme Court announced on 27 June 2011 that it would not hear the appeal in this case. Two more cases were launched by the defendants through to 2014 and in both cases the court found in favour of CACI on the grounds that it was a political question that could not be answered by the judiciary. The case is still ongoing with yet another appeal underway.

CACI’s Executive Chairman in the USA, Dr London wrote and published “Our Good Name” (Washington, DC: Regnery, 2008), documenting CACI’s campaign to challenge what he terms “the grossly distorted and exaggerated media reporting of the company’s work in Iraq for the U.S. Army at Abu Ghraib prison.”

CACI, now covered in political armour from the courts have just been re-engaged by the U.S government, this time in Syria, of which Britain is a close ally.

It is now reported that “the U.S. army recently contracted CACI for “intelligence analysis services” in Syria. The Syrian government has not invited or otherwise allowed U.S. military or its contractors to enter the country. Any such activities infringe on Syria’s sovereignty and are thereby in violation of international law.” 

The re-engagement of such a controversial organisation for services in the area obviously boosts the recruitment appeal of Islamic State because many of them or indeed their relatives and friends were subject to the aforementioned treatment by CACI in Iraq.

Meanwhile, David Cameron told Britain back last December it had a moral and military duty to attack Islamic State for its own security in Syria, the latest battleground with ISIS.

During the height of the torture scandal, CACI was awarded the contract to manage the most sensitive data of U.K. nationals, namely that of the U.K. Census. It designs and prints the census forms, and provides the hardware and software required for the scanning, capture and coding of the census forms. It was granted the same contract for 2016. The Irish and Scottish governments also hired CACI for the same work amid some protest from citizens groups.

From that contract it is able to enhance its widely available ACORN system which breaks down the demographics of British citizens. This allows it to supply further IT solutions to other government departments. In fact CACI knows everything about U.K. citizens, from credit card use to property ownership from ageing, education and health to lifestyle surveys.

Even the U.K’s Dept of Education awarded seven contracts via OFSTED worth hundreds of thousands to CACI as the British police did trying to work out police funding reforms. There is almost nothing that CACI does not know about Britain.

CACI is also getting deeper into very sensitive British government contracts. It recently acquired Purple Secure Systems, a Bristol, U.K.-based government IT business that builds software for national security, defence and government customers. Britain’s CACI CEO Greg Bradford said Purple Secure Systems is the company’s “stepping stone” into the defence and intelligence markets.

In 2012, the British government declared it was taking a greater role in protecting U.K. interests during international mergers and takeovers, not so it seems from US organisations closely working with the CIA, military and intelligence services. This seems to stitch in nicely with the full spectrum surveillance complex built by MI5 and MI6 alongside the CIA which makes Britain the most surveilled country in the world.

If the British government wanted to give terrorists fundamentally aligned to extremism emanating from failed foreign crusades in the Middle East any type of excuse to attack Britons in the first place, then look no further than the awarding of contracts to organisations such as CACI. Having learned nothing from Abu Ghraib, or Iraq more widely, no-one should be surprised if exactly that happens quite soon.


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Man Proves Hacked Software Gave Hillary Stolen Votes*

Man Proves Hacked Software Gave Hillary Stolen Votes*

By Sean Adl-Tabatabai

A U.S. citizen has come forward offering conclusive proof of voter fraud in the recent Democratic primaries.

Elliot Crown says that all of the NYC counties that Hillary Clinton won, were won using this special black box. reports:

After delving into the investigations of mathematician and numerical control engineer Richard Charnin, FBI journalist investigator Greg Palast and election investigator and analyst Bev Harris, an Italian observer of American politics becomes persuaded not only that statistical methods can show when fraud has taken place, but that in fact the American electoral system is structured to allow it and hide it. He unpacks some statistical concepts to explain this to his brother, a naturalized American, and he in turn passes the information to us.

My brother Marcello and I have been talking about electoral irregularities for months. He’s an astronomer by training, a software engineer, and an avid follower of American politics. I’m a microelectronic engineer and a finance person living in the United States for the past 20 years. As Italians we both look at American politics with a great deal of curiosity and sometimes disbelief. As a naturalized American, I worry.

Recently, Marcello became interested in the sort of calculation that could actually detect electoral fraud having heard about so many indications of electoral rigging in these past democratic primaries. After delving into the investigations of mathematician and numerical control engineer Richard Charnin, FBI journalist investigator Greg Palast, and election investigator and analyst Bev Harris, among others, he is persuaded not only that statistical methods can show when fraud has taken place, but that in fact the American electoral system is structured to allow it and to hide it. He spent a few days unpacking a few statistical concepts for me regarding this proposition and I will try to convey them to you.

First we should be aware that exit polls, the polls of voters taken immediately after they have exited the polling stations, are the only way to check against fraud in elections while keeping the vote confidential. A discrepancy between the declared vote (recorded vote) and the vote extrapolated from the exit polls is an indication of fraud when it is above a margin of error of 2% within a confidence level of 95%.

Here is how it works. When statisticians try to measure the ‘real vote’ they not only estimate the final vote count but they also analyze the entire distribution of the data they gathered from the exit poll voter sampling in order to determine the reliability of their final determination. When fluctuations in the data are due to randomness they will follow a statistical distribution that follows the shape of a bell curve, the Gaussian curve. The reliability or unreliability of the sample data doesn’t depend so much on the trustworthiness of those who collect the exit poll voter sampling, but it’s rather intrinsic to the shape of the distribution. From this shape an ‘interval of confidence’ is determined within which we can unquestionably claim our confidence that we got it right with a probability of 95% — always 95%. This interval of confidence is also called ‘margin of error’ (MoE).

Poorly informed ‘experts’ frequently argue that the statistical analysis of exit polls can be misleading because it assumes that real life data is randomly distributed (as in the Gaussian curve) when that’s not always the case. And here is where they are missing a central point. The expectation that sample data will be randomly distributed ALREADY takes into account all possible relevant factors in a practical observation in real life. When extraneous factors intervene, a discrepancy will make the recorded value fall outside of the interval of confidence signalling only one possibility: a systematic error. When this occurs statisticians make further analysis to determine the causes, and either remove the cause or include it into the ‘margin of error’. After 59 years of fine-tuning this process in countless elections around the world statisticians have reached a point where exit polls have become extremely reliable. If the final ‘Recorded Vote’ falls outside the interval of confidence one can assume with a high degree of certainty that the systematic error is intentional. This is why we say that we have a high probability of fraud.

The fact that such a high probability of fraud is so apparent in the comparison of exit polls and recorded vote is partially masked by the way electoral results are obtained in the United States. The results of most democratic elections around the world are obtained with a 95% confidence level within a margin of error of 2%. In fact, these are the parameters that the U.S. government normally uses to oversee elections in other countries ( But this is not true in the U.S itself — which nobody thinks of supervising.

Election results in the United States are obtained with a 95% confidence level within a 3-4% margin of error. This is because relatively recent laws in the United States have intentionally rendered reference data less reliable (HAVA, Bush 2002). By law exit polls must be adjusted to match the final recorded vote, which means that evidence of fraud is suppressed. Exit poll results, already partially manipulated, must disappear after a given election and become public only 5 years later. When such data has become available in its unadjusted complete form, it has been used to cross-check voting results with other independent methods. The results have not only shown that the numbers were internally coherent but also that they corroborated original suspicions of fraud.

In the 2016 democratic primary elections unadjusted exit polls show that Bernie Sanders has been robbed of the following percentage of votes: Alabama 6.1%, Arizona 22.1%, Georgia 5.5%, Massachusetts 4.0%, Mississippi 4.7%, Ohio 5.0%, South Carolina 5.2%, Texas 4.2%, Wisconsin 6.9%, West Virginia 6.0%, New York 5.9% (CNN New York exit polls indicated that Bernie Sanders may have done better than 48% there).

Although a discrepancy of -4.6% in Oklahoma turned out to be in favour of Bernie, it doesn’t affect our analysis because so far the discrepancies shown in all of the above final results have been consistently larger than the MoE in favour of Hillary in 11 of the 26 primaries. The probability of this happening without fraud is 1 in 77 billion (6.8-sigma). In other words, one can expect something this improbable to happen less than once since the extinction of dinosaurs — if elections were to be a daily event.

Exit polls discrepancies: 24 out of 26 are in Hillary’s favor exceeding the margin of error in 11 primaries.


One can also search for trends to check for fraud. One of the most revealing methods, the Cumulative Vote Share Analysis, searches for a correlation between the size of a discrepancy (between recorded vote and exit polls) and the size of a precinct. When no fraud has taken place the trend tends to be quite regular. When the discrepancy tends to manifest as the size of the precinct becomes larger than a certain value, it is a strong indication of fraud, according to Richard Charnin. Roughly speaking the reason for this behaviour is that electronic rigging is implemented strategically in order not to become obvious. The discrepancy caused by the rigging is “better” distributed between those precincts that are big enough to be worth the effort.

Above a certain precinct size the vote share increases in favour of one candidate. There should be no correlation, like we see on the diagram on the left (Utah)


In fact, in the recent democratic primaries we can observe a noticeable divergence in trends between the Clinton and Sanders votes when the precincts are larger; the larger the size, the higher the percentage of the votes that go in favour of Clinton. This has been evident in Massachusetts (>10%), Michigan (>3%-10% according to the type of machines), Missouri (>0.05% the size is small but the trend unequivocal), New York (>10% and possibly >20%). Charnin’s diagrams (see below) are self-explanatory.

In Kentucky Hillary’s cumulative vote share increased by 7.4% (55.9% to 63.3%) after 85% of the smaller precincts were counted! The probability P of this vote spike occurring by chance is essentially ZERO.

All in all electoral anomalies have been apparent in New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Arizona, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, Delaware, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas, Texas, Kentucky and Oregon. But electoral fraud has been particularly evident in strategic elections such as those in Arizona and New York. They were meant to kill the Bernie Sander’s momentum. And they did just that with the help of the media.

Disenfranchisement — widespread in New York and Arizona — has been more widely reported so I will not discuss it here. But in any case it must be added to other forms of electoral fraud.

According to the recorded vote the Sanders-Clinton competition is currently at 43.5-56.5% with a lead of 3 million votes in favor of Clinton. But actual votes in caucus states have not been included, and the fact that unadjusted exit polls have indicated that voting machines were hacked has not been considered. According to Charnin, if we take this into account we would have Sanders at 47.9 and Clinton at 52.1%, with a lead of 1.3 million votes in favour of Clinton. Furthermore, if we also take into consideration that voter rolls were manipulated and that long lines and severely shortened polling station hours reduced voter turnout in areas favorable to Sanders, we would need to add a 10% to Sanders’s votes and subtract 5% from Clinton’s. That would put Sanders in the lead at 51.5-48.5% with a lead of 780,000 votes in his favour.

Sanders’s supporters have barely begun to speak about electoral irregularities and already the DNC has started to accuse them and Sander’s campaign of inciting “violence” among supporters by promoting allegations that the primary process is rigged in favour of his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

There’s much more to say. This is only a piece of the larger story of how fraud has become part and parcel of American elections, which has been at work since the 1960s, reaching extraordinary highs after the year 2000. Most notable have been the elections stolen from Al Gore by 6 million votes, from Kerry by more than 10 million and the landslide vote margins stolen from Obama both in 2008 and 2012. But if until now the biggest share of electoral rigging has come from the Republicans by far, it looks like the Democrats are more than willing to step up to the plate if an un-corrupt candidate dares to challenge their establishment.


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Julian Assange Slams “Corrupt” Hillary Clinton Following WikiLeaks DNC Email Release

Thousands Protest Wall Street and the Warmakers Outside the DNC*

Thousands Protest Wall Street and the Warmakers Outside the DNC*

By Answer Coalition

The ANSWER Coalition joined with thousands of people taking to the streets outside the Democratic National Convention to express our outrage at one of the twin parties of war and racism. After a hotly-contested primary that was effectively stolen by the Democratic Party machine, large numbers of people traveled distances short and far to be part of the actions.

Activities began even before the convention formally began, with a “march for a clean energy revolution” to demand radical action to confront the climate crisis. Later that evening, an event featuring Pam Africa, Eddie Conway, Ralph Poynter and many others demanded freedom for political prisoners.

Throughout the convention, thousands of supporters of the Bernie Sanders campaign defied the Democratic establishment and united under the slogans “Demexit Now!” and “Hell no DNC – We won’t vote for Hillary!” Throughout the four days of the convention, several marches of many thousands made the long trek down from Philadelphia City Hall to the arena where the delegates were gathering.

Actions in solidarity with Palestine and against racist police brutality were held as well. The Democratic Party runs virtually every major city in the country – where the most sickening acts of police murder and terrorism often take place. They have also been loyal servants and strategists for the war machine, and their candidate Hillary Clinton promises to intensify this.

The ANSWER Coalition was proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with those who have been energized and outraged by the electoral developments of this campaign. To win, we need to organize and fight in all arenas.


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“Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” is About Brainwashing by Mass Media and … MKULTRA*

“Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” is About Brainwashing by Mass Media and … MKULTRA*


“Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” is a web series of six enigmatic videos that has grown into a “cult phenomenon”. Behind the weirdness, however, is a deeper message: It is about mass media brainwashing and MKULTRA.

Over the last few years, I’ve received quite a few e-mails regarding Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, a web series involving puppets and a whole lot of creepiness. VC readers astutely identified symbols and messages in the videos that pointed towards a deeper and more disturbing meaning. Now that the final video has been published and the story is complete, I can wholeheartedly agree with these readers: Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is not merely about random creepiness. It conceals a message about the effects of mass media on the world, how it shapes and moulds people’s opinions, and how it preys deliberately on young, impressionable minds. Even more disturbing, it also depicts the manipulation of agents working in the media using actual MKULTRA brainwashing techniques until they are completely broken down. Pretty heavy stuff for a show about puppets.

The videos were created by British artists Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling in 2011. Each episode is made to appear like a typical children’s television program, consisting of singing and talking puppets similar to those of Sesame Street, but eventually the story takes a dark turn, usually involving gore. The first episode was reportedly created with little to no budget. After the video gained popularity, a second video was commissioned by Channel 4, a British television station (note that this station also sponsored Viktoria Modesta’s “Prototype”, a music video that is full of MK symbolism – read my article about it here). The series then took off, with each episode going deeper into the depths of Monarch Programming (if you don’t know what that is, please read this article first). More than simply satirizing children’s shows, Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared paints a bleak picture of mass media and society as a whole. Let’s look at the episodes.

Episode 1

The first episode begins with the three protagonists of the show, Red Guy, Yellow Guy, and Duck Guy, sitting around a kitchen table. A few items shown in this scene will reappear throughout the series, notably the date of June 19th and the checkerboard pattern.


Then Sketchbook comes to life and explains to the friends how to “be creative”.

The notepad flashes the one-eye sign while teaching the puppets how to watch clouds creatively.


However, we quickly realize that there are strong contradictions in Sketchbook’s message.

When Yellow Guy paints a picture of a clown, Sketchbook tells him “Hold down friend you might need to slow it down”. Then black paint slowly starts drips down the painting.


When asked for his favorite colour, Yellow Guy writes green. Sketchbook denies his answer stating that “Green is not a creative colour”.


When Sketchbook says: “Listen to your heart, listen to the rain, listen to the voices inside your brain”, things start to get dark.

First, we see the camera showing the “behind the scenes” of the TV show, letting us know that the puppets are actually actors in a children’s TV show.


Then the puppets “get creative”, which means that they do a bunch of disturbing things and completely freak out.


This first episode therefore sets the stage for the rest of the series. It depicts three puppets being used somewhat unwillingly in a TV show that teaches unhealthy messages to children.

Episode 2

The second video is called TIME and features Tony the Talking Clock who teaches about the unstopping nature of time … and that everybody will be subjected to inevitable death and decay.

Tony the Talking Clock teaching about time. It is still June 19th.


Although Tony the Talking Clock sings about time continually advancing forward, time is apparently still in the world of the puppets. Throughout the series, it is clear that it is always the same day.

The clock points to a picture of the three friends. It is dated 19-06-55 (June 19, 1955), the “today” in each video.


The clock then takes the friends on a psychedelic journey through time from the past to the future.

Red Guy and Duck Guy are then seen with their brains connected to a giant computer topped by a giant eyeball. We are starting to understand that the puppets are under literal mind control. The pictures on the wall and the calendar imply that nothing is real in their minds.


It is during this episode that we first see Roy, Yellow Guy’s father. Every time we see him, an eerie music play in the background.

Yellow Guy’s father is the MK handler behind it all … and Yellow Guy will turn out to be the programmed slave


In each episode, a “friendly” character pops out of nowhere to sing an educational song. But it always ends up showing its true face: Evil, sadistic and manipulative. In short, they are sent by the handler to program the puppets, who are then used to program TV viewers. Through hypnotic and subversive songs, the singing “friends” lure the puppets into a dissociative state where trauma awaits them.

The clock gets extremely angry when Duck Guy proposes an alternative definition of time. It also creepily watches on as time fast forwards and the puppets experience their own decay in real time.


The puppets witness how their body will decay with time. In the world of MK they are being subjected to trauma.


We then realize that this entire ordeal was all part of the friends’ TV show.

Tony the Talking Clock is on TV. As with MK programming, it is becoming difficult to distinguish between reality and fiction.



In the two short videos HELP and HELP #2, the puppets are held captive by assailants requesting money. Although this was primarily a way to promote the Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared Kickstarter campaign, the videos continued to reinforce the concept of the puppets as victims of trauma.

Red Guy is forced to read a memo under threat of being hit on the head with a hammer by an ISIS-ish monster. The date is still June 19, 1955.


Episode 3

The third instalment of the series revolves around the concept of love and gets deeper into the concept of mind control.

The video begins with a “Still Missing” sign featuring the three characters. They’ve been missing since June 19th … which is today.


As MK slaves, the puppets are literally “missing” from reality,  where time stands still (despite what Tony the Talking Clock was singing about).

Although they are “missing”, the three friends are enjoying a picnic outside


The puppets are sitting, once again, on a dualistic checkerboard pattern surface. In occult symbolism, the checkerboard pattern is the ritualistic surface on which profound transformation occurs. In mind control, these occult properties are used during programming.

Several paintings by Kim Noble (a survivor of MKULTRA) prominently feature dualistic patterns. It is an integral part of mind control programming.


Then Yellow Guy sees something symbolic that indicates the beginning of programming.

A butterfly flies around Yellow Guy, who is fascinated by it


As stated in multiple articles on this site, media that uses Monarch programming symbolism often indicates the beginning of a programming sequence with a butterfly that lures the slave into an alternate reality (such as in Pink’s Just Like Fire music video). In this case, the butterfly leads Yellow Guy to complete dissociation.

Yellow Guy literally goes “over the rainbow” (code for dissociation in Monarch mind control). The butterfly actually says “come on, just over the rainbow”

In each video, the handler’s programming is represented by a cute character who leads the puppet to trauma. In the above image, Yellow Guy is literally in the clouds with strange characters and even a mushroom, which might imply that he is being drugged.

As usual, things turn dark and disturbing very quickly. Yellow Guy (who is not the sharpest tool in the shed) is tricked in believing that nobody will ever love him … unless he does what the butterfly says.

“This is your chance to start anew. And all we’re asking you to do is to is change your name, and clean your brain and forget about anything you ever knew.”

His brain is literally being washed


Behind Yellow Guy are Red Guy, Sketchbook, Tony the Talking Clock and, more importantly, his own dad, the handler behind it all. They are all witnessing his programming


Yellow Guy is also asked to worship Malcolm, the “King of Love” … and to feed him gravel.


Like the rest of the series, this episode comments on how media forces specific ideas upon the viewers. The same way Yellow Guy is asked to worship Malcolm and to feed him gravel in order to find love, the masses are asked to worship stupid things and spend money to feel happy and loved. On a deeper level, the episode also depicts the actual mind control programming of Yellow Guy, the star of the TV show for kids.

Episode 4

Episode 4 begins with the three friends playing a board game. Once again, there are several subtle details that confirm the presence of programming.

The friends are apparently inside Yellow Guy’s home – there is a picture of him and his father Roy (the handler) on the. Underneath the table there’s a rug with an all seeing eye in the centre and four square “eyes” in each corner.


The same square “eyes” are found on their board game, combined with the all-important checkerboard pattern. They are still being programmed


Behind Yellow Guy is the head of Malcolm the Love King illustrating that he has integrated this portion of his programming. Also, according to the milk carton, the three friends are still missing – even though they’re inside Yellow Guy’s house


When a card from their game asks “What’s the biggest thing in the world”, the friends look at the globe. Studying the globe is indeed a great and wholesome way to learn about the real world. However, a slightly dumb computer interrupts their research.

The computer calls himself a “computerly guy” and keeps making grammatical errors


Once again, we find here a comment about mass media. This TV show aimed for kids misleads them out of true information (learning from the globe) and lures them into learning pointless, big-brother-friendly information.

The computer starts asking all kinds of personal questions to the friends. This children’s TV show is attempting to normalize mass surveillance by presenting it to the viewers as something innocent and harmless


When Red Guy tells the computer to “shut up” and taps on it, the friends are transported to the “digital world”. In MK terms, they are taken to dissociation. Once again, this symbolically represents them being programmed by their handlers.

In the digital world, the friends follow a checkerboard pattern floor, implying they are following the programming script as laid out by the handler. A bunch of googly eyes and a pyramid appear in the background: basic occult elite imagery


The show is not about teaching children about computers anymore: It is a confusing ordeal where the computer acts as an agent of the MK handler.

The computer symbolically represents what MK handlers do to their slaves: Removing them from their core persona through trauma and dissociation


When looking into a mirror, Yellow Guy does not see himself, but a digital, “programmed” version of himself: his alter-persona


As they get deeper into the digital world, the puppets find themselves inside a hypnotic whirlwind of sounds and images. Red Guy, the most critical guy in the group, gets sick of it and attempts to break out from programming.

Red Guy finds himself in the “real world” (or a somewhat distorted version of it). He’s an actor in a children’s TV show that uses motion capture


Red Guy is not supposed to be aware of this reality though – his head literally explodes. MK slaves cannot break from programming and, if they do, they are often programmed to “auto-destroy”.

Episode 5

Duck Guy and Yellow Guy are too programmed to fully realize that Red Guy is gone. Notice Computer Guy on the fridge


While looking around, the friends look at a picture on the fridge two separate times. The image is slightly different the second time around.

Upon second look, Red Guy is now outside the house, in the crosshairs of the window, and Duck Guy has Xs on his eyes. The image foretells something awful to come.


In this episode, food starts singing about healthy eating. As usual, they give terrible advice. During the song, a phone call interrupts everything

The red phone represents the link between the fake world of mass media and the grim reality of MKULTRA

When he picks up the phone, Duck Guy finds himself in a dark surgical room. Judging by the monitor, he is in two places at once


Meanwhile, a giant lamb chop sings about healthy eating. The song is confusing and full of contradictions, reminiscent of the mind games used by MK handlers to confuse and hypnotize MK slaves. Duck Guy cannot take this anymore and attempts to run away. He cannot go far.

In a rather gruesome scene, Duck Guy’s innards are dug out of him


We then see Yellow Guy eating cans full of Duck Guy. He’s eating his friend


It is at this point that we understand that Yellow Guy is the main focus of the MK programming. The other two were expendable – and probably not fully programmable. In this episode, Yellow Guy was exposed to extreme trauma: He was forced to lose his friend … and then eat him. He is being completely broken down so he can be reprogrammed.

Episode 6

In the sixth and final episode, things reach a disturbing conclusion.

Yellow Guy in his bedroom, crying because his friends are gone. It is still June 19th


At this point we realize that the entire series basically took place in a single day. The first episode was during breakfast, then each episode progressed through the day until bedtime. But why did everything take place on June 19, 1955, specifically? Is there something significant about that particular day?

First, June 19, 1955, was Father’s Day, which gives things a sad tenor considering that the handler in the story is the boy’s father. Second, the year 1955 was during the post-war period, an expansive time for MKULTRA experimentation, as well as subliminal TV programming. In the present day, both of these fields have reached a very sophisticated and almost imperceptible level. (Fun fact: The final episode was released on June 19, 2016).

When Yellow Guy is finally ready to go to sleep, the lamp besides him comes to life and sings about dreams. Yellow Guy screams in horror because he knows that the song will inevitably turn into trauma. And he is right: He is back into his dissociative state.

Back in dissociation (represented by a cartoon world), we see Yellow Guy’s mind being a show. Who’s in the audience? His father, the handler

While following the ever-presented checkerboard road, Yellow Guy sees a butterfly (Monarch programming), a mushroom (drugs), the mind control machine topped by a giant eye, and, of course, his dad, the handler


Yellow Guy’s “dream” turns into a nightmare as he drowns in black liquid (similar to what was poured on his painting in the first episode). Simulated drowning is a classic torture method in MK programming

Meanwhile, Red Guy is apparently trying to live a normal life in the “real world”

Red Guy holds a boring job in a bland world where everybody looks like him


After work, Red Guy goes out and everybody looks the same. Are the makers of the series saying that the real world is populated by a bunch of conformist clones?


Red Guy gets on stage to perform for the crowd.

He sings the song about creativity heard in the first episode. He even replicates the parts sung by his friends. (RIP Duck Guy).


This scene is rather sad. It is basically a MK slave trying to express himself. However, all he knows is what he was programmed to know. So his “creative outlet” is to sing something he was forced to learn. Ironically enough, that song was about “creativity”.

Everybody in the crowd hates the song … except maybe one person.

Roy the handler is in the crowd

Roy has apparently found Red Guy to bring him back to his programming. MK slaves cannot be left loose in the real world for long.


Red Guy finds himself back in MKULTRA world. Was he ever in the “real world”? Was it all a dream? Reality and fiction is extremely blurry for MK slaves.

Red Guy finds the console that unleashes the singing things that are used to program the friends.

Notice that there’s a video reel and a musical keyboard, hinting that music and video are used to control MK slaves and, on a wider scale, the masses

Roy the handler appears and attempts to reach Red Guy with an extremely long arm (the world of MK is very far reaching).


Red Guy unplugs the machine. Did he unplug himself from mind control? Did the masses unplug themselves from media control?


We then see the three friends sitting on a table, looking slightly different. They are in the colours mentioned in the first episode as their favourite colour.

A page falls from the calendar. It is finally June 20th.


It’s a brand new day. Are these our friends? Are they free now? Not sure.

Sketchbook comes to life again, signing its song. Programming continues on the every present checkerboard pattern


It’s the same story on a different day. For the kids watching the TV show, it is just another day of TV programming.

In Conclusion

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is a strange and disturbing adventure that has lent itself to all kinds of theories and interpretations. However, it is difficult to miss the series’ scathing commentary on mass media that targets young children and brainwashes them into conforming to the elite’s will.

Through symbolism, the series also comments on the most direct and brutal form of brainwashing: Monarch mind control, also known as MKULTRA. Indeed, the series puts on display the entire world of MKULTRA, from its distinctive symbolism to the horrific techniques used to cause trauma and dissociation. We are shown these techniques being used on actors, hinting that the people we know and love in our mass media might also be brainwashed MK slaves.

So is Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared a warning against the evils of mind control or does it simply propagate more of elite’s sick culture to the masses? The answer depends on whether or not you’ve pulled the plug from the machine.



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Failed Coup Returns Commonsense to Erdogan as he Withdraws, Forgives all Cases of Insults to him*

Failed Coup Returns Commonsense to Erdogan as he Withdraws, Forgives all Cases of Insults to him*

Calling the July 15 foiled coup attempt a milestone for Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Friday the country had not compromised its laws in the coup’s wake, and furthermore made the gesture of withdrawing various court cases filed over insults to the president.

“As a milestone, I hereby withdraw all the cases filed for insulting me and forgive all the offenders,” Erdogan told a Martyrs’ Memorial Day ceremony at the presidential complex in Ankara to commemorate victims of the failed coup.

Erdogan also said, “Even during the coup attempt process, we have not made the slightest compromise with the law. Every step we have taken, every decision we have made, every implementation we have launched, it has been under the constitution [and the country’s] laws.”

He added, “If we do not use this opportunity [to make the foiled coup a milestone], I believe the Turkish people will have the right to call us to account for it. I believe that all the sections of the country, particularly politicians, will behave accordingly on this sensitive issue.”

He said post-coup attempt measures being carried out in the country’s institutions such as parliament, the National Security Council, council of ministers and others ministries are in line with the law.

“If deficiencies [and] mistakes stemmed from this extraordinary period occur, then a legal path is available,” Erdogan said.

During his speech, the president also shared the latest figures of the victims during the failed coup.

“On the night of July 15, a total of 237 people, including 170 civilians, 62 police officers, and five soldiers were martyred. As of today, 2,191 people have been injured.

“We have an obligation to establish justice. What does everybody say? Death penalty, death penalty, death penalty. However, this is a democratic, constitutional state governed by a parliamentary system,” Erdogan said.

The president said the ruling government needs to listen to people’s demands for the death penalty. Parliament will discuss the issue and everybody has to abide by that last decision, he added.

Erdogan also harshly criticized some countries for failing to offer any condolences regarding the failed coup and its victims.

“Those countries that do not worry about Turkey’s future are not our friends,” he said.

Erdogan stressed that Turkey had foiled the games played on it, and continued:

I hope we will give an end to the games played on Syria. We will end the game in Iraq and Libya. We will put an end to all the games in the Middle East, North Africa, and all around the world played at the cost of the tears of innocent people and sufferings of the victims.”

Turkey’s government has repeatedly said the deadly coup attempt, which martyred more than 230 people and injured nearly 2,200 others, was organized by U.S.-based preacher Fetullah Gulen’s followers and the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO).

Gulen is also accused of running a long-running campaign to overthrow the state through the infiltration of Turkish institutions, particularly the military, police, and judiciary, forming what is commonly known as the parallel state.


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Six More Charged in Flint Water Crisis*

Six More Charged in Flint Water Crisis*

By Deirdre Fulton

Most of the questions involving the Flint water crisis and Gov. Snyder are still unanswered,’ says Common Cause

Six additional state employees now face criminal charges for hiding unsafe lead levels leading up to the Flint water crisis—but Gov. Rick Snyder and his top officials continue to evade accountability.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced the charges in a press conference on Friday, in which he vowed that “the families of Flint will not be forgotten; we will provide the justice they deserve.”

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette on Friday charged six more state employees with felonies for their alleged role in Flint’s water contamination


Of those charged, Schuette said:

“Their offenses vary but there is an overall theme and repeated pattern. Each of these individuals attempted to bury, or cover up, to downplay or hide information that contradicted their own narrative, their story. Their story was there was nothing wrong with Flint water and it was perfectly safe to use.”

“These individuals concealed the truth,” he said. “They were criminally wrong to do so.”

According to news reports, those charged are Michigan Department of Health and Human Services workers Nancy Peeler, Corinne Miller, and Robert Scott and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality employees Leanne Smith, Adam Rosenthal, and Patrick Cook.

MLive reports:

Peeler, Miller and Scott were charged with misconduct in office, conspiracy to commit misconduct in office and willful neglect of duty.

Shekter Smith was charged with misconduct in office and willfull neglect of duty.

Cook is accused of misconduct in office, conspiracy to engage in misconduct in office and neglect of duty.

Rosenthal was charged with misconduct in office, conspiracy to tamper with evidence, tampering with evidence and neglect.

According to the Detroit News:

Peeler and Scott’s charges centre around a report epidemiologist Cristin Larder prepared last fall showing elevated blood lead testing in Flint residents last July, August and September, according Jeff Seipenko, an investigator in Schuette’s office.

“Scott and Peeler conspired together and with others known and unknown to effectively bury Larder’s report warranting further investigation,” Seipenko said Friday morning in court. “Defendants Peeler and Scott’s failure to disclose Larder’s report was to the detriment of the health and welfare of the citizens of Flint.”

Three other local and state employees were charged in April, bringing the total number of people charged in connection to the health crisis to nine.

Schuette said Friday that his team was “way far from done”—offering a modicum of assurance to those seeking accountability from Snyder and other top officials.

And Andrew Arena, lead investigator in the case and former head of the FBI office in Detroit, added: “You don’t start at the top. Like organized crime, we are working our way up in the DEQ and expanding the scope of investigation.”

But Special Prosecutor Todd Flood may have eroded some of that confidence by declining to say at Friday’s press conference whether he has interviewed Snyder or the governor’s former top aide, Dennis Muchmore, or issued subpoenas to either man to compel testimony under oath in a deposition.

“The charges filed today against six state employees involved in the Flint water crisis are a step in the right direction to ensure our government is accountable to its citizens,” the pro-democracy group Common Cause and its Michigan affiliate said in a statement on Friday.

“However, there is still a lack of transparency and accountability surrounding the crisis in Flint,” the statement continued.

“Most of the questions involving the Flint water crisis and Gov. Snyder are still unanswered. The people of Flint, and the entire state of Michigan, deserve to know the full extent of Gov. Snyder’s involvement and knowledge of this crisis.”

Meanwhile, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver told the Democratic National Convention this week that in her city, the

“water is still not safe to drink or cook with from the tap. Our infrastructure is broken, leaking and rusting away. Our local economy, already down when the water crisis struck, struggles to rebound. And there are many more Flints across the country where environmental issues are hurting our kids and families.”

She specifically called out the “Republican state government” for using Michigan’s emergency manager law ”to take over control of the city.”


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U.S. Continues to Poison the People of Flint*