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Tony Blair’s Trials and Tribulations*

Tony Blair’s Trials and Tribulations

U.K. Column News anchor Brian Gerrish and guest co-host Patrick Henningsen are joined by Mark Anderson from American Press Press, discussing the recent release of the whitewash that is the Chilcot Report, designed to obscure the lies, the WMD fantasy, and deception of Tony Blair and his cadres who took the UK into an undeclared, illegal war of aggression in Iraq, as well how Hillary Clinton is tied to the same international forces that sponsored the Iraq War fraud.

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Father and Boyfriend Charged with ‘raping 10-month-old baby daughter’ for 3 Hours *

Father and Boyfriend Charged with ‘raping 10-month-old baby daughter’ for 3 Hours *

By Gabriel Samuels

A father and his boyfriend are to appear in court charged with raping the former’s 10-month-old daughter in south Australia, while the baby’s mother was on a training course.

The unnamed pair, both aged 50, were arrested in Victoria and sent back to Sydney on Wednesday night after they allegedly sexually abused the child and took naked pictures of her over a three-hour period in April 2015.

Police claim the father’s boyfriend had a Skype conversation with an associate two days after the attack, saying: “Her mother was out for a while. We did not have enough time to do everything we wanted to unfortunately”, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

In a separate conversion prior to the attack, he is alleged to have said:

“[The father] and I will have time on our own with her. Incest turns me on so much.”

During a raid on the couple’s home in Melbourne, police are said to have found large amounts of illegal material on their computers including child pornography as well as details of incriminating Skype conversations.

Neither the men nor the child can be identified for legal reasons.

The baby was allegedly in the care of the two men while the child’s mother was out at a training course for a few hours. Neither of the men were at Waverley Local Court for a hearing on Thursday.

Court documents reveal one of the men is facing seven separate charges, including having sexual intercourse with a child under 10 and using a child under 10 for the production of child abuse material.

The second man is also charged with having sexual intercourse with a child under 10, inciting the commission of having sexual intercourse with the child, and producing, disseminating or possessing child abuse material.

New South Wales detective inspector Peter Yeomans said the child had been taken into care, and described the case as “abhorrent”.

“The sexual assault or alleged sexual assault of a 10-month-old child is beyond belief,” he added.

Police in South Australia are continuing their investigation into the case


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Secret Islamaphobic Plans of British PM Finalist*

Secret Islamaphobic Plans of British PM Finalist*

By Robert Mackey

The race to be the next leader of Britain’s ruling Conservative Party, and hence prime minister of the United Kingdom, was whittled down to two candidates on Thursday: Theresa May, the home secretary, and Andrea Leadsom, deputy energy minister.

Theresa May

As the two lawmakers with the most support from their colleagues, they will now spend the next two months trying to win the votes of the party’s members, a tiny portion of the British electorate thought to number less than 150,000. (In comparison, more than 33.5 million people voted in last month’s referendum on Britain’s membership in the European Union.)

While May has been a high-profile member of the government for the past six years, Leadsom is a relative newcomer, who was first elected to Parliament in 2010 after a career in banking.

Andrea Leadsom

However some clues about the kind of campaign Leadsom might run appear to have been accidentally made public on Thursday by a supporter who was spotted on the London underground studying what looked like notes laying out her strategy.

Interesting notes from the Tory chap who stood next to me on the central line.

— Ben Hart (@ben_hart) July 7, 2016

Ben Hart, a digital content manager who supports the Green Party, photographed and shared images of the notes in the hands of a man he stood next to in a Central Line carriage travelling between Notting Hill Gate and Marble Arch.

While nothing is known about the identity of the man in the yellow tie, who got off after one stop, according to Hart, the notes almost certainly describe a campaign for Leadsom, since one line reads:

 “Boris to campaign around the country for her.”

That would be Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London, who dropped out of the race to succeed David Cameron after doing more than anyone to force his resignation by leading the successful campaign to convince Britons to vote to leave the European Union in last month’s referendum. Johnson who campaigned for the British exit from the E.U. alongside Leadsom endorsed her leadership bid this week.

May, who has far more support from her fellow MPs, was on the opposite side in the referendum campaign, arguing that Britain should remain in the E.U., but has promised to carry out the will of the people and oversee the British exit.

The leaked list of a dozen ideas for Leadsom’s campaign begins with a strange one. It seems to be a pledge to bar U.K. courts from considering the rulings of Muslim clerics, and includes a link to a 2009 report from a think tank, which recommended that “Shari’ah courts should not be recognised under Britain’s 1996 Arbitration Act.”

Given the very real possibility that leaving the E.U. could cause an economic crisis in Britain, it might seem odd to focus on the largely imaginary threat to British jurisprudence posed by Islamic law, but Leadsom’s strategy could be to appeal to the far-right of her party by tapping into the panic about “creeping Shari’ah.”

Several of the other points suggest a right-wing campaign, perhaps modelled on the success of Donald Trump with Republican primary voters, including a promise to “Wage war on political correctness” and the view that “positive discrimination,” the British term for affirmative action, should be made “explicitly illegal.” In Andrea Leadsom’s Britain, the notes suggest, firms would not be allowed to consider race, gender or sexual preference in hiring decisions.

The notes also contain what looks like a promise from Leadsom to begin Britain’s formal withdrawal from the E.U. immediately after taking power, triggering Article 50 of the union’s treaty in September, which starts the clock ticking on a two-year deadline for completing the process. May has said that she would move more slowly, not sending the formal notice to withdraw described in Article 50 until next year at the earliest.

In television interviews, Leadsom has seemed eager to position herself as more socially conservative than May, who voted in favour of same-sex marriage in 2013. Leadsom, who abstained from that vote, told ITV on Thursday that while she believes “that the love of same-sex couples is every bit as valuable as that of opposite-sex couples,” she would have preferred “for marriage to have remained as a Christian service for men and women who wanted to commit in the eyes of God.”

Hart’s photo also shows the unidentified man scribbling down a comment on the European convention on human rights, which reads “May was right.”

As home secretary, Theresa May had called for the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European convention on human rights in April. When she announced her leadership bid last week, however, May seemed to drop the idea, saying that she would not pursue it as prime minister since “this is an issue that divides people, and the reality is there will be no Parliamentary majority for pulling out of the ECHR.” The man’s scribbled note suggests that Leadsom could attack May for her change of heart.

The notes also suggest involving the right-wing columnist Toby Young in education reform. Young, a very vocal critic of state-run schools, set up and ran his own school in a burst of publicity in 2011, only to admit last month that he had underestimated just “how hard teachers work and what a difficult job it is.” The privatization of public services is as much of an obsession for the right in Britain as it is in the United States.

The document made no mention of what has become Leadsom’s greatest challenge, answering questions about whether she misrepresented her past work in the financial services industry. Leadsom told the BBC on Thursday that it was “ridiculous” to say that she had embellished details of her career in the financial services industry before she entered politics.

However, Robert Stephens, a former colleague at Invesco Perpetual, one of Britain’s biggest retail fund managers, insisted in an interview with Channel 4 News that Leadsom’s claim to have worked in a senior investment management role was untrue. “Andrea Leadsom wasn’t that. She was a part-time assistant to the chief investment officer,” Stephens said.

“The sort of thing she worked on was negotiating the remuneration packages of senior fund managers, for example. She was sort if in charge of pay and rations, as one of my former colleagues put it. A very important job, but not a job that entitles you to call yourself either a banker or an investment manager.”

Questions have also been raised about claims by Leadsom in a blog post she wrote in 2009 that she had helped Eddie George, the late governor of the Bank of England, calm the fears of bankers in 1995 when the merchant bank Barings collapsed. According to Leadsom, she was “in the thick of it” with the Bank of England governor as he tried to prevent a run on the banks and reassure markets.

However, the chief executive of Barings at the time, Peter Norris, told Reuters on Thursday that he did not remember her playing any role in the failed attempt to rescue the bank.

“I was there the weekend of Barings’ collapse,” Norris said.

“I presented to all the banks in a room with Eddie George and I have absolutely no recollection of her at all.”


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FBI Vacuums Up all Documents on Orlando Shooting to Block Open Records Requests*

FBI Vacuums Up all Documents on Orlando Shooting to Block Open Records Requests*

The FBI has decided to insert itself into another public records battle. The agency has long been known to cc: itself to public records requests for Stingray documents, but this time it’s claiming any requests for local law enforcement documents related to the Orlando nightclub shooting need to be routed through it.

A June 20 letter from the FBI, attached to the City or Orlando’s lawsuit over withholding 911 calls and other records from 25 media outlets including the Orlando Sentinel, was also sent to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office with instructions pertaining to how they should respond to records requests.

The letter requests that agencies deny inquiries and directs departments to “immediately notify the FBI of any requests your agency received” so “the FBI can seek to prevent disclosure through appropriate channels, as necessary.”

Notice the FBI says “prevent disclosure,” rather than, say, “assist in determining which documents can be released.” The letter [PDF] claims that all records generated by local law enforcement agencies are now the FBI’s by proxy and that the “investigative documents” exemption [Exemption 7(A)] prevents the release of all documents related to the shooting.

The FBI flat-out states all documents are belong to it.

The FBI considers information obtained from state and local law enforcement agencies in furtherance of its investigation to be evidence, or potential evidence.

Presto! Instant blanket exemption from disclosure at both federal and state level. The FBI takes care to point out which Florida Sunshine Law exemption local agencies can use to withhold documents from requesters.

There’s significant public interest in these documents, especially those related to EMS/police response to emergency calls. This obviously conflicts with the FBI’s determination that its ongoing investigation — which now apparently contains every document created by every responding law enforcement agency in Florida — should pre-empt any and all requests for documents via Florida open records laws.

Not for nothing have there been several efforts mounted to alter blanket exemptions like the one the FBI is using to insert itself into local level records requests. Unfortunately, it’s very likely the FBI’s wielding of this “open investigation” exemption will be granted deference by the federal court currently presiding over an open records lawsuit between the Orlando Sentinel and the City of Orlando, even though this fight never should have included a federal agency conducting its own concurrent investigation of the mass shooting.


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U.S. Backed Syrian Rebels Lose ISIS Battle after being Abandoned by U.S. Jets*

U.S. Backed Syrian Rebels Lose ISIS Battle after being Abandoned by U.S. Jets*

A U.S-trained Syrian rebel unit was reportedly defeated and forced to flee by Islamic State during a desert battle near the town of Bukamal, after American jets abandoned them at a critical moment to bomb another target in neighbouring Iraq.
The Pentagon-trained rebel unit, the New Syrian Army (NSA), was on a ground offensive to re-take the Islamic State-held (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) town of Bukamal in southeast Syria last week, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday.

The New Syrian Army

In the middle of the desert battle the rebels requested air support, but the aircraft assigned to provide cover had unexpectedly been ordered to leave the area, U.S. officials familiar with the incident told the newspaper.

The warplanes headed instead to Fallujah in neighbouring Iraq, where a large IS convoy was attempting to escape from the city, which is being besieged by Iraqi forces.

“You have a finite number of resources … Prioritization was given to one target over another,” said U.S.-led coalition spokesman Col. Chris Garver.

The Islamic State convoy was fully destroyed on the outskirts of Fallujah and hundreds of jihadists were killed – but by that time, the IS militants near Bukamal had counterattacked, pushing the NSA’s fighters out of the area. They retreated to their base 200 miles (320km) away from Bukamal.

The rebels lost two men in the operation, one of whom was beheaded. Their brutalized bodies and scores of captured weapons were then displayed in an Islamic State video. Three other fighters were killed when the retreating NSA units were ambushed by jihadists in the desert.

Although the rebel unit describes itself as an “army,” its strength in terms of manpower has never exceeded the size of a typical infantry company.

According to the Washington Post, it numbers up to 100 men recruited from residents of Bukamal. They were reportedly selected mainly in Turkey, and trained in Jordan with U.S. and British support.
Their defeat adds fuel to the highly criticized, “revamped” $416 million program run by the Pentagon, which has trained only 100 Syrian rebels since March. The first train-and-equip program intended to prepare a 15,000-strong “moderate” rebel force by 2017.

But the initial program appeared to be in disarray, when last July Defence Secretary Ash Carter informed senators that only 60 recruits were being trained to fight IS in Syria.
The U.S.-led coalition command claims the battle to re-capture Bukamal is far from over. Col. Garver insists the goal is still“ to liberate [the town] and cut [the Islamic State’s] military supply lines in the Euphrates Valley between Syria and Iraq.”

But the NSA units have already been badly depleted in battle, and a sizable number of its fighters were killed in an Islamic State suicide bomb attack in May.

Building trust between Syrian rebels and their U.S. allies will also be no easy task, David Maxwell, a former Special Forces officer, told Washington Post.

“Hanging out our supposed allies to dry doesn’t achieve much and undermines our legitimacy and credibility.

“It’s hard to establish and maintain rapport with these organizations if we say one thing and do another.”


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