A Black Lives Protest Just Turned Into a Barbecue Event with Police*

A Black Lives Protest Just Turned Into a Barbecue Event with Police*
By Amanda Froelich

What was intended to be a Black Lives Protest turned into a mega gathering of activists and police on Sunday after protestors and officers agreed to come together for a community event.

The Wichita Eagle reports that Gordon Ramsay, the Chief of Police in Wichita, Kansas, took the initiative to collaborate on a cookout in a local park to not only prevent violence between police and protestors but to hold a public forum for community members to ask questions.

As the photos below relay, people came together to enjoy scrumptious bbq food, peacefully confront the police with concerns, play basketball, and even bounce around in a bouncy house.

With #BLM local director AJ Bohanan at the First Steps Cookout. Coming together to improve ICT. #thatsmywichita -OM pic.twitter.com/xmVwjKlhYr

— Wichita Police (@WichitaPolice) July 18, 2016

It might be agreed that the joining of both sides is a welcome sight after the recent tragedies which have taken place in the U.S. First Alton Sterling was killed in Louisiana, then Philando Castile in Minnesota. Following, five police officers were killed in Dallas, Texas, and several cops wounded in Baton Rouge.

This brilliant gathering, however, proves that it is possible for individuals of opposing ideals to come together and peacefully resolve issues. 


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