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100,000 Panamanians march against UN-NWO Sex Education*

100,000 Panamanians march against UN-NWO Sex Education*

By Marianna Orlandi

A hundred thousand Panamanians took to their capital city’s streets to oppose a new national bill that would introduce both sexuality education and gender ideology into their schools.

This law is a colonization attempt. It was written and imposed on Panama by UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and it is not the fruit of our legislature’s will,” Juan Francisco de la Guardia told the Friday Fax. De la Guardia is president of the Panamanian Alliance for Life and Family and one of the march organizers.

Despite the protest, the President of the Panamanian Parliament, Rubén de León Sanchez, said that the law will advance to the health committee and then discussed, once again, by the state’s legislature.

The bill, introduced by deputy of the Democratic Revolutionary Party Crispiano Adames, is modelled after the “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE) sponsored by U.N. agencies. The programs, whose biases have already been exposed by several commentators, are based on the recognition of minors’ entitlement to “sexual and reproductive health and rights.”

NWO FamilyPanamanians object to the way the programs promote children’s sexualization, endorse their sexual activity, invite children to experiment with homosexual relationships, and denigrate “traditional” social roles as “sexist” stereotypes.

Whereas the CSE advocates see abortion as a “right,” Panama protects unborn children from abortion in its laws except if the mother’s life is endangered, or if she is the victim of rape or incest.

While the law does not criminalize homosexual intercourse, the code of private international law, approved in 2014, prohibits same-sex marriages in the country, and it explicitly excludes the legality of same-sex marriages performed abroad. Panamanians view these laws as a legitimate expression of their sovereignty and a reflection of the most profound values of its people.

Following the march, de la Guardia made an official statement on behalf of all the organizers, including several prolife and pro-family NGOs, joined by the Catholic Church and by other Christian confessions. Speaking before a commission of deputies, he emphasized parental rights, freedom of religion and belief, and the right to conscientious objection and condemned the bill’s “ideological character.” He urged a return to more effective programs of education, such as the “School for Parents” that the state adopted in the past.

The Panamanian Conference of Bishops also asked the Parliament to reconsider its promotion of the law, saying

“We cannot accept experiments that failed in other places.”

Recent studies have shown that the U.N. model of CSE has indeed proven ineffective where adopted. Opponents have pointed out that it did not alleviate problems it was designed to address, such as teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Recent studies have also shown the comparative effectiveness of programs based on abstinence that have often led to good results.

While rejoicing for the success of the march, the parents of Panama are keeping their eyes wide open. Many fear that the ministerial guidelines that accompanied this bill, because of their executive character, may be applied in the country even if the law is not approved.


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The Real Secret of the South China Sea*

The Real Secret of the South China Sea*

By Pepe Escobar

The South China Sea is and will continue to be the ultimate geopolitical flashpoint of the young 21st century – way ahead of the Middle East or Russia’s western borderlands. No less than the future of Asia – as well as the East-West balance of power – is at stake.

To understand the Big Picture, we need to go back to 1890 when Alfred Mahan, then president of the U.S. Naval College, wrote the seminal The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, 1660-1783. Mahan’s central thesis is that the U.S. should go global in search of new markets, and protect these new trade routes through a network of naval bases.

That is the embryo of the U.S. Empire of Bases – which de facto started after the Spanish-American war, over a century ago, when the U.S. graduated to Pacific power status by annexing the Philippines, Hawaii and Guam.

US Navy Back in Philippines

Western – American and European — colonialism is strictly responsible for the current, incendiary sovereignty battle in the South China Sea. It’s the West that came up with most land borders – and maritime borders — of these states.

The roll call is quite impressive. Philippines and Indonesia were divided by Spain and Portugal in 1529. The division between Malaysia and Indonesia is owed to the British and the Dutch in 1842. The border between China and Vietnam was imposed to the Chinese by the French in 1887. The Philippines’s borders were concocted by the U.S. and Spain in 1898. The border between Philippines and Malaysia was drawn by the U.S. and the Brits in 1930.

We are talking about borders between different colonial possessions – and that implies intractable problems from the start, subsequently inherited by post-colonial nations. And to think that it had all started as a loose configuration. The best anthropological studies (Bill Solheim’s, for instance) define the semi-nomadic communities who really travelled and traded across the South China Sea from time immemorial as the Nusantao – an Austronesian compound word for “south island” and “people”.

The Nusantao were not a defined ethnic group; rather a maritime internet. Over the centuries, they had many key hubs, from the coastline between central Vietnam and Hong Kong to the Mekong Delta. They were not attached to any “state”, and the notion of “borders” didn’t even exist.

Only by the late 19th century the Westphalian system managed to freeze the South China Sea inside an immovable framework. Which brings us to why China is so sensitive about its borders; because they are directly linked to the “century of humiliation” – when internal Chinese corruption and weakness allowed Western barbarians to take possession of Chinese land.

Tension in the nine-dash line

The eminent Chinese geographer Bai Meichu was a fierce nationalist who drew his own version of what was called the “Chinese National Humiliation Map”. In 1936 he published a map including a “U-shaped line” gobbling up the South China Sea all the way down to James Shoal, which is 1,500 km south of China but only over 100 km off Borneo. Scores of maps copied Meichu’s. Most included the Spratly Islands, but not James Shoal.

The crucial fact is that Bai was the man who actually invented the “nine-dash line”, promoted by the Chinese government – then not yet Communist – as the letter of the law in terms of “historic” Chinese claims over islands in the South China Sea.

Everything stopped when Japan invaded China in 1937. Japan had occupied Taiwan way back in 1895. Now imagine Americans surrendering to the Japanese in the Philippines in 1942. That meant virtually the entire coastline of the South China Sea being controlled by a single empire for the first time in history. The South China Sea had become a Japanese lake.

Not for long; only until 1945. The Japanese did occupy Woody Island in the Paracels and Itu Aba (today Taiping) in the Spratlys. After the end of WWII and the U.S. nuclear-bombing Japan, the Philippines became independent in 1946; the Spratlys immediately were declared Filipino territory.

In 1947 the Chinese went on overdrive to recover all the Paracels from colonial power France. In parallel, all the islands in the South China Sea got Chinese names. James Shoal was downgraded from a sandbank into a reef (it’s actually underwater; still Beijing sees is as the southernmost point of Chinese territory.)

In December 1947 all the islands were placed under the control of Hainan (itself an island in southern China.) New maps — based on Meichu’s — followed, but now with Chinese names for the islands (or reefs, or shoals). The key problem is that no one explained the meaning of the dashes (which were originally eleven.)

So in June 1947 the Republic of China claimed everything within the line – while proclaiming itself open to negotiate definitive maritime borders with other nations later on. But, for the moment, no borders; that was the birth of the much-maligned “strategic ambiguity” of the South China Sea that lasts to this day.

“Red” China adopted all the maps — and all the decisions. Yet the final maritime border between China and Vietnam, for instance, was decided only in 1999. In 2009 China included a map of the “U-shaped” or “nine-dash line” in a presentation to the U.N. Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf; that was the first time the line officially showed up on an international level.

No wonder other Southeast Asian players were furious. That was the apex of the millennia-old transition from the “maritime internet” of semi-nomadic peoples to the Westphalian system. The post-modern “war” for the South China Sea was on.

Gunboat freedom

In 2013 the Philippines – prodded by the U.S. and Japan – decided to take its case about Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) in the South China Sea to be judged according to the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). Both China and Philippines ratified UNCLOS. The US did not. The Philippines aimed for UNCLOS – not “historical rights”, as the Chinese wanted — to decide what is an island, what is a rock, and who is entitled to claim territorial rights (and thus EEZs) in these surrounding waters.

UNCLOS itself is the result of years of fierce legal battles. Still, key nations – including BRICS members China, India and Brazil, but also, significantly, Vietnam and Malaysia – have been struggling to change an absolutely key provision, making it mandatory for foreign warships to seek permission before sailing through their EEZs.

And here we plunge in truly, deeply troubled waters; the notion of “freedom of navigation”.

For the American empire, “freedom of navigation”, from the West Coast of the U.S. to Asia – through the Pacific, the South China Sea, the Malacca Strait and the Indian Ocean – is strictly subordinated to military strategy. Imagine if one day EEZs would be closed to the U.S. Navy – or if “authorization” would have to be demanded every time; the Empire of Bases would lose “access” to…its own bases.

Add to it trademark Pentagon paranoia; what if a “hostile power” decided to block the global trade on which the US economy depends? (even though the premise — China contemplating such a move — is ludicrous). The Pentagon actually pursues a Freedom of Navigation (FON) program. For all practical purposes, it’s 21st century gunboat diplomacy, as in those aircraft carriers showboating on and off in the South China Sea.

The Holy Grail, as far as the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is concerned, is to come up with a Code of Conduct to solve all maritime conflicts between Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and China. This has been dragging on for years now because mostly the Philippines wanted to frame the Chinese under a set of binding rules but was only ready to talk until all ten ASEAN members had agreed on them first.

Beijing’s strategy is the opposite; bilateral discussions to emphasize its formidable leverage. Thus China assuring the support of Cambodia – quite visible early this week when Cambodia prevented a condemnation of China regarding the South China Sea at a key summit in Laos; China and ASEAN settled for “self-restraint.”

Watch Hillary pivoting

In 2011 the U.S. State Department was absolutely terrified with the planned Obama administration withdrawals from both Iraq and Afghanistan; what would happen to superpower projection? That ended in November 2011, when then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton coined the by now famous “pivot to Asia”.

“Six lines of action” were embedded in the “pivot”. Four of these Clinton nicked from a 2009 report by the Washington think tank CSIS; reinvigorating alliances; cultivating relationships with emerging powers; developing relationships with regional multilateral bodies; and working closely with South East Asian countries on economic issues. Clinton added two more: broad-based military presence in Asia, and the promotion of democracy and human rights.

It was clear from the start – and not only across the global South — that cutting across the rhetorical fog the “pivot” was code for a military offensive to contain China. Even more seriously, this was the geopolitical moment when a South East Asian dispute over maritime territory intersected with the across-the-globe confrontation between the hegemon and a “peer competitor”

What Clinton meant by “engaging emerging powers” was, in her own words, “join us in shaping and participating in a rules-based regional and global order”. This is code for rules coined by the hegemon – as in the whole apparatus of the Washington consensus.

No wonder the South China Sea is immensely strategic, as American hegemony intimately depends on ruling the waves (remember Mahan). That’s the core of the U.S. National Military Strategy. The South China Sea is the crucial link connecting the Pacific to the Indian Ocean, the Persian Gulf and ultimately Europe.

And so we finally discover Rosebud — the ultimate South China Sea “secret”. China under Clinton’s “rule-based regional and global order” effectively means that China must obey and keep the South China Sea open to the U.S Navy.

That spells out inevitable escalation further on down the sea lanes. China, slowly but surely, is developing an array of sophisticated weapons which could ultimately “deny” the South China Sea to the U.S. Navy, as the Beltway is very much aware.

What makes it even more serious is that we’re talking about irreconcilable imperatives. Beijing characterizes itself as an anti-imperialist power; and that necessarily includes recovering national territories usurped by colonial powers allied with internal Chinese traitors (those islands that The Hague has ruled are no more than “rocks” or even “low-tide elevations”).

The U.S., for its part, is all about Exceptionalism and Manifest Destiny.  As it stands, more than Russia’s western borderlands, the Baltics or “Syraq”, this is where the hegemon “rules” are really being contested. And the stakes couldn’t be higher. That’ll be the day when the U.S. Navy is “denied” from the South China Sea; and that’ll be the end of its imperial hegemony.


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The Phone Case to Protect You from Prying Eyes, Designed By Edward Snowden*

The Phone Case to Protect You from Prying Eyes, Designed By Edward Snowden*

Terrorists, and criminal politicians would love this…

By Alexa Erickson

It is becoming increasingly clear that much of the technology we love and rely upon is actually working against us — exposing personal and valuable information we would never wish to share.

Three years ago, Edward Snowden met with reporters in a Hong Kong hotel room to spill the NSA’s secrets. There, he asked them to place their phones in the refrigerator to block any radio signals that could be used to activate the devices’ microphones or camera. Now, the famous whistleblower has helped design an open-source smartphone device that warns people when their phone’s antennae are transmitting information.

In exile from the United States, Snowden is currently confined to Moscow, but the former NSA computer specialist has found a way to make his presence known in the United States: he can connect to a wheeled contraption called a BeamPro, which is a flat-screen monitor that stands atop a pair of legs with a swivelling camera.

Snowden’s newest move is surely one the government may fear, yet anyone with a phone will likely seek to take advantage of. The goal? To protect people from being digitally spied on.

The device, originally developed to protect journalists, particularly those in conflict zones, works to alert people when their phone is sending or receiving data without their knowledge or permission. Originally designed based on iPhone 6, it will apparently work with any smartphone.

“You can think your phone’s radios are off, and not telling your location to anyone, but actually still be at risk,” explained well-known hardware hacker Andrew “Bunnie” Huang.

“Our approach is: state-level adversaries are powerful, assume the phone is compromised,” he continued.

“Let’s look at hardware-related signals that are extremely difficult to fake. We want to give a you-bet-your-life assurance that the phone actually has its radios off when it says it does.”

The device is of personal interest to Snowden, whose phone has previously been used to track his location.

“Since 2013, I haven’t been able to have a smartphone like normal people,” he said 

.“Wireless devices are kind of like kryptonite to me.”

Huang and Snowden haven’t yet built a prototype for their device, but their detailed paper outlines how it would work. Furthermore, because the technology is open-source, essentially anyone can create it for themselves.

The duo is hoping to create a prototype in the next year, and move on to modified iPhones in China geared toward journalists thereafter.

For users who believe their phone is being tracked, the team has created a ‘kill switch,’ which allows them to quickly pull the plug on their phone. Snowden and Huang claim it is more secure than airplane mode.

The device looks like a high-tech phone case that fits over the rear camera lens, ensuring nothing is recorded without your permission. It also features a display screen at the back to keep you aware of your phone’s security status. And to monitor the internal antennae, the case wires into your phone’s hardware using the SIM-card slot, which allows electrical signals to be emitted by the cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or other radio connections.


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Phillidelphia Is Run By Freemasons – Inside the DNC*

Phillidelphia Is Run By Freemasons – Inside the DNC*


Dan Dicks of Press For Tuth takes you down town in the very masonic city of Philadelphia and also on the inside of the DNC convention!

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U.S. Forces Burn Iraqi Family Alive in Horrific Attack in Rashaad*

U.S. Forces Burn Iraqi Family Alive in Horrific Attack in Rashaad*

By Sean Adl-Tabatabai

U.S. forces were allegedly caught capturing and then burning an Iraqi family alive in the village of Rashaad, Iraq.

The mother, father, and 2 year old girl were placed in a cage and then burned to death because they were trying to escape ISIS militants. reports:

They were from Rashaad Village, a tiny hamlet held by the ravenous rodents to whom Obama and his ilk spill their seed each day in reverence to the Caliph of Cockadoodledoo.


DER’AH:  It appears SyrPer was right about the King of Jordan.  He’s lost his appetite for confrontation in Syria.  The attempted coup in Turkey has dissuaded him from attending the guffaw-inducing Arab League Summit in Nouakchott,  Mauretania.  Even the Moroccans refused to hold it in Rabat.  To many pundits in the Arab World, it is nothing more than the “Worthless Summit”  (القمة بلا قيمة).  The half-breed Limey-arse-licking king is not as cooperative as before in permitting American-trained trash to cross the border into Syria.  He’s also got wind of the fact that the Saudis aren’t worth quite as much today as they were 5 years ago.  He’s hedging his bets now and preparing for his own showdown with Justice as more of his subjects begin to wonder how in the Hell this dwarf ever sat on a throne like this in the middle of the Syrian Desert.

Yesterday, July 24, 2016, 6 new villages have joined the Reconciliation Initiative led by Dr. ‘Ali Haydar, appointed by Dr. Assad as Minister of Reconciliation, and have vowed not to assist any rodent terrorists bent on destroying their country.  There are now 206 villages who are members of this grouping inside Der’ah Province.

Today, at Al-Yaadoodaa, the SAA destroyed 3 HQ bases belonging to Nusra/Alqaeda.  In one operation alone, SAA rangers came upon a Nusra/Alqaeda rocket launcher operated by 4 rodents and killed them all after firing a Kornet at the launcher.

Der’ah Town:  On the Dam Road,  the SAA-MI was monitoring the movement of Nusra/Alqaeda vermin.  They reported the event to the SAA which immediately deployed a special operations unit to the area.  After sending out some sounds which attracted the rats (Monzer does not know the specifics), they opened fire killing 8 rodents.  Here are the names of the only identifiable rodents among the carcasses:

  • Hammaam Mahmoud Al-Ghissn

  • Muhammad Tareef Shoomaan

  • Muhammad ‘Abdul-Fattaah ‘Ali Khawaalida


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