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This Grandma Drives 3,500-Gallon Tank 75 Miles a Day to Bring Clean Water to Parched Navajo Nation*

This Grandma Drives 3,500-Gallon Tank 75 Miles a Day to Bring Clean Water to Parched Navajo Nation*

Known as “the water lady,” 50-year-old Darlene Arviso delivers clean water five days a week to 10 to 12 homes surrounding Thoreau, New Mexico. Using water from an on-site well at the St. Bonaventure Indian Mission, Arviso loads up the truck with 3,500 gallons of water, travels 75 miles and brings clean water to more than 250 families a month on the Reservation.

Nearly 40% of the estimated 173,000 Navajo tribe members living on the Reservation don’t have a tap or a toilet in their home. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the average American in the United States uses 80-100 gallons of water a day; whereas, Navajo families use 7 gallons a day to drink, cook, bathe and clean. The 300 gallons of water each household receives from Arviso — the amount an average American uses in three days — must last a month.

The people who live in the northwest corner of New Mexico consider Arviso to be a living saint, writes NPR. When people see her giant yellow truck coming down the road, Navajo resident Georgianna Johnson told NPR, “it’s as if they’ve seen Santa coming down the chimney.”

“You know what we do? ‘The water truck’s coming! Get the buckets ready!’ We get all happy. Today’s the day I’m going to take a bath… Water’s got to do with everything. It really does. To wash the dishes, my aunt tells us the rinsing water is still clean. Use that the next time when you gonna wash dishes. So that’s how we make the water stretch.”

They call her the water lady, but she is much more than that. Sometimes, she gets calls asking for other essentials: food, blankets, lamp oil, or wood. Sometimes, she prays with them if they are facing hardship. Sometimes, she becomes their best friend, hears them out and makes them laugh.

“I can’t just give water and leave. I have to ask them if they’re doing okay. Some people don’t have anybody to lean on. People tell me I can’t ever leave my job. They say, we’re depending on you… I enjoy my job. I like my job and I like what I’m doing because I’m helping my people.”

The residents are forced to live without clean running water on the Navajo Nation because the majority of water sources on the Reservation are contaminated, thanks to decades of uranium mining and multiyear drought. DIGDEEP, a global organization that provides water systems to developing countries, has partnered with St. Bonaventure Indian Mission to bring water to the Navajo Nation. George McGraw, DIGDEEP’s founder and executive director, told CBS News:

“Things are not simple here. But every time we have even the smallest success in this project, those little moments are so tremendously impactful to me. I think I’m really starting to live for this project. It’s ours.”

Many elders in Smith Lake live alone, and they rely on Arviso’s water truck for every drop they drink. Service disruptions due to weather or mechanical failure can pose great danger.


DIGDEEP has been working with the St. Bonaventure Indian Mission to build a $500,000 well and a water filtration plant, helping Arviso with a reliable supply of water throughout the year, to refill her truck quickly and reach more families. But the project, being funded exclusively off donations, will take time, and so the Navajo Nation still needs its water lady. “If I’m not here, who’s going to bring these people their water?” Arviso told The New York Times. “Right now, I’m all they’ve got.”


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Microsoft Pitches Technology That Can Read Facial Expressions at Political Rallies*

Microsoft Pitches Technology That Can Read Facial Expressions at Political Rallies*

By Alex Emmons

On the 21st floor of a high-rise hotel in Cleveland, in a room full of political operatives, Microsoft’s Research Division was advertising a technology that could read each facial expression in a massive crowd, analyze their emotions, and report back in real time.

“You could use this at a Trump rally,” a sales representative told me.

At both the Republican and Democratic conventions, Microsoft sponsored event spaces for the news outlet Politico. Politico, in turn, hosted a series of Microsoft-sponsored discussions about the use of data technology in political campaigns. And throughout Politico’s spaces in both Philadelphia and Cleveland, Microsoft advertised an array of products from “Microsoft Cognitive Services,” its artificial intelligence and cloud computing division.

At one exhibit, titled “Realtime Crowd Insights” a small camera scanned the room, while a monitor displayed the captured image. Every five seconds, a new image would appear with data annotated for each face – an assigned serial number, gender, estimated age, and any emotions detected in the facial expression. When I approached, the machine labelled me “b2ff,” and correctly identified me as a 23-year-old male.

It interpreted my facial expression as “neutral,” with a bit of “surprise.”

Photo: Alex Emmons


I asked Christina Pearson, a nearby Microsoft spokesman, to confirm that the technology was meant to be used on a large crowd, like at a Trump rally.

“Yes,” she confirmed.

“Or it’s meant to be the Super Bowl, whatever you want.”

“Realtime Crowd Insights” is an Application Programming Interface (API), or a software tool that connects web applications to Microsoft’s cloud computing services. Through Microsoft’s emotional analysis API – a component of Realtime Crowd Insights – applications send an image to Microsoft’s servers. Microsoft’s servers then analyze the faces, and return emotional profiles for each.

In a November blog post, Microsoft said that the emotional analysis could detect “anger, contempt, fear, disgust, happiness, neutral, sadness or surprise.”

Microsoft’s sales representatives told me that political campaigns could use the technology to measure the emotional impact of different talking points — and political scientists could use it to study crowd response at rallies.

But the use of facial analysis at political events is eerily reminiscent of George Orwell’s 1984, where the government monitors faces for any sign of dissatisfaction, or “facecrime.” In Orwell’s world,

“to wear an improper expression on your face (to look incredulous when a victory was announced, for example) was itself a punishable offense.”

Microsoft’s Realtime Crowd Insights could potentially pick out the stern faces of dissenters, or angry faces of future protestors, all in a matter of seconds.

Donald Trump’s security has already tried to pre-empt protests at rallies by kicking out people they thought likely to protest. At one rally in February, security asked 30 black students to leave before Trump started speaking. According to USA Today, they had planned to sit in silent protest, but 19-year-old student said

“We didn’t plan anything.”

In Politico‘s suite in Cleveland, one passerby told me he was “slightly creeped out,” and another asked me why Microsoft was collecting their facial information. The machine also picked up on a small range of negative responses in the room, including “fear, contempt, and disgust:”

Photo: Alex Emmons


When I attended the “Realtime Crowd Insights” display in Philadelphia, I asked to speak with a spokesman, and was introduced to Kathryn Stack, a managing director with the Public Affairs Firm Burson-Marsteller. I asked Stack whether the product could be used to identify protestors or dissidents at rallies or political events.

“I think that would be a question for a futurist, not a technologist,” she responded.

Facial recognition technologythe identification of faces by name – is already widely used in secret by law enforcement,sports stadiums, retail stores, and even churches, despite being of questionable legality. As early as 2002, facial recognition technology was used at the Super Bowl to cross-reference the 100,000 attendees to a database of the faces of known criminals. The technology is controversial enough that in 2013, Google tried to ban the use of facial recognition apps in its Google glass system.

But “Realtime Crowd Insights” is not true facial recognition – it could not identify me by name, only as “b2ff.” It did, however, store enough data on each face that it could continuously identify them with the same serial number, even hours later. The display demonstrated that capability by distinguishing between the number of total faces it had seen, and the number of unique serial numbers.

Photo: Alex Emmons


Instead, “Realtime Crowd Insights” is an example of facial characterization technology – where computers analyze faces without necessarily identifying them. Facial characterization has many positive applications – it has been tested in the classroom, as a tool for spotting struggling students, and Microsoft has boasted that the tool will even help blind people read the faces around them.

But facial characterization can also be used to assemble and store large profiles of information on individuals, even anonymously.

Microsoft has traditionally adopted an “opt in” policy with facial recognition, requiring users’ consent before Microsoft can store an image of their face. The Kinetic Sensor on an Xbox, for example, allows users to sign in through facial recognition technology — but requires users to first give consent, according to Microsoft’s privacy policy.

Microsoft has a similar code of conduct for APIs, that requires developers to “obtain the consent of the people whose data (such as images, voices, video or text) are being processed by your app.”

Alvaro Bedoya, a professor at Georgetown Law School and expert on privacy and facial recognition, has hailed that code of conduct as evidence that Microsoft is trying to do the right thing. But he pointed out that it leaves a number of questions unanswered — as illustrated in Cleveland in Philadelphia.

“It’s interesting that the app being shown at the convention ‘remembered’ the faces of the people who walked by. That would seem to suggest that their faces were being stored and processed without the consent that Microsoft’s policy requires,” Bedoya said.

“You have to wonder: what happened to the face templates of the people who walked by that booth? Were they deleted? Or are they still in the system?”

Microsoft officials declined to comment on exactly what information is collected on each face and what data is retained or stored, instead referring me to their privacy policy, which does not address the question.

Bedoya also pointed out that Microsoft’s marketing did not seem to match the consent policy.

“It’s difficult to envision how companies will obtain consent from people in large crowds or rallies.”

A man uses an iris recognition scanner during the Biometrics 2004 exhibition in London


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Deadly Chemicals Sprayed on Florida Residents to Eliminate Zika*

Deadly Chemicals Sprayed on Florida Residents to Eliminate Zika*

One can easily switch off when yet another virus comes to media attention. When a banned doctor mentions a ‘strange’ similarity been an old disease and current virus, one starts to question, especially in the foreknowledge that some ‘new’ diseases are just old diseases in disguise. With vague symptoms announced by experts that could fall under any illness let alone a disease what are they spraying for?

Health officials claim the chemical to be sprayed, an organophosphate neurotoxin called Naled, is “safe” to breathe and no one really needs to take any special measures while they are being sprayed like bugs (although it has been “recommended” that people with allergies stay inside).

While health officials still have yet to find a mosquito actually carrying the virus in Miami, 15 people have reportedly been diagnosed with zika there, mostly concentrated in the north downtown Miami area, and officials claim to have ruled out transmission via other means such as travel or sexual intercourse.

On Monday, Gov. Rick Scott asked the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to activate a CDC Emergency Response Team (CERT) to continue going door-to-door to collect urine samples in a sort of zika martial law exercise. The activation call coincided with the CDC announcing an unprecedented travel warning urging pregnant women to avoid the area in Miami where zika-infected people started popping up. It’s unprecedented because this kind of martial law behaviour, including the travel warnings, wasn’t even remotely shown during the Ebola psyop, and Ebola is a lot more deadly than zika.

Pregnant woman should avoid the area anyway, because according to the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides factsheet on Naled, studies have shown that exposure of pregnant animals to for just three days during brain development resulted in 15% smaller brains in their babies, and an increase in aggressiveness and memory deterioration. Naled also happens to be 20 times more toxic when exposure occurs due to inhalation of Naled-contaminated air versus ingestion. Symptoms can range from fatigue, headaches and nausea to diarrhoea.

Naled has also caused pancreatic cancer and leukaemia in lab tests. Naled has been found to be especially damaging to the nervous system. Naled’s inert ingredients include Napthaline, classified by the EPA as a “possible human carcinogen,” and 1,2,4-trimethylbenzene, a nervous system depressant. In addition, it breaks down into dichlorvos, and two independent studies (here and here) have shown an increase in paediatric brain cancers when children are exposed to dichlorvos versus when they are not.

When the CDC recommended spraying it in Puerto Rico, people there protested for concerns it would have detrimental effects on the environment, including residents’ health and local agriculture.

As Activist Post’s Bernie Suarez has previously reported, it still has not been proven that microcephaly — a birth defect that causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads and the new big concern from zika — is even officially caused by zika. All evidence thus far is entirely circumstantial, as even Director-General Maraget Chan of the World Health Organization has gone on the record to state. In fact, decades of scientific literature show zika is largely benign.

One has to wonder if this entire thing is a psyop as others have previously reported… our officials are going to an awful lot of trouble, demanding urine samples door-to-door and spraying everyone like bugs, for a virus that Mac Slavo of points out “is not necessarily life threatening” anyway. Could this have anything to do with the fact that the GM mosquitoes purposefully released over Florida to combat Dengue feveraren’t dying off the way they were supposed to?


The ‘history’ of the zika virus bares a similarity with the Ebola virus in that it was never became a pandemic. The New England Journal of Medicine states:

Zika virus is a flavivirus, in the family Flaviviridae. Although Zika virus was isolated on several occasions from Aedes africanus mosquitoes after its discovery in 1947, there initially was no indication that the virus caused human disease. Nevertheless, a serosurvey involving residents of multiple areas of Uganda revealed a 6.1% seroprevalence of antibodies against Zika virus, which suggested that human infection was frequent. “

“Human illness caused by Zika virus was first recognized in Nigeria in 1953, when viral infection was confirmed in three ill persons. Despite recognition that Zika virus infection could produce a mild, febrile illness, only 13 naturally acquired cases were reported during the next 57 years. Thus, it came as a great surprise when a 2007 outbreak on several islands in the State of Yap, Federated States of Micronesia, resulted in an estimated 5000 infections among the total population of 6700.

Zika virus remained in relative obscurity for nearly 70 years; then, within the span of just 1 year, Zika virus was introduced into Brazil from the Pacific Islands and spread rapidly throughout the Americas.”

1947 Rockefeller Patent Shows Origins of Zika Virus*

“Zika virus has infrequently been identified in other mosquito species, such as A. unilineatus, Anopheles coustani, and Mansonia uniformis; however, vector-competence studies have indicated that these species have a low potential for transmission of the virus. It is notable that Zika virus has been reported only once in any culex species, which suggests that mosquitoes in this genus have a low vectorial capacity.”

“The underlying reasons for the emergence of Zika virus in the past decade are unknown. Recent global increases in the incidence and spread of dengue, chikungunya, and now Zika virus — all with A. aegypti as the primary vector — suggest common underlying mechanisms for their emergence, such as globalization and urbanization.”


Yellow Fever and Zika virus is said to come from the same species of mosquito, but as the medical journal points out, Zika comes from more than one species.

The Return of Yellow Fever

By Melvin Sanicas

Before the horrors of the latest Ebola outbreak in West Africa could even begin to fade from our minds, the Zika virus emerged as a major global health risk, and is now occupying researchers and doctors in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Yet the death toll from another virus is rising fast: yellow fever.

In southwestern Africa, Angola is facing a serious yellow fever epidemic – its first in 30 years. Since the virus emerged in Luanda, Angola’s capital and most populous city, last December, it has killed 293 people and infected a suspected 2,267. The virus has now spread to six of the country’s 18 provinces. Travellers have taken cases to China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Kenya. Namibia and Zambia are on high alert.


So, why and how did transmission from a mosquito progress to transmission through sex?

So, why and how did infection become mild to serious?

Why are they ignoring the findings from Brazil that Microcephaly has nothing to do with Zika and more to do with Monsanto

Why are they spraying citizens with a neurotoxin more dangerous than the virus?

Are they ‘selecting’ specific areas when “health officials still have yet to find a mosquito actually carrying the virus in Miami, 15 people have reportedly been diagnosed with zika there…”

The answer only seems clear midst a population that is being driven to fear many engineered elements…



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#DemExit Threatens To Fracture DNC – Media Told Not To Cover Movement*

#DemExit Threatens To Fracture DNC – Media Told Not To Cover Movement*

By Baxter Dmitry

Despite desperate attempts by the Democratic National Committee and mainstream media to show convention attendees gathered in unity behind Hillary Clinton – the establishment’s planned nominee, as proved by the recent Wikileaks release – thousands of disenfranchised rank-and-file party members who feel their democratic voice was trampled on by the DNC have begun the #DemExit.

According to Underground Reporter:

Following the formal announcement of Hillary’s nomination, massive protests erupted among those who felt betrayed by Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of the former Secretary of State and who vowed to continue what he, at one time, called a political revolution against the Democratic establishment.

Indeed, Sanders delegates staged a massive walkout. Feeling disenfranchised over the Clinton takeover of the electoral process, they marched into one of the DNC’s media tents to try to have their voices heard — though, unsurprisingly, corporate media hardly bothered to give protesters a nod.

DNC officials went to great lengths to give the façade of party unity behind Clinton, even installing white noise machines over state delegations previously found to be disruptive, and even filling seats with ‘scabs’ — paid non-delegate, Hillary-apparel-wearing seat-fillers — to complete the false image of support for the nominee.”

It’s a dog-and-pony show,” said Sanders delegate from New Mexico, Seamus Berkeley, of the convention, as the Washington Times reported.

They’re shutting down opposition and making it look like everyone is falling in line.”

As the Times noted, on the first day Sanders addressed the crowd, party officials doled out signs for the audience bearing the all-too ironic slogan, “Stronger together.”

In fact, protesting delegates either had their signs collected by party officials or, as California Bernie Sanders delegate Eden McFadden explained during a livestream to Facebook, were subjected to a coordinated effort in which scabs would be told to stand to physically block any overt protest inside the convention.

But that appearance has only been thinly protected by mainstream media’s continued doting on Clinton — as would be expected following revelations of massive collusion between major news outlets and the DNC to defame Sanders and his backers throughout the primary season.

In response, Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein initiated the wildly successful hashtag campaign, #DemExit, to bring awareness to third parties and show disenfranchised voters they aren’t obligated to stand behind a ticket so rife with proven corruption.

Many former Sanders delegates planned to join the mass exodus from the Democratic Party and support for Clinton in response to having been stymied in every attempt to call attention to voter disenfranchisement or demand accountability for the corruption now evidenced in the over 20,000-document leak.

For a number of Sanders’ supporters, however, the DNC leak only marked the icing on the cake of a season fraught with suppression, likely electoral fraud, a debate schedule heavily favouring Clinton, and flagrantly false party claims of neutrality — all of this made worse when DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was promptly snatched up by the Clinton campaign following her humiliating resignation.

A class action lawsuit is now in the works, contending, “among other things, that the bias of the DNC means that Sanders supporters basically threw their money away when they supported his campaign in good faith.

Undoubtedly, the #DemExit will gain momentum in the days to come — with or without the help of Clinton’s mainstream media mouthpiece.


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“U.S. Destroyed Libya to re-colonize Africa”*

“U.S. Destroyed Libya to re-colonize Africa”*

The United States and its allies are responsible for destroying Africa’s wealthiest nation, Libya, in order to re-colonize the African continent, an American journalist and political analyst says.

Don DeBar, an anti-war activist and radio host in New York, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Wednesday, after U.S. President Barack Obama ordered a new bombing campaign in Libya.

The airstrikes were undertaken to help Libyan forces “finish the job” and drive the terrorists out of the war-torn North African country, Obama told reporters during a press conference in the White House on Tuesday.

“Libya was destroyed by the United States and its allies, with the United States leading in terms of policy and in terms of coordination with the military activities,” DeBar said.

“It was an unconventional war on Libya with the U.S. Air Force and NATO allies providing air support and the ground troops being comprised of al-Qaeda fighters and other irregulars that were trained and armed by the U.S., but the Qataris, including Qatari command and control on the ground. There were Qatari regulars in uniforms that were commanders of the fighters that were documented as well as Qatari arms that were captured and displaced on the YouTube,” the journalist said.

Nearly five years after the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi, Libya has become a failed state, with the central government holding no sway over the country.

Obama has authorized the Pentagon to open a new military front against Daesh (ISIL) terrorists in Libya after the fledgling government there asked for help with precision targeting inside the coastal city of Sirte.

DeBar said Gaddafi was deposed because he “was well into the process of helping to organize a United States of Africa, an integrated African polity and economy, and was offering to bankroll it with Libya’s wealth.”

“That was something that would run counter to the U.S. plans, now actualized by installing AFRICOM (the United States Africa Command) on the continent, essentially re-colonizing Africa,” he added.

“AFRICOM, which is the command and control structure of the African command that is embedded in 35 African countries now at the highest level of the military, essentially establishes US military control over Africa,” the analyst stated.

“In other words, the U.S.’s first African American president, and the son of a Kenyan, helped the United States re-colonize Africa. Muammar Gaddafi was a major impediment to that effort, and he was raped and killed by US proxies for his trouble,” he concluded.


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