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How to Hold Space for Yourself*

How to Hold Space for Yourself*

By Azriel ReShel

The Importance of ‘Being There’ for Yourself

Only Allah Knows what tomorrow will bring, but today is yours in the makingMost people would say they are good at supporting their friends and family, but why are we so bad at being there for ourselves?

When my second eldest daughter was a few months old, she developed colic. She would wake every night, crying for several hours, utterly inconsolable. Nothing I did helped her, not breastfeeding, holding her, rocking her, or my attempts to soothe her. Sometimes her cries pierced me so deeply I felt like giving up and leaving her alone. I felt so powerless.

Though it was difficult, my daughter taught me something vital and precious. As I watched her healing journey, I realised I cannot take away someone else’s pain or rescue them. I cannot change what they are feeling, patch it up and move along. All I could do was witness, be there and be present for her. Yes I got frustrated, angry, and distraught that I couldn’t do more, but eventually I found a place of calm as I sang mantras and focussed on staying peaceful in my own body. In learning to hold space for her, I learned to hold space for myself. In fact, I couldn’t be present for her, without being present for myself. Her pain triggered my own deep pain, and I had to allow myself to move through it if I was going to help her.

It took the crumbling of a 13 year relationship to make me see how much of my energy goes into holding space for others; my four children, ex-partner, and those I work with in my teaching and healing practice. While I can hold space well for others, am sensitive and empathic, I recently realised again that there was a ceiling to this ability. In order to expand my capacity to be there for others, I needed to truly learn how to be there for myself. I was so focussed outwards, that I was neglecting the very thing that makes me solid and potent as a healing force for others: My own wellbeing.

I have a daily requirement to centre, ground and remain in my own core, otherwise I’m knocked off into other people’s solar systems and wander around in a lost galaxy for a while before finding my way home. We all need to hold space for ourselves if we are going to be able to live life in a healthy and balanced way.

What exactly does it mean to “hold space” for yourself?

We seem to do it naturally for others, but what does it mean to do it for ourselves? For me, holding space means becoming the container to experience myself; to grow, to feel, to express, to test out, to live. It is being present, treating yourself with care, consideration, kindness, compassion and love. Hearing the needs of your body and mind, feeling your emotions, and listening to the yearning of your soul. It’s a way of being, a lifestyle, a profound choice and a stand you take. It’s not a belief system, but is rather a way of being with yourself and meeting your own needs. This can be lifesaving in intimate relationships, where we can ruin a good thing by trying to make the other meet all our needs. We spend every minute of the day with ourselves. How much of it is good, supportive, and kind?

Holding space is like a great pilgrimage home to your own soul. A key to holding space for yourself is to see yourself with all your faults and without judgement and criticism. To see yourself with kindness and love, just as you would a friend. It’s making friends with your fear, inviting Cousin Self-Doubt, Mrs Perfectionist, Brother Criticism, and Sister Putdown, in for a cup of tea around the fireplace.

Self-acceptance is my refusal to be in an adversarial relationship to myself.” Nathaniel Brand

Holding space for yourself gives you a place to check your direction, to see who or what is in the driver seat of your life, and to adjust your course when you need to. It brings space and awareness into your life, ensuring your life reflects your soul and your longings, so you don’t have to wake up at age 45 and realise you don’t like who you’ve become.

If you truly want to help others, and make a positive impact on the world, then learning to hold space for yourself, to befriend and love yourself, is the greatest impact you could make on the planet. You can’t hold space for someone else if you can’t be with your own pain and hold space for yourself.  If there’s no room for you in your life, there isn’t really any room for others. When you’re kind to yourself you impact the lives of others by being less reactive, more responsive, more available, empathic, compassionate, kind, present, balanced and at peace.

“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” Jack Kornfield

But how do we hold space for ourselves? Here are some simple steps to ensure there is room in your life for you.

2_wolves_shadow_side9 Vital keys to holding space for yourself

  1. Embracing your imperfection

Your “imperfections” are what make you unique and can often be the gateway to your greatest gifts. If you try and be like everyone else, you rob the world of your special talents and the rare contribution that only you can make. The more you can accept and learn to love your individuality, the more you will express it and the happier you will be. Some of the world’s most uncompromisingly brazen individuals have made enormous impacts. Who would have ever thought a monobrow could be cool, yet Frida Kahlo made it so! Self-acceptance is key to holding space for yourself. The more you accept and love yourself, the more you will look after yourself and value your own needs.

  1. Saying no

When you say ‘no’ to others, you very often say ‘yes’ to yourself. If you’re doing something for others at the expense of yourself, it is not beneficial for anyone. Through years of pleasing others, my new mantra to live by has become: ‘if something feels right in my heart then it will serve others too’.

Honouring yourself always works out well. It’s unkind to put yourself last, and agreeing to do things through obligation always breeds resentment. This is not to say you shouldn’t do things for others (of course you should!), but there’s a way to do it that also supports your own wellbeing. When you say ‘no’ to others, you strengthen your self-esteem, you show yourself that you are important and valuable. And you give others permission to do the same.

  1. Developing boundaries.

When you have good boundaries, are assertive and can say ‘no’ without feeling guilty, then obligatory relationships end and you can enter the realm of the undefended heart – a place where you are able to love freely and generously. Much of loving is defended loving. When you know you have the strength to stand up for yourself and stand in your own corner, you can actually love more freely. Boundaries don’t need to shut out, they can actually strengthen bonds.

  1. Communing with yourself

Making time to truly connect with yourself supports your overall health and wellbeing. I have a practice each morning and evening where I place my hands over my heart, and drop into my inner world, to visit my deepest self. I tune in to my heart and feel where I’m at, observing how my body is feeling, and noticing my emotions and thoughts. I recall all those fragments of myself, the energy that has been scattered between situations, people and places, and put myself back together like a puzzle. I also take this time to connect with my spiritual nature, to remember I am spirit, and to pray for guidance and support. However, you can do this in whatever way feels right for you. Creative practices like music, art, journalling, or just being in nature, are deeply healing for the spirit that has been left out in the cold.

  1. Listening

In stillness we get to know who we are. Taking time to be still, alone, to simply be, supports you in getting to know yourself and your dreams, and gives you space to correct your course if you have lost your way. It helps you to shine a light onto negative cycles and habitual patterns. Simply noticing what you ‘do’ is the first step to healing. Observing with kindness, acceptance and humour is key to disrupting the cycle, as criticism keeps us locked into these negative patterns.

  1. Reaching for support

In order to hold space for yourself, you must be able to reach out for support when you need it. This strengthens your ability to be there for yourself. Knowing your own limits and knowing you can get support if you need it, makes your power to be there for yourself grounded and deeper.

  1. Being authentic

This is you! You know the truth. You know who you are. Don’t hide it from yourself. Have the courage to see all of you; your gifts and your less than perfect bits. When you see yourself with kindness and compassion, you have the power to change aspects of yourself or your life that you dislike.

  1. Being a good parent to yourself

A creative parent holds space for a child to explore, be creative, test boundaries, let their imagination run wild, experience different personalities, ideas and roles. A great parent doesn’t control or shut down. This is the same when dealing with your inner-child. Allow yourself explore and experience life, empower yourself to make the right choices and live life in your own way. Be an innovative parent to your inner child: loving yourself when you’re sick, being encouraging when you fall over, and always cheering yourself on.

  1. Developing supportive rituals

Take a stand for yourself. Do at least one nurturing thing for yourself every day and make a promise to yourself that you will check in with you every day. Just as you would invest time in a friendship, making time to call your friend and find out how she’s doing, or give extra love and support during a rough time, you can do the same with yourself. Truly, you are your own best friend. My thing is warm baths, with flower essences, Epsom salts and essential oils. This is my Humpty Dumpty cure, and it works every time!

“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You, yourself, as much as anybody in the universe, deserve your love and affection” –  Buddha


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The Secret Race to get Congo’s Uranium to Destroy Hiroshima*

The Secret Race to get Congo’s Uranium  to Destroy Hiroshima*

By Joe Lauria

“The Japanese were ready to surrender, and it wasn’t necessary to hit them with that awful thing,” Eisenhower said.

Since the first use of a nuclear weapon in Hiroshima 71 years ago today, on Aug. 6, 1945, the story of where the uranium for the bomb came from and the covert operation the U.S. employed to secure it has been little known.

That is until the publication next week in the United States of a new book, Spies in the Congo, by British researcher Susan Williams (Public Affairs Books, New York), which unveils for the first time the detailed story of the deep cover race between the Americans and the Nazis to get their hands on the deadliest metal on earth.

At the outset of World War II, when the U.S. launched the extraordinarily secret Manhattan Project, uranium from North America and most of the rest of the world was less than 1% enriched and considered inadequate to build the first atom bombs. But there was one mine in the world where, through a freak of nature, the ore contained up to an unheard of 75% enriched uranium: Shinkolobwe mine in the present-day Democratic Republic of Congo.

The link between Shinkolobwe and Hiroshima, where more than 200,000 people were killed, is still largely unknown in the West, in the Congo and even in Japan, among the few survivors still alive. Another ignored link is the disastrous health effect on Congolese miners who handled the uranium as virtual slaves of the Belgium mining giant Union Minière, owners of Shinkolobwe in the then Belgian Congo.

Though it turned out the Nazis had not got very far in their quest for the bomb (because of a lack of highly-enriched uranium), the Americans were unaware of that in 1939, and were fearful Hitler would get a nuclear weapon before they did. That would have almost certainly affected the outcome of the war. As early as that year, Albert Einstein wrote President Franklin D. Roosevelt to advise him to keep the Nazis away from Shinkolowbe.

Williams’ meticulously-researched and masterfully written book tells the intricate tale of a special unit of the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency, that was set up to purchase and secretly remove all the uranium from Shinkolowbe that the U.S. could get its hands on.

The unit was headed in Washington by OSS Director William “Wild Bill” Donovan and Rud Boulton, head of the OSS’ Africa section. Donovan was obsessed with stopping the Nazis from getting the bomb and mistrustful of Britain’s role in the uranium operation. Britain on the other hand feared the U.S. was trying to take over its West African colonies. Williams tells us that Donovan trained his agents to not only target Nazism but colonialism as well.

The OSS agents used a number of covers, such as ornithologists, naturalists collecting live gorillas, silk importers, and posing as an executive for the Texaco oil company, such as agent Lanier Violett did. This became an issue after Texaco’s president, Torkild Rieber, was forced to resign in 1940 after being exposed as an oil smuggler to the Nazis. Williams also tells us that the American spies had difficulties operating in French Congo and other colonies under General Charles De Gaulle’s Free French control because the U.S. recognized the Vichy government until the Normandy invasion.

Williams’ real-life spy thriller focuses on a number of OSS agents involved in securing the uranium and stopping the Nazis from accessing the unique mine in Katanga province, a mission so secretive most of the agents involved thought they were preventing diamond smuggling. The few OSS agents who knew it was uranium that the U.S. was after, didn’t know what the ore was for.

Once such agent, Wilbur ‘Dock’ Hogue, the protagonist of the story, only found out after August 6, 1945 why he had helped uncover Nazi smuggling routes from the Congo and helped spirit uranium out of the country. It was brought by train to Port-Francqui, then on barges down the Kasai to the Congo River to Leopoldville (Kinshasa), where it was reloaded on a train to the port of Matadi.

There the uranium was put on Pan American airplanes or on ships, both bound for New York, where it was unloaded and stored on the New York City borough of Staten Island. There the uranium remained until it was ready to be used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (The New York site under the Bayonne Bridge still registers radiation levels today high enough for the U.S. government to order a clean-up.)

Williams also reveals that the U.S. mission was complicated by some Belgian officials in the Congo, as well as Union Minière, who cooperated at times with the Nazis to smuggle out some of the lethal ore. As Williams explains, after the Germans surrendered, the U.S. learned how far from a bomb the Nazis actually were, and after Japan was defeated, learned for the first time that Tokyo also had had a rudimentary nuclear weapons program.

After VE Day, Einstein tried to convince Truman to shut down the Manhattan Project. But it was too late. Though Generals Dwight Eisenhower, Douglas MacArthur and three other senior American military commanders were opposed to using the bomb, Truman dropped it anyway, not to end the war and save lives, as most historians now agree, but to test the weapon and send a message to the world, and especially the Soviets, about America’s coming dominance.

“The Japanese were ready to surrender, and it wasn’t necessary to hit them with that awful thing,” Eisenhower said.

Though OSS agent Hogue did not know what the uranium was for, he knew he was on a highly dangerous mission. Nazi agents three times tried to kill him, with a bomb, a knife and a gun. He survived the war only to succumb to stomach cancer at the age of 42. As Williams points out:

“Risk factors for this disease include exposure to radiation, which explains why atomic bomb survivors in the Second World War were more likely than most people to get stomach cancer.”

Two other of Hogue’s OSS colleagues from the Congo mission also died at very young ages. But Williams’ concern also extends to the Congolese mine workers who handled the stuff for days on end and about which neither Belgium, Union Minière nor the Americans seemed to have the slightest concern.

“Astonishingly, hardly any attention has been paid to the Congolese, not one of whom was consulted about plans to make atomic bombs with Shinkolobwe’s uranium,” Williams writes.

“What would have been their reaction, on a moral basis, to the building of such a destructive and terrible weapon with a mineral from their own land?”

“What would be their reaction today, if the disinformation, shadows and mirrors were swept aside and the full history was set out?,” she asks.

Nor were the Congolese informed about the terrible health and safety hazards to which they were exposed; they were simply used as workers, as if they had no rights as equal human beings. This was a process for which the U.S., the U.K. and Belgium bear a heavy responsibility.”


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Ohio Grandma Died Protecting Grandchildren from a Paedophile*

Ohio Grandma Died Protecting Grandchildren from a Paedophile*

A Columbus, Ohio, grandmother stabbed trying to protect her grandchildren from a convicted paedophile, died five weeks later from her injuries.

Columbus police said Candy Arthurs confronted the convict after he had lured several children into an alley under the pretext of looking for his missing drone in late June.

When Arthurs confronted Kristopher Amos he pulled out a knife and stabbed her in the chest as well as stabbing her seven-year-old grandson in the shoulder, according to police.

“My son and my daughter ran into the house and screamed ‘call 911!’” Amanda Gibson, told WBNS.

The 45-year-old grandmother was able to get back to her daughter’s house, where she collapsed at the front door. Arthurs died five weeks later from her injuries.

Her daughter witnessed the attack.

“She always said she would die for them and that’s exactly what she did,” Gibson said of her mother, according to WBNS.

“She’s definitely a hero. It’s hard because she lost her life but she saved both of my kids’ lives that night.”

Amos had lived in the neighbourhood for years, but neighbours weren’t aware he was a sex offender. He was convicted in 2010 of enticing children in a YMCA shower.

Tier 1 offenders are not subject to community notification. Those convictions usually carry a one-year prison sentence and are generally for charges such as possessing child pornography or sexual assault with an adult with contact that is not a complete sexual assault.

Gibson told WBNS she had a message for Amos.

“I hope he rots in jail and that he never sees the light of day again and that he knows how it feels to lose his life,” she said.

Gibson said her eight-year-old daughter was not injured, but that her seven-year-old son, while he has recovered from the stab wound, has yet to recover emotionally.

“He’s very traumatized,” she said. “We’re trying to get him in counseling now because he won’t come out at night. If I come walking through the house at night he’ll come and grab and be right on my side.”

Amos has been arrested and charged with one count of murder and two counts of felonious assault. He is being held in custody at the Franklin County Jail, and bail is set at $2.5 million.

The family is running a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money to cover the medical bills and funeral costs for the grandmother.

“We’re asking for help to help with her hospital bill and or if it goes bad other arrangements.. anything will help and it’s highly appreciated,” stated her daughter on the campaign page, adding that she was “very outdoorsy” and “lived for her five grandchildren,” stated her daughter on the campaign page.

The campaign has received support from over 175 people in a month, and raised over half of its campaign goal of $10,000.


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Russia Blasts U.S. for Supporting ‘Moderates’ Who Gas Civilians in Syria*

Russia Blasts U.S. for Supporting ‘Moderates’ Who Gas Civilians in Syria*

By Carol Adl

Russia has blasted the United States for supporting moderate militant groups who launch toxic gas attacks against civilians in Syria.

The Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman referred to the militants as “animals.”

“The United States is supporting these animals, who used poison gas against the civilian population,” Maria Zakharova said, adding that

“Unfortunately it’s not the only tragedy which the ‘moderates’ backed by Washington stand behind.”

Zakharova has called on the Western mainstream media to refrain from double standards in reporting on the Syrian conflict and to cover the crimes committed by the U.S.-backed groups in the country.

The Syrian rebel group, Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki, considered ‘moderate’ by Washington used toxic gas shells that killed seven and injured 23 in Aleppo on Tuesday.

Press TV reports:

On Wednesday, Lieutenant-General Sergey Chvarkov, the director of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria, said Moscow had warned Washington about the use of toxic shells by the U.S.-backed ‘moderate’ militant group a day prior to the attack.

The Russian diplomat further held the Nour al-Din al- Zinki terror outfit responsible for the recent chemical attack in the Salaheddine district of Aleppo.

Members of the militant group are already involved in the beheading of a 12-year-old Palestinian boy, named Abdullah Tayseer al-Issa, in northern Aleppo.

The terrorists initially claimed in a video that the child had been fighting for the Syrian government in Aleppo, thought it was later revealed that the victim was a kidnapped Palestinian refugee from a poor family.

Zakharova also accused the U.S. Air Force of indiscriminately bombing inhabited parts of the town of Ghandour, which lies more than 23 kilometres (14.2 miles) away from the violence-ridden city of Manbij, on July 28. At least 28 people, including seven children, lost their lives and dozens of others sustained injuries.

“If our Western colleagues and above all Washington do everything again not to notice these facts, then any of their talk about an end to bloodshed in Syria will simply become preposterous,” the Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman pointed out.

The U.S.-led coalition has been conducting airstrikes against what are said to be Daesh positions inside Syria since September 2014 without any authorization from Damascus or a U.N. mandate.

The coalition has repeatedly been accused of targeting and killing civilians. It has also been largely incapable of fulfilling its declared aim of destroying Daesh.


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Students Give Bottled Water to Senior Citizens in Flint, Michigan*

Students Give Bottled Water to Senior Citizens in Flint, Michigan*

By Anna Scanlon

In the midst of the Flint water crisis, a group of students who dubbed themselves the “Dream Kings” from Frederick Douglass Academy in Detroit sought to ensure that the senior citizens of Flint were taken care of: by giving them 300 cases of clean water. The idea was actually thought up entirely by the students, which makes it even more special.

The Dream Kings solicited donations of water for their project, and then drove the hour to Flint to deliver them to the residents of Flint Heights Terrace. The project was so successful that they plan to do it again next year, and hopefully make it an annual event.

The 45 students came to the senior living facility, some wearing crowns. A few of of the residents were overcome with gratitude for their thoughtfulness.

“The first resident was just overcome. She started crying and tearing up, and one of the students that was with our group, he got emotional as well,” said William Malcolm, the Detroit City Dream director for The Future Project, which partners up with the Frederick Douglass Academy to help with service projects.

Malcolm also says that he is incredibly proud of the students for recognizing that although they may not have everything themselves, they can still make a big impact.

Malcolm stated:

“A lot of times young people, they feel that in order to give back they have to be wealthy or they have to be in a certain position in life. The boys learned from the initiative that they can take an idea and they can impact someone else’s life for the better.”

The Dream Project also hopes that the service they do can help break stereotypes, showing that African-American men can provide wonderful service to their local communities in addition to being assets.


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Iraqi Air Force Destroys ISIL Shari’ah Court in Mosul*

Iraqi Air Force Destroys ISIL Shari’ah Court in Mosul*

Media officials in the Ministry of Defense announced that ISIL Shari’ah Court and an explosives factory have been destroyed in Mosul. According to Iraqi News, the officials, in a statement, said, “Iraqi Air Force carried out an airstrike against ISIL, destroying ISIL Shari’ah Court in Mosul.”

“The airstrike was carried out based on accurate intelligence information and it also destroyed an explosives factory,” the statement added.


Over 300 Terrorists Killed in Clashes with Gov’t Forces in South-western Aleppo

More than 300 militants were killed and many more were wounded in the Syrian government forces’ offensives on the positions of terrorist groups in Southern and South-western Aleppo.
Syrian soldiers and popular forces targeted terrorists’ defence lines in the Southern farms of military academies, destroying 3 bomb-laden vehicles, 6 tanks, and a number of vehicles equipped with artillery and machineguns, while the attacks killed at least 300 terrorists in the battlefield.

Meantime, the Syrian Air Force crushed concentrations of terrorists and destroyed scores of their vehicles along the roads between Khan Touman and the military academies, al-Hikmeh School and the academies, Bazo hill and the academies, al-Zerba and Aleppo city, and Oram al-Kubra and Aleppo city.

Military sources announced on Friday that heavy bombardments of Russian warplanes paved the way for a major rapid advance of the Syrian army and its allies against the terrorist groups in Southern districts of Aleppo city.

The Syrian army’s Republican Guard, backed by Hezbollah and the National Defence Forces (NDF), drove back Jeish al-Fatah terrorists from the entire territories of al-Amariyeh districts.

The Russian fighter jets played a crucial role in the Syrian army’s advances.

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Top Rothschild Bankster Pushes Corrupt Communist to Lead U.N.*

Top Rothschild Bankster Pushes Corrupt Communist to Lead U.N.*

By  Alex Newman

The top echelons of the global establishment seem to be going all in for a corrupt communist — and they don’t care who knows it. One of the world’s most powerful so-called “banksters,” Baron Eric de Rothschild of the unfathomably wealthy Rothschild banking dynasty, publicly announced his support for Bulgarian communist operative Irina Bokova and her scandal-plagued campaign to lead the United Nations. The implications of the developments are massive and shed a great deal light on the establishment itself.

Basically, the establishment insiders’ insider is boldly declaring, at a critical time, his support for Bokova’s campaign, which has been sinking amid growing corruption scandals and troubling questions about her long service to the mass-murdering regime that enslaved Bulgaria. Estimates suggest the People’s Republic of Bulgaria dictatorship Bokova served slaughtered hundreds of thousands of victims, a huge number considering Bulgaria’s population today is only around 7 million. Many more were tortured and ruthlessly persecuted, including while Bokova, her allies, and her family, were serving as senior officials there.

More recently, corruption scandals have been swirling around Bokova and her U.N. campaign. Among other concerns, questions about how she was able to purchase luxurious properties in New York, London, Paris, and beyond have been raised by anti-corruption watchdogs in Bulgaria. Even when adding in the tax-funded salary of her “former” communist spy husband, the numbers do not match up. Separately, anti-corruption campaigners have accused Bokova of corruption in her tenure as UNESCO boss — in addition to the use of tax dollars to promote her U.N. candidacy. A dubious UNESCO “Peace Prize” named after an African dictator and awarded to Obama this year has also raised serious concerns.

Whether Rothschild’s open support will be enough to revive Bokova’s moribund campaign, run by known former spies for the People’s Republic of Bulgaria, remains to be seen. In a recent straw poll held among governments on the UN Security Council, Bokova finished in an unimpressive third place, despite support from Russia’s Vladimir Putin and an expensive (tax-funded) PR campaign trying to paint her as the “frontrunner.” Still, whether it works or not, Rothschild’s proud support for the corrupt communist does offer important insight into the nature and goals of the global establishment — a cabal that Rothschild, still listed on the family website as chairman of Rothschild and Co, represents better than perhaps any other single individual.

In a statement signed by more than two dozen leading French globalists, socialists, self-styled “intellectuals,” and Big Business operatives, Rothschild and his allies argued that “no one is better placed to address the critical challenges facing our common future as U.N. Secretary General than Irina Bokova.” Among other qualities, the letter touts the fact that she is a woman and speaks four official U.N. languages. Pointing to alleged man-made climate change and a “refugee crisis” largely orchestrated by the global establishment, Rothschild and company claimed “there is a growing need for a United Nations that shows relevance, legitimacy and effectiveness.”

Installing the corrupt Bulgarian communist as leader of the U.N. is what will “demonstrate modernity and attract the attention of Millennials,” the signatories claimed.

 “With four decades of experience in policymaking at the United Nations and as a diplomat, she is both respected and appreciated by political leaders on all five continents,” the letter said, without noting that Bokova was trained  as a “diplomat” at the KGB’s Moscow State Institute of International Relations.

“It is high time a woman took the lead in global diplomacy to give the 3.5 billion women in the world the place they deserve in shaping the future of the generations to come!”

Irina Bokova

The insiders behind the letter also touted Bokova’s views on what is needed to implement the UN’s controversial Agenda 2030. The U.N. plan for humanity, often dubbed the “Sustainable Development Goals,” or SDGs, envisions national and international wealth redistribution, indoctrination of children as “agents of change,” and much more. Presumably, though, the wealth to be re-distributed will not be coming from Rothschild coffers or mega-banks. Ironically, despite Rothschild minions providing funding for the outfit that leaked the documents, Rothschild was exposed in the “Panama Papers” as the protector of a shadowy offshore entity known as Fergint Patagonia Trust. Obviously, Rothschild wealth will not be subject to the Agenda 2030’s plan to redistribute the wealth of middle-class Westerners to the U.N. and its member governments.

“Men or women in politics from right and left, representatives of business and cultural circles, of civil society, Jews, Christians, Muslims or atheists, we have joined together to advance an idea of crucial importance: that the United Nations should become a ‘new generation platform’ of dialogue and exchange among countries and cultures to promote and maintain peace and develop harmonious and sustainable societies,” the signatories said, with “sustainable societies” a thinly disguised code word for totalitarian technocratic societies.

“We are convinced that Irina Bokova will be the Secretary-General the United Nations and the world need today. We respectfully urge the Member States of the Security Council not to miss this historical opportunity.”

Unsurprisingly, the letter, published by The World Post, a partnership between the far-left Huffington Post and the Berggruen Institute, completely ignores Bokova’s background and the stench of corruption scandals that grows more foul by the day. The controversial Bokova, whose campaign to lead the UN is literally dominated by former spies of the mass-murdering communist regime’s “little KGB,” has been a member of the murderous Bulgarian Communist Party since her youth, and long after it was re-named the Bulgarian Socialist Party for the purpose of receiving Western aid. She served in several senior positions with the regime, which is hardly surprising considering that she was the daughter of a proud murderer and top Communist Party official who served as the chief Bulgarian Communist Party propagandist — basically the Joseph Goebbels of communist Bulgaria. Bokova has never denounced the horrifying crimes of the Bulgarian regime she and her family served and benefited from.

In recent days, Bokova’s candidacy has fuelled an even more intense a firestorm of criticism and controversy in her homeland. A prominent Bulgarian filmmaker sent a letter to U.N. diplomats from around the world exposing Bokova, along with a document compiling international news reports shedding light on her past and the more recent corruption scandals. Bokova and her communist allies, who still wield enormous power in Bulgaria despite the apparent collapse of communism, attacked the film-maker for his alleged “betrayal” of Bulgaria. Sources in Bulgaria tell The New American that camp Bokova has also been concocting bizarre conspiracy theories about an alleged plot to expose her past and derail her campaign to lead the U.N.

Rothschild’s public support for Bokova, though, adds a whole new twist to the already shocking developments in the race to lead the U.N. On its website, Rothschild & Co styles itself

“one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory groups” providing services and solutions to “large institutions, families, individuals and governments, worldwide.” “Having been at the centre [sic] of the world’s financial markets for more than 200 years we can rely on an unrivalled global network of more than 2,800 talented employees and a track-record of outstanding execution with 50 offices around the world,” the website boasts in what might even be an understatement, adding that Rothschild & Co “can be closer to current issues than any other global financial institution in our core markets.”

They are not kidding.

But Rothschild is more than just a powerful “bankster” for governments and globalists around the world. Consider that billionaire establishment globalist George Soros, who said publicly he had no regrets about helping the National Socialist (Nazi) regime confiscate property from Jews as a child, owes much of his own fantastic wealth to the Rothschild dynasty. Soros, of course, along with the Rockefeller dynasty and other globalists, are often viewed by Americans as the ultimate insiders. But next to Rothschild, their wealth and influence is suddenly much less impressive. Many other top establishment operatives and globalists also trace their power and wealth to the Rothschild banking dynasty. Estimates of the ultra-secretive dynasty’s wealth reach into the trillions of dollars.

And the power of this dynasty stretches back centuries. “The Rothschilds had decided the outcome of the Napoleonic Wars by putting their financial weight behind Britain,” noted globalist historian and establishment apologist Niall Ferguson in his book The World’s Banker: The History of the House of Rothschild. In other words, even more than two centuries ago, this dynasty, which is reputed to be deeply involved in the global central banking regime, was able to decide the outcome of wars between the most powerful governments on the planet. Since then, their power and wealth appears to have grown even further, despite efforts to stay out of the public spotlight.

The Rothschild letter was signed by 27 self-declared “leading French personalities.” Other signatories on the letter include prominent homosexual Pierre Bergé, who was fined one million francs for corrupt insider trading in 1996. Also on the list was Michel Boyon, who oversaw much of the French government’s propaganda apparatus throughout his career. Longtime socialist extremists Jean-Pierre Chevenement, the former defense minister, and Édith Cresson, the former prime minister, also signed. So did Big Business leaders, CEOs, nobility, politicians, and more. Sources tell The New American that the Socialist French government, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, has been urging other governments to support Portuguese Socialist Antonio Guterres, former chief of the powerful Socialist International. Whether the Rothschild letter will change that remains unclear.

Despite their influence, though, the globalists backing Bokova probably would have been wise to de-activate the comment section on the letter, which was promptly used by critics to expose Bokova’s background. “Irina Bokova is [a] very dividing figure even in her homeland Bulgaria, not to mention she’s friends, sort of, with Putin,” wrote Stoyan Mechkarov from London. “She never clearly condemned Russian aggression in Ukraine neither the criminal communist regime in Bulgaria. Daughter of communist murderer and criminal who was part of the red elite in Bulgaria. I’m not saying that children are responsible for their parents lives but on this question the lady’s answer has always been ‘the times were like this’. This says a lot about the person.”

From New York, commentator Julia Quinn also lambasted the promotion of Bokova. “The 27 leading French personalities have never heard of Raiko Alexiev, the Bulgarian artist and intellectual, viciously murdered in bright daylight by Georgi Bokov — Irina Bokova’s father — a crime for which there never was a trial,” Quinn wrote, describing history that is well known in Bulgaria and among Bulgarian exiles. “But wait! The Bokov family was REWARDED for this by the Soviet/Communist regime and propelled to fame, power and social standing in their oppressed fatherland. Irina Bokova’s diplomatic career is the result and ‘benefit’ of unthinkable cruelty. Sleep well, French intellectuals!”

For Americans pushing to get the United States out of the UNor an “Amexit,” as some members of Congress are calling it — Bokova’s candidacy represents a historic opportunity. It is, essentially, proof of what U.N. critics have said all along: The UN is a dangerous tool of globalists, communists, and other forces working to curtail national sovereignty and individual liberty. If a corrupt communist whose past is so well documented can be selected to serve as UN secretary-general, there is no longer any plausible excuse for members of Congress to continue sending American wealth to the UN. Ironically, under Bokova’s leadership, UNESCO lost all of its U.S. tax funding. With hard work and determination, Americans can ensure that the next globalist mechanism to lose American funding and support will be the U.N. itself.


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Clinton Body Count in Six Weeks*

Clinton Body Count in Six Weeks*

Victor Thorn. Shawn Lucas. John Ashe. Seth Rich. Joe Montano. And counting. These suspicious deaths will not stop unless or until the candidate is stopped and put behind bars.

It was just over a month ago that SHTF reported on the untimely death-by-barbell of John Ashe, who was slated to testify in a U.N. bribery scandal tied to the Clintons. Since his windpipe was crushed, a DNC staffer was murdered in the streets; a Tim Kaine aid had a heart attack on the first day of the DNC convention; a Bernie-supporter filed a lawsuit against the DNC for stealing the election before being found dead in his bathroom of unknown causes; and a conspiracy writer who authored several books on the crimes of the Clinton’s committed suicide on his birthday. Are any of these coincidences?

Long-term followers of the vast right-wing conspiracy are quite familiar with the trail of dead who have been “suicided” or “Arkancided”  – if the conspiracies are correct – in order to cover up the crimes of the Clinton family. Of these, Vince Foster, former Rose Law Firm partner and close collaborator with Hillary, is only the most infamous. And things have only accelerated since.

How many more bodies will drop to the floor before the first woman president takes office?

Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks

Hillary will stop at nothing to claw her way into the White House; unfortunately, people are dropping dead left and right in her path and, in the case of the last two found dead earlier this week, the mainstream media is pretending not to even notice they are gone…


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A compilation of the Clinton Family Body Count by Chasvoice blogspot: Quite some gangsters we gotten goin own ere