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7,000- People Died in Texas Jails and Police Custody*

7,000- People Died in Texas Jails and Police Custody*

By Alek Hidell

A new report on Texas in-custody deaths, released by the Texas Justice Initiative, showed that nearly 7,000 inmates died between 2005 and 2015. The study compiled data reported by law enforcement and jail officials. It looked at totals by suicide, homicide, natural causes and illness. Texas has an unusually high number of in-custody deaths, unfortunately, it is not outside the norm nationally.

The study found that here were a total of 6,913 total deaths in the decade’s long reporting period for the state of Texas alone. Statistically, 11% committed suicide, 8% died from drugs, alcohol or other injury, and 8% died from what was labelled justifiable homicide (justifiable homicide is a term utilized when an officer or guard kills an arrested subject). The remainder died from what police call natural causes.

Of the cases reported, sixty eight percent were deaths in prison; sixteen percent were deaths that occurred while the arrest was being made; and sixteen percent died in county or municipal jail. In regards to race, deaths of whites constituted forty-two percent, blacks thirty percent and Latinos sixteen percent.

Texas averaged over 623 deaths per day over the ten year period. The number of in custody deaths peaked in 2015, when there were 683 deaths. The number of pre-booking deaths – meaning between the time the person is arrested and when they are checked into jail – rose by 84%.

In 2005 there were significantly less, coming in at 83. In 2015, pre-booking deaths rose to 153. One of the more shocking statistics coming out of this study is that approximately 1900 people died while in police or jail custody, who had not yet been convicted of a crime.

The information was gathered through public information requests mainly from the Attorney General’s Office. The study was the result of cross referencing data from from police departments, hospitals and information from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. The data collected, closely mirrors data released by the Justice Department in 2007.

The DOJ conducted its own data analysis of inmates who died while in police custody, or in the pre-booking phase. The study showed that nationally between 2003 and 2005, more than 2,000 suspects died after being arrested, but before being admitted to the jail. Not only do the raw numbers closely match; the racial breakdown of suspects who died in custody also holds steady.

The study found that of in custody deaths, 44% were Caucasian, 32% were black and 20% were Hispanic. The close relationship between these figures paints a grim picture of the number of people who die while in police custody on a large scale. One concern over the statistics, is the misreporting of information resulting in bad data. Researchers believed that some of the deaths categorized as natural, may have been due to other causes that simply went under investigated.

The study was lead by Amanda Woog of the Texas Justice Initiative, a research institute of the University of Texas at Austin. The Institute hopes to better understand who is dying in Texas jails, prisons and in police custody so as to find solutions and reduce the number of in-custody deaths.


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Finally a Real Lawsuit against Enforced Vaccinations in California*

Finally a Real Lawsuit against Enforced Vaccinations in California*

By Paul Fassa

There have been a few failed attempts at stalling California’s SB 277 or getting rid of it completely. According to California resident health freedom activist Tim Bolen of the, the lack of positive results has been due to poor leadership and in fighting among those who sought to lead.

Now an actual lawsuit has been filed in the San Diego Federal Court by several nationwide attorneys who have been working on many details for months. I’m not talking about a simpleton suit rigged to fail, such as the one prepared by T. Matthew Phillips, not to be confused with vaccine expert attorney Alan Phillips.

As Tim Bolen said in an earlier article:

I am NOT supportive of the case filed by T. Matthew Phillips. At first I thought to give it a chance, since there didn’t seem to be much else coming forward. But then I watched Phillips’s performance on the various FaceBook groups attacking people I know. Enough said.

The Real Lawsuit Against SB 277

Its title is: “Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief – Temporary Restraining Order Sought.”

Tim Bolen explains the title:

“The Plaintiffs are asking the Court, in this case, to temporarily stop the enforcement of SB 277 until the issues brought to the Court, in the Motion, are finally decided, and then, on the findings, issue a Permanent Injunction against SB 277.”

This real lawsuit just filed has 10 plaintiffs, six individual and four non-profit groups, including The Weston-Price Foundation, The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH-USA), The Citizens for Health, and The E4A (Education for All) Foundation, which leadership is under suspicion by Tim Bolen and another prominent anti-vax activist Ginger Taylor, a mother of a child who went autistic after his 18 month check-up vaccinations.

Ginger reviews her involvement with the E4A Foundation leaders’ history and their questionable fund raising for OKOC (Our Kids Our Choice). Tim Bolen has also questioned the leadership qualities and motives of the two women of OKOC and E4A.

Tim recommends including the groups’ participation in this current lawsuit but not in leadership roles. See more here.

This lawsuit has six counts or causes for action and 10 defendants, “including the State of California Department of Health, Department of Education, three Schools Districts, and one County Public Health Department (Santa Barbara), and their employees, some named individually, and others in a group.”

The three attorneys on the suit are not alone, according to Bolen. One other involved couldn’t make it in time to sign, and others are involved. They are all from different parts of the country, not just California.

To echo Tim Bolen, this is an important battle for us all. If this bill isn’t challenged what’s next? The vaccine police, check points for adults and teens who have to show proof of CDC compliance, door to door vaccination inquisitions of families?

So far, there has been no mercy shown for catching up to the CDC schedules for children, giving them up to nine vaccinations in one visit to “catch up” and collect CDC bonuses for each child who is up to date on vaccinations. Even though mainstream media darling Dr. (?) Paul Offit claims an infant should be able to receive 10,000 vaccinations at one time (later he amended that to 1,000).

Yes, this madness must be stopped as soon as possible.


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New Israeli Crackdown Aims to Root Out, expel BDS Activists*

New Israeli Crackdown Aims to Root Out, expel BDS Activists*

By Ali Abunimah

Israel is intensifying its efforts to crack down on activists working for freedom, justice and equality for Palestinians.

On Sunday, interior minister Aryeh Deri and public security minister Gilad Erdan formed a new inter-ministerial task force that will, as The Times of Israel reported, “target supporters of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement.”

The task force aims to prevent the entry of foreign activists allegedly affiliated with organizations that support BDS and expel those who have already entered territories under Israeli control.

“This is a necessary step, given the evil intentions of the delegitimization activists working to spread lies and distortions about the reality in our region,” Erdan said.

The ministers reportedly “accused dozens of anti-Israel groups of operating in the country to gather information to be used in ‘delegitimizing’ Israel, and blamed activists in the West Bank for seeking to stir up protests among the local Palestinian population.”

Israeli officials believe that hundreds of foreign BDS activists have entered through Tel Aviv airport or the Israeli-controlled Allenby Bridge land crossing from Jordan into the occupied West Bank “under the guise of being tourists,” the Tel Aviv newspaper Haaretz reported.

Travellers, especially Palestinian Americans or those perceived to be of Arab or Muslim ancestry or religion, already face lengthy interrogations at Israeli-controlled crossings and frequent denial of entry.

Last month, a group of five Americans, including a staffer from the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, were subjected to incarceration and lengthy interrogations about their backgrounds and political involvement, before being denied entry.

All five Americans were of Arab, South Asian or Muslim backgrounds.

“Espionage and propaganda war”

The ever more draconian political interrogations that the new crackdown is likely to entail will only make Israel, which has seen a sharp drop in tourism, an even less attractive destination.

“Deporting BDS activists in order to silence them and undermine their principled support for Palestinian human rights is not only anti-democratic; it is yet another incident of Israel shooting itself in the foot,” Abdulrahman Abunahel, a spokesperson for the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), said in reaction to the Israeli announcement.

“If anything, we expect such acts of heightened repression to boost support for boycotting Israel back in these activists’ home countries.”

“This latest weapon in the intensifying Israeli legal, espionage and propaganda war against the BDS movement for Palestinian rights is a strong indicator of how desperate and irrational Israel’s regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid has become in its futile attempts to hinder the impressive growth of the BDS movement around the world,” Abunahel added.

Targeting human rights defenders

Significantly, a spokesperson for the Israeli police, which will apparently participate in the crackdown on activists, admitted that Israel’s current campaign against Omar Barghouti, a Palestinian human rights defender and co-founder of the BDS movement, is politically motivated.

“The minister [Erdan] wants to consider his status. He lives in Ramallah most of the time and part of what determines one’s permanent residency is where the centre of life is,” police spokesperson Luba Samri said. “His BDS activities are also part of this.”

Barghouti has lived with his family in Akka, in the north of present-day Israel, since 1994.

In April, Israel refused to renew Barghouti’s travel permit, a decision stayed for two months by a Haifa court that has ordered the government to reconsider the case.

The effective travel ban on Barghouti followed threats made against him and other Palestinian human rights defenders by top Israeli government ministers in March, including intelligence minister Yisrael Katz, who called for “targeted civil eliminations” of BDS leaders with the help of Israeli intelligence.

The Hebrew term Katz used was similar to the Israeli term for “targeted assassinations.”

At the time, Amnesty International strongly condemned these threats, warning that “an escalation of acts of intimidation by the government and attacks and threats by settlers and other non-state actors have created an increasingly dangerous environment” for human rights defenders in Israel and the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Israeli exports plummet

Many Israel advocates put a brave face on BDS, constantly boasting that all the campaigns have yet to put a significant dent in Israel’s economy.

But there is no doubt Israel sees any and every effort to hold it accountable through economic or other forms of pressure as a strategic threat, including the U.S. and E.U. requirements that products from settlements be labelled accurately.

“The labelling is just one part of the big plan,” Ohad Cohen, the head of Israel’s foreign trade administration, told NPR this weekend.

“It doesn’t matter whether it has a minor economic effect, we’re not willing to take that.”

Israel’s fight back against accountability, especially BDS, is all the more urgent amid worse than expected economic performance, particularly a plunge in exports in the first quarter of 2016.

Analysts see long-term problems for Israel’s export industries that could make a quick recovery difficult. And while they say the drop in exports is occurring for a number of reasons, BDS and labeling of settlements goods are undoubtedly factors.

David Elhayani, the head of a settler body in the occupied West Bank’s Jordan Valley, told NPR that it is now much more difficult to sell settler produce such as dates and herbs grown on land seized from Palestinians and colonized in violation of international law.

“If it was 80% goes to Europe seven and six years ago, now it’s about 30% going to Europe,” Elhayani said.

“Most of our products are going now to Russia,” he added, where prices are much lower.

Last year, Israeli officials warned that a complete boycott of Israeli goods in the E.U. could cost Israel tens of billions of dollars in exports and tens of thousands of jobs.

But as the latest announcement shows, Israel’s leaders prefer to target the messengers than to end the injustices that are at the root of its predicament.

“After failing to counter or even diminish the unmistakable impact of BDS in isolating its brutal regime of oppression, Israel is dropping the mask,” the BNC’s Abunahel said.

“It is revealing its true face to the world as a ruthless, warmongering pariah state, and it is resorting to the same repressive tools deployed by apartheid South Africa in its last chapter, before its eventual collapse.”

“We salute every person of conscience around the world who has creatively, passionately and selflessly supported the Palestinian struggle for our rights under international law,” Abunahel added.

“We are confident that Israel’s intensifying repression notwithstanding, this principled solidarity will significantly contribute to the struggle for Palestinian freedom, justice and equality.”


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Biblical Garden of Eden Discovered in Iraq’s Marshes?*

Biblical Garden of Eden Discovered in Iraq’s Marshes?*

By Stephen Kalin

A Marsh Arab woman carries a bundle of grass in Nassiriya, southeast of Baghdad, Iraq. (REUTERS/Essam Al-Sudani)


A wetland in southeast Iraq, thought to be the biblical Garden of Eden and almost completely drained during Saddam Hussein’s rule, has become a UNESCO world heritage site, Iraqi authorities said on Sunday.

Fed by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the marshlands of Mesopotamia are spawning grounds for Gulf fisheries and home to bird species such as the sacred ibis. They also provide a resting spot for thousands of wildfowl migrating between Siberia and Africa.

Saddam Hussein, who accused the region’s Marsh Arab inhabitants of treachery during the 1980-1988 war with Iran, dammed and drained the marshes in the 1990s to flush out rebels hiding in the reeds.

After his overthrow by the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, locals wrecked many of the dams to let water rush back in, and foreign environmental agencies helped breathe life back into the marshes.

The marshes, which covered 9,000 square kilometres (3,500 square miles) in the 1970s, had shrunk to just 760 sq km by 2002 before regaining some 40% of the original area by 2005. Iraq has said it aims to recover a total of 6,000 sq km.

Vast, remote and bordering Iran, the marshes have been used in recent years for drugs and arms smuggling, receiving stolen goods and keeping hostages for ransom.

The Marsh Arabs have lived in the wetlands for millennia, but are on the fringes of Iraqi society. A study put their population at 400,000 in the 1950s but several hundred thousand fled Saddam’s repression or become economic migrants.

Estimates of the numbers returning vary wildly. Many Marsh Arabs are illiterate and have struggled to find work outside the marshes.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Sunday praised UNESCO’s decision, which he said “coincides with the consecutive military victories in the war against” Islamic State.

The militant group, which has been pushed back from about half the territory it seized in 2014, controls some of the world’s richest archaeological sites in northern Iraq but has not come close to the country’s south.


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CIA Pays each Terrorist in Syria $1000*

CIA Pays each Terrorist in Syria $1000*

Russian Presidential press secretary Alexei Gromov, in a press conference in Moscow revealed that majority of defecting Syrian army officers who escaped to the neighbouring Jordan, have been trained by CIA agents to be later infiltrate Syria again, through southern province of Suweida, hoping to reach Damascus countryside, opening the way to capture Capital Damascus, the golden apple.

Washington and London, added Mr. Gromov, which boast day and night that they fight with ISIS terrorists, have worked out plan B to overthrow democratically-elected Syrian government by paying each Child Soldier $1000 per month.

This armed rebel group has been blessed by Abu Marzouk, the notorious Turkey- based prominent opposition leader. According to Russian intelligence sources, CIA seeks to lure Syrian youth —via social media, e.g. FacaBook and Twitter— into joining this American-supervised militia by the promise of monthly $1000 salary.

Ironically, CIA tried to fulfill this plan in February 2015, but in series of fierce clashes with al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda’s Syrian branch); Obama’s militia was totally eradicated and most of its members had been taken captive and much to Obama’s chagrin, this CIA-trained battalion was suffered a crushing defeat in skirmishes with ISIS in the Syrian city of Al-Bukamal (a city on the Euphrates river in the Deir ez-Zor Governorate).

“The American administration is anxiously observing Syrian army’s fresh victories against al-Qaeda terrorists in the northern city of Aleppo, thus it tries haplessly  to  distract Syrian army by opening a new front in south,” said  Mr. Gromov, the first deputy chief of staff of the Russian presidential administration.


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