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Developed in Iraq, Deployed at the DNC?: Cell-Jamming Technology is Being Turned on Journalists*

Developed in Iraq, Deployed at the DNC?: Cell-Jamming Technology is Being Turned on Journalists*

Both citizen journalists and mainstream media reporters found they couldn’t share photos or video when they approached the gates of the Democratic National Convention, leading many to believe that their cell signals were being jammed.

By Kit O’Connell

A man takes a photo of Hillary Clinton as she walks on to the stage to accept her nomination from the Democratic Party for president on the final night, July 28, of the Democratic National Convention


Technology developed to jam cellphones during the Iraq War may be getting deployed against journalists reporting on protests against the political establishment in the United States.

While police and government surveillance of protests, including monitoring of cellphone use, is well-documented, efforts to block signals at protests remains an oft-repeated, but never proven, rumour.

It may be impossible to definitively prove that authorities are using cellphone “jamming” technology, but journalists working with both mainstream and independent media reported unusual difficulties accessing the internet during recent protests at the gates of the Democratic National Convention, consistent with the effects this very real technology could have.

During the protests outside the DNC, which I covered for MintPress News, I experienced this personally, with my internet connection behaving suspiciously near the convention’s security fences and entrance gates, often abruptly blocking my tweets and other communication. The same was true for every other journalist I spoke with who covered the protests.

“It’s scary for me as a journalist because that’s how state suppression of events occurs,” said Desiree Kane, a freelance journalist and direct action organizer who covered the Republican National Convention for MintPress and also took part in protests in Philadelphia.

“That’s exactly how it happens is you block communications of what might be going down,” she added.

‘By Tuesday night, everybody noticed’

Jon Ziegler, an experienced citizen journalist, spoke with me on July 28, the final day of the DNC. He recalled his shock at the obvious disruption to his service during the previous days’ events.

Ziegler, who livestreams on several social networks under the name @Rebelutionary_Z and supports his work through crowdfunding, has been covering protests and activism like that which occurred in Philadelphia since the early days of the national Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011.

“I’ve streamed all over the country. I’ve streamed in big cities and small towns, large crowds, any type of situation you can imagine,” he said.

He said it’s important to distinguish between normal, everyday disruptions — for example, a temporary loss of signal caused by tall buildings during protests in downtown Philadelphia — and the seemingly deliberate interruptions journalists experienced near the Wells Fargo Center, the site of the DNC in South Philadelphia.

“You have some data reception issues for here and there, but they always will correct themselves, and I can usually do some measures to get back up live very quickly.”

Just before travelling to the convention, Ziegler upgraded his livestreaming equipment so that he could access a portable Wi-Fi hotspot through Verizon and another phone using AT&T. This would allow him to alternate between the two networks at a moment’s notice. In addition, he uses multiple livestreaming apps connected to his Twitter account, allowing him to switch apps during interruptions.

“Here in Philadelphia, I’ve actually had the most options for connecting to the internet and streaming services that I’ve ever had in the four years that I’ve been doing this, and yet I’ve encountered the most problems, especially down by the gate of the DNC, than ever before.”

Connection problems occurred with varying degrees of severity throughout the week of the DNC, and it was a frequent topic of conversation among journalists. “Monday night we were talking about how it was strange, but by Tuesday night, everybody kind of noticed, ‘Wait a minute, this isn’t right,’” Ziegler said.

“At some points, even just trying to send tweets out was impossible,” he continued.

“Heaven forbid you try to upload a video or photo, but sometimes even text tweets are impossible to get out.”

Regardless of the network carrier and the livestreaming app he used, Ziegler was often stymied.

“Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the second we even get close to those gates my livestream gets glitchy, or drops out completely, or you just can’t connect to the internet at all.”

 Even mainstream media journalists experienced jamming at DNC

My experiences matched Ziegler’s. For the first time in years, I sometimes had to rely on Twitter’s antiquated text message gateway to send out the simplest of tweets using SMS messages. Using the Twitter app, even non-multimedia tweets sometimes took over an hour to publish.

Some of the worst interruptions came on the night of Wednesday July 27. Because it was the night President Barack Obama spoke to the convention, the fence was guarded by the Secret Service as well as local, state and federal police.

The already troubling bandwidth problems peaked during some of the week’s most intense protesting, just as activists briefly broke through the security fence, and social networks and livestreaming services remained largely inaccessible for the rest of the night.

Kane found that her cellphone service disappeared just as she filmed a group of armoured riot police briefly deployed to the disruption outside of the DNC.

Spooked by the service interruption and the sudden increase in tensions between protesters and police, she said, “I walked away maybe five blocks back to my car,” where she found her service returned, allowing her to upload her video.

“Even mainstream journalists were starting to question whether we had some kind of jamming,” Ziegler told me.

I spoke briefly with Myles Miller, a reporter for New York’s PIX11 News, who expressed frustration at his inability to share video of events as they unfolded, or even immediately after.

Unicorn Riot, another crowdfunded team of journalists, described similar bandwidth issues. And a staff member from Fusion, part of a group of representatives of the online news site at the protests, told me that although they were equipped with specialized livestreaming equipment which linked five SIM cards — the equivalent of having five mobile phones working together, across multiple cellular networks — the team was still unable to get a signal on Wednesday night after the fence was breached.

On July 28, the convention’s final night, I found the ability to share photos and videos was slightly improved — tweets uploaded slowly rather than not at all. But when protesters again gathered near the fence, both Ziegler and I noticed that our signals cut out entirely, exactly when police moved to push the protest away with their bicycles.

And, later that night, Joanne Leon, a citizen journalist, reported to me via Twitter that she’d watched every user in the area on Periscope, a popular livestreaming app, simultaneously “disappear” from the internet

Developed in Iraq, deployed in Philadelphia?

The use of cellphone jamming technology to protect the president, as may have occurred on July 27 during the convention, is an open secret: occasionally reported on, but rarely discussed. The Washington Post reported in 2009:

“As President Obama’s motorcade rolled down Pennsylvania Avenue on Inauguration Day, federal authorities deployed a closely held law enforcement tool: equipment that can jam cellphones and other wireless devices to foil remote-controlled bombs, sources said.

It is an increasingly common technology, with federal agencies expanding its use as state and local agencies are pushing for permission to do the same. … But jamming remains strictly illegal for state and local agencies. Federal officials barely acknowledge that they use it inside the United States, and the few federal agencies that can jam signals usually must seek a legal waiver first.”

But while illegal for them to use in most cases in this manner, police do have access to technology that can interfere with cell signals, deliberately or otherwise. “Stingrays,” the controversial devices which let police monitor cellphone signals by masquerading as a cell tower, are routinely used to maintain lists of activists who attend protests. But they can interfere with signals, too.

Last year, the ACLU forced the federal government to admit to the Stingray’s capability to block signals as well as monitor them, sometimes even interfering with innocent bystanders uninvolved with protests or other events that involve police.

“We think the fact that stingrays block or drop calls of cell phone users in the vicinity should be of concern to cell service providers, the FCC, and ordinary people,” Nate Wessler, staff attorney with the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project, said in a March 2015 interview with WIRED magazine. “If an emergency or important/urgent call (to a doctor, a loved one, etc.) is blocked or dropped by this technology, that’s a serious problem.”

Police and the U.S. government are famously reticent to admit to their use of this technology or its capabilities, even once, in 2014, going so far as to seize court records to keep them out of the hands of the ACLU. Harris Corporation, the manufacturer of the Stingray, is even known to have police and other law enforcement agencies sign nondisclosure agreements, legally binding them from revealing details of the technology and its usage.

And with multiple law enforcement agencies known to be engaging in surveillance activities in Philadelphia during the convention, it may be impossible to determine who was responsible. Derrick Broze, writing in an April 2015 MintPress investigation, suggested:

“The federal government, local police departments and the Harris Corporation are participating in a coordinated effort to keep the public in the dark about the full capabilities of cell site simulator surveillance devices, also known as Stingrays.”

It is worth noting that while greater attention has been paid to law enforcement’s use of large-scale military equipment like armoured vehicles, cellphone jamming is another example of wartime technology brought home for domestic use. During the Iraq War, cellphone jammers known as Warlocks, were a highly secretive device designed to block the detonation of remote-control bombs.

‘It doesn’t help me feel safe’

While journalists may be the most outspoken targets of cellphone jamming, protesters facing arrest or police brutality are at higher risk.

Desiree Kane, the freelance journalist who attended both the RNC and DNC, is also an experienced protest organizer. She agreed that jamming technology endangers activists, in addition to threatening their First Amendment rights.

“Medics might be watching Twitter to see if they need to deploy other people,” she said. “There’s a lot that depends on our communications.”

But she also emphasized the importance of smartphones and social media to press freedom. “Twitter for journalists is critical,” she noted, highlighting the social media platform’s importance for reporting breaking news.

It’s hard not to be concerned at the expanding use of this technology, especially as the government pushes for access to an “internet kill switch” and corporate players like Apple develop blocks of their own. The potential uses for the technology during future unrest or mass protests are troubling.

“When you take away that kind of tool when things are going down, it doesn’t help me feel safe,” Kane concluded.


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Peruvian Scientist Self-funds a Nanotechnology “miracle”*

Peruvian Scientist Self-funds a Nanotechnology “miracle”*

By Conrad Bower

A Peruvian scientist was so upset about the pollution of Lake El Cascajo that he personally decided to do something about it. Using his skills in bio industrial science and water treatment he devised a strategy using nanotechnology to clean up the lake, and used his own money and time to do it.

In late 2010 Professor Marino Morikawa, of the University of Tsukba in Japan, received a call from his dad who still lives in Peru. Lake El Cascajo, where he and his young son used to spend time together, was in serious danger of being destroyed due to pollution.

The lake also known as a humedal (Spanish for wetland) was known in the 1990s to be a home to over a thousand species of migratory birds. Morikawa recalls the time he spent their as a child, as reported in Plano:

“Since I was a small child, 3 or 4 years old, I remember fishing with my father at sea, which is 100 metres from the area where the humedal was formed. After fishing, my father used to take me to the lake to see the flamingos, it was a fabulous show.”

When Morikawa arrived in Peru to see El Cascajo for himself he found it in a sorry state. The waters were starved of oxygen, overloaded with pollutants, and an aquatic weed was running rampant over the water covering 99% of the surface. A sewer system had been built within the confines of the wetland, which collected then poured untreated waste straight into the sea. And around 50% of the land, which was part of the wetland, was being unofficially used by farmers.

Worst of all, this once bountiful place for wildlife, was no longer a home to the many migratory bird species.

 Nanobubbles to the rescue

Morikawa convinced the local authorities, who were doing nothing to protect the area, to allow him to start a recovery project using a nanotechnology known as ‘nanobubbles’.

Ordinary bubbles, like those in a glass of fizzy pop tend to quickly rise to the surface and burst. As the name suggests nanobubbles are tiny, roughly a thousand times smaller than those found in fizzy pop and their small size allows them to stay in the water for longer and move around randomly due to brownian motion.

This longer life and a static charge placed on the nanobubbles allows them to attract bacteria, and metals which stick to the surface. Eventually the bubbles decompose releasing free radicals which can also destroy any viruses present in the water. Bio filters were also used to speed the cleanup of the water, and the wetland area was divided up for staged removal of the aquatic weeds.

Morikawa has returned to Peru over 20 times to complete the work, initially working alone and eventually being helped by friends and local people sharing his concerns for El Cascajo. But not only did he have to work alone at times, he has also had to foot 90% of the work’s cost.

The miracle

In January 2013 “a miracle happened”, says Morikawa. The birds returned, thousands of them, occupying around 70% of the reclaimed area. Currently the waters of El Cascajo are around 90% recovered, with 70 species of birds and 5 species of fish inhabiting the lake ecosystem.

After the success at El Cascajo Moriwaka is keen to perform some more miracles. Cleaning up Lake Titicaca and the Chira River are next on his list.


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U.K: The Court of Appeal Disenfranchises 130,000 Labour Members*

U.K: The Court of Appeal Disenfranchises 130,000 Labour Members*

The Court of Appeal ruled on 12 August that Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) could exclude around 130,000 members from voting in the leadership election. This is in response to the original NEC decision on 12 July to stop members who joined the party after 12 January from voting.

Ignoring members’ wishes

This latest ruling comes after a High Court judge ruled on 9 August in favour of a group of members. As The Canary previously reported, Mr Justice Hickinbottom’s original ruling meant that anywhere between 126,592 and 150,000 additional members would have had a vote, according to different estimates.

Summing up the original case, Hickinbottom said:

“At the time each of the Claimants joined the Party, it was the common understanding as reflected in the Rule Book that, if they joined the Party prior to the election process commencing, as new members they would be entitled to vote in any leadership contest. That was the basis upon which each Claimant joined the party; and the basis upon which they each entered into the contract between members inter se. For those reasons, the Claimants’ claim succeeds. For the Party to refuse to allow the Claimants to vote in the current leadership election, because they have not been members since 12 January 2016, would be unlawful as in breach of contract.

But the appeal judges thought differently. Lord Justices Beatson and Sales and Lady Justice Macur said that they disagreed with Hickinbottom’s original decision that a freeze date could not be retrospective.

They also said that they agreed with Iain McNicol (Labour’s General Secretary) on the NEC’s right to impose this. Citing Constituency Labour Party (CLP) rules, they said:

“… it is difficult to see why the rules should be interpreted in a way which deprived the NEC of the power to respond … Further, Appendix 3, clause IV(2), deals with setting freeze dates for determining members’ eligibility to participate in the selection of the new candidate for a new constituency. It states that, in deciding on a freeze date for this purpose, the regional director shall have regard to the state of membership of the Constituency Labour Party and any prima facie evidence of abuse of the code of conduct for membership, recruitment and other factors. As observed above, this again demonstrates a concern with entryism and packing of the Party, and contemplates that it may be appropriate to set a retrospective freeze date in order to exclude suspicious late entrants”

Additionally, they highlighted a 2010 example concerning BAME Labour, in which a retrospective freeze date was set in membership elections.

Just who does the NEC represent?

In summing up, the judges said that:

“Even if one describes these as matters of procedure, these provisions state that the NEC is to have such powers to delineate rights of participation and it is necessary to give those provisions their true meaning and effect

As already pointed out above, a member’s entitlement to vote in a leadership election is not a product of him or her simply being a member, but is the result of him or her being a member who satisfies the precise eligibility criteria defined by the NEC and any freeze date provisions set by the NEC in the timetable for the election.”

The lawyers representing the members have already said they intend to appeal this decision. But the judges have denied permission for the claimants to take the case to the Supreme Court. That doesn’t mean the Supreme Court can’t choose to hear the case, but it does mean they don’t have to.

The court has also ordered the five claimants to pay costs in 28 days. This could be around £30,000.

Reacting to the decision, Chair of the NEC Paddy Lillis said:

“The Labour Party welcomes the decision of the Appeal Court. The Party has said consistently throughout this process that we would defend vigorously the decisions of the NEC. It is crucial to the Labour Party that our governing body has the authority to debate, decide and implement the procedures, timetable and voting eligibility for our internal elections and selections.”

A spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn said:

“We think that this is the wrong decision – both legally and democratically. Serious questions must be raised, however, over why and how the NEC Procedures Committee brought this appeal. In doing so, it effectively risked new members’ money on an attempt to disenfranchise them. If we are to build a big, inclusive party to take on the Tories, we need to secure democracy in our party.”

In reality, the decision will make little difference to Corbyn’s chances of winning the leadership contest. He was already favourite before the original court appeal began. Furthermore, many of the 130,000 members will have also paid £25 to be registered supporters. And the Court of Appeal may have made, legally, the right decision.

But the major question this episode poses is: just who does the Labour Party represent? Its members? Or its governing elite? Many ordinary members in the party, who just wanted to vote in the leadership election, must surely be feeling extremely disenfranchised.


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The Hijacking of Spirituality*

The Hijacking of Spirituality*

By Soren Dreier

As you certainly may have noticed, I have as the first ‘major’ site chosen to publish the Zen Gardner revelations.

Steve, who blew this lid open, is someone I have known for many years.

In my book, and in others who know Steve, also Zen, Steve stands for truth. He cannot be bought or silenced.  Steve is a rock standing out in an ocean of doubt for many people (including Zen).

Way back when – I think it was 2011, I came to know Steve. He has never failed my trust. When I disengaged from Zen, Steve did not take sides, and had he, I would not have kept the contact.

Let me explain why I disengaged from Mr. Gardner/Ferguson and who, or better what, he is.

The subliminal hijacking of spirituality:

When it comes to more than surface based ‘happy go lucky’ spirituality, Zen Gardner is lost. He simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Today I understand how he did that – hijacked the Spiritual Movement:

Going from one cult, as a leader, to create another, he took the name Zen. My site way back then was named Zen-Haven. People would confuse us, so I decided to change my domain – good thing that I did.

It bothered me as time passed, that one couldn’t make a headline with the Concept of Zen, without that post or headline being associated with the ‘new-born’ Zen Gardner.

That might not be important to you, but ponder upon it. It would be very equivalent to if I had thought back then:

Think I´ll just call myself: Tao Dreier, Avatar Dreier, etc. Yes, it actually sounds ridiculous and it is, but that’s what this conman did. And everybody took it at face value. They didn’t see, what Zen often writes about, The Subliminal Hijacking – that goes with the System of Control, which he pretends to despise and yet mirrors so diabolically.

In my book, that hijacking of the concept of Zen – the philosophy, dawned on me. Zen became the buzz. In my posts I call him – The Cheerleader. I noticed that webmasters felt obliged to bring his stuff or be kept out of the loop.

‘Zen’ is a spiritual practise, that most people are positive towards. And he God Damn stole it. Brilliant marketing!

I haven’t been to his site for years, since it’s toxic and I’ll explain why, but on the other hand, when going about the internet, my eyes would see his postings.

So I actually began writing contra Zen on topics that Zen had attempted to take down (which he couldn’t because he’s not that clever really), such as Hope, Longing, Faith, Spiritual Esoteric and such.

A ‘spiritual’ writer who takes down: Hope, Belief and topics along that road, shows that he’s a hitman targeting Genuine Spirituality.

Zen never hits the heart frequencies in his writings – he’s all Solar Plexus and mistakes that for the heart. The energetics of a sociopath – mistakes heart and sentimentality. And people soaked it in, calling themselves Awake. Bloody joke, Mate.

I understand fully now why he did this. He wanted to create a spiritual void in people – so he could occupy that room – which I also wrote, in my often critical counter posts. I just didn’t mention his name, since I hoped that people eventually could see with their own compass what he is all about.

Which is Power over the souls longing and hurting, caught up in an abuse control system. Yeah, he had an offer for you all right: To Exchange one abusive system (The Matrix) with his own even more abusive version. Same cold shit, but way more dishonest.

At one point I asked about his background, and he wrote me:

I was one of the biggest Real-estate Agents in USA, but you know Bro, had to bail out.

(I have that mail, but I won’t publish it and other dishonest mails – not my game)

That’s how Zen Gardner accounted for his ‘Missing Years’ to one of his friends back then.

And behold me, there is a Don Ferguson, but it wasn’t or isn’t Zen or are there also missing years in Realestate? Hardly.

What a God damn sneaky bastard you are DonZen. One big advice for you here: Stand down, you’re beyond the end of your rope.

Suggestion for an HONEST post Zen/Don:

This is Don.

As seen in recent events, I need to think things over. I need to reconsider my past, present and future. Maybe I´ll be back. Under my real name: The Baron Von Munchhausen II.
Sorry I fucked you all – but you know – that’s all I really know.´

And your usual buzz: Much Love, Keep on fighting for The Truth and bla.bla.bla.

I read an article a while back where this marketing specialist says:

“If you want to be successful today: Build a cult around you. Give them a treat now and then and they will love you for it and defend you when the shit hits the fan.”

I rest my case.

Now, let his victims come out of hiding. The ones he really should help/have helped in all his dimmed delusional enlightenment.

What a  joke this guy is. A sociopath, no more no less.

Now, Deal With It, Folks!

And no more on this – won’t give the sociopath anymore attention except if I see him, It will not be pretty. Now seeking Visa for Spain, this persona is.


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Man Used Internet Registry to Track down and Beat up Paedophiles and Sex Offenders*

Man Used Internet Registry to Track down and Beat up Paedophiles and Sex Offenders*

The “Alaskan Avenger,” a victim of molestation and abuse as a child, is accused of vengefully attacking paedophiles with a hammer, using the online registry to find sex offenders.

According to Alfred NG of NY Daily News, using Anchorage’s public online sex offender registry to locate up to three offenders, Jason Vukovich allegedly broke into his victims’ homes and bashed in their heads with a hammer in June.

NG says, “One of his victims landed on the sex offender registry 10 years ago, after pleading no contest to attempted sexual abuse of a minor.”

“He said, ‘I’m an avenging angel, I’m going to mete out justice for the people you hurt,’” Wesley Demarest, one of the people Vukovich tracked down, told a local news station.

Police said Vukovich was arrested the same night he allegedly hammered in Demarest’s skull. Police also found a notebook with his victims’ names listed in it, with addresses he found from the registry. Vukovich, 41, is also accused of robbing the three victims after his vengeful beatings.

On the website, users can find sex offenders and child kidnappers through a database by name, zip code, and city, or through a map with details of the person’s address and photos, along with conviction dates, and employer’s information.

NG states, “the sex-offender avenger revealed he had been molested and beaten by his adoptive father when he was a child, he wrote in a letter from jail to the Anchorage Dispatch News.”

“’What I can say at this time is that after being physically and mentally abused by a predator, my life was forever changed,’ Vukovich wrote in his letter.

“He said he targeted sexual offenders in hopes of supporting children ‘in pursuit of their dreams,’ writing that kids should be able to live ‘without the threat of paedophiles lingering around them.’”

Vukovich plead not guilty to the charges of robbery and assault. He is being held on a $100,000 bail, and scheduled to return to court on Oct. 17. He faces up to 35 years in prison if convicted.


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Hundreds of Britons Dying from Hunger*

Hundreds of Britons Dying from Hunger*

A homeless man sleeps on a park bench in London

U.K. food bank charities have sharply criticized the poverty “scandal” in Britain after disturbing new statistics revealed that hundreds of Britons died from hunger and malnutrition last year.

Data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) indicate that 391 people died from hunger or malnutrition in 2015, a 27% increase compared with nine years earlier.

The ONS figures show there were 59 deaths “where the underlying cause was malnutrition” in 2006, a figure which grew to 79 in 2015.

Hospitals treated 746 patients for malnutrition last year, an average of two per day, according to U.K. government figures.

British Health Minister Nicola Blackwood confirmed the figure in a written statement in Parliament.

The Trussel Trust – a charity based in Salisbury, UK, that co-ordinates the only nationwide network of food banks in the country – condemned the findings.

“It’s a scandal that people living in the sixth largest economy in the world are going hungry, which is why we’re working to engage the public, other charities and politicians from all parties to find solutions to the underlying causes of food poverty,” Trussel Trust chairman Chris Mould said.

“Some people have been missing meals for days at a time; others have been unable to afford certain food groups or have sacrificed quality for long periods of time to keep costs down,” Mould said. “This, no doubt, has a negative effect on their health – and for people at the extreme end of the scale it will lead to malnutrition.”

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said the figures represent a “national scandal” for a developed nation.

“Many people think of malnutrition as a problem that only affects the Third World. But the reality shown by these figures is that we have a problem at home too,” Farron said.

“It’s 2016 and we live in one of the richest nations in the world, so frankly it is a national scandal that anyone is being admitted to hospital from malnutrition,” he added.

“The Government is creating Breadline Britain with insecure work, the lack of affordable housing and not enough well-paid jobs,” he said.


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