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What we saw in Syria goes against everything we read in the United States*

What we saw in Syria goes against everything we read in the United States*

By Mark Taliano

Patterns have long since emerged.  We know that each illegal war of conquest is prefaced by a Public Relations campaign that demonizes the target country’s leader and its government as it lies about on-the-ground realities.  Muammar Gaddafi, for example, was presented to Western media consumers as a lunatic and despot. The Western narratives, however, were contradicted by the fact that he earned broad-based support from Libyans, all of whom enjoyed public services such as free healthcare and schooling, and a high standard of living.

The same demonization campaign is being waged against the hugely popular Dr. Bashar al-Assad, the democratically –elected President of Syria.

Terrorist –embedded propagandists teach us that he is an evil dictator who kills his own people, and that “he must go”; however, credible evidence inverts this logic.

Henry Lowendorf, a member of the Executive Board of the U.S Peace Council’s Peace and Fact-Finding Delegation to Syria — recently returned from Syria — reports, that, “What we saw (in Syria) goes against everything we read in the United States.”

He repudiates the Western media’s demonization campaign against the government of President Assad and the Syrian Arab Army in these words:

“When you go to Syria, which I did last month, the popularity of the government and the Syrian Arab Army is rampant. It’s not out of some dream fantasy. It comes obviously from the government and the army being the only thing between living a secular life on the one hand and the hatred and violence of ISIS and the various other terrorist groups underwritten by the terrorist Saudis and U.S. and their allies on the other. The refugees who don’t leave Syria do not flee to the terrorist side, they flee to the government side, in huge numbers. So would all of us in similar circumstances. Syrians do not want their country turned into Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, or any of the other countries the U.S. has liberated.”

The reality is an inversion of the propaganda lies fed to Western audiences.  In fact, President Assad must stay, for the sake of civilization, and for the sake of destroying Western-backed terrorism.  Each time Empire succeeds in destroying another country, the problem of terrorism worsens – as might be expected. The destruction of Libya, for example, set the stage for the attempted destruction of Syria.

Weapons stolen from Libyan armouries, thanks to the invasion, were covertly shipped to Syria – all beneath the radar of the U.S Congress.

A recently declassified Department of Defense document indicates that,

“Weapons from the former Libya military stockpiles were shipped from the Port of Benghazi, Libya, to the Port of Banias and the Port of Borj Islam, Syria”

And none of this is accidental. Sustainable Western open-source documentation demonstrates that the growth of terrorism is wilful, and according to Western plans.

The propaganda lies, the false flags,  the terrorist-embedded NGOs , and the use of terrorist proxies to criminally destroy one country after another, is not only empowering terrorism world-wide, but it is also leading us to engineered conflict with nuclear-armed countries, in particular,  Russia.

Whereas the propaganda lies further the causes of barbarity and ignorance, we need a redirection towards the polar opposite: towards trajectories that support civilization, progress, and the rule of law.

Prof. Chossudovsky explains in “America’s ‘Humanitarian War’ against the World” that

“What is consequently required is a massive redirection of science and technology towards the pursuit of broad societal objectives. In turn, this requires a major shift in what is euphemistically called ‘U.S. Foreign Policy’, namely America’s global military agenda.”

We need to shift from Death Industries of the Military Industrial Complex, to Life Industries that serve, rather than destroy, humanity. We also need a strong anti-war movement based on a broad-based support of the truth, and a broad-based rejection of the “governing” lies.

*The declassified Department of Defense documents:


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Thailand Gets the Libya-Syria Treatment*

Thailand Gets the Libya-Syria Treatment*

By Tony Cartalucci

Just as the Western media attempted to hide the true nature of violence unfolding in Libya and Syria during the opening phases of the so-called “Arab Spring,” it is now attempting to do likewise regarding the Southeast Asian country of Thailand.

Between August 11-12 and within a 24 hour period, several bombs detonated in four separate regions of Thailand including Trang, the resort city of Hua Hin, Phuket, and Surat Thani. Several deaths were reported and dozens were maimed as shrapnel tore through their bodies.

The Western media was quick to blame the violence on southern separatists – however – that low-intensity conflict over the course of several decades has never ventured into any of the areas recently struck. There also is a matter of no motive existing for such a drastic escalation.

What the Western media intentionally is omitting, however, or ambiguously referring to dozens of paragraphs down within their respective reports, is that the primary suspects are instead the U.S.-backed opposition headed by ousted ex-Prime Minster Thaksin Shinawatra, his Pheu Thai political party (PTP), and his ultra-violent street front, the United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD), also known as “red shirts.”

They possess the means and the motive, and the targets and timing also all point to them.

The areas hit are all strongholds of anti-Shinawatra sentiment, including areas with leadership who helped oust his sister, Yingluck Shinawatra, from power in 2014. Hua Hin also serves as a second residence to the nation’s highly-revered king who also serves as head of state.

The timing coincided with Thailand’s Mothers’ Day, which is also a day Thais celebrate their royal institution. Shinawatra and his followers have spent years attempting to undermine and overthrow this institution, seeking to replace it with a political dynasty headed by Shinawatra’s family.

The attacks also take place just days after a democratic referendum overwhelmingly approved a new national charter that all but ended any prospects of Shinawatra returning to power.

Finally, there is also the matter of Shinawatra’s enthusiastic use of violence and terrorism as political tools, on a scale much wider than ever seen in the nation’s troubled southern region.

What the Western Media Won’t Report

Since coming to power, and a fact the Western media will not inform readers of, Shinawatra and his supporters have embraced violence and terrorism as political tools.

  • 2003: Thaksin Shinawatra’s government would lead a “war on drugs” which left nearly 3,000 innocent people dead, most of whom had no connection with the drug trade and none of whom were served warrants, tried, or even so much as arrested – simply gunned down in the streets.
  • 2004: Shinawatra’s government would brutally put down a protest in Thailand’s deep south, killing over 80 people in a single day.
  • 2001-2005: According to Amnesty International, 18 human rights defenders were either assassinated or disappeared during Shinawatra’s first term in office.
  • 2006: Shinawatra’s government began to face resistance from protesters in the streets demanding that he step down. It was during this period, Wikileaks would reveal, that the US Embassy itself connected multiple bombings to Shinawatra and his supporters. The US Embassy also included Shinawatra as a possible suspect in the 2006 New Year’s Eve bombings – a coordinated attack across Bangkok.
  • 2009: Ousted from power and with several of his proxy governments also removed from office over a series of criminal convictions and court rulings, Shinawatra would put into the streets of Bangkok violent mobs led by his UDD “red shirts.” The protests quickly unraveled into looting and arson, leaving two innocent bystanders dead.
  • 2010: Shinawatra would put mobs into the streets again, this time along with 300 heavily armed terrorists wielding M-16s (with M203 40mm grenade launchers), AK-47s, M-79 40mm grenade launchers, rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), hand grenades, pistols, and sniper rifles.

    The fighting would leave nearly 100 dead, hundred injured, and ended with citywide arson carried out by Shinawatra’s supporters. During the violence, Shinawatra’s UDD leadership attempted to float the idea of armed “civil war” to their followers, hoping the escalate violence in Bangkok across the rest of the country.

  • 2013-2014: In 2011, Shinawatra’s sister, Yingluck Shinawatra would take office as PM. She quickly used her position to move forward an “amnesty bill” that would exonerate her brother – a convicted criminal living in self-exile to evade a 2 year prison sentence. The move triggered widespread, massive protests lasting from 2013 to 2014.

    Shinawatra would again deploy heavily armed militants wielding war weapons to pacify protesters with nearly nightly raids. Nearly 30 people would die, including women and children. The violence precipitated a coup. ousting Shinawatra’s sister from power who – already impeached by a court decision – had refused to leave office.

    It should be noted that during this period, Shinawatra’s supporters would carry out violence not only in Bangkok, but in provinces across the entire country – just as seen in the recent bombings.

  • 2015: A bomb blast in August would kill 20 and maim scores more in downtown Bangkok. The militants were linked to a Turkish terrorist group tied to NATO, revealing the prospect that Shinawatra’s Western backers may have become directly involved in using violence against the Thai government to coerce it politically.

With this in mind, there is no doubt that Shinawatra and his supporters, along with his foreign sponsors, at the very least have proven to possess the capacity and willingness to commit such violence. With the motives aligned as well, that the Western media is omitting even mention of Shinawatra and his supporters as possible suspects indicates a concerted cover-up.

The West is Giving Thailand the Libya-Syria Treatment
A fully informed reader can see quite clearly now who is behind the violence, and that more violence is likely and precisely why. They can also see the only logical and justified steps the current government must now take to neutralize and eliminate this threat to the people of Thailand and from the Thai political landscape permanently.

That is precisely why, then, the Western media is not fully informing readers.


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Syphilis Pandemic Rises 163% in U.K.*

Syphilis Pandemic  Rises 163% in U.K.*

An alert about Londoners’ sexual health has been sounded as new figures show five times more people were diagnosed with syphilis in London last year than in any other region in England.

The report, published Wednesday by Public Health England, says the number of cases have more than doubled in the capital in the last five years, rising by 163%.

The report raises concerns about “high-risk” practices such as “chemsex,” sex between men that occurs under the influence of drugs, dating apps, unprotected sex and people seeking HIV-positive partners.

Gay men were disproportionately affected, the report says. The demographic, which represents about 2% of the total London population, accounted for 90% of new diagnoses in 2015, or 2,406 cases.

There were a total of 2,811 cases in London in 2015, representing a rate of new infections of 32.9 per 100,000 people – five times higher than that of any other region in England and three times higher than the rate for the country overall.

The infection was diagnosed in all London authorities, with the highest numbers in Lambeth, Southwark, Tower Hamlets and Westminster.

The number of cases among heterosexual men and women has risen slightly.

Syphilis is a sexually-transmitted infection that causes highly infectious sores and can go on to cause serious conditions such as heart problems and central nervous disease, and in extreme cases prove fatal.

“Worsening sexual health remains one of the biggest public health concerns facing London and it is worrying to see such alarming rises in syphilis year-on-year,” the regional director for PHE London, Yvonne Doyle, said.

“Although diagnoses among heterosexuals in the capital are more stable they too continue to be higher than we would like.”

Dr. Patrick French, genitourinary medicine consultant at Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust said: “When I started working in sexual health in London we might have diagnosed four or five people with syphilis in a year – we can now see that number of people with syphilis in a day or two.

“The increase we are seeing in syphilis and other sexually-transmitted infections is a marker of a more general problem within sexual health, and tackling this must be a priority across London.

“More awareness is needed about STIs, how they can be prevented and why it is important to have a checkup if you think you are at risk,” he added.

“Anyone having sex with a new or casual partner should always use condoms and have regular sexual health checks.”

Although most cases of syphilis are treatable with antibiotics, people can be infected and not show symptoms.

Primary syphilis often emerges after three to four weeks with a painless ulcer or rash on the genitals, rectum or inside the mouth. Secondary syphilis causes fever, headaches and night sweats.


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U.S. Olympic Swimmers Fabricated Robbery Story to Cover Damaging Gas Station*

U.S. Olympic Swimmers Fabricated Robbery Story to Cover Damaging Gas Station*

U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte “fabricated” a story about being robbed at gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro, a Brazilian police official has said. A surveillance video shows that the swimmer and his teammates damaged a suburban gas station.

The incident actually involved the US Olympians breaking down a bathroom door at a gas station, and paying for the damages, the official – who has direct knowledge of the investigation, but was not authorized to speak publicly – told the Associated Press on Thursday.

Lochte and three of his teammates – Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz and Jimmy Feigen – had stopped at a gas station in the Rio suburb of Barra da Tijuca on Sunday morning, the official said. The outside bathroom was locked, and the swimmers “pushed on the door and broke it.”

The gas station owner told O Globo newspaper that the swimmers urinated on his shop and “vandalized” it.

A security guard confronted the Olympians, the official said. He was armed, but never drew the weapon or pointed it at the swimmers. Once the station manager arrived, he asked the swimmers to pay for the damages, using a customer to translate. After a discussion, the four paid an “unknown amount” of money and left, the official said, according to AP.

Lochte told NBC News on Monday that he and his teammates stopped at a gas station in Rio, and were robbed at gunpoint on the way back to their taxi, blaming the Brazilian police.

Brazilian authorities attempted to hold the four swimmers’ passports, and actually pulled Conger and Bentz off their airplane on Wednesday, as they were flying back to the U.S. Both men reportedly confirmed that the “robbery” account was made up, the police official said. Lochte had already left the country.

U.S. Olympic Committee spokesman Patrick Sandusky confirmed on Thursday morning that Lochte’s teammates were talking to the authorities, and had legal representation and consular aid.

Police are expected to issue an official statement at a news conference on Thursday afternoon.


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