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Largest Paedophile Ring in History, 70,000 Members, Heads of State, the Rats Scramble*

Largest Paedophile Ring in History, 70,000 Members, Heads of State, the Rats Scramble*

VT and Keshe take the lead in breaking the most insidious human trafficking gang on the planet.

By Gordon Duff

Millions read the news today, the paedophile ring “busted” or the earlier article about how the FBI actually ran it for several weeks, expanding it, drawing in tens of thousands. Those who read it thought they knew, thought they were getting the story but as is so often the case, the truth goes so much further.

When Veterans Today tied the murder of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia to a White House blackmail plot and a strange tale involving the Keshe Foundation, it became clear that the highest and most powerful in Europe, the U.S. and around the world, were tied together in a web of ritual child abuse on a massive scale. For the Scalia tale, refer to Appendix I.

Today’s story is one more aspect of this. VT’s involvement goes back to 1991 when key VT staffers worked for America’s intelligence community. A GOP high level staffer approached the CIA claiming that President George H.W. Bush was being blackmailed. It was said that the President was at a political fundraiser in St. Louis where, unknown to the President, top GOP campaign donors were having sex with young males, some of whom had been spirited away from Boys Town in Nebraska of Father Flanagan fame.

The rumours became more than rumours when Bush 43 took office and brought with him, according to a high level White House informant, a virtual army of Neocon paedophiles and “nancyboys” who set the tone for 8 years of crushed civil liberties. staged economic crashes and the dirtiest wars in America’s history.

The door didn’t open again until Iranian physicist, Mehran T. Keshe came to us with his own story. Invited to Belgium, sponsored by the Royal Family, Keshe was introduced to internet guru Sterling Allen and Belgian “fixer,” Dirk Lauressens. Within a short time, it became clear that he was there as a prisoner, not a guest, having fallen into a web of paedophiles that control public life in Belgium and the Netherlands, control corporations, courts, the police and do so rather publicly.

With Keshe’s story, we traced Sterling Allen, through his work with Belgium’s Royal Family, to his questioning by the FBI, to the seizure of his computers and eventually to his real task in life, webmaster for a massive paedophile ring that supplied children for the members of secret societies that control our daily lives through suppression of technology and the waging of endless war.

From NBC News:

“Massive pedophile ring busted; 230 kids saved – US news – Crime & courts | NBC News

An Internet paedophile ring with up to 70,000 members — thought to be the world’s largest —has been uncovered by police, a security official said Wednesday.

The European police agency Europol said in a statement that “Operation Rescue” had identified 670 suspects and that 230 abused children in 30 countries had been taken to safety. More children are expected to be found, Europol said.”

A paedophile ring, 70,000 strong, has been identified and hundreds arrested, an organization run on the internet, centered in the Free Energy Community, including websites run out of Paris, the Netherlands and Belgium.

What isn’t being told is that this same organization, also known as the Red Circle, runs through secret societies around the world:

  • Bilderberg
  • St. Hubertus
  • Federalist Society
  • Knights of Malta (Rome, not KMFAP in Budapest)
  • Council on Foreign Relations
  • Federal Reserve Bank
  • NATO
  • Royal Families of Belgium and Netherlands
  • SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States)

So much of this story revolves around Mehran T. Keshe, whose plasma related defence technologies, threaten the military balance of power, disabling American stealth drones and even leaving an AEGIS destroyer floating, dead in the water, in the Black Sea.

Anti-Keshe “troll” and convicted paedophile Sterling Allen, former Rense Radio host, now serving a life sentence, is said to have supplied the encryption keys that allowed the FBI to take over the Netherlands based site. From NBC:

““The website operated from a server based in the Netherlands and, at its height, boasted up to 70,000 members worldwide,” it added.

“It attempted to operate as a ‘discussion–only’ forum where people could share their sexual interest in young boys without committing any specific offences, thus operating ‘below the radar’ of police attention,” Europol said.

Police infiltrated site

The Europol statement said U.K. and Australian police infiltrated the site to identify the members who posed the greatest danger to children. Police also sometimes posed as children online as part of the investigation.

Law enforcement authorities from 13 countries, including the United States, Australia, Canada, Italy, Spain and the U.K., were involved in the case, Europol said.

In September 2015, Iranian physicist Mehran T. Keshe met with the FBI in Rome, a meeting set up by VT. From a source at Europol:

It was this from Veterans Today that helped push this forward: “It was Keshe’s information given to the FBI in Italy that led to the seizure of Sterling Allan’s computer back in January of 2016, which led to the Obama White House getting files tying Justice “Tony” Scalia to a child sex ring and demonstrating that it was Scalia that had protected Allan. With Justice Scalia exposed to Obama blackmail, his own friends smothered him to death with a pillow, and walked past police, while the world moved on, no autopsy, no investigation.”

That explains why Hollande (President of the French Republic) was scared he is linked to child abuse in France, via Belgium as well. Abdessalem (Foreign Minister of Tunisia) was traded by the FBI so Hollande can stay in power, sign the tafta and much more allow American military presence in France, which is now turning against him… That explains why the U.S. military unit near Milan was behind us to see what we had in stock against Bibi (Netanyahu) and Hollande… now that they have Hollande, they are pushing him to the edge, using pressure on Sarkozy, right hand of Bibi, they moved in Tripoli, blackmailing Roma.

Have you seen this man (Paris, France)?


Thus, what begins as a hundred arrests, when you peel the levels, involves the French elections and even the recent Bataclan attack in Paris now tied to, if you can imagine it, a police informant smuggled into France through Italy by Tunisia, who out of curiosity runs an anti-Keshe website.

Why do they hate Keshe?


From March 1, 2016

Scalia’s funeral

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor and Ian Greenhalgh

Note: Revelations on the Allan case, which led to Scalia now lead into the entire Koch network, including the Federalist Society, said to be operating not simply in law schools but America’s high schools as well, and into the Heritage Foundation.

We don’t know when it began, maybe at the Presidio under Michael Aquino and the Temple of Set or before. We do know it has victimized thousands of children around the world, not only in America but channelling children through Belgium and the Netherlands into sexual slavery and death.

What is it that makes the powerful desire what is so hurtful and obscene? When we ignored the Franklin Cover-up, we opened ourselves to this… Gordon Duff

Scalia – What really happened?

Justice Antonin Scalia was surprised when he was ordered to the White House. This was not a man you gave orders to, especially not President Obama. It was Justice Antonin Scalia who vacated the long sacrosanct immunity from civil lawsuits, opening the door for a weakened presidency.

Sources say that Scalia was the single actor behind the impeachment of Bill Clinton. President Obama was aware of this and had ordered the FBI to set out traps for Scalia. We will now outline the downfall of Antonin Scalia. Yes, this is a story of secret societies, operating worldwide and ritual Satanic child abuse that permeates Washington.

When Scalia left the White House after a meeting with the president just before flying to Texas, the manila envelope he was carrying had printouts from a computer seized by FBI Special Agent Jeff Ross of the Salt Lake City, Utah field office, or so informants tell us.

Scalia left the White House carrying “slam dunk proof” that would lead to the arrest, conviction and, of course, impeachment of a seated Supreme Court Justice, files that contained names of victims and details on sex acts, preferred “types” along with dates and places. All of this was on the seized computer and these files went “up hill” from the FBI to the Department of Justice and directly over to the White House.

There, political advisors leapt on them, seeing a chance to leverage a justice and, in this case, and this is very important, bring down Scalia in such a way that conservatives would be forced to accept virtually any Obama nomination.

When Scalia arrived in Houston and chartered a plane after ditching his US Marshall protection detail, Scalia and his companion, C. Allen Foster. Foster heads the Order of Hubertus and is co-owner with John Poindexter of the Cibolo Creek Ranch, 25,000 plus acres free for anyone to use, according to John Poindexter, “free of charge,” so long as they are a supreme court justice, “A list” celebrity like Mick Jagger or billionaires, others need not apply.

St. Hubertus ritual mask taken from Cibolo Creek ranch


The crux of the story is how they got Scalia. According to sources, Scalia had been providing protection for an international paedophile ring and was murdered by “friends” who he had informed of the nature of his visit with Obama and the doom it signalled for those around Scalia, prosecution, ruin and Citizens United reversed.

The mechanism Scalia used to provide this protection was the Federalist Society which chooses the judges throughout the U.S. judiciary system so should any unfortunate paedophile find himself in court, the judge was under Scalia’s control, thus making a successful prosecution difficult to achieve.

The Federalist Society grooms and recruits candidates to become judges at a young age – college age kids; they specifically seek out suitable candidates who have certain moral ambiguities that can be exploited.

Thus a stranglehold is placed on the judicial system of the United States by a group which serves the interests of big business – corrupt corporations, big pharma, the oil and coal barons; this is how their interests are, time and again, placed ahead of those of we, the people with the result that our environment and our bodies are polluted by the products of these corporations, be it poisons like aspartame and GMO crops in our food, toxins in our ground water (see Flint, MI) or just plain old exploitation of poor people such as the coal miners of West Virginia and Kentucky.

Scalia met with the Order of Saint Hubertus, the patron saint of million dollar dude ranch hunting. As of yet, no one has identified who was there, it seems that Supreme Court justices are found all the time with pillows over their faces and nobody asks a thing, but this was Texas and they make their own rules down there.

We remember former FBI director and founder, J Edgar Hoover, the man who said ritual satanic child abuse was a conspiracy theory. He is also the man who said the mafia didn’t exist.

Scalia’s talk in Texas was said to have gone like this:

 “They have us, we are all going down unless we can give them what they want and they are holding all the cards, they have everything.”

There was no negotiation with the White House, instead Scalia got, we are told and multiple sources confirm, a pillow over the face and a heroic funeral, one that President Obama refused to attend. Now we know why.

For a seated president to not attend the funeral of a paedophile is unthinkable.

The computer itself belonged to a Sterling David Allen, arrested and charged with child rape and sodomy by the FBI after an investigation that began with a meeting in Rome, Italy. The FBI had known about Allen for some time, had wanted to arrest him since 2014 but had been blocked, they just didn’t know why or who was behind it, not until Justice Scalia died. Within 9 days, Allen was jailed, and the evidence he held began to yield gold.

Allen is being held on these charges with bail set at $250,000.

We were shown an email from Allen where he tells of his January 15, 2016 meeting with Agent Ross at which time his computers were seized by the FBI. What we are told was on Allen’s computer and what Allen told agents is astounding. Allen confessed, we are told, not only to his own sex crimes but to being recruited by a powerful international organization that provided him broad protection from prosecution.

From Ian Greenhalgh:

“It is very sick, but if you really want to watch and hear the ramblings of a mad man just watch this video where Sterling D. Allan says he is GOD in the flesh, admits to being a paedophile, admits he has committed sexual abuse with an underage child, and says that he is waiting to be arrested. Mr. Allan claims he chose this life before coming to Earth to be a “scapegoat” which of course is all foretold in his insane “alphabetics.”

We are told that Allen became increasingly unstable as his own feelings of guilt and his own public confessions of child sex crimes were inadequate to bring about his own arrest, an arrest he openly asked for time and time again.

Allen, who using his computer skills helped fellow paedophiles scour the internet for vulnerable children.

High level sources confirm that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered, that in itself is neither an original claim nor beyond the realm of likelihood based on circumstances allegedly tied to his death. By that, we are speaking of the “pillow over the head” and allegations of a “cover-up autopsy,” well outside legal requirements for someone of Scalia’s position.

Sources in the White House confirm that immediately prior to his flight to Texas, ostensibly for a hunting trip with 35 “close friends,” many of whom are members of the highly secret Order of Saint Hubertus. As is being reported, initially in the Washington Post with broader allegations made on the InfoWars website, tying the Hubertus Order to Bohemian Grove antics, long subject to speculation in the alternative media.

We became aware of the case in August 2015 when we were shown correspondence between Allen and representatives of the Keshe Foundation. Allen ran several popular websites on alternative energy and was a popular speaker, often appearing on the Coast to Coast radio show with Detroit native, George Noory.

Increasingly it became obvious that Allen had been using these venues for sexual trafficking of children. It wasn’t hard to figure out, he did it openly spoke of it constantly (as seen in the YouTube above) and lived as though he were above the law. Over the next few months, particularly when confronted by Iranian born physicist MT Keshe, who ordered Allen and those around him banned from all Keshe forums, Allen openly flaunted his criminal activities.

What made this particularly insidious is that it was obvious not only that Allen was not acting alone but that he had broad support not only in his home state of Utah, where he was able to avoid prosecution, but in Belgium as well. There, Allen and associates Hans Bracquene, Dirk Laureyssens and Ad Van den Elshout moved against the Keshe group, securing against Keshe’s wishes technologies with defence related applications and passing them on to MI 5 in Britain.

When Keshe moved against this group and tried to secure his patents, he found himself being chased down the highway, shots fired, his car run off the road. Police arrested and soon “misplaced” the culprits, and soon thereafter, representatives of Belgium’s “royals” told Keshe to leave Belgium or be buried there.

On the European end of the FBI investigation, the trail, all of which is easily followed by the “breadcrumbs” Sterling David Allen has left, leads to the highest and most powerful of the scientific communities where blackmail, kidnapping and torture, threats against families and in particular, threats against children, have placed members of secret societies in positions of power at universities, think tanks, police and counter-terrorism agencies and even the European Space Agency.

More to come…


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Plato’s Racial Republic*

Plato’s Racial Republic*

Sounds like the template for the NWO…

By Guillaume Durocher

Egalitarians have argued that notions of nation and race largely modern constructs. Marxists in particular have typically claimed that Western ruling classes invented these ideas to consolidate the power of bourgeois states or as a mere pretext to divide the working class along (supposedly imaginary) racial lines and to oppress their colonial subjects.

It is then important to look at the actual record of discussion of tribe, nation, and race in our European tradition. In fact, hereditarian and ethnocentric themes have been present in Western thought from the beginning. An example of this would be Herodotus, the very first historian, who 2,500 years ago already defined being part of the Greek nation through four criteria: common religion, common blood, common language, and common custom.

In this article, I will give an account of racial and ethnic thought in Plato’s monumental philosophical treatise, The Republic, which is widely recognized as the founding text of the entire tradition of Western thought. I will demonstrate the following points:

  • Inequality: the idea that men are created unequal is absolutely pervasive throughout The Republic and is foundational to its ethics. Plato asserts that individuals have inborn differences in physique, personality, and intelligence, in addition to differences due to upbringing.
  • Heredity and eugenics: Plato notes that human differences are significantly heritable and so often refers to eugenic solutions to improve both society and elites, with explicit comparisons to animal breeding.
  • Patriotism: Plato argues that patriotism is a good and compares it with love for one’s family.
  • Greek racial/ethnic identity: Plato argues that “ties of blood and kinship” meant Greeks should not wage war on one another or enslave each other, reserving this for non-Greeks, and that their common identity should be cultivated in joint religious practices.

Plato’s Republic presents a powerful vision of an aristocratic racially-conscious state. The ruling elite, known as the “guardians,” and to a lesser extent the wider citizenry would steadily improve themselves both culturally through education and biologically through eugenics. The elite would reach for the truth through constant reflection and dialectic, while both elite and masses would be conditioned through (civil-)religious education, being taught to consider the pursuit of these cultural and biological goods as a sacred moral imperative.

Natural Inequality and Aristocracy

Plato takes inborn human inequality as self-evident. He writes:

“When you distinguish people as naturally competent or incompetent in a particular context, don’t you mean that some people find it easy to learn that subject, while others find it hard? And that some people start to do their own broadly speaking original work in the subject after only a little study, while others can’t even retain what they’ve learned after even a lot of study and care? And that some people’s bodies are sufficiently subservient to their minds, while others’ are obstructive? Aren’t these the features — there are more too — which enable you to define some people as naturally competent, and others as naturally incompetent? (455b-c)”

Plato refers to “stupid adults” (598c), to “slow-witted people” (526b), to “inferior members of the human race” (495c), and to “inferior kinds of people” (545a). He notes that children are born without reason and that “I’m not convinced some of them ever acquire reason” (441a-b). Moral and intellectual inferiority was partly inborn and partly due to miseducation. Plato however asserts that even good education cannot undo congenital imperfection:

“Education is not capable of doing what some people promise. They claim to introduce knowledge into a mind which doesn’t have it, as if they were introducing sight into eyes which are blind” (518c).

Plato also recognized inborn physical and mental differences between men and women, considering women to be “the weaker sex in all respects” concerning warfare and statecraft (455e). (Nonetheless, Plato argues that women should have equal opportunity to be guardians or have any other role in the community, so long as they have the ability. This meritocratic “feminism” was quite radical given that women were largely segregated and excluded from politics in ancient Greek society.)

The recognition of human inequality for Plato was by no means intended to humiliate or harm those concerned. Rather, the point was to organize society in recognition of these differences, as “different people are inherently suitable for different activities” (370a). Callipolis, his ideal city-state, is a meritocratic regime entirely oriented towards a kind of cognitive and moral sorting of the people, with the best (defined as the most intelligent, courageous, and moral) being selected to form part of the ruling elite of guardians. Failure to recognize inequality and, in particular, the excellence of the moral elite means the latter “end up living a life which is inappropriate for them and which isn’t true to their natures” (495c).

Recognition of the reality of inequality is then not only pervasive throughout The Republic but is central to the entire moral argument. Put simply: both a human soul and a society are made up of different, conflicting parts, some better than others; morality is when the better overcome the worse. Plato considered that this was achieved when a person or society was governed by reason, in alliance with nobler emotions, the latter subordinating mere pleasure and pain.

Given all this, it is no wonder that Plato is contemptuous towards egalitarians. These are undiscerning and undiscriminating people who have bad taste, poor judgment, and low or no standards. Because egalitarian individuals (and the equivalent political regime, democracy) are unable to distinguish good from evil, Plato considers them among the most immoral, only one rank above a psychopath or a tyrant.

Heredity and Eugenics

Plato recognizes that human inequality is not only inborn, but is substantially hereditary. This point is made on several occasions, sometimes quite strikingly. For example, if “a small, bald, metalworker” happened to accidentally get rich and married “his master’s daughter,” their offspring would only be “second-rate half-breeds” (496a). Plato argued that philosophy “should be practiced by men of true pedigree, not by bastards” (535c). He also linked physical beauty and mental goodness, arguing that his ruling class of philosopher-kings should be “within reason, people who are very good-looking” (535b).

Given the reality of inborn hereditary human inequality, Plato considers the decision as to who should reproduce to be a matter of public interest. There is a public interest in the composition of the gene pool. As such, Plato makes a muscular argument for eugenics, both positive and negative. He makes an explicit analogy with animal breeding:

“I’ve seen lots of hunting dogs and fine birds in your house [. . .] Isn’t it true that although they’re all pedigree creatures, some of them prove to be exceptionally good? [. . .] So do you breed from all of them indiscriminately, or do you take care to choose the outstanding ones as much as possible? [. . .] And wouldn’t you expect the result of failure to follow this breeding program to be the deterioration of your strain of birds and dogs? [. . .] We’re going to need really exceptional rulers if the same principle applies to humans too. (459a-b)”

Plato draws the conclusion: “sex should preferably take place between men and women who are outstandingly good, and should occur as little as possible between men and women of a vastly inferior stamp. [. . .] This is how to maximize the potential of our flock” (459d-e).

Similarly, Plato argues that exceptional men, particularly warriors, should be rewarded with more sex:

“And the main privilege and reward that any young men who are good at fighting or at some other activity ought to receive is the right to sleep with the women more frequently, so that as many as possible of the children are fathered by this kind of person [. . .]. (460b)”

Many of these specific policies are so radical that Plato probably meant for them to be understood as utopian. Indeed, he explicitly states that the regime conceived in The Republic may not be realizable. The point however is the principle: given the reality of heredity, improving the gene pool (or the breed or the race) is a moral good. Plato thus argues powerfully for regulating sex and reproduction, and not leaving such matters to the animalistic whims of individuals: “undisciplined sex (or undisciplined anything for that matter) is a profanity, and the rulers won’t allow it” (458d-e). This program also justifies the state in drafting the youths it raises into the regime: “We’ve bred you” (520b).

Plato also argues for negative eugenics. This radical subordination of individual interest to the community seems extreme and unjust to our time. But the ancient Greeks lived far more difficult and violent lives. As a result, virtually all Greek city-states regarded excess population as undesirable and took measures against this, including the practice of infanticide. The most systematic in this respect were the Spartans, who would leave deformed newborns to die. Plato argues that children of the worst parents and those who are congenitally disabled should be segregated from the elite, “otherwise our breed of guardians will become tainted (460c).

Plato elsewhere notes that Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine, was “a public-spirited person” because

“he didn’t try to use diet gradually to drain and fill bodies which were diseased to the core, and so be responsible for a person having a long and horrible life and in all probability producing children with the same afflictions [. . .] Such a person does neither himself nor his community any good. (407d-e)

In line with ancient Greek practice, even in democratic Athens, Plato radically subordinates the interests of the individual to those of the community on which he depends:

“Socrates: These two practices [legal and medical] will treat the bodies and minds of those of your citizens who are naturally well endowed in these respects; as for the rest, those with a poor physical constitution will be allowed to die, and those with irredeemably rotten minds will be put to death. Right?

Glaucon: Yes, we’ve shown that this is the best course for those at the receiving end of the treatment as well as for the community. (409e-410a)”

Plato argues that enforcement of these eugenic measures could be achieved through religious education or myth. The parenting of low-grade children would become a religious taboo (my emphasis):

We’ll say he has sinned against both gods and men by fathering a child who (if the matter goes unnoticed and the child is born) will not have been affected by the rites and prayers which the priestesses and priests and the whole community pray at each wedding-festival — for every generation of children to improve on their parents’ in goodness and value — but will instead have been born under the influence of darkness and dire lack of self-control (461a-b).

Family and Patriotism

The Republic mediates at length upon the problem of how to make people love their city-state and serve it disinterestedly. With striking parallels with Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy in America, Plato argues that public-spirited government can be promoted through (civil-)religious education and appeal to family sentiment/patriotism.

Plato, like ancient Greek society in general, took family extremely seriously. He lists among the tyrant’s sins: “on his tongue and in his unholy mouth is the taste of the blood of a kinsman” (307). In The Republic, Plato imagines a society in which members of the elite would be selfless because they all belonged to one single family (notably through the utopian institution of wife-sharing). The guardians would be selected from those children showing selflessness and patriotism:

“They have to demonstrate love of their community while being tested in both pleasant and painful circumstances, and make it clear that they won’t shed patriotism whatever ordeals or fears they meet with, or whatever changing situations they endure. Anyone who is incapable of retaining it is to be excluded, whereas anyone who emerges from every test without impurities (like gold tested in fire) is to be made a ruler and given privileges and rewards in life and in death. (503a)”

More generally, Plato argues that the entire society could be conditioned to think of itself as one extended family through the teaching of a religious myth:

“What I’m saying is . . . I’m not sure where to find the gall or the words to tell the story . . . I’ll be trying above all to convince the rulers themselves and the military, and secondarily the rest of the community, that all the nurture and education we provided happened to them in a kind of dream-world; in actual fact, they were at that time being formed and nurtured deep inside the earth, and their weaponry and their equipment in general were also being made there. When they were finished products, the earth, their mother, sent them up above ground; and now in their policy-making they must regard the country they find themselves in as their mother and their nurse, they must defend her against invasion, and they should think of the rest of the inhabitants of the community as their earth-born brothers. (414d-e)”

Each guardian, a member of the ruling elite, does not see another guardian as a “stranger” but as “a father or a mother, a son or a daughter, a grandchild or a grandparent” (463c). That family feeling would be particularly powerful during warfare:

“[The guardians] are highly likely to fight well against enemy forces, in so far as they are highly unlikely to abandon one another, since they regard one another as brother, father, son, and call one another by these names. … [and if women join their armies in the same rank or in the rear] I am sure this would make our militia completely invincible. (471d)”

Significantly, Plato lists a failure to distinguish between citizens and foreigners as one of the characteristics of a regime which is degenerating towards egalitarianism: “it starts to make no difference whether one is a citizen or a resident alien, or even a visitor from abroad: everyone is at the same level” (563a). Those who lack discernment and identity are no longer able to distinguish between those who share their blood, culture, upbringing, and civic responsibilities, and those who do not.

Racial/Ethnic Solidarity Among Greeks

Plato had a very strong sense of Greek identity which was both cultural and racial (or ethnic). In a striking passage, Plato argues that war between Greek city-states should be considered limited internal “conflicts,” whereas truly brutal “war” should be reserved for war with non-Greek outsiders:

“Greeks are bonded to one another by internal ties of blood and kinship, but interact with non-Greeks as people who are foreign and live outside their domain. [. . .] When Greeks and non-Greeks fight, then, we’ll describe this as warfare, and claim that they are natural enemies and that the term “war” should refer to this type of hostility. But when Greeks get involved in this kind of thing with other Greeks, we’ll claim that they are natural friends, and that in a situation like this Greece is diseased and in conflict, and we’ll maintain that the term “conflict” should refer to this type of hostility. (470c-d)”

Plato argues that those Greeks who wage brutal war with one another should not be considered “patriotic,” again using a family analogy: “if they were [patriotic], they would stop short of ravaging their nurse and their mother” (470d). Instead, argues Plato, Greeks should “reserve for non-Greeks the treatment Greeks currently give one another” (471b). Practically, Greeks should not enslave, humiliate, or ruin each other:

“Socrates: Do you think it’s right for communities of Greeks to enslave other Greeks? Shouldn’t they do their best to prevent any other community from enslaving Greeks and make the norm to spare anyone of Greek stock, for fear of themselves being enslaved by non-Greeks?

Glaucon: It’s absolutely crucial that they spare Greeks.

Socrates: Not only should they not own Greek slaves themselves, then, but they should also advise other Greeks.

Glaucon: Yes. That should encourage them to concentrate on non-Greeks and leave one another alone.

Socrates: And we won’t be taking arms and armour to our temples as trophies either, especially if they came from Greeks, if we’re the slightest bit interested in being on good terms with other Greeks. We’re more likely to be afraid of the possible pollution involved in robbing our kin of their weapons and taking them to a sacred site, except when the practice is divinely sanctioned. [. . .] What about devastating the land and burning the homes of Greeks? [. . .] I think they’ll avoid both practices and only steal the annual crop. (469b–470b)”

The mere theft of crops was preferable to permanent damage as, “it smacks of aiming for reconciliation rather than perpetual warfare” (470e).

Furthermore, beyond the political boundaries of the city-state, Plato argues that Greeks could cultivate their common identity and feeling of kinship through shared religious practices: “Won’t they feel warmth for their fellow Greeks? Won’t they regard Greece as their own land and join all other Greeks in their common religious rites?” (470e).

All of the arguments concerning the kinship of the often warring Greek city-states are equally valid for the European nation-states. Indeed, Christianity long unified Europeans spiritually and culturally. If Western civilization and the European peoples are dying today, perhaps the single most important contingent reason is that Europeans failed to sufficiently recognize their kinship with other Europeans.

For understandable emotional reasons tied to the psychology of ethnocentrism (under which people tend to identify with a local ethnicity/nation, often determined by language, rather than a wider genetically-defined racial group) and due to the reality petty-state politics, nationalists of the past, while often identifying the radical otherness of Africans and Asians, also typically failed to genuinely recognize fellow Europeans as kin peoples.

I emphasize however: fratricidal war among Europeans was by no means solely caused by misguided nationalists. War among Europeans predates the era of nationalism. And even in the era of nationalism, mainstream, often universalist ruling elites were frequently the leading actors in pursuing wars among ourselves. Furthermore, during both world wars, racially-conscious Europeans were those most opposed to conflict.

social engineeringEuropean Guardians

To this day, Plato is revered as the founder of the Western philosophical tradition — no doubt the most sophisticated in the world, and is still in the running as perhaps the greatest philosopher of all time. Thus, for we heretics, it is comforting to know that such a great figure should take so seriously notions of race and nation, genetic influences on behaviour and thus the composition of the gene pool as a self-evident matter of public interest, patriotism as an extension of family feeling and an obvious good, a respect for the sacred defined as that which advances the interests of the entire group, and the importance of solidarity among kin peoples. Ethnocentric and hereditarian thought has the finest pedigree. We are in illustrious company.

Plato had a reputation as a man whose head was stuck in the cloud contemplating abstractions. Yet I am struck by the “modernity” and practical implications of many of his arguments. He argues that society should be ordered through systematic education, good music, rigorous mental and physical exercises, religious myths and rituals, and eugenics. Plato’s social program is both refreshingly cognizant of basic human realities and decidedly holistic and systematic. The goal was to prevent the bad, defined as a society or individual who was of bad “breed” and “uncultured,” and to promote the good (559d-e).

At bottom, argues Plato, a good human society is ultimately defined as one with good culture and good genes. Is anything at once so obvious and yet so viciously denied by the current egalitarian-individualist ruling establishment? Inspired by Plato, one can easily imagine the creation of a military-spiritual order of “European guardians,” drawn from the best people from all of our nations in mother Europe and the European diaspora, zealously dedicated to the cultural and genetic improvement of our people. That may seem utopian today. But the twenty-first century is still young.

Of course, one must be careful not to take everything Plato says in The Republic literally. The work is chiefly an exploration of human psychology and the nature of morality. The discussion of politics is presented as an analogy for the human soul: the ideal city-state (Callipolis) is meant to serve as a macro-scale model which can help one explore what the ideal human soul might look like. Some of Callipolis’ more bizarre policies — wife-sharing among the ruling elite, the banishing of all children above ten at the city’s foundation — must be understood as measures necessary to imagining this utopia. In particular, these measures ensure perfect unity among the elite (no longer being divided by family or property), mirroring the unity of reason in an individual, and perfect education of the new generation. For the modern reader, The Republic is perhaps best read as an intellectual exploration through thought experiment, analogous to science fiction. None of the above, however, detracts from the wider point that inborn inequality, eugenics, patriotism, and Greek racial/ethnic identity were important to Plato’s thought.


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Say Hi to the Head of your NWO Nightmare Baron Jacob Nathaniel Rothschild*

100,000 Panamanians march against UN-NWO Sex Education*

Australian Aboriginal Woman was Dragged Like a ‘Dead Kangaroo’ and Killed in Police Custody*

Australian Aboriginal Woman was Dragged Like a ‘Dead Kangaroo’ and Killed in Police Custody*

In February, Carol Roe, grandmother of Julieka Dhu, organized a rally outside the parliament in Perth, four months after the government pledged to reduce the number of Indigenous people in custody. AAPImage

In February, Carol Roe, grandmother of Julieka Dhu, organized a rally outside the parliament in Perth, four months after the government pledged to reduce the number of Indigenous people in custody. AAPImage

By David Love

Black Lives Matter in Australia.  As attention has been paid to Black women who have lost their lives while in police custody and in encounters with law enforcement in the United States — women such as Sandra Bland, Miriam Carey, Rekia Boyd and Korryn Gaines — there is another name to add to the list, halfway around the world.

This month marked the second anniversary of the death of Julieka Dhu, 22, an Indigenous Yamatji woman who was arrested on Aug. 2, 2014 for failure to pay A$3,600 (US$2,742) in fines.

She is referred to as Ms. Dhu, out of cultural respect for Aboriginal people’s avoidance of referring to the name of a dead person.  Ms. Dhu was taken into custody in Port Hedland in Western Australia. On Aug. 4, she was dead in a jail, in a case that bears similarities to Sandra Bland in Texas.  Two years later, there is no justice, as the family seeks the results of an official investigation into her death, and demands the release of the video footage of her final moments alive — so that Australia may come face-to-face with its racism against Black people.

And Ms. Dhu had no business being in jail, much less dying.

“What stood out for me was she was a family violence victim. She had a broken rib, and she was in horrendous pain,” Amy McQuire, an Aboriginal journalist with 98.9FM in Brisbane, told Atlanta Black Star.

“She shouldn’t have been there in the first place. She should’ve been protected.”

Julieka Dhu

As NITV reported, an inquest found that the cause of death was septicaemia and pneumonia due to an infection from broken ribs and blood-filled lungs.  Police ignored her cries for help and her vomiting, with police sergeant Rick Bond reportedly telling her she was a “f—— junkie, you will sit this out,” and that she was “faking” her pain, was “full of s—” and disrupting the “smooth running” of the police station.

Ms. Dhu was even dismissed as a mental case.  One policewoman reportedly said,

“I am not going to hurt my back for her.”

She was taken to the hospital twice in the back of a police van, given a quick look-over and returned to jail, as Al Jazeera reported.  The third time, her condition ever worsening, the sergeant reportedly told Ms. Dhu,

“This is the last f—— time you’re going to hospital,” according to the inquest.  They dragged her from her cell “like a dead kangaroo” an hour before she was pronounced dead.

“They didn’t seem to understand her pain. They thought she was trying to get out and they didn’t take her seriously,” McQuire said.

“If it wasn’t for the family, we wouldn’t have heard about it,” she added.

The coroner, who is a white woman, has said she does not want to release the closed-circuit video footage of Ms. Dhu’s death because it would “traumatize” the family — which suggests that the family is not already traumatized, and that white folks know what is best for Black people.

Shaun Harris, uncle of Julieka Dhu


Shaun Harris, Ms. Dhu’s uncle and Family Spokesperson for the “Justice For Julieka Dhu” Black Death In Custody Campaign, has seen the footage of her death and demands its release, arguing that this vital evidence disproves and contradicts testimony given in the investigation.

“This footage also, and very clearly depicts amongst other seriously liberty depriving actions, a very young and very vulnerable and ‘dying’ if not ‘dead’ or ‘very very close to death’ Ms Dhu being dragged out of her cell ‘like a dead carcass’ as the public has already been informed via the Coronial Inquest and being ‘roughly placed’ in the locked back of a police 4WD ‘in handcuffs,’” said Mr. Harris in a statement he provided to Atlanta Black Star.

“They very ‘roughly’ dragged her out of the back of the ‘paddywagon’ and blatantly continued to place this poor dear neglected girl in a wheelchair with absolutely no compassion, her head rolls back in a very lifeless motion.  The police proceed to seemingly “casually” wheel this seemingly already lifeless body hastily into Hedland Emergency for the 3rd time,” he added.

Amy McQuire, Aboriginal journalist


As McQuire noted, Black women in Australia are most likely to be locked up for unpaid fines.

“In Western Australia, Aboriginal women and women in general are incarcerated for failure to pay fines,” she said.

“Why would a young Aboriginal woman call the police if she knows it will happen to them?  It’s almost as if they can get away with killing Aboriginal women.”

Meanwhile, the media have not paid much attention to Ms. Dhu, or to Aboriginal people in general.

“The media haven’t covered it much, but they haven’t put it in prominence.  You compare it to how they treat white victims.  The conversation on domestic violence is primarily focused on white victims,” McQuire said.

And according to The Guardian, Black Australian women are 45 times more likely to suffer from domestic violence than are their white counterparts.

Australia is a racist country that is not addressing or coming to terms with itself.  And despite the years of genocide, enslavement, the stealing of Black children and the continuing atrocities, white Australians look at the Black Lives Matters movement in the U.S. and breathe a sigh of relief that they do not have a racism problem.  Rather than confront its injustices, Australia blames Black people for their own problems. And as McQuire noted, Australia’s prison-industrial complex and draconian laws are targeting Aboriginal people, because it is easier to warehouse people than deal with the underlying issues.

Meanwhile, she added that Indigenous Black people are experiencing “unresolved and intergenerational trauma,” with an “attempt to assimilate into a white way of thinking, and continual racism.”

That racism was on display on Aug. 21, when Eddie Betts, an Aboriginal player for the Adelaide Crows of the Australian Football League, was a victim of game-time racism.  A white woman threw a banana at Betts during the game, according to Yahoo 7 News, reflecting a decades-long tradition of white spectators terrorizing Black athletes and calling them apes and monkeys. Earlier this year, memes were posted on social media comparing retired AFL star Adam Goodes to Harambe, the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo who was put down after a Black 4-year old child fell into the animal’s enclosure in May.

And recently in The Australian, a newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch, a racially offensive cartoon was published which depicted an alcohol-drinking Aboriginal father who could not remember his son’s name.  Such offensive and harmful media images reflect “the way white people see Aboriginal people as a whole,” and “they are so used to getting away with it,” said McQuire.

These events come at a time when the Northern Territory is embroiled in a scandal over the torture of Black children in the Don Dale juvenile detention facility.  Footage shows prison staff spraying teargas at teenage boys who were attempting to escape and youth stripped and held down by guards.  Another video shows a boy shackled in a restraint chair with a hood placed over his head for two hours, in an image reminiscent of Guantánamo Bay or Abu Ghraib. The Northern Territory government recently approved use of the torture chair.  According to The Guardian, 97% of the children in juvenile detention in the Northern Territory are Black. In addition, suicide is the biggest cause of death for Aboriginal people under the age of 35.

Meanwhile, the case of Julieka Dhu is not an aberration.  In Western Australia, a comatose Indigenous man named Nathan Khan was shackled to a bed after collapsing during a court appearance for a driving offense, and “tied down like a dog” according to The Guardian.  And Australian Lawyers for Human Rights urged the New South Wales government to investigate the death of Rebecca Maher, 36, a Wiradjuri woman who was kept in a holding cell for alleged intoxication, and died within five to six hours, as Lawyers Weekly reported.

“Indigenous Australians are among the most highly incarcerated peoples in the world, being 15 times more likely than other Australians to be imprisoned.  The vulnerability of Aboriginal Australians to death whilst in police custody has been well documented,” the organization said in a statement.

Aboriginal people are nearly 30% of people in prison, although they are merely 2% of the Australian population, according to the Australian version of the open letter created by Letters for Black Lives, an ongoing project for communities in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter.  The letter added that according to studies of the Victorian police, young African people were targeted at a much higher rate than others, “and statistics of Aboriginal people who have died in police custody, often as a result of over-incarceration, neglect and outright abuse, are also shockingly high.”

According to Al Jazeera, about 1,400 Australians have died in police custody since 1980, with Aboriginal people making up a disproportionate number.  Ms. Dhu was born a year after the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, a 1991 inquest into 99 Australian Aboriginal deaths in custody between 1980 and 1989, with 339 recommendations designed to reduce the incarceration of Indigenous people. These recommendations were largely ignored, including ending the practice of jailing Aboriginal people for unpaid fines.  Although the report focused mainly on Aboriginal men who died in custody, there were a number of women, including Nita Blankett, whose 1982 death mirrored that of Julieka Dhu.

Blankett, the mother of five, died of a chronic asthma attack while serving a six-month sentence.  The corrections staff knew she was a chronic asthmatic, yet failed to act, and acted only when it was too late.

“Although the deceased had complained that she was ill, appeared distressed and asked for a doctor and an ambulance, those responsible failed to understand, or they underestimated, the severity of her asthma attack.  When a decision to take the deceased for medical treatment was finally acted upon there was still a delay in the order of 30 minutes before the prison van conveyed her from the prison,” according to the report, noting a further 10-minute delay due to a defective wheelchair. “Having regard to the deceased’s condition the consequent delay was unreasonable. Medical opinion before the Commission indicated that if the delay had not occurred it is likely that, with proper resuscitation, the deceased would have survived.”

Since that report, things have worsened, and about 340 Indigenous people have died in prison and police custody.

“Australia is apparently ‘meant to be’ an apparent ‘world class’ health system, and yet it’s the still thriving and still very deeply ingrained institutional and systemic racism in today’s apparently civilized Australia that ensured that my happy and bubbly niece Ms Julieka Dhu was denied proper medical treatment and ‘denied’ living a full life,” Harris said, adding that “bad people with very bad hearts and souls, will always continue to inflict bad things when they are in supposedly ‘good positions of power’, aka power positions to help to stop and prevent public ‘IN-Justice’ and to ‘right the wrongs.’”

“We’ve never had any police officer or prison guard held accountable for the death of an Aboriginal person,” McQuire lamented.

“Australia is such a racist country, and I don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

Ms. Dhu was treated like a dead kangaroo carcass.  And her family needs white Australia to see the video of what the police did to her.  Because in a white-dominated society, they refuse to believe Black cries of suffering unless you can produce the video, and even then they’re not so sure.


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U.K. Taxpayers Subsidising World’s Largest Oil Companies to Exploit Its Own Natural Resources*

U.K. Taxpayers Subsidising World’s Largest Oil Companies to Exploit Its Own Natural Resources*

By Tax Justice Network

The UK’s North Sea oil revenues: Giving it away. New analysis of the U.K’s North Sea oil and gas suggests that the combination of tax giveaways by the government, and aggressive avoidance by multinationals, means that the country may actually be subsidising the extraction of its natural resources. And this at a time of continuing ‘austerity’ measures, that a U.N. treaty body has harshly criticised for driving poverty and inequality, undermining citizens’ human rights.

An important shift over the last two decades has been the emergence of active civil society movements in many countries focused on the natural resource revenues obtained by their governments: whether sufficient revenues are obtained, and how they are spent. Sadly, such movements have been largely absent in high-income countries – and nowhere more obviously than the U.K. The U.K. provided the original base for the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, launched by Tony Blair back in 2002. But a failure to obtain appropriate revenues for the state was seen as a problem of developing countries and corruption, rather than what it is – an issue of basic state accountability in the face of aggressive multinationals.  And so for me than a decade, the U.K. did not even join its own initiative, and only became a candidate country in 2014. It is currently listed as ‘implementing EITI, not yet compliant’.

A new report published today by the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) sets out a series of shocking statistics on the U.K’s failure to obtain an appropriate share of its own resource wealth. Among them, these stand out:

  • In 2014, UK consumers paid 6 times more tax on petrol, excluding VAT, than the North Sea oil and gas industry paid on all taxes related to production.
  • Chevron’s effective tax rate in 2014 on earnings from North Sea production was 5.4%; statutory tax rates (of various types) on oil and gas should have totalled 61-82%.
  • In 2014, 3 (Shell, BP & Total) of the top 4 North Sea producers produced more than £4.3 billion worth of oil and gas and received over £300 million in net tax refunds.

The ITF argue that while the oil sector has successfully lobbied for and won huge tax breaks from the U.K. government, the companies involved continued to pursue aggressive tax avoidance as standard practice. The Chevron report (see graphic for U.K. structure) provides a detailed case study of tax dodging tactics which are replicated by others, particularly Nexen – on which the Times had a front-page splash yesterday, using ITF analysis to show that the Chinese government-backed company received tax credits of £2 billion.

The ITF analysis covers 2014, when oil prices were still relatively high. Since then the oil sector as a whole has become a net tax drain on the UK budget, not including direct subsidies. On that basis, the ITF conclude that U.K. taxpayers are now likely to be subsidising the world’s largest oil companies to exploit the country’s natural resources.

The report, and much more, can be found at We highly recommend a visit – and if you’re in the U.K., you may want to raise this with your representatives. (If you’re in Scotland in particular, you want to consider what this analysis entails for yesterday’s data showing a large, implicit deficit for an independent Scotland. Would an independent Scotland subsidise the oil and gas sector? In the absence of independence, should the U.K. be doing it?).


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The Swiss Resist Fear-based Childrearing – for Now*

The Swiss Resist Fear-based Childrearing – for Now*

Kids on their way to school in the northern canton of Aargau (Keystone)


Children in Switzerland typically walk or play outside each day without strict supervision, part of a cultural legacy put at risk by fearful headlines that play into parental anxieties.

When business consultant Christoph Hunziker returned to Bern with his family from more than a year in Peru, it took just one day for his 6-year-old son to get used to going to Kindergarten alone.

The walk is only a few hundred metres, along a path in a field between apartment buildings, but then he has to traverse the entrance to a parking garage. It turned out to be an important rite of passage.

“It made him really more independent. And also more mature, I think. And responsible,” Hunziker said.

In Switzerland, just like in the United States, Canada and some other developed nations in generations past, it is common to see children trudging along city streets to school and back home again, or stopping at a playground, out of earshot or away from the prying eyes of parents.

“I think for kids to be independent as much as possible is something quite normal,” said Alexander Renggli, a diplomat with the Swiss foreign ministry and father of two in Bern, who sees a possible tie-in with Switzerland’s political system of direct democracy.

“Maybe it’s part of also a fundamental political value we have in Switzerland. It’s what we call self-responsibility.”

Renggli spent much of his childhood abroad in places where he could not go out by himself, but as a parent he appreciates the Swiss way.

“I could well imagine that this also translates down into basic ways, how we’re being socialised, how we’re being raised as kids, in a way that you’re expected to grow up rather quickly, or at least to take responsibility, and be responsible for yourself,” he said.

American fears

Many of the crime rates in the U.S. are lower than when middle-aged parents grew up and took for granted walking to school or playing on their own in their neighbourhood. That’s also true with some crime rates in nations such as the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

And that’s one of the main points of the “Free-Range Kids” parenting movement in the U.S. It grew out of Lenore Skenazy’s popular book, “Free-Range Kids: How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children (Without Going Nuts with Worry)”.

Skenazy, who penned the book after writing a newspaper column about letting her 9-year-old son ride the subway alone in New York City in 2008, said Switzerland provides a good example of not “overprotecting” children.

“Freedom is an essential part of life,” said Skenazy, now a professional speaker who has hosted a TV reality show.

“If the parents are always there mediating the problems and the fears, the dangers and the confusions, then you’re raising kids who haven’t had experience doing that on their own.”

The sight of children going by themselves between home, school and playground is common not just in Switzerland but also in a few other wealthy countries like Germany, Japan and the Netherlands.

“I feel like those countries haven’t lost their minds to fear,” she said.

“People think I’m promoting something new. It’s something old. I’m the opposite of a revolutionary. I’m a reactionary.”

The emphasis on promoting self-reliance in children by allowing them more independence contrasts with some other developed countries, notably the U.S., which only recently passed a federal law that allows children to go to school by any means that parents believe is “age appropriate”.

The law reflected a national debate about parenting styles – and how far the U.S. government should go to protect children – brought on by police cases involving parents who let their kids walk and play alone.

One of the high-profile cases involved parents in the Washington, D.C. area who were charged with child neglect for allowing their two children, then aged 6 and 10, to walk home from a local park during the day. The police finally cleared the parents of any wrongdoing.

Skenazy points to the crime rates to show things are far safer in the U.S. than many people think. But people give in to their fears, she said, because “the brain works like Google” by sometimes elevating the importance of a single incident – a phenomenon also seen in Switzerland.

Swiss cases

In 2007, the disappearance of a five-year-old girl in the eastern canton of Appenzell led to soul-searching over child protection in traditionally “safe” Switzerland, where cases of missing kids and child murders are rare.

This summer, a 12-year-old boy’s disappearance from a town in canton Solothurn highlighted some of the dangers of the digital age.

The boy was found at the home of a 35-year-old man in Düsseldorf, Germany. They met online while playing an internet game. The police arrested the man on suspicion of sexual abuse of a minor and false imprisonment, and said he possessed child pornography.

It is these types of incidents – and the incessant news cycle – that makes some educators worry that Switzerland might eventually change its norms. Babette Domig, a recently retired primary school teacher in Bern, said many Swiss families traditionally ran farms and lacked time to overprotect kids.

“Having more time, having more information, knowing more (about the world), sometimes doesn’t only help. I think this is how it’s working for the moment,” she said.

Domig, however, said she hopes children will continue to be given a healthy dose of independence so they can make friends, talk among themselves, and learn about the world including how to navigate urban traffic – one of the biggest dangers they face.

Try, try again

When children are not allowed to figure things out for themselves, they may later lack the skills they need to cope with hardship. Among her young patients in Switzerland, German clinical psychologist Dorothe Dörholt said she sees similarities.

“A lot of them grew up very sheltered, very protected from everything, or anything negative,” she said.

“And later on, suddenly, they leave school, they go off to university, and they’re overwhelmed. They don’t have the tools to deal on their own with the difficulties that they’re facing as young adults.”

Dörholt, also a documentary filmmaker, says all the places she has lived – Germany, the United States and Switzerland – are safe for children, but parenting strategies vary due to “perceived fear”.

“It has a lot to do with the media. If you see all the time how children are abducted, even though it’s a rare occurrence, you think the world is a dangerous place,” she said.

Children have a natural drive toward autonomy, said Dörholt, and it is important for parents to allow that to happen.

“Because if a child succeeds, it realises, ‘Wow, I’m able to do this,’ she said.

“And if the child doesn’t succeed, it realises, ‘Wow, this was difficult. I failed. But I’m still alive. Nothing bad happened, so I can try again.’”

The long walk home

Several parents, including Hunziker, noted that the walk home from school – one of the few times of the week when children can have unstructured time – is even more important for children learning to be autonomous than the morning dash to school, when there’s a deadline to meet.

Hunziker’s son even became angry on the first day of Kindergarten after glimpsing his father watching him. For the father, the transition may have been harder – starting in Peru, where he fretted about Lima’s traffic and other safety concerns.

“When my wife went somewhere with the children, and I stayed at home or was at another place, I used to be really worried,” Hunziker said.

“But I learned to let go a bit, just by doing it actually.”


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Africans Found Butchered Organs Removed In Egypt*

Africans Found Butchered Organs Removed In Egypt*

A very disturbing video posted on Kalsan TV, YouTube and Facebook shows the patched-up remains of 9 Somalis found on an Alexandria coastal stretch.

The bodies show badly and unprofessionally stitched up torsos missing all vital organs.

Among the butchered Somalis were a mother and her three children who were identified as Adar Hassan Addawe (mother), son Abubakr Abdikarim (3 months), daughter Anfa’ Abdikarim (18 months), and another seven-year old son.

The Somalis are believed to have lost their lives to ruthless body-organs traders after they failed to pay for their passage to human traffickers who promised to smuggle them to Europe – at a hefty fee.

The gruesome remains should wake up the world to the sinister, underworld trade in vital organs which qualifies for the newest addition to the already nefarious slavery that gathered momentum with the seemingly unstoppable tides of migrants braving the odds to reach for a better livelihood in Europe.

A valid question: How many more perish in similar circumstances undiscovered?


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Pornography and the Social Engineering of Human Sexuality*

Pornography and the Social Engineering of Human Sexuality*

This talk outlines the deliberate and methodical manipulation of human sexuality during the 20th century.

Beginning with the Rockefeller-funded “research” of Professor Alfred Kinsey, a well known sadomasochist and paedophile, and continuing on with the introduction of pornography which now saturates our world and has been moved into kindergarten classrooms, our children, our relationships, and even our ability to love is under direct assault. In less than one hundred years, the Luciferian forces have succeeded in manipulating us to such an extent, that our sexual behaviour and attitudes have been radically altered, as well as our ability to create happy families and enduring human love. It is imperative for us to understand the mechanisms by which we and our children are being targeted so that we can put a stop to this madness and throw a kink in the control system that seeks to destroy our lives.

This talk is a condensed version of a much longer presentation which goes deep into the mechanisms by which we have been manipulated — and offers solutions regarding how we can free ourselves from this control.


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