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U.S. Trained Militants Formed the ‘Core of Daesh’/ISIS*

U.S. Trained Militants Formed the ‘Core of Daesh’/ISIS*

A top Daesh leader with a 3-million-dollar bounty from the U.S. State Department on his head received counter-terrorism training in the United States for 11 years, CNN reported. In an interview with Sputnik, Dr. Alon Ben-Meir, political analyst told Radio Sputnik that the case with Khalimov is not isolated. According to Ben-Meir, U.S. trained militants that formed the core of what is now known as Daesh.

“Many of these people did not join ISIS [Daesh] then, but remained active in various capacities,” the expert said.

“Kalhimov was in the command of the police force, he was not motivated by what Daesh has been doing. But subsequently he sort of gave up,” he added.

Made in America: State Dept. Launches $3Mln Manhunt For Daesh Leader Trained in U.S. Gulmurod Khalimov, who is also a top recruiter for the jihadist group, once served as a commander of a special operations unit in the Interior Ministry of Tajikistan. From 2003-2014 he was trained by U.S. forces and participated in five counter-terrorism courses under an U.S. assistance program.

“From 2003-2014 Colonel Khalimov participated in five counterterrorism training courses in the United States and in Tajikistan, through the Department of State’s Diplomatic Security/Anti-Terrorism Assistance program,” said State Department spokeswoman Pooja Jhunjhunwala.

“The program is intended to train candidates from participating countries in the latest counter-terrorism tactics, so they can fight the very kind of militants that Khalimov has now joined,” CNN reported.

In a video released by the Islamic State, Khalimov reveals that in 2003 and 2008 he travelled to the United States, where he underwent training with Special Forces at a Blackwater military base. According to Ben-Meir,

“there are about 200-500 Tajiks who actually joined Daesh in the last couple of years”. Ben-Meir noted that no matter how good the training is, the authorities might fail to control the militants and “make mistakes.”

“That is not a new phenomenon at all to train foreigners and send them back to the various parts of the world. But again mistakes do happen. And the United States made a terrible mistake particularly in this case,” the expert stated.

Earlier, the U.S. State Department offered a $3 million reward for any information leading to Khalimov’s arrest.

“It is a substantial amount of money and it suggests the importance and the need to capture him. Obviously not only because he has now joined ISIS, but also because of the information, the knowledge and the experience he obtained and acquired,” Ben-Meir said.

“I’m sure there are others like him,” the expert concluded.


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Husband of Prosecutor Investigating Bill Clinton for Child Sex Charges Gunned Down*

Husband of Prosecutor Investigating Bill Clinton for Child Sex Charges Gunned Down*


Shahriar Zolfaghari (left) with his wife Georgia’s state-wide prosecutor for human trafficking Camila Wright (right)

By Sorcha Faal

A shocking new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today is alleging that an elite team of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) assassins controlled by President Obama have gunned down the husband of a US prosecutor who was preparing to charge former President William (Bill) Clinton with crimes relating to his having had sex with an underage girl child kept as a sex slave by his close personal billionaire friend Jeffery Epstein.

According to this report, the SVR regularly monitors the locations and activities of these CIA “hit squads” that in 2013 were described by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist for the New York Times, Mark Mazzetti (in his book titled The Way of the Knife: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth), as being President Obama’s “personal army” who he has authorized to have “unfettered assassination authority.

On 31 May, this report continues, SVR “electronic/telephonic/satellite” surveillance of one of these CIA “hit squads” detected their movement from [удалить местоположение] to the Atlanta, Georgia, region where they then “operated/mission worked” until the early morning hours of 1 June then departed. [Note: Some words appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

In the “exact/near similar” location this CIA “hit squad” had been operating in, this report notes, and shortly after their departure from the Atlanta region, local police officers were called and discovered the body of Shahriar Zolfaghari who was the husband of Georgia’s state-wide prosecutor for human trafficking Camila Wright—and whom Atlanta Police Major Adam Lee III reported had been shot twice in the chest at close range and said: “It’s a mystery as to why someone would harm him”.


This SVR report, however, states that the “possible/supposed” reason for Zolfaghari’s killing was a “death message” to his wife Camila to stop her from charging former President Clinton with child sex crimes and to cease her sex trafficking investigation all together.

As to Prosecutor Wright’s exact criminal case against President Clinton, this report explains, it involves the “contracting/deal making” with a number of underage female girls living in the Atlanta region by New York-British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, Sarah Kellen and Nada Marcinkova—all three of whom were tasked by convicted paedophile, and billionaire, Jeffery Epstein to procure underage sex slaves for his private Caribbean island compound known as “Pedophile Island” that catered to the world’s rich and famous, including President Clinton and Prince Andrew.

Ghislaine Maxwell, who has been labelled as “Epstein’s pimp mama”, this report continues, was the main “dealmaker/contractor” for the underage Atlanta female sex slaves preferred by her close friend President Clinton during his visits to “Pedophile Island”—and which recently discovered flight log reports have shown him visiting numerous times, and many without his Secret Service detail.

Ghislaine Maxwell is a good friend of President Bill Clinton and can be seen on the right at his daughter Chelsea’s wedding in July 2010


If Prosecutor Wright will succumb to the Obama regimes “death message” and drop her planned sex crime charges against President Clinton (and by extension many other American elites who were also “serviced” by Epstein’s underage female sex slaves) this report doesn’t speculate upon—but does note that in the past, especially where the Clinton’s are concerned, if one murder won’t work, many others will soon follow.


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Mexican Martial Art Based on Traditional Mayan Culture*

Mexican Martial Art Based on Traditional Mayan Culture*

Wiinkilil Art of Defense is an interdisciplinary project involving dancers, choreographers, visual artists, and more. | Photo: Facebook / INAMM

Wiinkilil Art of Defense re-imagines traditional movements of everyday life in Mayan culture as a new form of self-defence expressed through dance.

A group of Mexican dancers and martial artists are reclaiming their history through a brand new style of martial arts that aims to both showcase and protect ancient Mayan world views and “endangered” human movements through a distinctly Mexican art form rooted in traditional Indigenous culture.

The project, titled Wiinkilil Art of Defence, brings together the ancient and the modern as its founders and practitioners “transform traditional Mayan movements” into “movements of personal defence.”

“(The project) aims to highlight self-defence for what it represents artistically and symbolically in order to reflect on those elements of everyday life, which can be taken up again in the contemporary art context,” Gervasio Cetto, one of the masterminds behind the initiative, told the Mexican news agency Notimex in an interview published Monday.

According to a description published on the website of the National Institute of Issues of Movement of Mexico, the reinterpretation of historically important movements in a way that can still be relevant and beautiful today represents an “interdisciplinary work that imagines what the first Mexican art of defence would be like.”

The idea for the initiative was born in 2013 within a larger project, called Human Movements in Danger of Extinction in Mexico, that aims to uncover, preserve, and showcase the everyday movements that have long been practiced in Mexico’s Indigenous communities, but are increasingly being lost under the social and economic impacts of neoliberal capitalism.

Such movements could be very mundane yet simultaneously specialized, like the actions involved in making traditional foods, practising ancestral forms of medicine, or harvesting Indigenous plants—specific cultural knowledge that is increasingly being lost in modern Mexico.

Reimagining these movements as a form of martial arts, the creators of Wiinkilil Art of Defence forge an intriguing parallel between self-defence and the defence of Indigenous cultural practices and identities.

“From the beginning, the idea was to incorporate the public in the creative process of transforming traditional movements,” Cetto continued, adding that each performance of the self-defence dance is unique as a result of the dynamic between performers and the audience.

“The idea is to prevent these movements from disappearing and for that it is definitively necessary that people identify with and take part in this process.”

The multi-disciplinary project brings together dancer, choreographers, visual artists, musicians, and other artists to create works that aim to transcend the performance space and touch on everyday themes of education, health, and cultural heritage in a direct way, according to Cetto.

Wiinkilil Art of Defence has been compared to Tai Chi due to its fluid and controlled movements. It also bears similarities to the Brazilian martial art Capoeira due to its unique fusion of self-defence and choreographed dance.


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Rare ‘ring of fire’ Solar Eclipse puts on Spectacular Show over Africa*

Rare ‘ring of fire’ Solar Eclipse puts on Spectacular Show over Africa*

Stargazers were treated to an amazing show as the moon passed between the Earth and the sun Thursday, creating a “ring of fire” that is visible across most of eastern and southern Africa.

The best vantage point was is Tanzania and Reunion Island.

The longest eclipse was visible in Tanzania, peaking at 12:06 p.m. local time and plummeting the sunny day into partial darkness.

Spreading across a 60-mile (100km) radius, those outside the full eclipse were able to enjoy a still impressive partial eclipse.

Partial solar eclipse from Arusha, Tanzania.

Partial solar eclipse over Arusha, Tanzania Partial solar eclipse from Arusha, Tanzania. Partial solar eclipse from Arusha, Tanzania. Partial solar eclipse from Arusha, Tanzania. Partial solar eclipse from Arusha, Tanzania. Partial solar eclipse from Arusha, Tanzania.

Also known as an annular eclipse, the ‘ring of fire’ is a rare treat, with only three more to occur this decade.

Unlike a total eclipse, the moon is smaller than the sun when it passes by it, producing a ring effect.




Those lucky enough to witness an annular eclipse hopefully remembered that even with massive reduction of light, it is still unsafe to look directly at the sun and was better viewed through a filter, pinhole, or the safety of RT’s live stream.


“This Annular Solar Eclipse happens on Sept 1, 2:03 am PDT, 5:03 am EDT and 10:03 am BST. The penumbral phase is 5 hours 47 minutes, and the umbral phase is 3 hours 38 minutes. That shows an influence lasting well over 5 years, with an intense period of about 3 years and 6+ months!”  – Robert Wilkinson

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Former Atlanta Police Officer Indicted for Killing Unarmed Black Man*

Former Atlanta Police Officer Indicted for Killing Unarmed Black Man*

Former Atlanta Police Officer James Burn

A Fulton County grand jury has charged former Atlanta police officer James Burns with felony murder for the fatal shooting of Deravis Caine Rogers. He also faces charges for making a false statement, aggravated assault and violation of the oath of office.

On Wednesday, a grand jury decided that there was enough doubt about Burns’ claim of self-defense in the killing of Rogers, 22, to indict him on felony murder and aggravated assault charges. The Atlanta Police Department did not stand behind Burns, firing him less than two weeks after the shooting.

On June 22, Burns responded to a call about a suspicious person from an off-duty officer working security at an Atlanta apartment complex. When he arrived, he blocked Rogers’ car and fired a shot into it, hitting him in the head and killing him.

In Burns’ version of events, he was responding to the call from an officer in danger and sped through traffic to the Monroe Place Apartments. He claims that when he arrived, Rogers’ 2011 silver Ford Fusion was parked against traffic and the driver refused to stop. He then attempted to block Rogers’ car and claims that Rogers tried to hit him, prompting Burns to open fire and kill Rogers.

I shot at the car who was trying to run me over and kill me,” he told investigators a week after the incident.

However, an investigation of the incidence led Atlanta Police Chief George N. Turner to reject this version of events.

The evidence in the file does not support his version of what happened,” Atlanta police spokesman Sgt. Warren Pickard told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Evidence gathered by investigators found that the ordeal lasted between four and five minutes, but that Burns was unlikely to be in danger. In fact, none of the information conveyed to Burns would have given him reason to believe that Rogers was the suspicious person the off-duty officer told him about.

It became apparent that the officer did not know anything about the person in the car and without knowing any specific facts, he made a decision that ended up being exactly the wrong decision,” Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard told the Associated Press.

In addition, the shots were found to be fired from the rear of Burns’ vehicle and through the passenger side, which contradicts Burns’ claim that he was firing to keep from being run over.

Rogers’ death led to protests in Atlanta, including a 24-hour demonstration outside of the courthouse that began on Tuesday to demand an indictment. Rogers’ attorney, Drew Findling, cited the demonstrations as cause to file an emergency motion to delay the grand jury proceeding “due to lack of secrecy of the proceeding and undue influence by outside sources.

That’s not the way grand juries work. A grand jury is not supposed to base a decision on what they see in the street. They’re supposed to base a decision on what they see in there,” he said

Meanwhile, Rogers’ mother Melva Rogers told the crowd of demonstrators that she does not believe her son died in vain.


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Facebook Satellite Lost in SpaceX Explosion at Cape Canaveral*

Facebook Satellite Lost in SpaceX Explosion at Cape Canaveral*

A Falcon 9 booster rocket exploded on the launch pad in Cape Canaveral, Florida, as tropical storm Hermine bore down on the area. An Israeli satellite that was to provide Facebook broadband to Africa was lost in the explosion, SpaceX confirmed.

“In preparation for today’s static fire, there was an anomaly on the pad, resulting in the loss of the vehicle and its payload,” SpaceX said in a statement Thursday morning.

The blast shook buildings some distance away, according to witnesses who reported it on social media. Thick black smoke could be seen rising from the pad, while secondary

The plume of smoke was tracked on weather radar.

There were no casualties from the explosion, and no threat to the general public, said the US Air Force’s 45th Space Wing, which controls the Cape Canaveral launch station.

Citing NASA security, one source reported that the rocket blew up during “wet dress rehearsal.” This is the type of pre-launch test that uses actual liquid propellant, but may or may not involve the payload.

Brevard County Emergency Management Office said there was no danger to the general public, and said the rocket exploded during a static test firing.

SpaceX’s next launch was supposed to be on Saturday, September 3, with a Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Israeli communications satellite Amos-6 into geostationary transfer orbit (GTO).

The satellite would have provided broadband internet coverage to sub-Saharan Africa, as part of an initiative spearheaded by Facebook.

Thursday’s explosion did not involve a reused Falcon 9 booster. SpaceX announced on Tuesday that it would use a recovered rocket to launch a SES communications satellite “later this year,” probably sometime in December.


This latest disaster on a Space X launch was a financial and progress blow to several entities – Elon Musk of Space X, Mark Zuckerberg of FaceBook, Israel Aerospace Industries, and NASA. That the explosion happened early in the process, during a pre-launch test, shows that a strong message is being given. Previous messages to Musk involved his intent to help the elite escape Earth

prior to the Pole Shift, while participating in the cover-up over Nibiru. When the elite relented, allowing the multi-prong’d announcement about Nibiru to proceed, Musk was allowed to succeed with an ocean platform landing.  

The explosion thus was not aimed at Musk or his company.

NASA was simply leasing its launching pad, and was not the target either. FaceBook is immensely popular and international, and Zuckerberg had announced almost a year ago that he intended to promote his via satellites and drones, to provide service to parts of the world with scarce access to the internet. Africa is clearly a key target. It should be no surprise that Africa is also a key target of many elite, who anticipate the high ground of Africa and its future temperate climate to be ideal for settlements and survival. Europe and India will migrate to Africa in droves, prior to the Pole Shift.

Where satellites will be torn from the skies during the passage, prior to the Pole Shift itself they will function to some degree. Thus, those who have migrated to Africa, and set up settlements and formulated defense of their perimeter, will be accessing the internet via one of Zuckerberg’s satellites. As the satellites fail, these will be replaced with the Zuckerberg drones already in operation. ALL communications in the vast region of Africa will be known to Zuckerberg and his elite allies, who obviously include Israel. This information would be used for enslavement and control, and it is THIS effort that the Council of Worlds will not allow.    – Source

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Eight Ways to Safely Take Charge of Your Health While Avoiding Toxic Vaccines*

Eight Ways to Safely Take Charge of Your Health While Avoiding Toxic Vaccines*

Kids Flee Deadly Vaccine by David Dees

By Michelle Goldstein

Our country is overwhelmed with chronic diseases including cancer, heart disease, auto-immune disorders and diabetes. Many of these illnesses can be prevented and treated with nutrition and reduction of toxins. Nutrition and toxic overload are areas of health largely ignored by the conventional health industry. Instead, every disease imaginable, including cancer, diabetes and auto-immune disorders, is being targeted for development of a new vaccination.

Unfortunately, vaccinations have never been proven safe or effective in preventing disease.

This vaccine expansion program is even more misguided, when one considers the fact that many of these same diseases have been causally linked to vaccinations. To complicate matters more, preventive care is often not covered by health insurance which focuses more on sick care. However, many safe, free or low cost health protocols can be implemented by almost everyone, independent of our health care system.

What follows are 8 strategies for taking charge of your health, including the first essential recommendation to avoid toxic vaccinations.


Toxins contained in vaccinations have been linked to cancer, auto-immune disorders and diabetes.  While some states laws and work requirements can make it very difficult to avoid vaccines, every attempt should be made to avoid all vaccinations.


Dr. Weston A Price is responsible for un-matched research in the 1930’s in which he spent 10 years studying endemic cultures, untouched by modern man and his highly processed foods. These groups ate the same way for centuries and passed on their wisdom about healthy foods to future generations, to ensure their optimal health.

Price inspected the native foods and determined that their diets contained 4 to 10 times more water and fat soluble vitamins, compared to the American diet at that time. 30-80% of their diets were comprised of healthy, traditional fats, mostly animal fats.

Remarkably, these natives enjoyed mental and physical health, unparalleled by Americans. They had no cavities or need for orthodontia, while enjoying natural immunity to disease. The principles of this diet can be explored more at The Weston Price Foundation

In simple words, the diet can be described as eating as our great grandparents ate by eating real, unprocessed foods. These foods include pastured meat, wild fish, raw milk and cheese, organic vegetables and fruit and fermented and sprouted foods.

Regardless of dietary preferences, everyone, even conventional physicians agree that it is important to eat clean, unprocessed foods. The growing popularity of farmer’s markets and organic foods is testimony to this new awareness that our food supply is toxic and needs to be improved.


In our effort to be clean and avoid harmful bacteria, along with overuse of antibiotics, many Americans suffer from gastrointestinal complaints. Many of these illnesses, ranging from constipation to inflammatory bowel disease, can be linked to inadequate gut flora. Gut issues are further related to auto-immune disorders, thyroid and other illnesses.

Gut flora can be replenished by taking high quality probiotics, including soil based organisms which we are lacking since most of us don’t eat farm foods directly from nutritious soil with the healthy bacteria intact.

Fermented foods are also a critical way to replenish the gut flora, by including kefir, fermented vegetables and kombucha in the diet.

fedef-mahatma-gandhi-vaccination-400STRATEGY #4: EXERCISE

Exercise is critical for health. Increasing lung capacity is related to longevity and short interval training work outs are most effective in accomplishing this goal. 12 minutes daily exercise of alternating high intensity exercise with rest is all that is needed to improve health.


Rest and sleep are essential for recovery from stress and healing of the body. Most adults benefit from at least 8 hours of sleep.


Most municipalities add toxic fluoride, and chlorine to water supplies. Fluoride is associated with several health problems. Using a water filter in one’s home can lower these toxic substances. Using only fluoride free toothpaste and avoiding fluoride treatments at your dentist’s office are also important practices. For other ideas on ways to avoid toxic fluoride visit the following link:


When purchasing food one can follow the pesticide ratings of the Environmental Working Group and avoid conventional produce with the most pesticide.

Farmer’s markets are excellent places to purchase quality, pesticide free produce. Although many farmers are not certified organic, their practices often exceed those required to receive the government label, so it pays to talk to local farmers about their practices to feed the soil and avoid pesticide use. Organic food has more nutrients than non- organic, while also avoiding toxic pesticides.

Of course, avoiding GMO’s in your food is also critical. GMO’s are highly linked with serious health issues. Certified organic food cannot contain GMO’s.


The sun is free and an excellent source of vitamin D. Especially now during the summer months, it is important to get as much sun as possible on skin without sunscreen, so that the body can maximize its vitamin D production. Vitamin D deficiencies are linked with most diseases.


Conventional medicine has plans to develop more vaccines targeting every disease imaginable. Diseases targeted include diabetes, autoimmune disorders and cancer. Vaccinations have been causally linked to these diseases. No evidence supports that vaccines are safe or effective at preventing any disease.

Instead of using more toxic vaccinations to theoretically prevent a disease, we should avoid all vaccines like the plague. We can then focus on leading a healthy lifestyle, by eating a clean, nutrient dense diet, exercising, sleeping and getting lots of sun.


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Indigenous Australia MP Gives Maiden Speech in Native Language*

Indigenous Australia MP Gives Maiden Speech in Native Language*

Linda Burney, 59, was the first female Aboriginal to enter the New South Wales state parliament in 2003

Burney, the daughter of a white mother and an Aboriginal father, will represent the New South Wales seat of Barton.

Australia’s first Aboriginal woman elected to Parliament has made history again by delivering her first maiden speech in her native Aboriginal language.

Labour Party MP Linda Burney was one of the first of the new batch of MPs who spoke in Canberra. She spoke in the language of the Wiradjuri people, an Indigenous group from central New South Wales.

“The Aboriginal part of my story is important, it is the core of who I am. But I will not be stereotyped,” Burney said in her maiden speech at the opening of the 45th Parliament, as a fellow Wiradjuri woman sang a traditional song.

Burney, the daughter of a white mother and an Aboriginal father, will represent the New South Wales seat of Barton.

She denounced that Indigenous people in Australia are still suffering “disproportionately” high rates of poverty and “ill-health.”

“I was born at a time when the Australian government knew how many sheep there were but not how many Aboriginal people, I was 10 years old before the ’67 referendum fixed that. The first decade of my life was spent as a non-citizen,” she said.

Burney served as the New South Wales Deputy Leader of the Opposition and was also Shadow Minister for Education and Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.


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