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When Families Can’t Pay, Debtors’ Prison for their Kids*

 When Families Can’t Pay Debtors’ Prison for their Kids*

Doesn’t it cost the State to incarcerate children? What sense is there in this barbaric madness…

By Nika Knight

Many states are incarcerating poor children whose families can’t afford to pay juvenile court fees and fines, a report published Wednesday finds, which amounts to punishing children for their families’ poverty—and that may be unconstitutional.

Although the growing practice of incarcerating adults who are unable to pay municipal and court fees and fines has been documented for several years, as Common Dreams has noted, the latest report from the Juvenile Law Center is the first in-depth examination of the practice within the juvenile justice system.

The report, “Debtor’s Prison for Kids? The High Cost of Fines and Fees in the Juvenile Justice System” (pdf), documents the results of a survey of 183 people involved in the juvenile justice system—including lawyers, family members, and adults who had been incarcerated as children in the juvenile justice system—in 41 states.

The report authors discovered that in most states there is a pile-up of fees and fines imposed on children and their families once a child enters the juvenile justice system, and that “[m]any statutes establish that youth can be incarcerated or otherwise face a loss of liberty when they fail to pay.”

“[…] a grandmother had taken custody of her grandson but when facing these insurmountable fees, she was told (by a county employee) that the only way she could avoid paying was to hand over custody [to the state].”—Juvenile Law Center survey respondent

There are myriad ways in which juvenile court systems levy fines on children’s families, the report authors found, and then imprison those children when their families are too poor to pay the mounting costs:

  • Many states impose a monthly fee on families whose children are sentenced to probation. When a family can’t pay the monthly fee, that counts as a probation violation, and the child is in most cases incarcerated in a juvenile detention facility.
  • If children are sentenced to a “diversion program,” or a community-based program meant to keep them out of detention and help them reintegrate into their communities, the families must pay the costs of such a program. When poor children are unable to pay, they are simply incarcerated instead.
  • Families in most states must pay for their children’s court-ordered evaluations and tests (such as mental health evaluations, STD tests, and drug and alcohol assessments). Failure to obtain certain evaluations may result in a failure to be granted bond by the court, which means the child would remain in juvenile detention. Or if the tests are performed and the family subsequently can’t pay for them, that counts as a probation violation and the child is re-sentenced, which can mean being incarcerated.
  • Some sentences involve a simple fine, such as truancy, and failure to pay results in the child’s imprisonment. “Even when fines are not mandated by statute, they may be treated as mandatory in practice,” the report authers note, describing one impoverished child’s experience with a $500 truancy fine in Arkansas:

One individual who had been in the juvenile justice system there reported that he spent three months in a locked facility at age 13 because he couldn’t afford the truancy fine. He appeared in court without a lawyer or a parent and was never asked about his capacity to pay or given the option of paying a reduced amount. He assumed he had to either pay the full fine or spend time in jail. He explained, “my mind was set to where I was just like forget it, I might as well just go ahead and do the time because I ain’t got no money and I know the [financial] situation my mom is in. I ain’t got no money so I might as well just go and sit it out.”

  • “Almost all states charge parents for the care and support of youth involved with the juvenile justice system,” the report adds. Those include fees for room and board, clothing, and mental and physical healthcare, among many other charges, and “[i]nability to pay […] can result in youth being deprived of treatment, held in violation of probation, or even facing extended periods of incarceration.” (Juvenile prisons also charge their own, often higher, prices for children’s prescription medications, the report says, which frequently results in high charges that poor families cannot afford to pay and interrupts necessary healthcare for their children.)
  • In all 50 states, a statute exists which deems that if a child and their family can’t afford restitution charges—that is, payment to the victim(s) of the child’s crime, which is a popular sentence in juvenile court—the child is incarcerated.

Juvenile detention facilities are often unsafe and inhumane, as Common Dreams has reported.

And the fines imposed by juvenile court are “highly burdensome,” according to the report. The average cost of juvenile system involvement is $2,000 per case in Alameda County, California, for example, and “[f]or young people incarcerated for extended periods of time, the costs can be significantly higher.”

“When parents face incarceration or mounting debt for failure to pay, they have even fewer resources to devote to educating, helping, and supporting their children.” —Juvenile Law Center

The debt divides families already struggling with the ramifications of poverty, the report notes.

“The debt in effect creates a rift between parents and their children,” one survey respondent said, recalling that “I… spoke to a family where a grandmother had taken custody of her grandson but when facing these insurmountable fees, she was told (by a county employee) that the only way she could avoid paying was to hand over custody. Given her limited income, she has seriously considered giving up custody of her grandson, which would make him a ward of the state…”

In some cases, parents can even face imprisonment themselves if they fail to pay their children’s juvenile court system fees. “In a number of states, parents, like youth, may be found in contempt, either civil or criminal, for failure to pay,” the report says.

“Parents may also face increased financial liability through collection fees and interest accruing on payments, as well as civil judgments for failure to pay,” the report authors add.

“When parents face incarceration or mounting debt for failure to pay, they have even fewer resources to devote to educating, helping, and supporting their children.”

The report authors also observe that incarcerating children for their families’ inability to pay fees may be unconstitutional:

[I]t is worth noting that the United States Supreme Court has made clear that an individual may not be incarcerated for nonpayment if the court does not first conduct an indigence determination and establish that the failure to pay was willful. The Supreme Court has also held that courts must consider “alternative measures of punishment other than imprisonment” for indigent defendants. Nonetheless, some states require neither willfulness nor capacity to pay in statute, and only a few explicitly limit or prohibit incarceration for failure to pay.

Additionally, the Supreme Court has held that “courts must provide meaningful notice and, in appropriate cases, counsel, when enforcing fines and fees.” This right is even more important for children, who lack both the developmental capacity and the legal knowledge to represent themselves.

“Moreover,” the report continues, “while further research is needed, existing studies suggest that court costs, fees, and fines have limited, if any, fiscal benefit to states and counties, given the difficulty in collecting from families in poverty and the high administrative costs in trying to do so.”

The Juvenile Law Center details the varying policies on juvenile court system fees state-by-state on a new website, and also highlights the few counties and states who are attempting to rectify the problem.

“Ultimately, state and local policymakers should establish more sustainable and effective models for funding court systems rather than imposing costs on youth and families who simply can’t afford to pay,” the Juvenile Law Center says.


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ICA Finally Admits World Map is a Propaganda Tool for Power, Western Cartographers Deliberately Shrunk Africa*

ICA Finally Admits World Map is a Propaganda Tool for Power, Western Cartographers Deliberately Shrunk Africa*

By Amando Flavio

When we all started formal classroom education, we were made to believe that the true size of the world are those projections on the spherical object, described as the map of the world.

This image of the world has been in our minds, and has now found a comfortable place in our memory. The famous American Writer and Futurist, Alvin Toffler was once quoted as saying:

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

True to Mr Toffler’s words, we have to learn, unlearn and relearn the image of the map of the world in our minds. The school system seems to have nicely packaged many lies in deep within our psyche.

In October 2010, the German Computer Software Wizard, Kai Krause stirred a huge controversy in the West with a map entitled “The True Size of Africa.” Krause’s map showed that Western cartographers, led by Gerardus Mercator, distorted the relative sizes of countries and continents. Krause revealed that the continent of Africa was unfairly reduced in size by Mercator. It is said Mercator made the projection of the world in 1569, for the use by navigators on the high seas. His invention was helpful for sailors, but not something that was intended to represent the real world.

When Krause made these revelations, some Western cartographers said a sphere cannot be represented on a flat plane without distortion, admitting that all map projections distort in one way or another.

However, the significant aspect of Krause’s work, which was to show how Africa has been unfairly reduced on the map in size, never gained attention in the Western media. But now, the debate has resurrected again, and the International Cartographic Association (ICA) has added its voice to the debate.

CNN, who started this current debate about the true size of Africa, writes:

“on a typical world map, Canada is a vast nation. Home to six time zones, its endless plains spread from ocean to ocean, dominating great swathes of the northern half of the globe. But, in reality, three Canadas would comfortably fit inside Africa. Our world map is wildly misleading.”

When the question on the distortion of the world map was put to the ICA president, Professor Menno-Jan Kraak, he didn’t deny it. He told CNN:

“Somehow this map projection came to be used on most world maps, especially those produced for classrooms since the beginning of the 1900s. Most of us have grown up with this world image.”

Professor Kraak adamantly argued that the map of the world we see today is nothing more than a propaganda tool. Using Russia as an example, Kraak said

“If you take the Mercator projection, where Russia looks huge, give it a bright red colour and then compare it to the rest of Europe, you see how dangerous it can look.”

According to historians, Mercator initially made globes; when he was transferring his map from a three-dimensional curved surface to a flat sheet of paper, he reportedly faced a serious challenge. He is said to have taken the equator as the logical map centre and left it big, confusing gaps near the poles. When Mercator realized the mistake, he stretched out the northern and southern extremities of the globe to fill those gaps, producing an elegant and usable map. For high seas navigators, it was a brilliant map, but the truth is, Mercator’s projection distorted the relative size of the continents, to the advantage of the West, and the repercussions of this are still being felt today.

Canada, Russia, the United States and Europe are greatly enlarged, while Africa has been significant reduced. On the Mercator map, Greenland looks almost the same size as the whole of Africa, but in truth, Greenland is no bigger than the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a country in Central Africa.

Professor Kraak believed the enlargement of Europe and North America is not an accident, but a clear case of bias against Africa.

Marianne Franklin, a professor of Global Media and Politics at Goldsmith’s University of London said the map we see today was made to display the power of the West as the ruler of the world, during the era of European Imperialism.

“The term ‘power of representation and representation of power’ sums up quite well how maps and the rise of the Western nation-state system, and with that, empire and colonialism are linked.  The world maps that prevail today have been embedded in Western imaginations since the British Empire. They continue (to prevail) despite many challenges to their fairness and accuracy because they underpin the ongoing Anglo-Euro-American presumption that the world belongs to them, and pivots around these geo-cultural axes,” professor Marianne said.

Professor Kraak closed the debate, saying there is no such thing as a perfect map. According to Kraak, the earth is a sphere, more of a potato-shape. And it is in fact, impossible to map it on a flat surface without errors in proportion.


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Islamic Crypto-currency E-Dinar Coin Released*

Islamic Crypto-currency E-Dinar Coin Released*

A new Islamic cryptocurrency, E-Dinar Coin, was released on August 15. E-Dinar Coin states that 7% of its financial assets will be spent on charity. The system has won foundation that supports ecological projects in Asia. This approach reminds a Zakat (giving charity to the poor) part of the Shari’ah law. The E-Dinar Coin crypto-currency most likely has wide horizons in the modern world.

Allcoinsnews reports: E-Dinar international p2p exchange platform has announced the launch of its new E-Dinar Coin crypto-currency following a community analysis of the crypto-currency market which studied the successful cases along with the drawbacks of existing projects. E-Dinar Coin works with proof-of-stake technology.

Proof-of-stake is a method of the crypto-currency protection based on the need of the proof of keeping a certain amount of funds in the account. When using this method the crypto-currency algorithm is more likely to choose an account with a larger amount of funds for the confirmation of another block in the chain. Using the E-Dinar Coin algorithm the performance of the transaction must be confirmed ten times; each of the computers, confirming the transaction, receives remuneration that is calculated using the age and number of the coins that are stored in the user’s account and interest rate (up to 0.65% per day).

E-Dinar stated it chose proof-of-stake partly as it does not require any costs for saving energy and storing a huge database and mining farms, but also because it has a strong resistance to attacks and there is no choice of hashes for mining.

Some key features of E-Dinar Coin include:
Mining prestart: August 15, 2016
Fee for transfers between wallets: EDR 0,1
Block Time: ~ 5 sec
Number of coins (max.): 999. (999 trillion) – to be released within 33 years
Pre-mining total number of coins: 2.500.000.000 (2.5 billion)
Hashing Type: X11

Besides developing and promoting of block-chain technology, E-Dinar also supports financial independence from the central and commercial banks and other financial institutions and general freedom from international and national control

E-Dinar Coin is also introducing measures to fight air and water pollution, deforestation investing part of its income in the development of new urban projects that are aimed at providing cities with clean water and fresh air as well as at reducing the heat island effect in urban areas, the level of pollution and climate change in general on the planet.


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Cal State LA Offers Segregated Housing for Black Students*

Cal State LA Offers Segregated Housing for Black Students*

By Jeremy Beaman

‘A safe space for Black CSLA students …’

California State University Los Angeles recently rolled out segregated housing for black students.

The arrangement comes roughly nine months after the university’s Black Student Union issued a set of demands in response to what its members contend are frequent “racist attacks” on campus, such as “racially insensitive remarks” and “micro-aggressions” by professors and students. One demand was for a “CSLA housing space delegated for Black students.”

“[It] would provide a cheaper alternative housing solution for Black students. This space would also serve as a safe space for Black CSLA students to congregate, connect, and learn from each other,” the demand letter stated.

The newly debuted Halisi Scholars Black Living-Learning Community

“focuses on academic excellence and learning experiences that are inclusive and non-discriminatory,” Cal State LA spokesman Robert Lopez told The College Fix via email.

The public university has 192 furnished apartments in a residential complex on campus, and the Halisi community will be located there, Lopez said, adding it joins other themed living-learning communities already housed there.

Lopez declined to answer any additional questions or provide more details on the new community, such as how many rooms it encompasses, and whether it’s a whole floor or just a few rooms.

Cal State LA joins UConn, UC Davis and Berkeley in offering segregated housing dedicated to black students. While these housing options are technically open to all students, they’re billed and used as arrangements in which black students can live with one another.

Meanwhile, at Cal State LA, campus leaders took down much of the online information on the new housing that it posted in late July. And university housing officials and other campus officials rebuffed requests by The College Fix for more details.

If campus leaders are proud of the new housing, they appear disinclined to talk about it.

CSULA’s Housing Services page offers one paragraph on the new black living-learning community, calling it an effort to “enhance the residential experience for students who are a part of or interested in issues of concern to the black community living on campus by offering the opportunity to connect with faculty and peers, and engage in programs that focus on academic success, cultural awareness, and civic engagement.”

In addition to the Black Student Union’s housing demand, the group also demanded a $30 million dollar scholarship endowment to aid black students, three new black faculty counselors, a new anti-discrimination policy and cultural competency course for faculty and students, and finally, a meeting with the president for them to discuss the “fulfillment and implementation of each demand.”

After the Halisi housing community was announced, the Black Student Union celebrated on its Instagram page, calling it a “long overdue, but well deserved” achievement, Young America’s Foundation reports.

Members of Cal State LA’s Black Student Union declined requests for comment from The College Fix.

Young America’s Foundation quoted from the Halisi housing application prior to university officials taking it offline. Rules students who seek to live in Halisi must agree to include “respect the differences of others that live in my community and look for positive thing to learn from them,”

“be an advocate for change if the tools and resources available are deemed inadequate,” and “accept that I am still learning and need to be open to new ideas and experiences.”


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New York Redefines Biological Parental Rights*

New York Redefines Biological Parental Rights*

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Why were the Black Lives Matter protesters at London City Airport all White?*

Why were the Black Lives Matter protesters at London City Airport all White?*

The police reaction might have been different if the protesters were black…

By Steph Cockroft, Emma Glanfield , Jake Wallis Simons
Black Lives Matter has insisted white people need ‘to take responsibility’ because they are ‘privileged through racism’ as it defended the all-white protest which brought London City Airport to a standstill today.

The group posted a series of inflammatory tweets this afternoon as it responded to criticism over a six-hour stunt which saw nine activists storm the runway after sailing up to the airport in a dinghy.

As photographs emerged of white men and women chained to a wooden tripod on the tarmac, alongside banners reading ‘black lives matter’, critics questioned why there were no black activists taking part in the protest.

But this afternoon, U.K. Black Lives Matter defended the protest, citing it as an example of ‘white allyship under black leadership’.

Flights in and out of London City Airport were disrupted this morning after a group of Black Lives Matter demonstrators marched onto the runway and lay down on the tarmac (they are pictured above)


Dozens of police officers were at the airport this morning in an attempt to move the protesters from the runway. Scotland Yard said it did not know how many officers were involved in the operation

Dramatic pictures from the operation show scores of officers and police vehicles surrounding the protesters on the runway, one of whom was sat perched atop the wooden tripod dressed in black. Officers approached him with a set of aircraft steps before giving him a helmet and a set of aircraft steps to help him down (pictured)

‘Today’s shutdown isn’t about 9 white allies on the runway; it’s about 200 million climate refugees by 2050.’

Another tweet read: ‘How many white people does it take to change the subject from black deaths? 9.’

One black anti-racism campaigner criticised the protest, saying it should be led by those who feel ‘aggrieved’.

‘It’s a Black Lives Matter movement – the clue should be in the name,’ he said. ‘As with any cause, it should be led by the people who feel aggrieved, with other people as allies. Otherwise it’s just odd.’

Felix Holloway tweeted: ‘Notice how all the Black Lives Matter protesters at London City Airport are white hipster-looking flower-crowners. Not a single black person in sight.’

One Twitter user wrote: ‘All the protesters who had chained themselves together on the runway were white.’

But campaigner and journalist Wail Qasim, an activist with Black Lives Matter, said white people protesting had given black people a voice.

He told MailOnline: ‘This shows the sort of responsibility that white people should be taking. They should be willing to put bodies on the line for black rights.

‘You’ll notice that white activists have not been giving comment to the media. Really what’s happened is that black voices have been able to speak off the back of the actions of the white activists.

‘It should absolutely always be black leadership, not white leadership.’

The mayhem began at 5.40am when nine protesters chained themselves to a tripod in the middle of the tarmac to campaign against the UK’s ‘racist climate change’, cancelling dozens of flights and delaying several more.

The incident triggered huge security concerns amid reports the demonstrators managed to get airside by sailing a blow-up dinghy across the Royal Docks.

Some have claimed the activists reached the site by launching the boat from the University of East London campus in the Docklands before paddling 40m to the airport. Neither the police nor the airport have confirmed whether they are investigating these claims, but a university spokesman said they could see ‘no evidence’ of UEL land being used from studying CCTV.

Despite the security alert, a Daily Mail journalist was still able to walk to within 20ft of the runway after the protest had ended, with just a narrow stretch of water blocking their path.

Officials tried to play down the threat by pointing out the site was closed when the breach took place, but said it will be ‘thoroughly investigated’.


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How the CIA Used LSD to Destroy the New Left*

How the CIA Used LSD to Destroy the New Left*

By Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

Drugs as Weapons Against Us: The CIA’s Murderous Targeting of SDS, Panthers, Hendrix, Lennon, Cobain, Tupac and Other Activists is a virtual encyclopaedia of the global drug trade. Author John L Potash devotes special attention to the long involvement of the British and U.S. governments in illegal drug trafficking – for the political and financial benefit of the elite families who control these governments. Most of the book focuses on MKULTRA, the top secret CIA program devoted to developing and experimenting with mind altering drugs, such as LSD, MDA (an ecstasy precursor), STP, PCP and Scopolamine.

Although CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all MKULTRA records destroyed in the mid-seventies, 30,000 pages of documents were preserved in the CIA Finance Department. Meticulously researched and footnoted, Drugs as Weapons relies on an extensive variety of sources, including the 30,000 pages, FOIA releases, police files, whistleblower statements, media and alternative media investigations and other prominent researchers such as Peter Dale Scott, Alfred, McCoy, Alex Constantine, Catherine Austin Fitts, and the late Gary Webb and Michael Rupert.

Using MKULTRA to Target Leftists and Radical Pop Stars

As the title suggests, Potash is mainly interested in the CIA’s use of LSD (with the help of British intelligence, which ran a parallel MKULTRA program at the Tavistock Clinic) to “neutralize” leftists and activist pop stars, such as Paul Robeson, Mick Jagger, Abbie Hoffman, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix.*

Like many activists, I am well aware of the CIA’s historic role in heroin trafficking in Southeast Asia and in cocaine trafficking in Latin America. However, prior to reading Drugs as Weapons, I was totally unaware they were also responsible for most of the LSD produced between 1955 and 1973for the specific purpose of “neutralizing” the New Left in Berkeley, at Columbia University and elsewhere. This particular MKULTRA project was conceived in response to a 1962 Rand Corporation study recommending that getting left wing leaders hooked on LSD could “cause them to resign or become inactive.”

The Haight Ashbury was a CIA Invention

I was particularly horrified to learn about the LSD distribution network MKULTRA agents set-up in the Haight Ashbury to lure Berkeley students away from the nationally influential Free Speech movement. The latter, originally formed in 1957 to protest the anti-democratic activities of Senator Joseph McCarthy’s House on Un-American Activities Committee, went on to inspire the national anti-Vietnam War Movement.

In addition to various MKULTRA scientists and agents, the CIA also relied on a number of high profile personalities – LSD guru Timothy Leary (an admitted CIA asset), author Ken Kesey (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest), and Grateful Dead band members – to promote and distribute LSD as an alternative to organizing against the Vietnam War.

How the Opium Trade Created America’s First Millionaires

Potash begins his book with important historical background on the origins of the global drug trade, which he traces back to 1500 and which European elites relied on heavily to finance imperial expansion and colonization. He also recounts the history of important Wall Street families – the Cabots, Cushings, Bushes, Astors, Russells, Pierponts (JP Morgan’s family) – who all owe their immense wealth to the opium trade the British involuntarily forced on China via the Opium Wars. The investment of these families in illegal drug trafficking continues to the present day, as evidenced by the involvement of all major U.S. banks in multi-billion dollar drug money laundering.

The Russell family, who would go on to found Yale and the Skull and Bones Society, openly used a skull and bones pirate flag on their opium trading ships.

The Vietnam War: Protecting Wall Street Drug Interests

Potash also carefully details the special relationship between these Wall Street families and the intelligence agency they founded during World War II (the OSS, which became the CIA in 1947) to protect their special interests. This comes out clearly in the chapter in which Potash traces the origins of the Vietnam War. He makes a really strong case that this war (which began in the late fifties as a CIA intervention) stemmed directly from CIA determination to protect Golden Triangle opium production from efforts by nationalist leaders in Laos, Thailand and Vietnam to eradicate it.

One of Mao’s first acts after winning control of China was to destroy the country’s vast opium network. With the support of the CIA, the nationalist Chinese generals who had controlled it moved their networks into Burma, Laos and Thailand.

The Link Between CIA-backed Nazi War Criminals and Colombian Cocaine

In a similar vein, the CIA assisted Klaus Barbie and other Nazi war criminals it smuggled out of Germany in setting up a cocaine production and distribution network in Colombia and later the Afghan Mujaheddin in turning their country into the world’s largest producer of heroin.

Potash makes a compelling case that the proximate cause for the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan in October 2001 was the Taliban’s successful eradication of opium production earlier that year.

* The cases of radical pop stars and activists targeted with LSD and other drugs (in many cases along with witnesses and key investigators) Potash examines include:

  • Paul Robeson – African American singer whose career was destroyed when he was involuntarily dosed with LSD and committed for two years to a psychiatric hospital, where he received 54 electroconvulsive treatments,
  • Richard Wright – African American writer involuntarily dosed with LSD who later died under extremely suspicious circumstances.
  • Elvis Presley – became addicted to amphetamines and narcotics after covert intelligence officer became his manager.
  • Mama Cass Elliott – died under mysterious circumstances at age 32 after starting to date an international drug smuggler with suspected intelligence links.
  • Abbie Hoffman –introduced to LSD by roommate who worked for Army Intelligence research LSD effects on unconsenting GIs.
  • Mick Jagger – involuntarily dosed with LSD and subject to numerous drug frame-ups and two unsuccessful Hell’s Angels (working closely with US intelligence) assassination attempts.
  • Brian Jones – subject to numerous drug frame-ups and intense phone harassment and stalking prior to 1969 murder (which police covered up as “accidental” drowning).
  • Jimi Hendrix – intelligence-linked manager strongly implicated in death related to involuntary drugging.
  • Janis Joplin – introduced to amphetamines and heroine via intelligence-linked boyfriend, died after “friend” slipped her a bolus of pure CIA heroin.
  • John Lennon – involuntarily dosed with LSD and framed on bogus cannabis charge. Lennon’s alleged assassin Mark Chapman had strong intelligence links and appeared to be under influence of scopolamine.
  • Bob Marley – involuntarily injected with the cancer-causing chemical methlychoanthine (via a copper wire hidden in boots gifted to him by CIA asset Carl Colby) and subsequently died of fibrosarcoma.
  • Kurt Cobain – involved in heavy drug use by his wife Courtney Love, who had shadowy underworld and intelligence connections. Cobain allegedly shot himself in the head with a shotgun after consuming so much heroin he would have lost consciousness before he could pull the trigger.
  • Huey Newton – initiated into heavy cocaine use by girlfriend/undercover agent. Witnesses maintain he was shot after a failed attempt to kidnap him, discrediting police disinformation about “a drug deal gone bad.”
  • Tupak Shakur – multiple assassination attempts and police frame ups. Coerced, as part of a bail agreement, into signing with Death Row records, The latter was run by Los Angeles police intelligence unit and heavily involved in drug and gun trafficking. Killed in drive-by shooting instigated by US intelligence.
  • Eminem – initiated into heavy drug use via undercover intelligence “friends” after helping Afeni Shakur (following Tupak’s assassination) to record many of Tupak’s songs.


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The Manufactured Invention of the Beatles, Stones, Grateful Dead and the Birth of Rock n’ Roll by the Tavistock Institute; A Jesuit Corporation.